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Old Porterville Ward

Porterville Ward History
The original church house was erected in 1898 and subsequently dedicated in 1908 by President Joseph F. Smith. Eventually, costs of maintenance and needed repairs led the congregation to remodel the old school house and convert it for use as a church. Although the school house was sold to the ward in 1936, it was not until 1946 that regular meetings were held in the refinished space, mostly due to World War II.

The church was sold to Marvin and Grace Kilbourn who, despite efforts at preservation, were unable to prevent vandalism over the next several decades.

In 1970, the Bergman family purchased the church and remodeled it into a home while keeping the exterior intact.[4] In 1971, it was added to the Utah State Register of Historic Sites, which is now inactive.[5] In the conversion to a private home, the steeple tower that was wood framed with Gothic-arched frames on each side was removed.[6] After being seen in Troll 2 filmed in the area in 1989, a fire in 2000 destroyed all but a shell of the original building.[7]

(Click Thumbnail Photo to Enlarge)
Porterville Ward in 1920
Courtesy of...
Utah State Historical Society Classified Photo Collection [8]

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Old Porterville Ward in the 1970's was a home.

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Porterville Ward as it stands today.

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