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We realize that many of you have already done a great deal of work to put information about descendants of Sanford Porter on the Internet. If you have such a website, we would like to add a link from here so that others can visit your website. If you would like to add a link, please submit your URL address and information to our website sysop
Lynn Porter at lynn@sanfordporter.org

We invite you to visit the websites listed below:

  1. - Sanford Porter site on Facebook
    This site provides the family with a place to
    Ask Questions, Make Comments,
    Place Pictures, Leave Stories, etc.

    Enter Facebook Site

  2. - Family Search Indexing Site

  3. - Website to find links from YOU to Early L.D.S. Church Leaders

  4. - Website with pictures of Nathan Tanner Porter's family and of their home site in Centerville, Utah. This web site also has links to information/pictures about Aaron B. Porter Sr. and Jr.

  5. - Perry L Porter has interesting documents for Sanford Porter

  6. -

  7. - The Book of Abraham Project Journals, Diaries, Biographies and Autobiographies of Some Early Mormons and Others Who Knew Joseph Smith, Jr. and/or His Contemporaries.

  8. - Cousin Bruce Black suggests we can use the website "findagrave.com" to find the resting place of some of our Ancesters.

  9. - A site by Cousin Bruce Black.
    "I have been working on the Porter Family Virtual Cemetery for approx. five years now. If any individuals have photos, histories, etc. Please e-mail me."
    Bruce Black
    please contact Bruce at...
    ( black_bruce@comcast.net )

    Porter Virtual Cemetery


  10. - Lynn Porter took some photos of the Salt Lake Tabernacle Renovation

  11. - Website for the ancestors of Lynn Porter

  12. - The Porterville Cemetery Record (No Longer Available)

  13. - Sanford Porter Webmail entry site.

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