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January, Thursday 1. 1891. I and Eliza spent the afternoon with her Father at his Residence took dinner with him This is the Prophetic years - that of 91

Friday 2. Attended Special meeting of the Priesthood of the stake measures were adopted to relieve the Stake Academy from its indebtedness

January, Saturday 3. 1891. I along & Brother Moore hauled manure I took some wood to the Black smith Shop to set tires

Sunday 4. Organised a Sunday School in South Bountiful called it the central school

January, Monday 5. 1891. I and Johny went to the City Brought up a cow to winter for N b Jones - took some provisions and kindling dow to Malinda at her Boarding place

Tuesday 6. Snowed last night Repaired up the cattle rack on the Bottom farm

January, Wednesday 7. 1891. Finished the rack filled it with feed for the young stock

Thursday 8. commenced fitting up a rack on the west side of the corrall for cows and Beef cattle

January, Friday 9. 1891. Continued work on the rack all hands being engaged

Saturday 10. Worked on the feed rack Johny and Brother Moore filled the rack on the Bottom

January, Sunday 11. 1891. Visited the north Sunday school of Farmington with my assistants

Monday 12. Continued work on the cattle rack hauled in more timber

January, Tuesday 13. 1891. Still on the cattle rack Johny hauled a load of ceder post from Woods cross on the denvr line - for the store

Wednesday 14. Finished the rack Bro Moore hauled litter into the corrall sold Wm Barber two Beef steers

January, Thursday 15. 1891. Repaired up the old rack in the corrall

Friday 16. laid more rock in the ally way betwen the stalls in the New barn

January, Saturday 17. 1891. Attended meeting of the High council in the case of David Bibee and Jack Parris Bibee being the plantiff

Sunday 18. Attended the quartily review of the North Sunday School of Centerville with my assistant Bro Kaynaston

January, Monday 19. 1891. Chored a bout the premisces Johny & Moore hauled manure on to the pasture farm ground

Tuesday 20. put the hores power of the well driver in running order

January, Wednesday 21. 1891. Set Brother Moore to grubing Lucern out of the meadow

Thursday 22. Loded up a load of hay for a party Joseph Smith was furnishing in the city

January, Friday 23. 1891. Took the hay to the City 2600 lbs Delivered it to Lucas a Butcher - as directed Resieved $10.00 in part pay Got a stick for a Bolster to repace the one Broken

Saturday 24. Took the Bolster stick and wagon wheel to the Shop Bro Moore cut wood

January, Sunday 25. 1891. Attended the yearly Review of the South Sabath School of Centervill had a vary interesting time the Theological class occupied all the forenoon and a part of the afternoon in a vary interesting treaties Refuting the popular centiment and statement that there is to be no more Revelations from God

Monday 26. Attended a special meeting of the Priesthood of the Centervill Ward called by the President of the Stake The Presidents of the several Quorums reported the standing of their members after which mutch good instructions were given

January, Tuesday 27. 1891. Snowed last night and to day 5 inches now on the ground misolaneous matters around the premsices occupied the day John and Moore loded a load of Tithing hay

Wednesday 28. Johny took the Tithing to the city the Bishop going with an other I and Bro Moore took a load of foder to the young stock

January, Thursday 29. 1891. Johny & Bro Moore cut and trimed up willows from the hedge fence I fitted up the vice and attached it to the new bench I had erected for it

Friday 30. Attended the mthly Priesthood meeting remitted to the Centervill Coop Store $37 50/100 in favour of Ford Brothers which ballences what I was owing them - on money advanced for Emigrating James Rose and family. for which he is now owing me $70 00

January, Saturday 31. 1891. comenced making a new work bench for dressing lumber Brother Moore dug a trench for posts to form a wind brake for the young Stock in the lower corrall

February, Sunday 1. Visited and reorganised the West Bountiful Sunday School with a superintendent & two assistants to fill the vacencies caused by superintendent L M Grant being called to the Bishop Rick

February, Monday 2. 1891. Brother More is laid up with a lame side Johny done up the chores and helped the women wash - helped Aaron load up two loads of Tithing hay I worked on work bench

Tuesday 3. got up early to help Johny off to the city with the hay But he did not go Aarons Back being too lame to go with the other load he cut willows

February, Wednesday 4. 1891. Johny and Aaron went with the hay this morning I finished up the work bench Brother Moore done up the chores

Thursday 5. Attended fast meeting and administered to the Sick - Sister cleaveland visited Brother and Sister Ore

February, Friday 6. 1891. Administered to Sister Cleveland with several of the Elders she not being as well as he was yesterday Johny helped Aaron load up two loads of hay

Saturday 7. Sister Cleveland Died at 9-30 last night I and Brother Moore hauled timbers down to the lower corrall on the bob sleds to make a shed

February, Sunday 8. 1891. Visited the hot spring Sabath school of South Bountiful - with my assistants attended the meeting in the afternoon

Monday 9. spent the day reparing up things about the premicies Johny & Brother Moore hauled some foder down to the young stock put up a grist for the mill &c

February, Tuesday 10. 1891. Attended the funeral of Sister Angeline Cleveland at 2 PM Spoke a short time followed by Elder B H Roberts who Spoke at some length vary interestingly

Wednesday 11. I am now laid up with a lame back Brother More is also complaining of a like defect in his back and side Johny hauled from the switch 1140 lbs of coal for him and 1860 for N T Junior

February, Thursday 12. 1891. Johny went to the City with a grist to the Roller mill my Back is but little better Brother Moore is still laid up

Friday 13. Johny and little Araron filled the cattle rack with Straw my back is improving so that I am moving sloly a bout

February, Saturday 14. 1891. Went to the city in the one horse cart Sister Moore rode down with me called at the Land office and Got the Pattent to my Deseret Land Entry

Sunday 15. While Getting ready to visit the South Bountiful Sunday School President Smith called and requested me to go with him to Kaysville - as his councillors would not be with him - Elder Hess being sick - I complied with the request - and thus turned my course for the Latter place - leaving my assistants to fill our appointment

February, Monday 16. 1891. On my return yesterday I found my Wife Eliza under a severe attact of the Rheumatism So that she was unabul to move without help she is now only able to be up for a short time Johny went to the city with a load of hay Strmy this evening

Tuesday 17. Eliza was attacted with faintness so that we had to carry her to the bed. She soon recovered after being administered to She rested toleraby well duering the night and is comparitavely Easy today

February, Wednesday 18. 1891. Johny went to the City with a load of hay Eliza was confined to her bed duering the day a severe storm set in at 4 PM snow and wind from the North east

Thursday 19. Eliza is better to day set up part of he day I commensed to mak a new hay rack Johny and Brother Moore filled the cattle rack with straw

February, Friday 20. 1891. Eliza is still improving was able to be up duering the day worked on the hay rack Johny and Brother Moore cut and trimmed willows

Saturday 21. Eliza Still on the improve continued work on the hay rack Brother More grubed out Lucern out of the meadow

February, Sunday 22. 1891. Visited East bountiful sunday school Attended the ward meeting and high Priest meeting at 4 PM

Monday 23. Finished the hay rack put up posts for a Shed for the young Stock on the bottom farm A Storm of hail & snow set in at 6 PM

February, Tuesday 24. 1891. Johny an Brother Moore put more straw in the cattle rack Snow 3 inches deep repaired the wheel barrow

Wednesday 25. Johny and Moore hauled Sand on to the side walk Repaired the Bulls Stall took out an Apple tree

February, Thursday 26. 1891. Sowed Lucern seed onto the pasture land in Basks field Johny and Moore hauled sand on the Side walk

Friday 27. Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting Snowed duering the morning hours Johny & Brother Moore filled the cattle rack and hauled sand

February, Saturday 28. 1891. hauled some sand put up more posts for the shed in the lower corall had shower of rain

March, Sunday 1. Visited the Centerville Sunday School set a part N T Porter Jr 2nd assistant

March, Monday 2. 1891. Johny went to Farmington after a Steer that Strayed a way last fall he was so poor that he could not drive him home I went down to the pasture to turn of the water that was flowing on to it Bro Moore claned out water Ditch

Tuesday 3. I and Johny set up willow Stakes for a braker to Cattle shed Leased to the American Gass & Oil Compony the right to drive wells on my bottom lands in consideration of 500 Shares of stock in the componey

March, Wednesday 4. 1891. Johny went to the City with a beef cow I sold to Harvy Perkins I and Brother Moore filled the cattle rack with straw

Thursday 5. Attended fast meeting Johny helped Aaron pull up his well asing in the afternoon

March, Friday 6. 1891. Brother Moore is taken down with the Lagrip - and Johny is complaining so there is but little being done to day I helped Aaron finish drawing up his well casing two hours completed it

Saturday 7. Attended the quartily Conference of the Stake held at East Bountiful - there were none of the General Authorities in attendence asside from the Presidency of the Stake. yet we were blessed with an unusual manifestation of the Spirit upon those who wer called to address the Assembly

March, Sunday 8. 1891. Conference continued Abraham Cannon of the Apostels was in attendence and gave mutch good instructions duering the servises of the day conference closed at 4 PM for three months to be held at Centerville

Monday 9. Brother Moore is Some better but not able to resume work Johny is not well but is a bout I sowed Redtop and Lucern seed on the pasture land

March, Tuesday 10. 1891. Brother Moore is out doing some chores this morning there was a steddy rain fall last night which turned in to snow fall this morning - cleared up about 11 oclok Johny & Brother Moore filled the cattle rack with Straw this afternoon

Wednesday 11. I and Johny done some surveying of the lines of my land - running down to Basks inclosure dug some post holes Brother Moore gathered the trimmings of the willows and put them into the fence

March, Thursday 12. 1891. hauled willow posts down to the corall below to finish the Stock ade for the cattle

Friday 13. Went to East Bountiful to colect a bill of Perkins for beef Got to Animals shod Loded up a load of hay

March, Saturday 14. 1891. Aaron took the hay to T Harris repaired up the plows Johny & Moore set up posts at the corrall

Sunday 15. I with my assistants visited the south Weber Sunday School setapart a second Assistant Superintendent and 4 teacher and one secratary thus compleeting a fesh organisation

March, Monday 16. 1891. Loded up a load of hay for a track Man in the city Amos Gotham - plowed some in the garden for early vegitables

Tuesday 17. Went to the city with the Hay went to the Brewery to get some seed Barley but failed as the prprierter was absent Johny and Moore dug post holes on pasture land

March, Wednesday 18. 1891. Went a gane to the city especially to get seed Barley - suceeded this time - got 775 lbs got one hundred feet of Lumber at East Bountiful on my return found Nathans Mare vary bad with the collick

Thursday 19. Sowed and harrowed in Barley on the Cheney farm Brother Moore claned out water ditch in the fore noon paid John Streeper $7.15 being in full for coal up to date

March, Friday 20. 1891. Nathans Mare has not fully recovered her fold is suposed to be ded put in some garden ceed finished sown barley

Saturday 21. Put in wheat on Nathans land I put in more garden seeds

March, Sunday 22. 1891. Visited the south district sunday school of Farmington with Bro Kaynaston Bro Ellison being sick with Rhumatism

Monday 23. Plowed more garden ground fixed some open stalls for the mares in fold filled up the cattle rack

March, Tuesday 24. 1891. Engaged a serveyer to runn the lines around My Deseret entry he run the lines and located the corners

Wednesday 25. had the vetinerian doctor indeavering to take the fold from Nathan Mare but it resulted in a falure Sent for my Nephew Samuel Porter 25 miles away - who came and succeeded in taking away the fold but was to late to save the mare

March, Thursday 26. 1891. hauled the Mare or her carkes a way Johny plowed more of the garden ground I put in more garden seed Elder Daniel H Wells - Late councilor to President Young - Died to day

Friday 27. Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting at Farmington Bro Wells funeral was announced for Sunday Johny and Bro Moore filled the cattle rack

March, Saturday 28. 1891. dug post holes on the line of fence running through Basks inclosure in in my pasture land set out Shade trees in the afternoon

Sunday 29. Attended Elder Daniel H Wells funeral held in the Big tabernicle which was draped in white muslin President Woodruff Antone Lund Franklin D Richards Geore Q Cannon and Heber J. Grant were the speakers - 50 cariges went to the Cemetry

March, Monday 30. 1891. took down wire fence to move on to the lines between me and Bask (Snow storm drove us up at noon

Tuesday 31. moved the posts on to the fence line and set them in ready for the wire

April, Wednesday 1. 1891. moved and put up the wire and thus compleeted the inclosure of forty acres being my Deseret Entry

Thursday 2. This is fast day Johny and Bro Moore filled the cattle rack visited Bro Dunkin who is vary sick

April, Friday 3. 1891. Brother Moore thity cut fire woodling I and Johny put in some potatoes in the garden

Saturday 4. Attended the General Conference the attendince was unusually large for the first days session. - Apostles Merrill John W Taylor. President W Woodruff F D Richard spoke duering the day

April, Sunday 5. 1891. Conference continued mutch good instruction was given The Tabernicle being to small to accommodate the attendence of the People the Assembly hall was opened and filled to over flow several of the Apostles were in attendence instrucing

Monday 6. Conference resumed its session was not so full in with attendence But if possable more full of the rich instructions given by the Speakers being adjourned untill Oct 6th Returned home

April, Tuesday 7. 1891. took a load of hay to Amos Gotham Saltlake City Encountered a hevy South wind - a snow storm arose at 2 PM but soon subsided

Wednesday 8. loded up two loads of hay and sent them to Grants Stabels by Aaron & Johny took a share of one hundered Dollars in a Clides dale Stalyon

April, Thursday 9. 1891. Set Johny and Bro Moore to moving the potatoes out of the pits I splised a wagon tongue made Stair way in Brother Mores - Room

Friday 10. finished moving potatoes Got a new plow from Streepers Aaron takes one half interest in it

April, Saturday 11. 1891. harrowed and claared off weeds on the Lucern land in the pasture in closure

Sunday 12. I with Brother Kaynaston visited Brother Ellison to learn howe was we found him able to move a bout the house and was comparitavely free from pain

April, Monday 13. 1891. Went to Farmington went Brother David Barbers Bond as water Master Johny harrowed I attended and kept fast withe Sisters in behal. of Sister Dunkin

Tuesday 14. Sowed Lucern ceedes on the pasture farm Rained in the evening Brother Moore Grubed out the willows and prouts around the garden fence

April, Wednesday 15. 1891. too weet to put in Lucern made a Brush drag to Brush the manure in on the meadow Johny Brushed the manure in the afternoon

Thursday 16. Johny Brished manure on the Lucern ground Brother Moore commensed cutting a drean a long the fence south of the house frm smiths nusey

April, Friday 17. 1891. Loded up a load of hay for Thos Haris put in Lucern in the afternoon Moore finished the Drean

Saturday 18. Johy took the hay to Harris Aaron also took a load for a man in town

April, Sunday 19. 1891. Visited Farmington Centeral Sunday School. The funeral of Sister Richards was held in the afternoon

Monday 20. loded up a load of hay finished puting in the Lucern Aaron loded a load of Lucrn

April, Tuesday 21. 1891. Sent the hay to Amos Gotham S L City Sister Catherine Dunkin Died this afternoon

Wednesday 22. Johny helped Nathan haul sand to plasture his front Rooms chored a round the premises

April, Thursday 23 1891. Attended the funeral of Sister Dunkin there was a large attendence she being highly esteemed by all for her devotion and faithful discharege of evry duty as a member of the church

Friday 24. Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting held in farmington at 2 PM twelve of the Brethren were set a part as home Missionaries

April, Saturday 25. 1891. This has ben a stormy day with a chilly wind from the North west Spent a portion of the day Doctering one of my young colts that was mangled by a Stalyon zelling at him

Sunday 26. I with Brother Kayanston visited the Summit Sunday School - Brother Ellison not being able to go with us

April, Monday 27. 1891. Clear this morning. Johny went to the Lime Killar for lime for Nathan Repaired the gate leading in to the meadow for the cattle rack

Tuesday 28. Johny harrowed Nathans Lucern on the bottom started to plow up some of the old medow

April, Wednesday 29. 1891 resumed plowing the meadow Broke the plow shire - concuded to discontinue as it is late in the season for grain

Thursday 30. Johny went to the City with 16 Bushels of wheat to change with the tithing office for Tithing wheat at Logan for my Brother Sanford But did not change there being no thithing wheat there Brought a load of lime for Nathan

May, Friday 1. 1891. Plowed some ground for potatoes changed some oats with Brothe Weight to sow cleared off kane stubs Loded up a hay for T Harris

Saturday 2. Sent the hay to him 2470 lbs put in some potatoes replanted some of the sugar beets

May, Sunday 3. 1891. I and Brother Kaynaston and Ellisson visited the centeral school of Kaysville in the fore noon and then 5th District in the afternoon also attended the Ward meeting

Monday 4. Branded my young Stock put in some potatoes

May, Tuesday 5. 1891. Sent the young stock on to the mountain 18 head of mine 5 of Nathans one of Aarons total 24 finished planting the potatoes Pintoes day

Wednesday 6. Page got a load of Lucern Went to the city bought a Suit of close at ZCMI Sold my potatoes at 60 cts a Bushel sacked

May, Thursday 7. 1891. Attended fast meeting at 11 AM Johny helped Aaron with the team sowing plowing his ground Aaron started for the city with his wife & little girl in a cart the animal became unmaniagble thewe him self & wife out rann 2 miles with the child with out serous harm

Friday 8. Went to the city with the potatoes

May, Saturday 9. 1891. Plowed a piece of new ground a bove the uper orchard repaired the fence

Sunday 10. I with my assistants visited the 2nd Ward Sunday school of of Kaysville

May, Monday 11. 1891. Johny and Jesse helped Aaron plant potatoes in the afternoon Brother Moore howed in the garden I planted some corn Loded up a load of hay mols day

Tuesday 12. Johny went with the hay to the City worked in the garden

May, Wednesday 13. 1891. Looks some like rain set out cukumbers & tomatoes Pintos day

Thursday 14. Johny & Moore planted corn for Aaron I set out some plants chored around

May, Friday 15. 1891. Cleaned out water Ditch commensed driving my well in the afternoon drove 17 ft Moore finished planting the corn

Saturday 16. reesumed driving my well set out more cabage plants Mol s day

May, Sunday 17. 1891. Visited the North District school of Farmington - with my assistants Attended the Ward meeting

Monday 18. Resumed driving on the well drove 35 ft Pinto a gane

May, Tuesday 19. 1891. continued driving on the well Brother Moore howed in the garden Turned the water on the meadow

Wednesday 20. heavy East wind most of the day Drove some in the evening Loded up a load of hay for T Harris

May, Thursday 21. 1891. East wind a gane this morning so that I could not send the hay to Harris Drove on the well in the afternoon

Friday 22. Drove on well Brother Moore howed in garden Pinto a gane

May, Saturday 23. 1891. continued driving on the well got down 195 ft but while we were putting on another joint of casing sand arose & fastened the wash pipe Molly a gane

Sunday 24. No sunday school visit to day Attended the Ward meeting in the afternoon and the high priests meeting at 4 PM in East Bountiful

May, Monday 25. 1891. Drove on the well hard driving had a small flow

Tuesday 26. continued the well Driving made But little progress down 196 ft

May, Wednesday 27. 1891. well driving was the Business of the day

Thursday 28. Still driving Brother Moore howed in the garden

May, Friday 29. 1891. Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting had a good shower of rain

Saturday 30. Drove on the well had quite a flow Brother Lyman and his wife paid us a visit from Portervill

May, Sunday 31. 1891. I with my assistants visited the joint Sunday school of Kaysville & South Hooper witnessed their review

June, Monday l. Resumed the well driving Loded up a load of hay for Grant

June, Tuesday 2. 1891. Went to the City with the hay found Grants hay lofts full of hay so that it was difficult to get my load in

Wednesday 3. continued the well driving a gane - down 206 ft

June, Thursday 4. 1891. Attended fast meeting at 11 AM Broke the pump lever

Friday 5. Went to the city to get anesetry lever for the pump there were none to be had so got some iron to have one made

June, Saturday 6. 1891. Attended the Stake quartily conference here in Centerville Jacob Gates and B H Roberts of the Presidency of the Seventies were in attenden & spoke vary interestingly the assembly were small but attentive

Sunday 7. conference continued Elder George Q Cannon of the first Presidency was in attendence and gave much good instructions duering the day the assembly was large being convened in the Bowery

June, Monday 8. 1891. Off__aled on the well Attended the funeral of Bro Joseph Sollins child at 4 PM

Tuesday 9. finished driving for the present - got quite a flow

June, Wednesday 10. 1891. Laid pipes to convey the water on to the garden connecting it with the flow from the older attended a meeting of the tax payers to locate a place to Build a School house

Thursday 11. Sent a grist to the city mills hived a swarm of Bees Brother Moore howed

June, Friday 12. 1891. Set Brother Moore to mowing the grass bordering on the garden also in the Door yard hived another swarm of Bees

Saturday 13. Mad Bee hives Johny helped Nathan remove the setes from the School hous - which is being tourn down Storing in my Grainery

June, Sunday 14. 1891. I with Assistant John Ellison visited the South Hooper Sunday school

Monday 15. Went to the city with two loads of hay for Grant & co 4725 lbs Got a Champion mower from them price $60.00

June, Tuesday 16. 1891. Repaired up the old machine for cutting the Lucern

Wednesday 17. commenced cutting Lucern

June, Thursday 18. 1891 Cut Lucern worked at making Bee hives weather cool and unsetled

Friday 19. Johny cut Lucern some of the time the machine getting out of repair loded up a load of hay for T Harris

June, Saturday 20. 1891. cutting Lucern Bunching and pilling sweet clover out of the meadow was the Business of the day Aaron took the hay to Harris

Sunday 21. Visited the Hot spring district Sunday School with my assistants

June, Monday 22. 1891. cut and put up Lucern weather is quite cool and considable cloudy

Tuesday 23. commensed hauling Lucern commensed making a new hay rack

June, Wednesday 24. 1891. Hauled Lucern hived an other swarm of bees worked on hay rack Stired out Lucern

Thursday 25. Closed in on hay rack high wind rained in the evening

June, Friday 26. 1891. Attended high council and Priesthood meeting a case between George O Notels his Father and Seymour B Young came up Boys hauled Lucern

Saturday 27. Hauled Lucern Johny cut in the afternoon

June, Sunday 28. 1891. I with Brother Kaynaston visited the centeral school of South Bountiful Attended the Ward meeting

Monday 29. put up and hauled Lucern

June, Tuesday 30. 1891. Still hauling in Lucern delivered I spliced one of the hay poles that was broke - in rediness for pull

July, Wednesday 1. put up the hay poles with the wire rope Nathan was taken with a violent headache in the evening

July, Thursday 2. 1891. Nathan is not abel to resume work tho he is better The four wards East South and West of Bountiful with Centerville have Joined to cellibrate the 4th Saturday

Friday 3. hauled Lucern with one team cut wild oats on the Cheney meadow broke the knife

July, Saturday 4. 1891. Attinded the cellibration which exceled any previous one held in the county the various classes of trade and business enterprises was beautifully represented with the old Ship - May Flower and the Godis of Liberty leading the prosession which formed in Centervill passing through West and South Bountiful to East Bountiful

Sunday 5. Stayed at home and took a rest Attended the ward meeting in the afternoon and high Priest meeting at 4 PM

July, Monday 6. 1891. hauled Lucern 17 loads is now in the Stack north the Barn cut Lucern on the Smith field

Tuesday 7. finished cutting Lucern cut wild oats on Smith field

July, Wednesday 8. 1891. Put up Lucern in the Smith field high wind from the south which stoped the hauling commensed cutting Timothy grass

Thursday 9. finished hauling Lucern

July, Friday 10. 1891. Cut Timothy grass Boys hauled __ Johny hauled for Aaron in the four noon

Saturday 11. Aaron went to the city to contract hay The Boys hauled Lucern for him in the forenoon

July, Sunday 12. 1891. I with Brother Ellison visited Centeral School of Centerville

Monday 13. Commensed cutting hay in the North field at the north Eend the grass is vary heavy

July, Tuesday 14. 1891. continued cutting in the north meadow Boys finished hauling and stacking the wild oats

Wednesday 15. finished cutting the North eend of the north meadow Boys started to haul But the hay was to green

July, Thursday 16. 1891. the hay was not sufficently cured to haul mo__ stack thos fore noon hauled in the after noon cut some in the first meadow

Friday 17. hauled and stacked hay runn two teams with 2 men in the field to load I helped on the stack

July, Saturday 18. 1891. Runn 2 teams hauling one cutting one Raking and one running the hay fork

Sunday 19. Stoped at home and took a rest duering the fore noon

July, Monday 20. 1891. Repaired the pasture fence hauled in hay raked and Bunched up hay

Tuesday 21. Aaron took a load of hay to T Harris cut and hauled hay

July, Wednesday 22. 1891. cut and hauled hay finished cutting the 2nd ten acres Run 2 teams hauling

Thursday 23. Brother Moore is down with the bowel complaint hired Joe Williams for a few days Runn two teams hauling cut in the afternoon

July, Friday 24. 1891. This is Pioneere day so hands are off

Saturday 25. hauled in hay Raked and bunched

July, Sunday 26. 1891. Visited South Bountiful Sunday School alone as Brother Ellison did not come and Brother Kaynaston was cripled in his foot

Monday 27. hauled hay with three teams 19 loads Milton Pool helped

July, Tuesday 28. 1891. hauled with two teams Aaron took a load to the City Milton Poole helped haul

Wednesday 29. hauled with two teams Aaron helped also Milton Pool

July, Thursday 30. 1891. Finished hauling my hay ecept for Raking paid off my hands Brother Moore resumed work to day

Friday 31. Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting Boys made an intire finish of the haying

August, Saturday 1. 1891. Secured may hay stackes a gainst heavy winds

Sunday 2. By request I was detained at home to attend the funeral of Brother Charles Smith & child leaving my assistants to visit the West Bountiful Sunday School 10-30 AM I joined them in the ward meeting at 2 PM

August, Monday 3. 1891. Sent a sample of my hay to Mr. Maloy in view of contacting to furnish him for the insuing year

Tuesday 4. took up some honey Brother Moore and the boys pulled weeds in the garden Got the contract to furnish Maloye hay for one year at 14 Dollars per ton

August, Wednesday 5. 1891. Brother Moore is down a gane with pain in his bowels Attended the funeral Father Slade who died day before yesterday Aged 91 years Boys runn the binder

Thursday 6. Nathan runn the Binder cutting his wheat attended fast meeting Aaron & Johny went to the city with hay

August, Friday 7. 1891. Aaron cut his wheat ____ he loded up a load of hay for Maloye I took more honey prepaired sections for the top Boxes

Saturday 8. continued looking after the Bees Aaron took a load of hay to Maloye

August, Sunday 9, 1891. I with my assistants visited East Bountiful Sunday School and attended the Ward meeting

Monday 10. commensed cutting the second crop of Lucern made top Boxes and fited up sections for the Bees

August, Tuesday 11. 1891. finished overhauling the Bees and taking up honey raked and put up some Lucern

Wednesday 12. Bunched Lucern Johy cut on the Bottom farm took up honey for Aaron

August, Thursday 13. 1891. hauled in Lucern had a Shower of rain which shut up the hauling for the remainder of the day

Friday 14. had a heavy rain duering last night which completely stop the hay busines to day loded up a load of hay for T Harris

August, Saturday 15. 1891. Johny went to the city with the hay Brother Moore is down a gane with the bowel complaint I wen down to the lower pasture to see how the colts were doing raked Lucern in the evening

Sunday 16. I with my assists to visited the North Sunday school of Centerville at 2 PM attended the Ward meeting

August, Monday 17. 1891. Still cludy with light showers loded up two lods of hay for Maloye Delivered to Jake Smith 1660 lb of hay $9.80

Tuesday 18. Johny and Aaron went to the city with the hay I stired out the colts of Lucern

August, Wednesday 19. 1891. hauled and Bunched up Lucern cloudy with light Showers around on the mountains

Thursday 20. hauled in Lucern got Brother Sexton to help - Brother Moore still being unabled to work

August, Friday 21. 1891. Finished hauling in the Second crop of Lucern Aaron loded up a couple of loads of his hay to take to Grants & co Got 416 ft of bounding from the store

Saturday 22. Cut the second crop on the Timothy meadow

August, Sunday 23. 1891. I visited the South District Sunday School of Farmington alone Brothers Kaynaston & Ellison not being on hand - attended the Ward meeting in the afternoon Apostel F D Richards was in attendence and occupied the time vary interestingly

Monday 24. cut and put up Lucern Arron went to the city with his hay

August, Tuesday 25. 1891. hauled in hay I mad a new well curbe. Wm Cleveland put 2 more Cows in pasture

Wednesday 26. Johny and cut some Lucern on Nathans land and some wild oats I cut some sweet clover that was going to seed

August, Thursday 27. Brother Moore Set in to work a gane having mostly recovered from his illness I went to county court to see about the rise in my taxes Boys hauled Lucern

Friday 28. Backman and Thexton took their cows out of pasture Boys hauled and stacked grain I attended the monthly Priesthood meeting

August, Saturday 29. 1891. Johny went to the city with a load of hay for Maloye hauled grain in the forenoon

Sunday 30. Visited the Farmington Centeral Sunday School with my assistants Retured home and Attended the Baptism of my Daugter Amelia Bptised by Eld B H Roberts confirmed by my self

August, Monday 31. 1891. Boys finished Stacking grain I took up some honey in the fore noon prepared some vegitables for market

September, Tuesday 1. Attended a meeting of the high council in a case between Seymour B Young and Bates Noble

September, Wednesday 2. 1891. I and Nathan went to the city to look around in making a purchase of a spring wagen or Carrage

Thursday 3. Wm Cleveland took his cows out of the pasture I with the share holders over hauled our Thratching machine

September, Friday 4. 1891. Went the City with Nathan to compleet our purchase of a Carrage which we did getting a Serry and double harness for $185.00

Saturday 5. Attended the quarterly Conference Apostle Henry Smith and Jacob Gates with H B Roberts of the Presidency of the seventies were in attendnce mutch good council and instruction were given

September, Sunday 6. 1891. Conference continued having removed from the meetinghouse to the Grove the attendence was mutch larger than yesterday The statistacly report was red and the Authorities prisented for the action of the Conference Apostle John Henry Smith Jacob Gates and H B Robarts occupied most of the time duering the day the former speking with mutch earnitness

Monday 7. Started the thratcher on Brother Wooley grain loded up a load of hay for Maloye Boys got 10 Dollars worth of Lumber at the store to mak a carriage House

September, Tuesday 8. 1891. Sent the hay to Maloye Nathan commensed to put up the carriage house I aided hom thratching on Woolleys grain machine as

Wednesday 9. Johny cut the third crop of Lucern & clover I helped Nathan on the carriage house Woolley finished the thratching machine went to strechers this evening

September, Thursday 10. 1891. Cloudy with the appearance of Rain I put some taimber on the Side of one of my hay ricks as it was too flat to turn the rain it soon be gan to rain and continueed at intervales duering the day

Friday 11. it is clearing up now repaired by hay racks Johny cut some sun flowers in the bottom land Loded up a load of hay for Maloye

September, Saturday 12. 1891. Loded up three loads of hay for Grant & Co - Johny went to the city with the hay for Maloye

Sunday 13.mmmI with my assistants visited the North District School of Farmington attended the ward meeting

September, Monday 14. 1891. Sent the hay to Grant & Co 7155 lbs looked up hands for thratching Bunched up Lucern

Tuesday 15. Setin to thratching my Grain finished by 4 oclok and setin on Aarons I had 195 B of Barley Nathan had 120 B wheat

September, Wednesday 16. 1891. finished Aarons thratching at 12 N hauled up the Sacks of Brley

Thursday 17. took a load of Barley to the Brewery the Boys hauled in Lucern and colver (second cutting)

September, Friday 18. 1891. took an other load of Barley to the Brewery total 5429 lbs Johny took a load of hay to T Harris drew pay for that and a former load making a total of $ 34 Dollars

Saturday 19. Went to the city to collect pay for the Barley being 49 Dollars & 20 cts Resieved payment

September, Sunday 20. 1891. I with my assstants visited the Centeral and west Districts Sunday Schools of Kaysville

Monday 21. Sent a Grist to Mill Exchanged for flour Brother Moore cut and shuked the sweet corn in the uper lot

September, Tuesday 22. 1891. Rained all the fore noon so that but little was done eccept chores

Wednesday 23. Weather unsetled hauled manure out of the Stable on to the north meadow

September, Thursday 24. 1891. Johny and Brother Moore hauled manure in the forenoon We loded up three loads of hay in the afternoon one for Malloy and two for Grant

Friday 25. Aaron Johny & Brother Moore took the hay to the city for the above parties they started early with a view of attending the great four Paw show in the afternoon I attended the high council and Priesthood meeting in Farmington.

Saturday 26. Attended the cemianual conference of the Primary association of the stake held in Centerville The Presidency of the stake were in attendence and spoke to the children being pleased with the Successful efforts of the children in the programs rendered. All felt well and encouraged to go on in the good work

Sunday 27. I with my assistants held our cimianual meeting of the Superintendents of the Sunday Schools of the Stake - held in Farmington meeting house. All the schools were represented - with two ecceptions the reports ware incouraging. The Presidency of the stake wer with us in the afternoon Service we were not favoured with any of the General Superintendency from G S L city

September, Monday 28. 1891. The weather appears more setled this morning Nathan cut seed Lucern Johny Started on his term of tuition at the Stake Academy in Farmington I repaired the bridge at the Bar way in to the bottom farm Resieved of J Thomas $7.00 on $11.25 ballen due $4.25

Tuesday 29. There is a vary high wind from the South so that we cannot Bunch the Lucern Aaron went to the city with a load of hay for Malloy I Cleaned out 2 Bushels of beens

September, Wednesday 30. 1891. Bunched up seed Lucern in the fore noon Nathan & Brother Moore hauled and stacked in the afternoon I and Aaron loded up a load of Lucern to take to the city for Hartwell

October, Thursday 1. commenced Snowing this morning early and is still snowing 9 AM This is fast day Paid Brother Moore $58 20/100 being in full for the years work ending on the 9th of the present month

October, Friday 2. 1891. Went to the city with Lucern hay for Hartwell 2880 lbs Sent two loads of hay to McCorm come home by way of Fasmbels mill and got the grist of chop feed

Saturday 3. Brother Moore pulled weeds in the garden I chored around the premices reparing things in general

October, Sunday 4. 1891. Went to the city in attendence of the General Simianual Conference there was a larger attendence than usual boath of the People and General Authorities. the most prominent of the addition was Joseph F Smith of the Pesidency have ben on the under Ground for the last seven years. he spoke with mutch feeling

Monday 5. Conference continued with a good attendence and mutch good instruction boath in the fore & afternoon a vary interesting consert was held in the Tabincle in the evening there were 700 voises

October, Tuesday 6. 1891. Conference convened a gane at 10 AM and was more interesting than the previous 2 days if posiable I have not space for particulars there was a meeting of the Sunday School Union in the evening Conference closed

Wednesday 7. I Spent the intire day in viewing the exhibet of the Anual Fair which has drawn vast multitudes to witness skill and products of Utah

October, Thursday 8. 1891. Stired out Bunches of seed Lucern Bunching it up a gane in the afternoon Visited and administered to the sick with others

Friday 9. Helped H Rampton put the mower to gather being repaired - in the forenoon Loded up two loads of hay for Malloy

October, Saturday 10. 1891. Johny & Hyram Parish to the hay to Malloy 5055 lbs I cut some of the third crop of Lucern

Sunday 11. I with Brother Ellison visited the 2nd Ward Sunday School of Kaysville. Brother Kaynaston being detained in protecting his new house from being damaged by rude Boys

October, Monday 12. 1891. Attended a meeting of the High Council in the farmington meeting house President H R Smith presiding

Tuesday 13. Cut Seed Lucern on Nathans land in the forenoon

October, Wednesday 14. 1891. moved and piled up the potatoes that were dug in the Garden also the onions toping an and and hauling them out

Thursday 15. put the onions in the Bin and loft of the Grainery haul and stacked Lucern for Nathan

October, Friday 16. 1891. Cut seed Lucern in the fore noon was sent for to visit President Wm R Smith he being under a mental strain of mind brought on by financial and other imbarishments Loded up two loads of hay for T Harris and Maloy

Saturday 17. Johny & Brother Moore took the hay to the parties - I bunched some Lucern prepaired to take the 4 train for Syracuse took the train with Brother Kaynston to Cryacuse Junction - walk five miles to place of destination - stoped with Wm Cook for the night

October, Sunday 18. 1891. Had a good nights rest in Body - and mind. David Cook - the superintendent of the S School called on us. said he would not be able to be in attendence with us so was exscused We proseeded to the School. Brother Ellison had arrived by team The Assistants were in attendence with a goodly number of teachers & Pupils We had a vary good time left all feeling well

Monday 19. commenced diging Potatoes and Bunched up some Lucern for Nathan

October, Tuesday 20. 1891. Continued diging potatoes duering the day

Wednesday 21. Still at the Potatoes with plow and team

October, Thursday 22. 1891. Potatoe diging occupied the day plowing and scratching them out of the furrows

Friday 23. Disspenced with the plow and aplied the Potatoe fork - which saved so mutch schratching

October, Saturday 24. 1891. Finished the Potatoes diging at a late hour in the evening 150 Bushels I with Brother Kaynaston took the 4 oclk train to visit South Hooper Sunday School

Sunday 25. had a good nights rest with Supt Antone Christiansen Brother Ellison being with us. Attended the Sunday School at 10 AM Also the Ward meeting had a good time at Boath

October, Monday 26, 1891. George O Chases Son David died last night at 7-30 oclok with tifoid fever - it was quite suden Went to the city with tithing Potatoes & Squashes

Tuesday 27. hauled and stacked Nathan's Lucer off the Smith field

October, Wednesday 28. 1891. Went up to Brother Chases and assisted in dressing the corps of his son for burial this afternoon Attended the funeral at 2 PM which was vary largely attended Ex Bishop Rowley and B H Roberts wer the speakers

Thursday 29. piled up the Potatoes moved the sweet corn foder out of the garden loded up two loads of hay

October, Friday 30. 1891. Aattended the mothly Priesthood meeting as also the high cocincil

Saturday 31. sent the two loads of hay to Malloy Brother Moore is taken down agane with the diere or bowel complaint I took the 4 oclok train for South Weber Sunday School

November, Sunday 1. 1891. I with Brother Ellison (who joined me at the Kaysville station) arrived at Bishop Kendals last night at 5-30 PM last night - Broterh Kayanston failing to meet me at the switch We visited the Sunday School at 10-30 AM had a good attendence of officers and pupils Aattended the Ward meeting at 2 PM spoke to the the assembly with mutch liberty of spirit

Monday 2. Loded up 2 lodes of hay for Kon O Keeth Brother Moore is still unable to resume work

November, Tuesday 3. 1891. I and Hyram Parrish took the hay to Con O Keith Salt Lake City Resieved payment

Wednesday 4. Took up honey from the top Boxes - found that the bees had eaten out quite a percentage

November, Thursday 5. 1891. Attended fast meeting Aaron collected from Maloye for me on hay delivered $88.50 let him retain $80 Dollars for a few days topted Beets in the afternoon

Friday 6. Brother Moore resumed work this morning Dug and toped the Sugar Beets. Aaron and Son Aaron and Henry Cleveland helped

November, Saturday 7. 1891. hauled and loded the Beets in to a box Car for Shiping to the Factory at Lehi - being about seven tons on the quarter of an acre

Sunday 8. Attended East Bountiful Sunday School Review occupiing the fore and afternoon in its exorasizes & General Superintendents George Godard & George Renals were in attendence contiributing mutch to the interest of all present by their good council and instructions

November, Monday 9. 1891. Repaired the stock yard fence on the bottom below Brother Moore hauled Lucern roots off from the meadro

Tuesday 10. Loded up three loads of hay for Maloy and T Harris it is a little showery

November, Wednesday 11. 1891. My self Aaron and Brother Moore took the hay to the parties mentioned to Maloy 5565 lbs

Thursday 12. Brother Moore hauled manure out of the stable on to the North meadow

November, Friday 13. 1891. Brother Moore is down with a lame back went to Duedens for coal ordered a car load from pleasent valley - on the Denver line

Saturday 14. Brother Moore is still down I took the 4 PM train to visit the Summit sunday school. Brother Kayanaston not being able to go with me Brother Ellison joined me at Kayvill Station

November, Sunday 15. 1891. Stayed over night with Brother Bernett the superintendent met with the school at 10 AM Examined the class registers found that some of the classes were poorly represented in their attendence Gave then good instruction and incouraged them in the work

Monday 16. Brother Moore is still unable to resume work. Got notice that the car of Coal I had ordered had com to Woods cross. Setled for the coal $85.90 hauled one load

November, Tuesday 17. Spent the day in hauling coal from the Denver station I hauled for myself 10440 lbs - for Nathan jr 2310 lbs paid $20.90

Wednesday 18. Set the machine this morning fo thratching Lucern thratched in the afternoon Brother Moore thratched beens this afternoon

November, Thursday 19. 1891. Brother Moore is able to continue work helped on the manure A horse ran a way with me on his bare back - shaking me up - but without serious harm - making a two mile heat in a few minutes - his 1st record with me

Friday 20. finished thratching the Lucern Busted up the concave as we were claning up by a bolt being thrown in with the chaff loded up 2 loads of hay for Maloye

November, Saturday 21. 1891. Johny and Brother Moore took the hay to Maloy 2755 lbs I still feel the effects of my runaway trip

Sunday 22. I had arranged to visit the Hot springs Sunday school today But shall remain at home as I am still lame in my hips from the jolting in the runaway affair yet I feel the thankful to my Heavenly Father that I escaped so well I doubt not Brother Kaynaston will be in attendence

November, Monday 23. 1891. Set Brother Moore to plowing with the sulkey plow in the lot above the house I assisted him untill he got the hang of the matter of handling three Animals

Tuesday 24. plowed in the fore noon in the garden took up and toped beets put them in a pit Aaron went to Porterville this morning

November, Wednesday 25. 1891. plowed and took up parsnips finished plowing in the garden

Thursday 26. Set Brother Moore to plowing in the field below took walk down into the pasture to see how the young stock were doing

November, Friday 27, 1891. Brother continued plowing with the Sulkey Attended the mothly Priesthood meeting at Farmington

Saturday 28. piled up the parsnips there were 22 Bushels loded up a load of hay for Low

November, Sunday 29. 1891. I with my assistants visited the South School of Farmington and reorganized it putting in George A Smith Superintendent in place of Benjamin Barber resigned he being honorable relased

Monday 30. I took the hay to Meloy in stead of Low 2050 lbs

December, Tuesday 1. 1891. Brother Moore run the plow frequent squalls of Snow duering the day Delivered to Perkins 3 beef Steers

Wednesday 2. continued the plowing Repaired the corall gates cold wind from the North west with frequent Squalls of Snow

December, Thursday 3. 1891. Attended fast meeting in the forenoon scraped up the manure in the corall in the afternoon Brother moore cleaned out the stable

Friday 4. looked after the stock in the fields below cold north west wind with squalls of snow

December, Saturday 5. 1891. took the morning train to Kaysvill to attend Stake quartily Conference Spoke at some length followed by Bro Dueden George Q Cannon of the first Presidency arrived and occupied the remainder of the forenoon

Sunday 6. Stoped over night with Brother John S Smith Conference resumed with President George Q Cannon Franklin F Richards Abraham Cannon H B Roberts in attendence had a vary good time of instructions

December, Monday 7. 1891. Repaired up racks in the corrall put more dirt on the potato pits

Tuesday 8. hauled manure out of the old Barn settes

December, Wednesday 9. 1891. Brother Moore hauled out manure loded up two loads of hay

Thursday 10. took the hay to the city one to Can O Keith 2475 lbs one to Maloys stable. Mr Brennon is now the proprietor 2750 lbs Paid $80.00 to Low in full of all Demands in cach

December, Friday 11. 1891. Attended a meeting of the leading Brethren of the stake called by the Presidency of the Stake to adopt measures to pay off the undebtednes of the - Stake Academy. it was decided for the Bishops to make an other effort to colect the subscriptians and proportionment Due from the people a good spirit prevailed

Saturday 12. Went to the city colected $111.90 all of Maloye Due for hay delivered My Nephew with his family has come to pay us a visit for a while

December, Sunday 13. 1891. Visited the Centeral school of south bountiful with Brother Kaynaston Attended the Ward meeting

Monday 14. cut some willow stakes to repair the cattle rack took Johny up to the Acadamy Rented a room of Timothy Clark

December, Tuesday 15. 1891. loded up two loads of hay for Grant my Nephew - Nathan helped us load the Binding pole broke giving me a severe blow on my Shoulder

Wednesday 16. Went to the City with the hay found Grants hay Barn cloged up with hay - therefore I took one load to Con O Keith 3240 lbs the other to George a Low 2845

December, Thursday 17. 1891. My left sidege and shoulder is vary low also my left thigh from the effocts of the Binding pole braking with sutch force on me so I have moved about but little to day

Friday 18. My lameness is but little if any better so I still remain indoores most of the time

December, Saturday 19. 1891. I am improving vary sloly in my lameness so I am spending the time mostly in Recording Temple work - done for our kindred by Brother Sanford since I left the Temple

Sunday 20. Remained at home finished recording Names in the Temple record sent word to Brother Kayanaston that I was not able to be with him in visiting the South Bountiful Sunday school

December, Monday 21. 1891. I now able to look after matters about the premices but too lame to handle any thing to any extent went to the store in the evening

Tuesday 22. I with my Nephew Nathan) went to East Bountiful to collect some money due on Beef Steers and to get some Lumber to make a flour in the Stable got the lumber but no money

December, Wednesday 23. Went up to Browns to see if he would kill a beef for me he said he would to morrow 2 PM it has been snowing most of the day to the present. the Women folks sent the remainder of their turkeys to the market by H Parrish took the beef up to Browns

Thursday 24. took 16 Bushels of barley to the store on Tithing Repaired the manure wagon Sandford brought Johny home from the Acaday to abide duering Holly days got the dressed beef from Browns

December, Friday 25. 1891.

This is cristmass morning and a Sharp one it is cut up the Beef. Gave Brother Moore a piece for a Chistmas Box had all my children with us to join in social chat and partake of a suitable dinner for the occasion. my grand children being absent - with one exception - made it incompleat.

Saturday 26. I contemplated going to the City to day But on going to give the horses an Early feed, I steped into a hole in the barn floore renching my ankle which detained me at home. - had a load of Lucern loded for Hartwell but it set in to nowing so that was given up as to taking it to the city - Boys filled the cattle rack

December, Sunday 27. 1891. I remained at home not being able to visit the south Bountiful Sunday School as continplated on account of my lameness Wrote in copying my history Strong south wind blew all day

Monday 28. Snowed last night sent a load of Lucern to Hartwell by my Nephew 2830 lbs ($11.25 continued copeing my history

December, Tuesday 29. 1891. Attended the mothly Priesthood meeting at Farmington Stormy most of the day

Wednesday 30. quite a snowfall last night Went East Bountiful resieved payment for three beef steers $66 +64 cts got more lumber for stable flouring

December, Thursday 31. 1891. Sent a load of hay to Thos Haris by Aaron Boys laid floore in the stabel I am not able to do put little on account of my lameness The End of Eeighteen Ninty one Thos Harris to lode of hay

Notes For 1892.

Fridy first day of 1892 is here cloudy & somewhat mild - Family all well

Sat 2d got more lumber for stable flooring

Sun 3 visited south bountiful Sunday school with my assistance

Mon 4 laid floore in Stable

Tues 5th put out feed to the loos horses below loded up a load of hay

Wed. 6th filled the cattle rack with Straw and put out feed to the loose horses

Thur 7th attended fast meeting commenced Snowing

Fri 8th snowed last night 4 inches still snowing

Sat - 9th Went to the city with hay for Maloyes Stables loads 4890 lbs

Sun - 10th - Visited West Bountiful Sunday School

Mon 11th filled the cattle Rack with Straw

Tus 12th laid floore in Stable

Wed 13 Went to Farmington in the interist of Sunday

Thur 14 Went to the City with others as a committe to induce the Hot Spring RR Co to change their line from running through our farms -

Fri 15th went to Bountiful to see after Brick for Building

Sat 16th Put up a stall in the stable

Sun 17th visited East Bountiful Sunday School with my assistants

Mon 18th Went to East Bountiful engaged 1400 hundred of Brick of Bro Hays

Tues 19th loded up 2 lods of hay Went as one of a commity of five to meet Mr Vandurger at Bountiful and go with him over the first line of Hot Spring Railway with a view of having him - as superintendent put the Road on that line

Wed, 20th took the hay to the City one to Kon O Keith, weight 2920 lbs the other to Brennon of Maloys Stabels weight 2700 lbs

Thur 21st Attended a meeting or conference of the Ward to present the ward Authorities for sustaining them it was however adjourned

Fri 22st - loded up a load of hay Attended the Female Relief Conference

Sat 22nd Johny took the hay to T Harris loded up a load of hay for Grants Stabels

Sun 23rd Went to Hooper Ward to organize a Sunday School but deferred the matter for 2 weeks

Mon 24th took two loads of hay to the City one to Grants - 2160 lbs and one to Maloyes stabels 2475 lbs

Tues 25th loded up two loads of hay



Jan 30th H Rampton to 5 Bush potatoes $4 .00

Oct 9 Paid to H Rampton $22 00/100 in full up to date

Mar 18th got 775 lbs of Club Barley of Fisher-Brewer

Sept 18 settled with Fisher for the above


Tithing hay for 1891

July 3rd Lucern 2 loads

" 9th for N T 2 loads

" 10 Timothy hay 4 loads 10010 lbs

" 13 3 " 8630

" 30 1 2080

Aug 21 1 " Lucern 1460


Cows to pasture

May 12th Wm Cleveland 3 cows

" 13 H Cleveland 1 cow -- July 22 pd 3.50

Sept 15 by work 1.12

" 15 Charles Smith 1 cow -- out by Aug 28th

" 19 John Backman 1 cow paid in full 1.75


" " Samuel Smith 1 cow -- out by Aug 28th paid in full 2.00

" 21 Joseph Smith 1 horse paid in full

" 22 T L Brandon 2 cows

" 22 Johnson 1 cow paid in full

" 28 Thenton - 1 cow Aug 20th paid in full 3.00

Jun 4 T J Brandon 1 cow

" 20 John Cherry 1 cow

" 26 Wm Cleveland 1 cow

July 9 T J B - 1 cow



Jun 15th Grant & Co to lodes of hay 4725 lbs

Sept 14th 3 loads 7155

" 25 2 " 5055


Cash Account - January

Date Received Paid

Act with R Moore

100 lbs flour 2.50

Jan 30th + B Potatoes .75

Feb 11 1140 lbs coal 2.65

Mar 2 1 B Potateos .75

" 14 100 lbs flour 2.50

" " 2 qrt molasses .35

" " cach 30.50

Apr 18 1 B Potatoes .75

From last years Book - Act 43.25

May 6th by cach 20.00

" 23 97 lbs flour 2.40

" 26 to - cach 20.00

Jun 16 to cach 20.00

Aug 10 " " 20.00

" " " 9 days loss of time 7.00

" 27 10 day loss 7.50

Sept 4 to 100 flour 2.50

Oct 1st by cach on settlement in full to the 9th

instant for 1 years work 52.20

Oct 10th to 2440 coal 5.80

" 13th to 1 B onions .50

" 29th to 3 " potatoes .90

9 days loss 6.75

Oct 29 to 1 Bushel onions .50

Dec 7 " 1 " parsnips .30

" 11 " 50 lbs flour 1.25

" 12 on settlement 25.75

Jan 11 to cach 20.00

" 17 " 100 lbs flour 2.50


Cash Account - June

Date Received Paid

Sept 28th to Malinda $5.00

" 29 " Johny 4.00



Cash Account - July

Date Received Paid

Dec 10 to G Low 80.00

" 11 to S Porter 10.00

" 12 of Meloy 111.90

" 13 to Moore 25.70

" 15 to temple 15.00

" 22 for lumber 11.00

" " L Woolley 3.00

" 30 for beef cat 66.64

" " Lumber 2.25

" " Defence fund 1.00

" " meeting house 2.00

" " nails .75

Jan 4 nails .75

" " Johny on coal 1.40


Cash Account - August

Date Received Paid

hay out of stack

Harris 2 loads

Grant 9

Maloye 7

Sept 18th

Oct 8th 124.00

" 9 to Rampton 22.00

" " " Gerns 1.10

" " " Store .45


Cash Account - September

Date Received Paid

Hay to Con O Keeth

Aug 6th 2 loads 42.00 pd

" 15 1 load pd

Oct 2 2 loads 51.25

" 6 paid 36.25

No 3 2 47.10 32.00 pd

Dec 10 1 24.75

" 16 1 28.45


Cash Account - October

Date Received Paid

Hay delivered to Maloye


Aug 3 1 25.50

" 8 1 24.50

" 18 2 52.50

" 29 1 20.95


Sept 8 1 22.15

" 12 1 27.20

" 13 1 25.70

" 25 1 27.35

" 29 1 23.20 87.90

Oct 6 1 26.20

" 10 2 50.55

" 17 1 24.75

" 22 1 25.05

" 31 2 51.35 88.50

Oct 6th 2 26.20 not setted)

Nov 11 2 loads 55.65

" 21 2 " 57.55

" 30 1 " 20.50

Due $111.95


Cash Account - November

Date Received Paid

July 30th to hands in haying

" Charls tingey 19 Days 25.50

" paid him 25.00

" H Parish 14 1/2 Day Paid in full 25.75

" Milton Pool 4 D paid in full 6.00

Joseph Williams 3 1/2 Days paid 6.75


Totle of meat from Wise up to Dec 25th is in dollars and cents $17 +59 cts


Cash Account - December

Date Received Paid

Barley crop on Clark land 120 Bushels

on my own 75 Bushels

Nov 23rd to Tithing Due

on Barley 12 Bushels - pd

on onions 2 "

Beans 7 qrts

Timothy hay in Stacks and Barn


13th 3 loads

14th 9 "

15th 2 "

16th 9 "

17th 14 "

18 12 "

20 8 "

21 8 "

22 13 "

23 16 "

25 6 "

27 19

28 8

29 14

30 12




Beef Gross 1155 lbs

At 2 1/2 cts per pound $27.87 1/2

Charles Fernilins 1st Assistant to PP Prophet


Centerville July 23rd 1889

To the General Supt-ency of the Sunday School Union. -

Dear Brethren

having made quite a lengthy delay in Submitting to you; a report of the inrole ment or rather non inrollment of children over five years of age in the Sunday Schools of this Stake - as requested in your circular - We feel it due that we Should give the reasons for the delay. First - the Superintendents failed to understand the circulars sent them thus made no immediate move in the matter. We therefore made Special visits and communications to them instructing and urging a prompt responce. Some still delay and a portion of those who have made an effort have failed to insert the most important item - the number of children in their District over 5 years of age not inroled. - this failure with a few still delinquent places it beyond our reach at present to give an intelligible and correct report. Therefore if there is still time With your approval We will make an another effort - Reducing the items to one only - that is how many children in the Districts over 5 years of age not enrolled in the sabath schools - We have the enrollment in the yearly reports This application will be limited to those who have failed to give the item and those Delinquent.

Your felow Servants - N J Porter

John Kaynaston

John Ellison



Feb 3rd Jones Family to coal 600 lbs to Potatoes 4 Bushel

N T Porters Diry Book

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