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January Friday 1 1892 only ________ wheat milo__ ____ ____ all well ____it ____ ____ ____ ____Lord for ____ and ____ ____ changes ____ ____ fire duering its term of days weeks and months in the Worlds wisdom

Saturday 2 Got more lumber for stable flouring which I trust is sufficient to finish it

January Sunday 3 1892 I with my assistants visited south bountiful sunday School - and attended the Ward meeting in the after noon

Monday 4 Laid floore in the stable duering most of the day

January Tuesday 5 1892 Put out feede to the loos horses below done other chores a round the premices

Wednesday 6 Filled the cattle rack with Straw and put out more feed to the loose horses

January Thursday 7 1892 Attended fastmeeting commenced snowing at 12 M continuing on till night falling lightly

Friday 8 Snow Sixth inches this morning Still snowing

January Saturday 9 1892 Went to the city with hay for Maloye - two loads - 4890 lbs

Sunday 10 Visited West Bountiful Sunday school I stoped and attended the Ward meeting at 2 PM - Brother Kayanston returned home

January Monday 11 1892 Filled the Cattle rack a gane with straw doing other chores or seeing that they were attended to

Tuesday 12 Laid more stable floore duering the day

January Wednesday 13 1892 Went to Farmington in the interest of Sunday School Missionary labour - having ben requested by the SS Union Bord to select four or five Names of sunday school workers - and send in for Sund school work

Thursday 14 Went to the city with others as a commity to present a remonscrance to the Hot Springs RR compony a gainst their running their Road through the center of the Farms in Centerville Ward. with a request for them to take the street running west of those farms - Time was set to meet them and review the lines

January Friday 15 1892 Went to Bountiful to see after getting Brick for building a dweling house

Saturday 16 Put up a stall in the stable in addition to those all ready in

January Sunday 17 1892 Visited East Bountiful Sunday School with my assistants Attended the Ward meeting - Elder Edward Stevenson and Samuel Richards wer in attendence - occupiing the time

Monday 18 Engaged of Brther Hays of East Bountiful fourteen thousand Brick at 8 Dollars per thousand

January Tuesday 19 1892 Loded up two loads of hay for Kon O Kieth and Brennon Went as one of the commity with them and met Banburger the Hot Spring RR Agent went with him over the line on the street trying to move the line on the street but failed to induce him to change the line on the streete

Wednesday 20 Took the hay to the city one to Kon O Keeth 2920 lbs and one to Brennon 2700 lbs

January Thursday 21 1892 Attended the Centerville Ward Conferense called by the Presidincy of the Stake - to present the Aurthorities of the Ward before the members for their approvel or disapprovel there were not a majority in attendence so the meeting was adjourned

Friday 22 Loded up a load of hay Attended the Female Relief conference at the afternoon session

January Saturday 23 1892 Johny took the hay to T Harris 25-35 lbs loded up a load Grants Stabels Stabels 2160 lbs

Sunday 24 Went with my Assistants in to the South part of South Hooper Ward to organise a Sunday School But defered it for two weeks

January Monday 25 1892 Took two loads of hay to the City one to Grants the other to Meloys Stabels 2475 lbs

Tuesday 26 loded up 2 lodes of hay for Mashel

January Wednesday 27 1892 Took the hay to the City - one to Kon O Keeth 2645 the other to Meloyes Stabels 3100 It was with much difficulty that we made the trip the rode was glase with ise

Thursday 28 Nathan and Bro Moore filled the catle rack with straw I chored a bout the premices

January Friday 29 1892 Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting held at Farmington. The indebtedness of the Academy was considered The Bishops became responcible for the amount due from their Wards on Subscription and proportion ment

Saturday 30 Wet to the city withe the Boys taking two loads of hay for Grants Stable I returned in the evening on the dunny car

January Sunday 31 1892 Attended the North district Sunday school Review held in the meting house George Godard of the General Superintendency was in attendence from S L City - The pecies were well selected and well rendered by the classes occupying the intire fournoon - so that General Supt Godard had notime to address the school

February Monday 1 Snowed last night and is still at it snow continnes falling 4 PM put out feed for the young horses Nathan my Nephew went to South Hooper to visit his family I let him have five Dollars

February Tuesday 2 1892 This is Bare day - with pleasent sunshine - so if old Bruin comes out of his den he will see his shadow put out feed for the young horses Cleared off the snow from the hay stacks

Wednesday 3 filled the cattle rack with straw loded up a load of hay for Brennon at Meloyes stabels Moore cut willows took dinner with my daughter Emily

February Thursday 4 1892 Attended fast meeting loded up another load of hay for Brennon Moore cut willows

Friday 5 Aaron and Bro Moore took the hay to the city - for Brennon - 2 loads

February Saturday 6 1892 Johny and Nathan filled the cattle Rack in the fore noon I Went Bountiful paid Bro Hays $40.00 on Brick Cleared of snow on Building site - for Stacking Brick put in posts for Bars throught which to hall willows

Sunday 7 Went with my assistants to Clearfield District of the South Hooper Ward to compleet the organisation of a Sunday School there James G Wood was set a part as Superintendent with David Cook as first & Richard Venerable as second Assistants Peter Christianson Sectatary Nighten Asst David Galy Tresurer

February Monday 8 1892 hauled a load of Bricks Broke the toung out of the Bob sled

Tuesday 9 Put a new tongue in the Bobs hauled 4 loads of Bricks Brother Moore is down with the Bowel complaint

February Wednesday 10 1892 hauled Brick only two load John Ford and folks favoured us with a family visit I spent most of the time with them Myron Porter came out from Porterville

Thursday 11 continued hauling Brick hauled four loads this forenoon two loads in the afternoon

February Friday 12 1892 hauled Bricks 4 loads 2600 loded up two loads of hay for Brennon

Saturday 13 Aaron And Nathan - Theo took the hay to the city Johny hauled two loads of Brick this forenoon

February Sunday 14 1892 Attended the Centerville South District Sunday School Review General Supt George Godard & George Rennols from S L City were in attendence and enjoyed the exorsises vary mutch - exspressing them selves well paid for their visit - the intire day was occupied in compleeting the proghraphm

Monday 15 Nathan Theo hauled Brick twoloads 1500 I went to South Bountiful Brick yards engaged 1000 yellow Bricks at $6.75 per thousand

February Tuesday 16 1892 Unloded Brick hauled up willows for firewood Administered to Hyrum Fords vary sick Babe - it died at 7 PM

Wednesday 17 Went with two teams to South Bountiful Brick Yards got the Brick I had engace (1000)

February Thursday 18 1892 Attended the funeral of the Deceased Child at 2 PM there was a goodly number in attendence Made out and sent in the yearly report of the Sunday Schools of the Stake

Friday 19 Setled up with Hays for the Brick. Gave Bro Jacobsen the Specifications of my house - for him to put in a bid on the carpinter work loded up two loads of hay for Brennon

February Saturday 20 1892 Johny & Nathan Theo took the hay to Brennon 5320 lbs Presented the ground plan of my house to John Dunkin for him to put in a bid on laying the Rock work

Sunday 21 I with Brother Kaynaston visited the North District Sunday schools of Centerville at 10 AM Attended the centerville Ward Conference

February Monday 22 1892 Boys feed the colts below hauled a Stray two yearld heifer that died of some diseass killed our dogs for their meanness loded up a lode of hay for Harris I see different parties for bids on my building

Tuesday 23 laid a pipe in the seller drean Moved the well driver to drive on other well

February Wednesday 24 1892 Sent the hay to Harris 2385 lbs Made a Rack for hauling Rock

Thursday 25 lodeds up two loads of hay for Brennon Brother Moore moved away to Barbers house in the North district of the Ward so his time is up with me being at liberty to engage else where

February Friday 26 1892 Staked off the foundation of the new Building Allen came and directed the laying off

Saturday 27 Sent the hay to Brennon 5020 lbs Brought up the colts out of the field below

February Sunday 28 1892 Visited the Centerville Centerel Sunday School - with Bro Kayanston Attended the funeral of Bro Daniel Davis of East Bountiful President Joseph F Smith preached the funeral discourse

Monday 29 Went up to Kaysville to see some carpenter to tomake a bid on my carpertinous work Let Joel Parish have 1 Sacks of Lucern seed

March Tuesday 1 1892 Wet to the city let out bids to the Lumber men for lumber Remitted $65.50 to Centenial Inshuerence Compony on my inshuerence pollicy

Wednesday 2 looked after some of the Bids on my Building dug out some of the foundations

March Thursday 3 1892 Attended fast meeting loded up a load of hay Brother Pew Architect from Ogden came to put in a Bid on the house

Friday 4 Went to the city to see if the Lumber men who had mad their figuers on my bills of Lumber asked them if they would mak any cut on their figuers they declined took 2 loads of hay to Brennon 5395 lbs

March Saturday 5 1892 Attended the quartily Stake Conference held at East Bountiful Joseph F Smith of the first Presidency and F M Lyman of the Apostels were in attendence - and gave much good instructions

Sunday 6 Conference continued with mutch interesting remarks by various speakers including H B Roberts of the Seventies first 7 Presidents who was not in attender yesterday

March Monday 7 1892 Boys filled the cattle rack Nathan Theodor set in to work by the month at 25 dolers for the first 3 months comenced to haul Rock for the foundation of my house

Tuesday 8 Nathan hauled Rock Johny helping him I went to the city got a steel point for plow Bought a suit of cloths for 6 Dollars

March Wednesday 9 1892 plowed and put in some early potatoes Nathan hauled Rock put in some potatoes Went to Kays ward gave out appointments for Missonaories of sunday schools

Thursday 10 Elder Haynes came as one of the sunday school Misionaries from cache Stake put in some peas onions beets Letuse

March Friday 11 1892 Elder Alfred Gardner of Mendon Cache Co came to join his partner Elder R H Daynes in the laabours as Sunday school Mision aries in this Stake I spent most of the day with them Boys put in some Barley and loded up 2 loads of hay for Kon O Keith

Saturday 12 took the Misionaries to Brother Kayanston for him to entertain and take them to their appointment at South Bountiful Centeral School. I went on to the City colected $50. 00/100 of Mr Brennon on hay - leaving $50 00/100 yet Due & took 2 loads to Kon O Keeth 2550 & 2450 total 5000

March Sunday 13 1892 Attended the sunday school Missonaries meeting at the Centeral school fo South Bountiful last night at 7-30 And this morning at 11 AM in South Bountiful meeting house and in west Bountiful this evening at 7-30 PM

Monday 14 Setled up with Robert Moore in full to the present date Boys loded up two loads of hay for Brennon Attended the Sunday school union meeting held in Centerville meeting house the Missionaries were inattendence

March Tuesday 15 1892 Sent the hay to the city. Delivered it to Brennon 5230 lbs put in onions parsnips and carriots in the garden Let Joel Parish have the furnishing of the Ruff Lumber for the house for $273.00 And Wm Oakden the carpenter work on his bid of $245 00/100

Wednesday 16 Johny & Jesse sowed and harrowed in Lucern hauled small rocks for concreet in the foundation Brother & Sister Moores Daughter Racheal Rose Died this morning at 2 AM of Tifoid fever

March Thursday 17 1892 Attended the 50th anivecity of the Relief Society organisation called the jubilee which is being held through out all the stakes of Zion

Friday 18 Attended a meeting of the High Council at Farmington there being two separate trials to be acted upon the whole day was occupied in disposing of them

March Saturday 19 1892 Sent to the lime kilns for a load of lime got a steel point fitted on the plow to plow some of the meadow boys hauled some willows made a box for mixing morter Administered with others to sister Woolley in the evening

Sunday 20 my Back is vary lame this morning so I have to move carfully managed to go to meeting in the afternoon

March Monday 21 1892 I was unabled to dress my self without help kept within doors most of the day Boys filled the cattle Rack in the forenoon loded up a load of hay for Brennon in the afternoon Sister Woolley is more restless this evening

Tuesday 22 Sister Woolley Died this morning at 6 AM having suffered mutch duering the latter part of the knight. She now rests in joye and peace. Nathan Went to the City with the hay 2570 lbs comenced to Brake up some of my meadow

March Wednesday 23 1892 Nathan Theodore helped clear off the grave yard Johny and Jesse runn the plow on the meadow my lame Back is some better

Thursday 24 Attended Sister Woolleys funeral there was a vary large attendence President Joseph F Smith Angus Cannon John Nuttle & charley Wilkins were in attendence they spoke with mutch emotion

March Friday 25 1892 Attended the mthly Priesthood meeting at Farmington Nathan harrowed and done some scraping on the old ditch bank loded up 2 loads of hay

Saturday 26 Boys took the hay to Brennon 4635 lbs Aaron took a load to T Harris I and Jesse finished putting in the oats

March Sunday 27 1892 held the simianual meeting of the officers of the Sunday school in the Stake - at Farmington. Elder George Godard - of the General Superintendency was in attendence. Also the Sunday school Missionaries from Cache Stake. the Presidency of the Davis Stake as well. had a full representation of the schools with out ecception the house was well filled

Monday 28 Cloudy with light rain which changed large flakes of snow took up some of the floors of old children. clened the plastering off some of the walls

March Tuesday 29 1892 made an other morter box put some lime to slacking Boys filled the cattle rack I went to the City on the moter at 12 oclok got attachmints for hose returned on the 3 oclok PM

Wednesday 30 Boys mixed morter on concrete in the fore knoon had a snow storm duering the after noon took up the remainder of the upper floors

March Thursday 31 1892 it is claring off this morning. Boys mixed concrete cleared the chumings of the old Barn floore it has ben squally duering the day

April Friday 1 the weather quite plesent this morning Boys mixed morter in the forenoon

April Saturday 2 1892 Attended the funeral of Elder William Glover who Died day before yesterday 31st of Mar he was one of the Brethren that went around to Callifornia on the Ship Brooklen in 1847 with Sam Brannon

Sunday 3 Attended the Anual Conference of the Church which convened in the Great tabernicle this morning at 10 AM being the Sixty 2nd since the church was organised

April Monday 4 1892 Conference continued with unfavourable weather being stormy yet there was an unusualy larg attendence so that the Assembly hall was filled as well mutch good instruction was given All of the Quorum of the twelve were in attendence with one exption

Tuesday 5 Conference was a gane resumed with an increas of attendence and interest the laying of the cap stone on the Temple was refered to with serimonies which is to take place on the norrow at 12 oclok M - which is the incentive of so large an increas of attendence from all parts of the teritory

April Wednesday 6 1892 The different quorums of the Priesthood were seated in the different parts of the Tabernicle assigned them preparitory to marching in their order to the Temple Grounds - with the multitude to witness and take part in the exorsises at 11 AM the prosession started a little before 12 all were located and the servises commenced - at 12-30 the cap stone was laid by means of President Woodruff pressing a button of Elettricity - and shouts of Hosannah went up from the multitude it was estimated that over 50000 peole witnessed the proseedings. The statute representing the Angel Moroni was put in position on the cap Ston - after the Serimonies were ended and the assebly was dispersed

Thursday 7 Attended a meeting of the Presidents stake and councils Bishops &c at 10 AM this morning in the assembly hall

April Friday 8 1892 Sent a load of hay to Brennon S L City Dunkin Boys commenced laying the first cours of of rock - in concreet - on the foundation of my house I took the 12 oclok Dumy for the city

Saturday 9 Went to the City after Lumber for windows and doors. took six sacks of wheat to the Elevator Mill got the Lumber leaving two Bundels of moulding to be got next Tuesday had a settlement with Brannon for hay delivered last month - there is 81 Dollars still due

April Sunday 10 1892 I with my assistants visited the south district School of Farmington attended the Ward meeting in Centerville at 2 PM Administered to Brother John Fords Son Albert who is affected with dangerous Disease

Monday 11 Boys loded two loads of hay for Brennon filled the cattle rack. I sowed some Lucern on a strip left by its being too wet Attended the monthly Sunday School union meeting Assisted in ministering to J Fords sick Boy Albert

April Tuesday 12 1892 Rained last night and is still raining this morning- so the Boys did not start with the hay untill 11 AM I took the Moter for the city at 12 M weight of the hay 1 load 2420 1 load 2630 Deduct for wet in last load - 100 lbs -

Wednesday 13 took the roof off the house to be taken down went up to John Fords in the evening and Administered in with others to his son Alfrend

April Thursday 14 1892 hired a chap for a few days at 50 cts per day putall hands to taking down Brick from the walls of the house Pinto folded last night

Friday 15 continued taking down Bricks put in some strawberries John Fords Boye is mutch better

April Saturday 16 1892 loded up a load of hay and sent it to the City for - for Brennon weight 2520 lbs continued taking down Brick

Sunday 17 Raining this morning visited The central School of Farmington alone - as nither of my assistants putin an appearence I presume - the weather or sickness has prevented them

April Monday 18 1892 Boys filled the cattle rack for the young stock resumed taking down the Bricks in the walls of the old house

Tuesday 19 East wind blew so we could not work out of doores in the forenoon done a little in the afternoon

April Wednesday 20 1892 commenced to take the rock out of the foundation found it to be a slow job The bay mare folded last night

Thursday 21 got most of the rock out of the seller walls this fore noon

April Friday 22 1892 took down Brick Johny went the city with a load of hay for Brennon 2460 lbs

Saturday 23 Nathan & Johny went the city with 2 loads of hay for Kon o Keath put Pinto to the clidesdale

April Sunday 24 1892 I with my assistants visited North District school of Farmington and attended the Ward meeting at 2 PM Administered to Aarons Babe - Milvin - my little grand son.

Monday 25 continued moving the Rock in the old foundation attended a special meeting of the horse componey at Streepers

April Tuesday 26 1892 Johny took a load of hay to Brennon I went to the city on the 10 oclok moter called at the Juvesnile office for the charts and cards to be distributed to the Sunday schools

Wednesday 27 Attended the funeral of Daniel Wood of West Bountiful aged 91 years one of the first setlers of Davis Co And a faithful Latterday saint Joseph F Smith of the first Presidency and Heber J Grant of the Apostels were in attendence and spoke with mutch interest to all present



April Thursday 28 1892 Sent my young stock on to the Mountains continued taking out the foundation Rock My old Bay mare lost her colt in folding this morning

Friday 29 Attended the mothly Priesthood meeting held in Farmington meeting house Boys loded up 2 loads of hay for Brennon

April Saturday 30 1892 Johny an Nathan Theo took the hay to Brennon 5365 lbs Steel finished getting the Rock out of the old foundation howed some in the garden

May Sunday 1 Attended the special fast meeting as announced for all the Wards in Zion and else where for Latter day saints - for thanksgivings to God and to subscribe for the completion of the Salt Lake temple

May Monday 2 1892 Johny went to the lime Kiln for a load of lime Nathan & Steel hauled sand

Tuesday 3 mixed morter for the mason work and hauled rock I attended the furneral of John Winchester Aged 73 years resident of centerville not in the church

May Wednesday 4 1892 set all hands mixing morter most of the day a strong south wind prevailed all day

Thursday 5 Johny went to the lime kiln for lime Nathan & Steel hauled sand I went to the city to get pay of Brennon for hay delivered 240 Dollars being due - got only 100

May Friday 6 1892 Boys loded up two loads of hay one for Brennon the other for T Harris fitted up the well driver ready for driving hauled out some manure

Saturday 7 Johny and Jesse took the hay to Brennon 2330 Aaron took the other load to T Harris 2080 J & Nathan started the well Driving

May Sunday 8 1892 Visited the Centeral and West Sunday Schools of Kaysville with my assistants

Monday 9 The Dunkin Boys commensed laying the foundation of my house Nathan & Johny hauled out manure

May Tuesday 10 1892 The masons continued the masons work I went to the city to see after Will Oaken and get the specifications he had with him having learned that he was on a Drunk

Wednesday 11 the weather is quite Stormy this morning Went to the city after corner rock

May Thursday 12 1892 Johny went after lime - got 15 Bushels $4.50 Nathan tended the masons I sprouted Potatoes

Friday 13 Johny and Nathan tended the masons I sprouted potatoes Attended the Relief society party in the evening

May Saturday 14 1892 sent a load of hay to Brennon Johny and Jesse tended the masons

Sunday 15 I with my assistants attended the South Bountiful review of the sabath school Supt George Godard and secritarry John Whittaker ws in attendence

May Monday 16 1892 Went to the city to settle with Brennon he failed to make payment I got a load of slacked lime Nathan took a load of hay to a party in the city.

Tuesday 17 Boys wated on the masons I cut potatoes for planting

May Wednesday 18 1892 attending masons hauling rock and sand was the business of the day

Thursday 19 attending masons and putting in potatoes was the Business of the day

May Friday 20 1892 Nathan took a load of hay to the coop on Joel Parish Act 2410 lbs I put in potatoes Johny and Jesse waited on the masons

Saturday 21 Sent the hay to Brennon 2370 lbs I and Nathan worked in the garden plowing and howing

May Sunday 22 1892 I with my assistants visited the 2nd Ward sabath School of Kaysville took the Charts and cards to distribute to the Schools

Monday 23 The limber for my floor joist and the Sheeting arrived on the car yesterday hauled them from the Switch today 59 joists - 2040 ft sheeting

May Tuesday 24 1892 plowed the rest of the ground in the lot above the house where I had potatoes last year Nathan hauled some more rock for the house foundation

Wednesday 25 plowed the piece of ground South of the Grainery

May Thursday 26 1892 Went to the city to colect some pay from Brennon. did not find him at the stabels learned that his Wife was sick so that he remained at home Nathan worked the garden

Friday 27 Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting the masons finished the rock work on the foundation

May Saturday 28 1892 Went a gane to the City to see the my Brick Masons - Pary & Co and to see Mr Maloye who recommended Mr Brennon as being good for the hay I might furnish him - and thus learn if he assist me in getting my pay he advised a levy on his property

Sunday 29 I with my assistants visited the Clearfield District Sabath School found that good progress had ben made Since its late organisation. there were less in attendence than usual on account of a funeral

May Monday 30 1892 this is deckoration day so business is generally suspended Johny & Nathan loded up a load of hay to take to Brennon Got Johny 2 pair of shoes at Centerville coop

Tuesday 31 Johny took the hay to Brennon 2580 planted potatoes and Squashes

June Wednesday 1 1892 I went to Jones lime kiln got 25 Bushels of lime Boys hauled two loads of willows to cover the Bowery loded two loads of hay for Kon O Keeth

Thursday 2 Nathan & Johny took the hay to Kon O Keath I went to the city on the 10 oclok moter to colect pay from Brennon but failed the Boys brought up the masons cafling

June Friday 3 1892 The Masons Tender commensed to mix morter for the Brick work Sent for another load of lime went a gane to the city to colect from Brennon got only a promice

Saturday 4 Attended the Stake quartily Conference convened in the Centerville meeting house Pres Cannon & Amasy Lyman were in attendence giving mutch good instruction

June Sunday 5 1892 Conference continued with the addition Apostel Abraham Cannon the assembly was now vary large being convened in the Bowery it was truly a vary enjoyable time as there seemed to be a manifest increas of the Spirit of the Lord with the speakers an People

Monday 6 Went to the city to get pay from Brennon as he promised but he failed Masons came and commenced laying Brick

June Tuesday 7 1892 Boys moved some of the old Bricks nearer to the new foundation Was called with othrs to administer to Henry Ramptons Wife. Luny - who is vary mutch afflicted with convulsion

Wednesday 8 Went to the City on the moter got some iron rods to make ankers to secure the roof of my house sent for more lime got 20 Bushels $6.00

June Thursday 9 1892 Got the Ankers made to hold the plates down Boys hauled Brick nearer to the Building got the water down on to the garden The contractor came up from the city to see the progress of his work - called three of his men a way

Friday 10 Mason work is not progressing as fast. there less hand at the work Boys still moving the old Brick to the Building my time is mostly spent in looking after the materials

June Saturday 11 1892 Rained last night Boys moved Bricks put frames in to some by the bee hives Masons got most of the out side walls up to the square Paid for their work $75.00

Sunday 12 It is rainy this morning I took the cars for to visit Siraquse Sunday School my assistants did not meet me. So I went on a lone. visited the School and attended the meeting of the District had a good time feeling that I had done my duty for the day

June Monday 13 1892 The Masons came on and resumed their work Boys work some in the garden. spent a portion of the day Driving with the well driver

Tuesday 14 Sent for more lime Got more Bricks to the amount of seven thousand

June Wednesday 15 1892 hauled Sand and Bricks Attended the funeral of Anne Benson Rose held in the meeting house at 2 PM Resieved of Joel Parish 51 Sealing joists 20 ft long 2 + 6

Thursday 16 Boys hauled a load of sand - howed in the garden took 1060 lbs of hay to Manning the Masons got the walls up to the square setled for the 7000 Bricks

June Friday 17 1892 Went to the city paid David Parry $40.00 on the Mason work. Called on Brennon for pay on the twhundred Dollars still due for hay. he treated me disgrasfully Johny cut Lucern on the pasture land

Saturday 18 Johny funishe cutting Lucern on the pasture land Nathan Theodore returned the Masons scafling to them in S L City he took a load of hay - yesterday - to ZCMI for Joel Parish 2730 lbs

June Sunday 19 1892 I with my assistants visited the South Hooper Sabath School found it sparsly attended.

Monday 20 Johny went with a load of hay to T Harris 2500 lbs put up Lucern and cut Lucern

June Tuesday 21 1892 Boys hauled and Stacked Lucern Nathan T plowed on his sumer following I howed in the sweet corn in the lot above the house

Wednesday 22 Boys finished hauling and stackin in the pasture ground fenced the stack Nathan T finished his plowing I howed in the corn

June Thursday 23 1892 cut Lucern in the forenoon on the Bottom Johny cut in the home field by the willows in the after noon hauled with one team

Friday 24 Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting held in farmington at 2 PM Boys hauled hay

June Saturday 25 1892 Johny cut Lucern on N Ts Lucern on the bottom the two Nathans hauled hay or Lucern I believe

Sunday 26 I and Brother Kayanston visited the summit Bason Sunday School and attended the sabath meeting of the Clearfield District the Presidency of the Stake being in attendence

June Monday 27 1892 the car so long looked for containing the lumber for my house is on the switch Boys hauled in Lucern Charley Tingey set in to work for me a month for 30 Dollars resieved some of the Lumber

Tuesday 28 hauling Lucern was the main feture of the days employment

June Wednesday 29 1892 Charly Tingey - sick to day Johny cut Lucern hauled up more lumber from the switch

Thursday 30 Cut and Bunched up Lucern vary warm Charley not able to work - wants the too days he has work - to be applied on to morrow and next day

July Friday 1 1892 Charleys Servis commences to day - in stead of last monday put up the hay posts for Stacking

Saturday 2 hauled in Lucern cultivated the Squashes and potatoes

July Sunday 3 1892 Started to visit the South Weber Sunday School but missed the train the time haveing ben changed this morning to an earlier hour

Monday 4 Attended the selebration held in centervill there was a General gathering the citizens had a goo time the Brass & martial Bands wer out

July Tuesday 5 1892 Boys hauled hay I and Aaron went to the city in the afternoon to see after getting payment from Brennon he promicing to pay up - we got nothing but a promice to pay

Wednesday 6 Boys hauled Lucern for T Went to the city got 12 Bushel of lime to put up the Chimney Engaged 1000 Bricks got one load

July Thursday 7 1892 got the rest of the Brick for the Kiln had two loads of sand hauled attended fast meeting cultivated the corn on the upper lot

Friday 8 hauling and stacking Lucern hived a swarm of bees the Masons have failed to come to put up the Chimneys as ecspected

July Saturday 9 1892 Commenced cutting Timothy hay finished hauling the Lucern hay

Sunday 10 Attended the Centerville Sunday school the time was partly taken taken up in choosing officers or teacher for grading the school

July Monday 11 1892 cut furs up and hauled in hay duering the day

Tuesday 12 Joseph J Porter set in to work for me through haying run two teams hauling and one cutting

July Wednesday 13 1892 I runn the mower Boys hauled in hay cut wild oats with the old Wood mower on the Clark ground

Thursday 14 Went to the city to get payment of George Brennon he having promiced make payment without fail I found that he had ben ousted out of the stables and was doging his creditors had registered at one of the hotels as Charles Johnson

July Friday 15 1892 Aaron is gone to the City to see if any thing can be done to secure me in the amount due being $200 00/100 he failed to get any clue to propety belonging to Brennon

Saturday 16 cut grass and hauled in hay

July Sunday 17 1892 Attended the sunday school review of the central School of Farmington

Monday 18 runn the mower Boys hauled hay

July Tuesday 19 1892 continued the hay harvesting - cutting hauling and stacking

Wednesday 20 Aall hands at the hay business

July Thursday 21 1892 cutting hauling stacking raking is the business of the day a bolt broke in the mower so I had to go to the shop with it for repair

Friday 22 The Brick Masons came to put up the chimneys of my house I got some ornimental tiles to put in the front chimneys

July Saturday 23 1892 finished cutting grass for this season hauled and Delivered 6 loads of Tithing hay Johny & Nathan T spent the day in helping put up a Bowery in what is now called Porters Grove - being on my premices

Sunday 24 Rested this forenoon attended meeting at 2 PM

July Monday 25 1892 Attended the Selebration held in Porters Grove - so called - it being Pioneer day

Tuesday 26 hauled in hay and Bunched up some that left on Saturday

July Wednesday 27 1892 continued getting the hay in

Thursday 28 finished the Timothy hay harvest

July Friday 29 1892 Went to the city with the carpenter see after the mouldings and Brackets for the cornice of my house from the plaining mill

Saturday 30 Sent two loads of hay to Grant & Co Johny run the Binder for Aaron as he went with the hay in his stead

July Sunday 31 1892 I with Bro Kaynaston visited East Bountiful Sunday school in the interest of Grading the school - will visit it a gane next Sunday if nothing prevents

August Monday 1 sent two loads of hay to Kon O Keeth Resieved payment $27. 25/100 I cut on the second crop of Lucern

August Tuesday 2 1892 Nathan Theodores time with me is up and he is repairing his wagon for his return trip home - on the 15th inst. Johny cut Lucer on the Bottom farm I Bunched up Lucern

Wednesday 3 Nathan Theodore P with his Bro Joseph J started for Hooper where he will meet his family and from then on to Logan to see his Father before leaving for Arizona Johny commenced to cut the oats this afternoon

August Thursday 4 1892 Attended fast meeting put up Lucern Johny finished cutting the oats. it is vary warm and swieltry

Friday 5 hauled Lucern from the home field into the Barn

August Saturday 6 1892 Took a grist to the Roller mill 1822 lbs - got 1050 lbs flour 400 lbs Bran Went on in to the City got more materials from the plaining mill for the house also 80 ft of tin for the gutters $5.60 cts Johny & Jesse hauled Lucern from the lower field

Sunday 7 I with my assistants visit East Bountiful Sunday school a gane to arrange further for the Grading of the School which the Superintendents will proseed to do

August Monday 8 1892 Made a Gate for the pasture Bar way Johny cut Lucern in the forenoon hauled Lucern

Tuesday 9 Johny cut Lucern I put up the Gate at the pasture Aaron helping one

August Wednesday 10 1892 Johny met with an accident so as to lay him up for a time in throwing the pitch fork on to the mow in the Barn it struck the beam and bounced back pearcing his thigh with tw tines to quite a depth

Thursday 11 Runn the old mower in the afternoon cutting weeds on the new piece of Lucern Jesse Bunched up Lucern

August Friday 12 1892 cut Lucern on Nathans land in the afternoon Johny is better in his lamness Nathan returned from Provo School session

Saturday 13 I and Nathan hauled in Lucern in the forenoon Bunched up in the afternoon

August Sunday 14 1892 I with my assistants visited the centeral School of South Bountiful found it graded and in good condition. Attended the ward meeting

Monday 15 Boys hauled Lucern Nathan - my Nephew - returned from visiting his Father in Logan I cut on the last piece of Lucern in the afternoon

August Tuesday 16 1892 finished cutting the Lucern Johny and Nathan with Jesse hauled Lucern

Wednesday 17 hauled and stacked Barley on the lower farm

August Thursday 18 1892 Setled up with my Nephew - Nathan Theodore - having paid him for 5 months work total $135 let him have 30 Dolars in a young mare making him a liberal allowence for the use of his team altho I was not obligated to allow any thing as I was not in kneed of them having animals Sufficient of my own hauled and stacked oats

Friday 19 My Nephew left with his family and Brother and Sister Joseph and Nancy for his home at St Joeseph Arizona

August Saturday 20 1892 Went to the city with the Masons morter Box took a small grist to the Roler mill Boys moved some of the rubish about the house

Sunday 21 Visited South Bountiful Sunday school Elder George Reynolds was in attendence from Salt Lake City

August Monday 22 1892 hauled and Stacked Aarons wheat & Barley repaired up the carriage house

Tuesday 23 Boys cleared of the Doore yard of the wood and rubish

August Wednesday 24 1892 Scraped and filled up the old trenches in front of the old house gave Joel Parish three Dollars on the Deseret News for 1892

Thursday 25 Clared of the sand bed so as get sand hauled sand

August Friday 26 1892 Went to Kaysville paid Wm Allen $25 00/100 on Arcutetual work on my house attended the monthly Priesthood meeting Boys hauled sand

Saturday 27 Boys hauled sand made a Doore for the stabel

August Sunday 28 1892 I with Bro Kaynaston visited west Bountiful Sunday school attended the Ward meeting

Monday 29 Went to the city Johny took a load of hay to Thomas Harris 2740 lbs

August Tuesday 30 1892 Boys hauled sand I chored around cleared off the foundation for the porch to the new house

Wednesday 31 Went on a Sunday school excurtion to Lake Park 5 schools was partly represented I met with an accident by being thrown out of my carage resieving slite injuries on my head & right leg so that I had to move about carfully

September Thursday 1 1892 I am some better of my lamness but so as move a bout mutch in attending to Business Johny went to the lime kiln for lime to lay the porch foundation

Friday 2 John Dunkin came and commensed to put in the foundation of the porches I went to the city to see if the material for the porch was in readiness at the planing mill

September Saturday 3 1892 Johny took a load of hay to Kon O Keefe 2540 lbs I attended the quartily Conference of the Stake held at Farmington there was a large turn out than formaly

Sunday 4 Conference continued its session at 10 AM Apostels F D Richards & Abraham Cannon were in attendence also Seymour Young of the sevnties

September Monday 5 1892 Thratched my grain this afternoon made a short runn on Aarons

Tuesday 6 Went to the City got some materials from the planing Mills for the South poorch of my house Drew $200. 00/100 from Zions Savings Bank having the Deposit from my Son N T Porter Jr

September Wednesday 7 1892 took out some honey from several stand of Bees Johny & Jesse dug a trench for laying a pipe into the New house

Thursday 8 Went to the city with my son N T Jr to see Banberger with regard to the location of the Dummy railrod line it having ben stated that he was going to locate it on the fence line nearing sons hous he informed us to the contrary

September Friday 9 1892 comenced laying the piping into the New house Spending most of the day in that direction

Saturday 10 Went to the plaining Mill - Salt Lake City got most if not all the mill work got the young gray mare Dolly shod all round

September Sunday 11 1892 Visited the South Weber Sunday School - with Brother Ellison - Brother Kaynaston being sick and unable go with us

Monday 12 Sent Johny to the lime kiln for lime he got 30 Bushels $9.00

September Tuesday 13 1892 commenced puting the piping in to the New house

Wednesday 14 Johny went to the lime kiln for more lime got 30 $9.00 Went Kaysville to see Allen about a mistake I thought he had made in the porch I learned that it was a new stile lately introdused

September Thursday 15 1892 continued the pluming business which occupied most of the day Orin Randels Dughter Adarena Died this morning of heart deseas Aged 14 years

Friday 16 finished the pluming in the house Attended the funeral of Adarena at 2 PM Joseph F Smith of the first Pesidency was in attendence and Spoke on the occasion

September Saturday 17 1892 One of the plasters came and commenced plastering Johny and little Aaron took 2 loads of hay to Kon O Keef. Aaron took his Fathers hay 2010 lbs Johny had 2250 lbs

Sunday 18 I and Brother Kaynaston visited the Summit Bason Sunday School Brother Ellison did not meet us at Kaysville for some cause

September Monday 19 1892 Sent for a load of lime 30 Bushel 9.00 there is now three hands at the plastering spent most of the day laying down loose boards for the plasterers to stand on

Tuesday 20 Set Johny and Jesse to cutting up sweet corn

September Wednesday 21 1892 Got 5 Bushels of lime - $1.50 plasterers finished putting the first coat

Thursday 22 Boys pulled the onions in the fore knoon Johny helped little Aaron load a load of hay

September Friday 23 1892 Went to the City got more finishing materials for the Poarches got a Sack of Sugar at ZCMI at 6.75 per sack Boys started to haul manure run off the tire on the start

Saturday 24 Went a gane to the City after the stops to the center pieces - which were left when the centers were got Boys hauled manure in the north meadow plasteres commenced on the last coat

September Sunday 25 1892 held the simianual meeting of the officers of the Sunday schools of the Stake Brothers Godard Rennols and Levi W Richards were in attendence

Monday 26 the plasterers resume their work Johny hauled manure

September Tuesday 27 1892 Johny hauled manure part of the day I painted the walls of the house where the mop boards gon following up the plasterers

Wednesday 28 Plasterers finished the plastering measured the rooms these being 770 yards at 12 cts per yard $92.40 paid them 50.00 Ballence Due $42.40

September Thursday 29 1892 Johny hauled manure got a card from T Harris saying he wanted me to Bring him a load of hay

Friday 30 loded up the hay Johny took T Harris I attended the monthly Priesthood meeting

October Saturday 1 1892 went to the plaining mill for Doores and finishing lumber my carpenter went also to see after it he stoped and went on a Drunk

Sunday 2 I with Brother Ellison visited the Syracuse Sunday School set a part Brother Walker as second assistant to Brother David Cook in the place of Brother Hatfield Resigned

October Monday 3 1892 Johny hauled manure chored a round repairing up things my carpenter has failed to make his apperence on his work

Tuesday 4 Went to the plaining mill for windows and doors

October Wednesday 5 1892 painted up on the Base for the mop Boards in the rooms

Thursday 6 Went to the Semianual Conference there was a good attendence for the first day

October Friday 7 1892 Conference continued with an increased attendence 10 of the apostels in attendence with the first Presidency President Woodruff is in good health considering his Age mutch good instructions are given

Saturday 8 Paid David Pary $47 Dollars in full of all demands for an Brick worker Conference continues good attendence and rich instructions by the several Speakers composed of the first Presidency and the twelve apostels

October Sunday 9 1892 Conference resumes in session with an over flow meeting in the Assembly Hall the attendence being vary large The Sunday School Union meeting was held in the Tabernicle in the evening - the attendence was not as large as usual on account of a heavy shower of rain Conference colsed

Monday 10 Attended a meeting of the first Presidency and leading Priesthood of the diferent Stakes - held in the Temple at 10 AM The matter raising means sufficient to compleet the finishing work - was the subject of the meeting 50,000 Dollars was subscribed by those present

October Tuesday 11 1892 Loded up a load of hay in the afternoon Rained last night and this morning

Wednesday 12 Johny to the hay to Hartwell Salt Lake City I went to the plaining mill to get the remainder of the Doors & windows for the house got all but the large front window

October Thursday 13 1892 Johny and Brother Moore hauled manure I chored a bout the premices

Friday 14 Johny and Brother Moore hauled out manure I put a cold set on the cart wheel by means of a lever purchase

October Saturday 15 1892 loded up a load of hay for Kon O Keeth - Johny took it to him I went to the plaining mill the front window and transom

Sunday 16 Attended the funeral of Ether Colten held in the West Bountiful meeting house spoke a short time followed by Elder Seymour B Young

October Monday 17 1892 Drove up to John Spencers - got the promice of $300 on a Lone for one year at 8 per cent per anum Johny and Bro Moore hauled manure

Tuesday 18 Brother More hauled manure Johny worke out pole tax for Nathan T I repaired the pasture fence Wrote out Misssionaries appointments

October Wednesday 19 1892 Got a ton of coal from the Switch - of Wm Streeper Johny hauled manure setled up in full with Henry Rampton on Black smelting Sold 5 head of beef steers Bountiful beef Co at 3 cts neat

Thursday 20 Johny hauled manure Drove 2 of the beavs up to Browns to be slaughtered

October Friday 21 1892 helped Johny haul manure most of the day Went to the cliper printing office in east Bountiful to get Sunday School misionaries appointments published

Saturday 22 Went to the City to do some trading and more material from the Mill Co Loned of John Spencer $300 at 8 per cts per anum Bought a Suit of clothes in cluding over coat for $25 00/100

October Sunday 23 1892 I with my assistants visited the Clear field District Sunday school set a part 2 teachers Attended the Joint meeting at Syracuse Visit Sister Rogers & assistants were holding a meeting with the Children and Parents

Monday 24 Johny hauled manure Charley Tingey helped in the afternoon on act of two days work due me Aaron having drove my colts out from Porterville I took them down to the pasture found a stray mare in the pasture with her leg broken

October Tuesday 25 1892 Setled up my taxes in full amounting to $204.33 cts Johny and Charley hauled manure

Wednesday 26 finished hauling the manure out of the corrall commenced diging potatoes

October Thursday 27 1892 dug Potatoes found a vary light crop the weather is pleasant at present met with the sunday school Missionaries (Elders Hyrum Parry and Rubin Clark from S L City) at the South school of South Bountiful

Friday 28 Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting held at Farmington 2 PM the time of meeting was changed to 11 AM Johny & Jesse dug potatoes Bishop Brown of South Bountiful Died this morning

October Saturday 29 1892 continued diging the Potatoes set in to raining in the afternoon the missionaries hold meeting with the centeral school at 7 PM to night

Sunday 30 met with the Missionaries in the West Bountiful school at 10 AM this morning and at East Bountiful at 7 PM Bishop Browns funeral was held at 2 PM there was a vary large attendence

October Monday 31 1892 it is raining this morning and bids fare to rain all day. the Missionaries appointment is at Centervill tonight Attended the misonary meeting

November Tuesday 1 took the last two of my beef steers to Browns Slaughter yard went to East Bountiful after lumber for pantry & Bttery found none suitable Attended with the missionaries North Dist

November Wednesday 2 1892 Went to the Salt Lake plaining mill got finishing lumber for pantry & Buterry met with the misionaries at South Farmington District School

Thursday 3 Attended fast meeting Johny hauled manure Went to farmington in the evening to attend the missionaries meeting But as their was a Politcal Ralley and a marriage recption so the meeting was ejourned to to morrow evening

November Friday 4 1892 Went to the city with 20 turkeys for the market having engaged them at 12 1/2 cts per pound live weight

Saturday 5 Cut down and Burned dry weeds in the garden Johny and Jesse dug potatoes loded up a load of hay in the evening

November Sunday 6 1892 Wet to Kays ward with the Missionaries met with the centeral School they laboured with the superintendent in the interest of grading the School as he was not mutch in favour of grading he was finally convenced so mutch so as to be willing to make an effort to do so visited the West School also

Monday 7 sent a load of hay to Haywood (one of the Milling Co) to apply on my act with the compony I and Eliza went to the city bought a Range stove at $37 Dollars

November Tuesday 8 1892 finished Diging the potatoes - fifty Bushels all told Went to East Bountiful to colect payment on my beef cattle got a promice for the amount to be paid to morrow

Wednesday 9 Went a gane to Bountiful resieved payment $98.40 hauled the corn foder in

November Thursday 10 1892 Cleared of the ground around the new house. Gathering up the Bords and spalls and piling them up out of the way loded up a load of hay for Kon O Keeth

Friday 11 Went to the city with the hay got the Range stove I had Bargened for

November Saturday 12 1892 Johny and Jesse cleared off the broken brick and rubish around the New house I fitted up some of the plates for the door locks

Sunday 13 Went to S L City attended the Memmorial Servises (of the Elders who have Died a way from home on Missions.) held in the Tabernicle at 11 oclok AM alist of the Names of the Elders was read numbering Sixty odd five or six having sealed their Testimony by the sheding of their Blood

November Monday 14 1892 Attended the funeral of Sister Lucy Vanfleet held in the Farmington meeting house at 11 AM

Tuesday 15 Wen to S L City started with Johny on a load of hay for Thos Harris but changed my passage to the moter

November Wednesday 16 1892 Went a gane to the City - got a keg of white lead I had left at Zions Coop with other articels for finishing up the rooms of my house Snowed last night with a cold north west wind

Thursday 17 Cleared off the Boards and rubish around the New house

November Friday 18 1892 Cleared of the loos rocks from around the house

Saturday 19 Went to the City with the folks to get some furniture and Stove fitings got a tank for warm & cold water for Bath and pantry

November Sunday 20 1892 I and my assistants visited the Laton and Clearfield S School with the Sunday S school Missionaries in filling their last appointments

Monday 21 put in more piping in the Bath Room

November Tuesday 22 1892 Went to the city got the furniture for the rooms

Wednesday 23 Attended a special meeting of the high Council in Farmington

November Thursday 24 1892 Commenced snowing this morning with a strong North west wind

Friday 25 Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting some 18 young Brethren were in attendence whoes Names were presented fordination to the office of an Elder

November Saturday 26 1892 Repaired the wheel Barrow went to Bountiful to see the Buchers about taking another Beef cow

Sunday 27 I with my assistants visited the North District S School of Farmington Attended the Ward meeting - and funeral of a Brother Burk killed on the train

November Monday 28 1892 Done some pliming in the Bath Room of the New house

Tuesday 29 Went to Kaysvill to see James Hill about wintering some young stock made arrangement with him to winter from 15 to 20 head on straw & chaff at 1 Dollar per head per month

November Wednesday 30 1892 there has ben a strong South wind since sunday evining plowed the garden north of the house

December Thursday 1 Wind continued to blow untill this morning when it turned to the North west with rain and Snow

December Friday 2 1892 Went to the City called at the plaining mill to see how I stood with the Co on mill work - they had not cast up their Act got the water jacket for the Range Stove

Saturday 3 took the 10:30 train this morning to attend the quartily conference at Kaysville - Rebecca accomponeying me there were none of the twelve or other visiting Brethren from the City in attendence yet we had a vary interesting time duering the day by the the increas of the Holy Spirit up upon the local Brethren who weare called Speak

December Sunday 4 1892 I stoped over night with Charles Layton Conference was reasembled at 10 AM Joseph F Smith of the first Presidency and Abraham Cannon of the Apostels wer in attendence. Elder Cannon Addressed the assembly in the forenoon & Joseph F in the afternoon mutch good instruction was imparted

Monday 5 It commenced Snowing at 7 AM and had continued duering the intire day - gentley falling 6 in at 7 PM

December Tuesday 6 1892 Snow 8 inches deepe this morning it is Claring off Loded up a load of hay for T Harris Sold 6 head of yearling to Wm Smith at 10 Dollars per hed

Wednesday 7 Johny took the hay to Harris - 2650 lbs $18.55 Reseved 15.00 3.55 Due Even Jones called on me dezierng me to take aninterest with him and others in Some mining claims I told him I would consider the matter

December Thursday 8 1892 Frose hard last night I was favourable impressed this morning to take aninterest in the mining claims represented by Brother Jones - to gather with my Sons Aaron and Nathan. Paid my carpenter up in full for work on my house

Friday 9 Myself and Brother Kaynaston went to Kaysvill to attend a picknic of the centeral Sunday School had a vary good time Brother Ellison was not in attendence

December Saturday 10 1892 Wet to the City in the interest of some mining claims located in the Dugway District Toille Co by Eeven Jones and others. With a view of obtaining one half interest in five claims for my self and Sons sent 2 lods of hay to Kon O Keeth 4700 lbs

Sunday 11 Visited Farmington Centeral Sunday School attended the Ward meeting

December Monday 12 1892 Shiped three doors and two windows to my Brother Sanford at Logan paid 10 Buhels for oats 3 of Bush of Barley 1/2 Bushel of onions tithing

Tuesday 13 Sent 9 head of young cattle to Jame H Hill on the sand ridge to feed on chaff and straw at $1.00 per head per month

December Wednesday 14 1892 myself Aaron and Nathan met the parties owning the mining claims we a greed to work for a half interest in Signed the agreement gotten up by Lawyer Pearson in a legal manner

Thursday 15 commenced fiting up suplies for to take out to the mines fited up the Wagon with bows and cover

December Friday 16 1892 got 600 lbs flour of John Waymond at 1.90 cts per 100 Defered starting till Monday or Tuesday

Saturday 17 Went to the city with Aaron to purchas our mining out fit of tools and Stove and Groeries

December Sunday 18 1892 Attended the Centervill and East Bountiful Sunday School Reviewes Centerville in the fore noon and East Bountiful in the afternoon Elders George Godard and Rennols were in attendence at East Bountiful

Monday 19 Set out with team and Wagon partly loded for the City to finish up our fitout and start the outfit for the digings. did not finish our fitout in time to start out

December Tuesday 20 1892 I and Aaron went a gane to the City to finish up and start the team out with Even Jones and son finished the fitout and started the team at 12:30 pM Aaron returned to at tend court and will overtake them by train tomorrow

Wednesday 21 Chored a round the premices duering the day

December Thursday 22 1892 Sent Johny to the Rooller mill after the grist I had taken on monday took Rebecca to the moter

Friday 23 Loned $250 Dollars of John Wayman at 10 per cent Drue the check from the Farmington Bank

December Saturday 24 1892 had a cow killed for Beef let Aaron folks have a quarter als Margaret Brandon cut up the ballence

Sunday 25 Remained at home preparing Sunday School blanks for Mailage attended the Ward meeting the weather is unusually mild for Christmass

December Monday 26 1892 Mailed the Sunday School Reports Rebecca Resieved a a letter from her sister Jane Winters announcing the Death of her Husband

Tuesday 27 Went to the City paid to the Salt Lake miling Companey $200 Dollars on my indebted ness leaving a ballence still Due of 28 Dollars Went to the Land office as a witness in favour of Peter Cowley a gainst a contest on his home Stead Entry joining my land

December Wednesday 28 1892 took 34 Bushels of wheat to the Store to aply on my act at 70 cts per Bushel which I exchanged with Nathan for the a mount out of my bins - it being his wheat

Thursday 29 I and N T maured off his land on the Bottom the Boys loded up a load of hay for T Harris

December Friday 30 1892 Attended the mothly Priesthood meeting at Farmington

Saturday 31 Aaron got home from his trip with the mining outfit last night


Brick hauled from Hays kiln

Mon 8th 1 load 550

Tues 9 " " 600

" " " " 600

" " " " 650

" " " " 450

Wed 10 " " 400

" " " " 700

Thurs 11 " " 450

" " " " 700

" " " " 500

" " " " 700

" " " " 500

" " " " 700

Fri 12 " " 500

" " " " 700

" " " " 700

" " " " 700

Sat 13 " " 700

" " " " 700

Mon 15 " " 700

" " " " 800



Servis of Bull


Feb Walles Williams 1

Mar " " 1 - 1

" 26 Wm Cleveland 1 - 1

Aug 20 Thos Spencer to Jersey Bull 1 - 2

Sept 5th J Cherry old Bull 1 - 1

Thos Wadops " " 1 - 1

Sept 20 J Cherry 1 - 1

Walles Willey three cows up to Oct 1st

Oct 5th J Chery 1

" 16 T J Brandon 1

Dec 5th Walles Willey 1

Jan 20th " " 1


Mar 19th Resieved of Samuel Smith $15.00 on last years leace of Ground for Nursery

Mar 25 $10.00 resieved

Feb 14th 1893 to G O Chase on Servis of horse $10.00


Feb 11th paid Robert Moore in full up to the 9th inst

Feb 26th 1 Bush pasnips willow path 30 cts

Jan 11th Resieved from Aaron $28.85 on hay delvered in city $22 as yet due


N T Porters Credit

Dec 20th mining outfit

" 600 lbs flour 11.40

" 1 quilt 2.00

" 100 ft lumber 2.25

" 220 lbs baled hay 1.98

" 1 Brel 1.75

" on Powder 4.70

" 1 wagon cover 4.50

Jan 6th 100 lbs flour to Family 2.25

" 1000 lbs coal 2.50

" one hors 10 days 5.00

2 nose sacks .75

one overcoat for Boys 4.50


Jan 17th 600 lbs flour to family 13.50

" 130 lbs beef 5.90

" 6 lbs Butter 1.20

" to cach 5.00

" 1100 lbs coal 2.50

" 20th 1235 hay 7.50

Feb 4th 4 Bu Potatoes 2.00

" " 600 lbs coal

" " Cach 10.00

Feb 11th to cach on second outfit 20.00

" 14th to Jones family cach 10.00

" to Aaron from Kon O Keath on hay 18.25

" 15th for travling expence 10.00

" " 4 Bushels oats 1.50

" " 1/2 Bush parsnips .20

" " 1/2 onions .25

" 25 timothy hay per Tuttle


Sun Jan 1st 1893 visited the Centerville School attended the Ward meeting had a family Newyears dinner at 1 PM

Mon 2nd went to the city - reported to the Union Board the number of pupils Ta could send to the Academy this term

Tues 3rd went to Farmington to see how the S S Superintendents had had succeeded in geting students for the traning school of Provo

Wed 4th Attended the funeral of Joseph L Robison one of the first setlers in Farmington and first Bishop there

Thurs 5th Attended fast meeting

Frid 6th Aaron took a load of hay for me to the City 2300 lbs & I took 100 lbs flour & 1000 lbs coal to Evens Jones family - on our mining

Sat 7th loded up two loads of hay for Kon O Keth

Sun 8th Visited the South Centeral S School of South Bountiful - with my assistants filled some vacances - Attended the Ward meeting - in which the Ward was reoranised with a new Bishop Rick by Apostle Abraham Cannon & the Presidency of the Stake - with Rastus E Egan Bishop & Joseph Hogan as first & Benson second Councilers who were sustained by a unanimus vote


Cost on Building paid out Mar 15th by 14000 Bricks $140.13

Mon 9th Johny & Aaron took the hay to Kon O John 2500 lbs Aaron 2200 lbs

Tues 10th Aaron took another load to the City

Wed 11th put bords on hay rick

Thurs 12th Aaron took an other load to City

Fri 13 loded up a lode for Harris


May 23rd Barber to 8 Bushels potatoes

Sat 14th Johny took the hay to Harris 2780 lbs

Sun15th visited Centerville North School

Mon 16 Wrote to superintendents of S Schools to send students to the training school at Provo


Aug 18th Grant & Co to 9165 lb of hay 64.10

Tues 17th took 600 lbs flour 130 lbs beef 6 lbs Butter $5.00 to Even Jones family

Weds 18 let a party have a load of hay for cleaning feathers

Thur 19th repaired the handle of my hand saw and plane

Fri 20th attended the Relief Society Conference in the meeting house

Sat 21st wento the city

Sun 22 Visited the South Bountiful S School - with my assistants - Reinstated Steven Ellis to the Superintendency of the School

Mon 23rd took Eliza up to visit her Brother Hyrum who was confined to his bed with his broken leg - he was improving freely

Tues 24th chored a round the premices

Wed 25th hund 2 doors to the sink boss in the old house

Thur 26th Wet to Laton Ward to see after the young stock in James Hills care

Fri 27th adended the mothly Priesthood meeting

Sat 28th a light fall of snow last night dressed some of the willow fence in the north meadow

Sun 29th Visited West Bountiful S School

Mon 30th sent for my young heifers - from James Hills visited Cintha Jones

Tuesday 31st snowed last night about 4 inch

Weds Feb 1st laid up with a lame back

Thur 2nd still laid up with lame Back more snow fell last night

Frid 3 loded up hay for T Harris

Sat 4th Aaron took the hay to Harris I took 4 B Potatoes 600 lbs coal - and $10 each to Evn Jones family

Sun 5th attendded the review of the South district Sunday school duering the fore & afternoon

Mon 6th Attended the reorganisation of the Relief society of Centerville under the drection of John L Nuttle

Tues 7th put up a grist for the mill

Wed 8th Johny took the grist to the mill wagon toung broke on the way so he borrowed an other on the way and returned with the grist

Thurs 9th commenced sizing up the water tank for the house Sam Porter is out from Porterville with some mineral from their mine says they have struck the main bed

Fri 10 loded up a load of hay for Kon O Keeth 2680 lbs $18.75

Sat 11th took the hay to Kon hurt my eye

Sun 12th remained in doors on act of my eye

Mon 13th helped Johny on the water pipes in house

Tues finished putting in the water - Aaron resieved $18.75 of Kon O Keeth - for the hay



in Act. With Nathan Theodore Porter

Feb 20th to cach 25.00

" 29th to 1sack flour 2.50

Mar 11th " cach 1.00

" 23rd " " 2.00

April 5 " " 5.00

May 11 " 80 lbs flour 2.00

" 14 " cach 20.00

" 16 " " 2.00

" " " 50 lbs flour 1.25

Jun 8 " cach 10.00

July 5th to a pair of lines 2.75

" 30th cach 15.00

Aug 2nd " 2.00

" 3rd " 10.00


Aug 18th paid him up in full

25 25.00

5 1.00

20 2.00

2 5.00

10 20.00

2 75 10.00

15 15.00

79 75 2.00

15 10.00

94 75 90.00


25 95.00

2 6.00

5 101.00







Material Receved on Parish Bid - ft long

May 23rd 59 joist - 2 + 8 - 16

" " 255 S - Bords 1 + 6 - 16 2040 ft

lumber for cornice 65.00

Jun 4 5 gal linseed oil $ 3.00

" " 1 keg white led 1.75

" 8 anker Rods 2.20

" " 16 nuts in rods .25

" 9 making rods 1.75

" 11 Brick work 75.00

" 14 to lime 3.75

" 16 to 7000 Brick 24.50

" 17 on Rock work 40.00

Aug 1 on " " 50.00

" 6 tin gutters 5.60

" 12 white lead 1.75

" 29 to 4 Bunches oct Shingels 5.00

ridge Boards 3.30

" 31 2 Bun oct 2.00

Sept 12 30 Bush lime 9.00

" 15 " " " 9.00

" " 1750 Shingels 6.12

" " 150 ft sheeting 3.37

" 17 2 hooks 1.00

" " 5 thimbels .50


Materials for house

Sept 17th 5 sacks plaster paris $ 4.25

2 centerpeces 5.50

" 19 loads lime 9.00

" 24 1 hook .20

" " 5 Bush lime 1.20

" 26 nails 1.50

" Allen 25.00

" on plastering 50.00

Joel Parish 80.00

29 to carpenter 30.00

" 2 kegs lead 3.50

Oct 2 cans Linsead oil 6.00

" paint collers 1.75

" Door lock hinge 12.50

setlment on mason work 47.00

19 1 keg white lead 2.50

22 to Milling Co 100.00

Nov 2 Lumber for bath and pantry 17.30

" three door loks 1.35

" 9 on order to Thos Whitaker for carpenter 20.25

Do Do for Coal 5.00

Dec 15th to plasters 43.00

" 20 34 B wheat to store 23.80



May 12th John Dunkin to 200 lbs flour on mason work 5.00

" 17th cach 10.00

" 30th cach 35.00

July 9th cach 5.00

Sept 3rd cach 4.50

" 13th cach paid at Coop Store 9.00

Nov 10 to cach 5.00

" 24 cach to his Boye 2.00

Dec 24th cach 2.00

Total 77.50

leaving a ballence of one Dollar still due


Nickel Donations

Sept 3rd from South Bountiful District S Chool 4.70

South Farmington 1.70

" 25 Centerville 6.40

" 25 South Bountiful 7.35

" " Syracuse 2.80

Oct North Centerill 2.55

" South Weber 4.00

" Summit 2.15

total 37.65

Oct 13th West Kaysville 2.20

" 16 West Bountiful 5.15

South Hooper 2.35

" 24 East Bountiful 15.40

Nov 4th North Farmington 3.25

" 15 Layton 13.50

" 25 Clearfield 2.15

Dec 11th Farmington 6.00

total 50.00




Twenty per cent which is retained $ 16.20

Due Union Board $ 63.80

Cash Account - January 1892

hay Del to Maloye

Jan 9th 1 loads 2600 lbs

" " 2290 "

20th 1 to Brennon 2700 "

25th 1 " " 2475 "

27th 1 " " 3100 "


Resieved payment $ 67.80

Jan 20th 1 load of hay 2920 lbs

" 27 1 " " 2645


hay to Harris

Jan 23rd 1 load 2535 lbs

Feb 5th 2 lods to Brennon 5120 "

" 13th 2 loads 5770 "

" 20 2 " 5380 " $50.00

Mar 4th 2 " 5395 "

" 15th 2 " 5200 "

" 22 1 load 2570 "

" 27 2 " 4635 " $100

Apr 4 1 " 2240 "

" 8 1 " 2585 "

" 12 2 " 4880 " loads

Apr 16th 1 2520 lbs

" 22 " 1 2460 "

" 26 " 1 2575 "

" 30 " 2 5660 " 100

May 7th 1 2235 "

" 14 " 1 2410 "

" 21 1 2370 "

" 31 1 2580 "

Cash Account - February

Date Received Paid

1 to Theo Porter $ 5.00

6 " Hays on Brick 40.00

11th for hay 12.00

17 " to Moore 15.50

19 " " Hays 64.00

20 " " N Theo Porter 25.00

24 " " Harris 20.00

Mar 11 Theo Porter 1.00

" 12 from Brennon 50.00

" 12 " Kon O K 35.00

" 13 to R Moore 9.50

" " to suit of clothes 6.50

" 14 of S Smith 15.00

" 29 " Harris 20.00

Apr 9th Brennon for hay 100.00

" 14 at home 7.00

" 15 5.00

" 23 Kon O 37.25

May 5th Brennon 100.00

" T Harris 10.11


Sept 2nd Loned of N T Porter Jr $ 55.00

Sept 6th loned 200.00

" 22 " 45.00

Oct 22nd Loned of John Spencer at 8 per cts 300.00

Dec 23rd Loned of John Waymond at 10 per ct 250.00


May 20th Joel Parish to 2410 lbs hay for 3 C N I 16.85

June 18 ______ 19.00

Sept 9 to cach 20.00

Dec 6th 1892 Due of N T Porter Jr for 3 yearling sold to Wm Smith $30.00

Dec 8th paid on the above $20.00

Jan 13 on 10.00 on ming out fit

Jan 6th 1893 Aaron took a load of hay to the City 2300 lbs

Jan 9th Johny & Aaron took 2 to Kon


hay crop


Jun 27th 17 " Lucern

July 23rd 110 " Timothy


Tithing Hay

Jun 27th 2 lods Lucern

July 23 11 " Timothy


Aug 8th Damige Bill on 3 head of my horses

to James George 1.50

" Maybe 1.20

will take grain

ft casing ft roosh pipe

ft in ft in

17 9 22

17 13 9









Nov 23rd Carpenter charges for extra work $23.00


N T Porter in Act with Wm Oakden

May 9th to cehe on carpinter work 2.00

" 17th to rebate on lumber bill 2.35

" 24 by cach 4.00

Jun 6 " " 15.00

" replacing of lumbr spoild 2.00

July 4th cach to C Tingey on order 3.00

Aug 11 cach - to John Smith on order 13.00

Sept 2 Cach 55.00

" 12 cach for Peter Taylor - on order 20.00

" 27 to fire wood 1.25

Oct. 1 to cech 30.00

Nov 4 to coal of Wm Streeper 5.70

" 9 to T Whitaker on order 20.25

" 23 cach 20.00

Nov10th Due Joel Parrish on his Lumber Bill for house 172.90

with 8 per cent untill paid


Jun 14 Jake Smith to 1310 lbs hay $ 6.50

" Maning hay 1060 lbs 4.20


Family Donations to the Temple to be paid in instalments

N T Porter Se 50.00 May 1st paid 50.00

Rebecca " 5.00 " " 2.00

Eliza " 5.00 " " 2.00

Malinda " 3.00 " " 1.00

Mary Emma " 5.00 " " 1.50

John F " 3.00 " " 1.00

Effie " 1.00 " " .25

Areta " 1.00 " " .25

Jesse " 1.00 " " .25

Amelia 1.00 " " .25

75.00 8.50

Oct 7th N T Porter Senr 50.00 Due Paid 50.00


Sept 12th 1892 Due 28.65 - to Okden

Turkeys $ 11.75

Bid on lumber by J Parish 287.00

Cornice Lumber 65.00

Milling Bid 353.75

Stone Mason 80.00

Brick masons 47.00

" " 75.00

" " 40.00


Mar 1st Due from Brennon $167.55

Brennons Resides 11 South 9 East take car 26

_____ and Co - on settlement $3.75

Which is charged for replacing a broken casting on mower which should of ben replaced without charge

Feb 24th Due from T Harris $6.15


Wagon 1325

Hay to Brennon

2 $92.15

425 $39.40

Hay to ______ - June 15th 1891

how far does the Sealing Joist runn over the wall on the out Side

60 3.50

80 1.75

30 .87

2400 6.12





Received my Subscription for the simiweek News June 12th 93

coal 2120

Charles A Vernelius

3 3/4 Acres

3 "

6 3/4


Charles Oland Cardstin Alberta N N T

Temple Blanks

Wiray for _______

Dugway Mining assement 1893


Jan 13th -- 31.51

to cach 7.25

Apr " assement 37.00

May 20 " " 46.70



amount on settlment

Jan 13th 44.76

Mar 8 31.00

Apr 12 38.45

" " by cach 20.00

May 20 splies 62.25


Caried to Ts act 46.70


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