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Porter Family History and Genealogical Committee

When the Porter Family Historical and Genealogical Committee was formed, eight people signed up to become members. Some of the committee had the opportunity to meet with J. Grant Stevenson at the Family History Center in Salt Lake City. He suggested a course of action based upon genealogical research. After meeting with Grant, the committee decided to involve themselves in compiling historical information rather than personally doing genealogical research.

One member of the committee was interested in the journal of Nathan Tanner Porter, 5th child of Sanford Porter and Nancy Warriner, and suggested working on the journal as a committee project. John Porter and his family obtained a microfiche copy of his journal from the church historian's office. It was decided to form a team composed of interested members of the committee and interested members of John's extended family to type this journal in its entirety and make it readily available to the Porter Family Organization. That work has now been completed.

This was very challenging and difficult work. First, it was difficult learning to read old style handwriting. To help with this, an alphabet of Nathan Porter's upper and lower case letters and his numbers was complied as a "translation aid". Second, much of his journal faded and in other parts the ink with which he wrote bled through the page and badly blurred the opposite side of the page. Third, the writing style, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary of a 19th century farmer is not the same as our 20th century city-dweller language. In spite of these difficulties, this committee, led by George Mortimer, completed this work. Those who have worked on this project have done a wonderful job and deserve to be commended.

Nathan Tanner Porter's journal's are now accessible from this web site.
(Click Here)

This committee is now looking to add other family histories. If you have a family history to add, please contact ??? at ???.

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