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The Home of Sanford Porter
The Address is 505 West Porter Lane (400 South), Centerville, Utah.
( Click here for MAP.)

(Information and Photos provided by Brad Porter)

Sanford's home in Centerville Utah.( Click here for MAP.)

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I'd like to introduce you to the Centerville Home of our Gr. Gr... Grandfather Sanford Porter.
The address is 505 West Porter Lane (400 South), Centerville, Utah. ( Click here for MAP.)

When I was much younger (in my twenties), two of the long time residents told me where Sanford's home is. Now the home has been remodeled - added on to over the years and it currently looks quite run down. The old home (along with the addition) is covered over in stucco. However, the stucco has peeled off of the bottom couple of feet of the walls of the old home and you can see the old rock and mortar walls of the original home. The original home is very small perhaps 16' X 30'

I am very very confident that this is indeed Sanford's home, but we now need to re-check records, other accounts, documents etc. But here's what I do personally know and can account for at this time:
First of all, the home is still located on (approx.) 12 acres (of what I believe is part of the original 40 acres of Sanford's), and is next door (on the west side) to Nathan's home, just like other written accounts say it should be.
Secondly, it is constructed of adobe brick, just as other written accounts say it should be.
Third, life long residents Vernon B. Carr and William W. Tingey told me that their recollection was that this was Sanford's home.
Fourth, there is no other home directly on the west side of Nathan's AND on the Deuel Creek, as written accounts say it should be.
Fifth, the only adobe brick (mud brick - non kilned brick) homes in Centerville were the very earliest ones and there was only a few at best in the whole of Farmington, Centerville and Bountiful area.
Lastly, I should apologize. I've known this was Sanford's home for at least 25 years - I should have spoken up sooner.

No one has lived in the home for quite some time - years in fact. A wealthy Tongan man bought the home and the included 12 acres. His name is Andy from "Handy Andy's home improvement". I don't know his last name. I do know where he lives however. He lives in a very large new home slightly behind Sanford's home, built on that 12 acres surrounding Sanford's home. It's a mansion of a home, you can't miss it. It has lions on each side of the front door as I recall. The home is set way back in, off of Porter Lane, just south of the Home Depot. I haven't approached Andy yet. I thought I'd notify the other family members first before doing anything. That's why I contacted you on the website. I'm worried he'll tear the home down eventually, not knowing it's 160 years old, and a landmark for our family, and perhaps the city as well. I do not know much about who's lived in the home in the past.

I'm worried that a great piece of our pioneer heritage is at risk.

(The above was taken from corespondance with Brad Porter January 2010)
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