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Our Porter Family Communication Chairperson is ???

The focus of this committee is to update and improve this Porter Family website, representing to the best of our ability every line of Sanford Porter's descendants, and giving us a forum in which we can maintain communication with one another. It is an exciting mission and one in which we invite you to participate. Anyone and everyone can be a contributor.

If you have personal histories of any of your Porter relatives, we would love to put them on this site. If you would like to add some favorite poems or Porter anecdotes or stories, it's easy to do. If you know of other sites that would be of interest to the family, we can easily add those if you give us the information. The more contributions we get from you, the richer this site will become.

To contribute, e-mail your information to Lynn Porter. The information you send us can be in Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, or plain text format. Your information is important to us, and we hope to get it on this site.

After you have explored this site, please let us know what we could add to make it more useful, entertaining or instructional for family members.

Send E-Mails to...Lynn Porter (Sysop).

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