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About the Porter Family Organization

  The primary purpose of The Porter Family Organization is to allow family members and other persons interested in Porter genealogy to share data, organize genealogical research efforts and assign tasks to avoid duplication of effort.  The organization is also dedicated to genealogical education and research. Some of the projects envisioned at this time include but are not limited to the following:

Educate organization members how to use the Internet and this website for genealogical research. Educate and motivate organization members to develop their own family history and to locate family hsitories of their ancestors. Assist families to set up and utilize family Web sites. Use donations to further organization purposes and to carry out education, research and service projects.   No moneys collected will be used for the personal benefit of any individual.

The Porter Family Organization was established in 1988 with some donations and help from a professional genealogical research specialist. Some of the moneys collected were used for printing and mailing and to publish the Joseph Porter book. The organization then became inactive. This internet project is designed to revitalize the organization by utilizing state of the art communications systems and research programs.

The current Family Officers are comprised of..

Steve Porter (Family President)
L. Deane Smith (Treasurer)
Lynn Porter (Web Site System Operator)

The purpose of the board is to oversee the organization and move it forward in meeting the purposes outlined above.

To Contact any of the Officers..

Management of this web site is labor intensive. The potential of this web site will only be realized with the participation many individuals who can share the work load.

Should any family member have computer skills and wish to assist in managing this website, please contact Lynn Porter (Sysop)

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