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A Virtual Visit to the Porterville Cemetery

Aug. 16th 2008
Richard Porter at Porterville Cemetery.

Porter Family Monument and Cemetery Committee

Under the leadership of Dorene Jones, the cemetery committee has made tremendous progress in identifying and placing markers on the gravesites of several family descendants. There is still need for additional assistance in compiling information on burial sites with the hope of placing still more markers in the near future. In addition to the Porterville Cemetery, we have begun preliminary plans to place a new moment on the gravesite of Amy Sumner Porter (mother of Alma Porter). Amy Sumner Porter passed away shortly following the birth of twins in Winter Quarters, Nebraska and is buried in the pioneer cemetery located near the new LDS temple at this site. We appreciate those who have already contributed and invite all who would like to participate in sharing the costs of these monuments to submit a donation to the Porter Family Organization and designate on your donation that it is for placing monuments.

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