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How can I help?

1. Contribute family information, pictures or histories to this web site.

2. Join one of the Porter Family committees and participate in one of their projects. You can find out more about each committee by clicking on that committee's name listed under the index on the left hand side of this page.

3. Make a financial contribution to the organization.

4. Visit this website regularly.

Family Organization Finances

The Porter Family Organization has been registered with the State of Utah as a non-profit corporation. It is our hope that this non-profit corporation will allow us to:
  1. Organize our effort to research the Porter family line
  2. Permit interested members to donate money on a tax-free basis to further this effort.

Money contributed to The Porter Family Organization will be used to accomplish various projects such as the continued compilation of family histories, development of the Porter Family Organization website, and the replacement of headstones at the Porterville cemetery. All money collected will be used to provide educational, research and service projects consistent with the Organizations purposes. None of the money contributed will be used for personal gain of any person.

To meet these and future projects, we are asking each members to contribute $15.00 annually. Those interested in contributing may pay at the reunion, or they may make checks payable to The Porter Family Organization and send them to our treasurer:

L. Deane Smith
10 West 100 South Suite 600
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

We are excited about the possibilities our united efforts will produce and look forward to your active participation.
Feel free to call Deane Smith @ (801) 355-0252 if you have any questions about organization finances.

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