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N T Porters Diary Book Feb 15th 44 ft Lumber of Wm Streeper

January, Wednesday 1. 1890. Attended Sister Miles funeral she died after a prolonged illness Snowed all most the intire day

Thursday 2. Attended fast meeting took 93 lbs of flour in as fast offering

January, Friday 3. 1890. Attended the funeral of Sister Estetta Cleveland Daughter of Wm & Angaline Cleveland Aged 17 years & 10 months

Saturday 4. Accompanied President Smith to sarrcuse and South Hooper Wards to hold meetings with the Saints. Brothers Call and Hess not being able to attend

January, Sunday 5. 1890. Met with the Saints in their meeting house spoke a short time. followed by the President who spoke at some length

Monday 6. Setled up my Store bill of $136.75 Als my taxes - being $97.75 filled up the cattle rack with Straw

January, Tuesday 7. 1890. Went to the city cashed a check of $59.60 Also collected 17.20 of Farington for hay Got a Po-office order of $22.00

Wednesday 8. Mailed the Post office order to the History company San Francisco for Volums of Bancoft work - being payment in full to date

January, Thursday 9. 1890. Loded up a load of hay to take to Shepherd filled the rack with Straw took a load of Lucern chumings down to the colts in the pasture

Friday 10. Took the hay down to Shepherd 2550 lbs left some suplies at our Students quarters there was a continues Snow fall duering the day

January, Saturday 11. 1890. Weather clear but cold snow 12 inches deep took more feed to the young horses in the pasture replenished the straw in the cattle rack

Sunday 12. Attended the circul meeting at 9.30 AM also the Ward meeting at 10.30 Spoke a Short time - followed by Elder Charles Rockwood

January, Monday 13. 1890. Attended the Anual meeting of the Centerville Eccleastical meeting of the Ward Still Snowing 15 inches now on the level

Tuesday 14. Still Snowing is now 2 ft on the level choring is the business of the Day Setled up my Tithing having paid $219.85 cts

January, Wednesday 15. 1890. Went to the city with a load of hay for Farington Resieved payment $12.00 Got me a pair of Boots lined with Sheep Skin $3.75 Couded up and has the apperance of more Snow

Thursday 16. Claring off this morning has the appence of a pleasent day took a load of hay to T Haris 1710 lbs $12.50

January, Friday 17. 1890. cloudy this morning wind in the south has some the appearence of storm Repaired the New barn Doore Johny and Pool put some straw in the cattle rack and took some feed to the colts in pasture

Saturday 18. A lite fall of snow last night with light fog this morning finished repairing the barn Door A heavy Snow Storm and wind set in from the north west at 4.30 p M

January, Sunday 19. 1890. Snow fell a bout 8 inches last night Attended the Ward meeting vary few in attendence on account of the deep snow

Monday 20. Went to the City on the morning train to get a ticket for Logan learned that the Road was Blockaded between Collinston and Mendon So I defered getting a ticket untill I should hear that it is open. Got some glass to repair the windows

January, Tuesday 21. 1890. Took some Lucern chumings down to the young horses in the pasture Loded up a load of hay to take to Dyer weather a little moderate to day yet it thaws but little Was called to visit and administer to Brother Alfred Randle who had come down from Ogden on a visit to his family he has ben in poor health for som time

Wednesday 22. John Pool went to the City with the hay for Dyer I cleaned out the Stable opened the watering place for the Stock in the corall down at the Straw Stack and repaired rack it is thawing but vary little to day

January, Thursday 23. 1890. took some feed down to the colts in the pasture Pool hauled sand in the forenoon helped Aaron load up hay in the afternoon

Friday 24. Attended the Relief Cociety conference held in Centerville President Wm R Smith was in attendence in the forenoon Several of the lading Sisters spoke with mutch interest as also the few Brethren present

January, Saturday 25. 1890. A vary high wind prevailed from the south duering the night and is still vrevailing this morning Snow is setling vary fast J Pool hauled sand I repaired the locks on the Doores looked after the stock found the rack empty and the wind blowing a gale. So that we could not handle the straw

Sunday 26. Attended the Ward meeting at 10.30 AM visited Some of the sick in componey with the President Attended the session of the Sunday school

January, Monday 27. 1890. Went to Farmington in componey with President Smith and G O Chase quallified as a Director of the Centervill Co-op Store John Adams child died this morning at 11 AM - the father being in exile

Tuesday 28. Spent most of the day with my Wifes Father and Brother John & others of the family Who came and paid us a visit J Pool put in a Box culvert a cross the road west of the house to dreen my seller

January, Wednesday 29. 1890. Attended the funeral of Brother Adams child at 11AM visited the sick in the afternoon attended a meeting of the Directiors of the Centerville Coop Store in the eveng - being one of of its members

Thursday 30. sPrepared the Sunday School Blanks to send out to the Superintendent of the schools in the Stake

January, Friday 31. 1890. Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting at Farmington helped aaron load a load of hay in the evening Attended a meeting of the Coop Directors appointed J Parish Superintendent

February, Saturday 1. Spent the day choring a bout the premices J Pool hauled sand Temple closed till further Notice for want of fuel coal famine prevail in Logan

February, Sunday 2. 1890. Attended the Ward meeting at 10.30 AM home Missionaries were in attendence and spoke vary interestingly Visited the North Sunday school the Bishop and Council present

Monday 3. Got a load of coal from the Switch 2210 lbs took a load of shuming down to the colts Stoped up one of the flowing wells it is thawing vary fast

February, Tuesday 4. 1890. J Pool went to Farmington and got the grist from the Rock mill Still thawing water running profuesely the channels being Blocked up with drifts loded up a load of hay for Shepherd

Wednesday 5. Aaron took the hay to Shepherd J Pool went on a visit in the fore noon hauled sand in the afternoon I regulated matters about the place

February, Thursday 6. 1890. Today is fast day Temple is open a gane attended fast meeting loded up a load of hay to go to Dyer

Friday 7. Aaron took the hay to Dyer 2000 lbs pool hauled sand part of the day

February, Saturday 8. 1890. took a load of hay to T Harris 1450 lbs. reseived payment filled the straw rack for the young Stock and Lucern to the colts

Sunday 9. Attended the Ward meeting in the morning and the North Sunday School review in the afternoon with assistant J Kaynaston

February, Monday 10. 1890. Wrote a letter my Bro sanford last night it is snowing this morning Went to the city on the 11 train to witness the voting as mutch excitement has prevailed as the day of Election drew near The Liberals having resorted to the most unscrupiloais in Justice yet the voting went off quietly

Tuesday 11. Moved the well driver down on to Aarons land got swamped crossing his plowed ground dished the horse power went on and set up the derick The liberals claim a majority of 800 votes in the Salt Lake City election - having struck off about that number of the Peoples party from the Register List

February, Wednesday 12. 1890. Went down and finished Setting up the well driver drove 13 ft with 3 inch casing I went to East Bountiful to attend the funeral of Sister Corbage it was post poned to a wait the arrival of her children from Star valley

Thursday 13. It is Snowing this morning from the north west continued Snowing untill 1 oclok PM 5 inches having fallen

February, Friday 14. 1890. Lengthened out well driver Derick so as to drive 18 ft casing helped Aaron load up a load of Lucern to take to the City

Saturday 15. hitched up Nathans Young Mare drove up to Streepers and got 3 pecies of two by 6 plank 44 ft Lawyer Baskings Wife died day before yesterday vary Sudingly: has done all in his power a gainst the church for years

February, Sunday 16. 1890. Visited the East bountiful Sunday School with assistant Kanyston And attended the funeral of Sister Corbage held in the meeting house at 2 PM

Monday 17. Went to the city got a ticket for Logan. returned on the 4 PM train 6 inches of snow fell last night has been pleasent duering to day

February, Tuesday 18. 1890. Left home on the morning train for Logan. arrived at Ogden 9 AM left at 10 A M on the Utah Northern met a snow storm making its way south arrived at Logan 1 PM took a hack for my quarters found all well commensed my recording after a little inquiery

Wednesday 19. Commensed work in the Temple Resumed the recording late in the after noon

February, Thursday 20. 1890. Repaired a gane to the Temple cold last night put pleasent to day wrote a letter home Recorded till late bed time

Friday 21. Finished the Temple work for this week continued the recording on our Record untill a late hour

February, Saturday 22. 1890. Snow fell last night to the debth of a bout five inches Recorded duering the fore noon the weather mild. snow thawing moderately

Sunday 23. Visited 5th Ward Sunday School and - by the request of Bishop Hyde Spoke a Short time to the pupels Attended the General meeting in the Tabernicle Elder Moses Thatcher - of the Apostels - occupied the time he said evry organisation of the Priesthood was being shaken

February, Monday 24. 1890. Spent the day in going through the Record to learn if there any omisions in the Recording the work done

Tuesday 25. continued examining and rectifying the Records Recording names that had ben passed over

February, Wednesday 26. 1890. Resumed work in the Temple spent the evening on the Records

Thursday 27. Agane engaged in the Temple ingaged in the good woork and at the Books in the evening

February, Friday 28. 1890. finished the work in the Temple for the present week and prehaps for some time to come as my train ticket expires on Monday compleeted the recording

March, Saturday 1. I contemplated starting for home on this mornings train at 6 AM but failed to make the time so will remain till 6 PM Went to the station and learned that there was no pashinger train until 6.30 in the morning therefore I stoped over night with at Sister Morretts - near the station

March, Sunday 2. 1890. took the morning pashingir train arrived at Ogden 10 AM Borded Utah Northern for Salt Lake arrived at home 11 AM found all well attended the Sunday School at 2 PM

Monday 3. Spent the day straitning up things about the premices had the appearence of more storm

March, Tuesday 4. 1890. Raining this morning Rained most of the day so that but little was done out of doors this day

Wednesday 5. Weather Still unfavorable for farmers has the appearence of a late spring

March, Thursday 6. 1890. Attended fast meeting at 11 AM which was more numerously attended than usual Several testimonies were borne

Friday 7. Took a grist to the Rock mill at Farmington called on E T Clark took dinner with him

March, Saturday 8. 1890. Attended the quaritly Conference of the Davis stak held at East Bountiful Elder George Q Cannon of the first Presidency was in attendence and Spoke in the afternoon Gave mutch good instructions to the peoples

Sunday 9. Conference continued at 10 AM Apostels M W Merrill & Abraham Cannon were in attendence also Seymour B Young and B H Roberts of the Presidency of the Seventies the house was packed not with standing the roads ware vary unfavourable for travel Had a good time through out

March, Monday 10. 1890. harnessed up the young mare and drove a round hauled up a little Straw for biding also some rock to fill in the stable for flouring cool Squally weather

Tuesday 11. Still Squally with light falls of snow hauled some more rock for flowering the Stable

March, Wednesday 12. 1890. Went to Farmington and got the grist from the Mill Eliza went as far as Enalers left Emily her grist took dinner with her Brother Ford and wife Goel and wife and Eliza being present at the tabel

Thursday 13. hauled some straw to the cattle partly filled the rack took 12 hundered lbs of hay to T Harris

March, Friday 14. 1890. hauled straw and put in the rack for the young stock helped Aaron load a load of hay Pool hauled sand on to the side walk weather more pleasent

Saturday 15. hauled and laid rock in the stable for flooring Aaron went to the city with his hay Johny & Jese hauled sand on the side walk

March, Sunday 16. 1890. I went with Brother Kaynaston visited the west Bountiful Sunday School attended their Ward meeting

Monday 17. Laid rock in the Stable floore

March, Tuesday 18. 1890. Started the plow in the pasture ground took some Barly to the mill learned of sister Ellisons Death

Wednesday 19. Went to Kaysville with Brother Kaynaston to attend the funeral of sister Ellison at 2 PM a vary large cortage followed to the cimetry

March, Thursday 20. 1890. Brother Pool runn the plow in the pasture land filled the cattle rack with straw

Friday 21. plowed a portion of the garden for setting out small fruit Pool continued the plowing

March, Saturday 22. 1890. Set out small fruit 160 currents 47 goosburries and 175 strawburres plowed the ground and put in 16 rows of potatoes Johny and Pool helping

Sunday 23. I with Brother Kaynaston visited the Hot Spring Sunday School and attended the meeting in the afternoon

March, Monday 24, 1890. Johny and Brother Pool sprouted potatoes and removed them into the grainery seller I went to Brother Fords to get some seed Barley But they had none fit for seed got some rasbury sets and put them out

Tuesday 25. Put in some wheat on the Cheney farm cut some willows from the hedge in the North field for posts

March, Wednesday 26. 1890. harnessed up the teams and Went down to the pasture to do some more plowing but soon retreated before an approching storm which soon changed rain to snow

Thursday 27. there is about 4 inches of snow on the ground this morning. with the appearence of an other fall approching hauled and put straw in the cattle rack

March, Friday 28. 1890. Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting at Farmington gave five dollars to Sister Spackman to assist in Emigrating a Brother from England by the name of Goodfellow - by the solicitation of Thos Spackman

Saturday 29. Our little giril Amelia is quite ill havng an in ward fever I myself am not well also others of the family and it is so generall in the families of the Ward

March, Sunday 30. 1890. Snowing from the North-west myself & Bro Kaynaston took the morning for Farmington to hold our Symianual meeting for the officers of the Sunday school Elder George Godard and Sumner Hays of the General Superintendency of the Sunday schools were in attendence. the storm prevented a full representation had a good time

Monday 31. East wind is on the puff once more so I stayed mostly in doores not being vary well and most of the family are in the same condition My Nephew John Porter came out from Porterville with a spann of horses for sale

April, Tuesday 1. 1890. Put the ______ the Straw in to the rack for the young stock John not able to help so I and Jesse were the operators in the business

Wednesday 2. I cut willows from the hedge fence Jesse gathered the trimings and put them in to the fence it is a vary pleasent day Posted a letter to Thos Spackman - England

April, Thursday 3. 1890. Weather is still pleasent this is fast day The simianual Conference convenes to morrow morning at 10 AM Boys put in grain on the Cheney farm

Friday 4. Attended the Conferencthere were but a light attendence in the forenoon but increased in the afternoon President Woodruff was the first speaker followed by John Morgan __ B H Roberts Jhon H Smith and Heber J Grant of the apostels J W Taylor Jacob Gates and J W Young in the afternoon

April, Saturday 5. 1890. Conference continued Moses thatcher Marion Lyman Abraham Cannonof the Twelve Spoke to the increased congration in the fore noon Elder George Q Cannon spoke after which the Authorities ware presented for the actiong the Conference all weer unamimousely sustained

Sunday 6. President Woodriff ocupied most of the fore noon giving rich instructions to the Latterday saints Lorenzo Snow spoke George E closed the speaking and the Conference closed the congregation having bin divided in the bodrey ane in the Assembly Hall

April, Monday 7. 1890. Returned home having attended Each session of the conference and the Priesthool and Sunday School union meetings on Saturday and Sunday evenings the weather has had the appearence of storms but is now more pleasent

Tuesday 8. Sowed more wheat on the Cheney farm also some Lucern seed

April, Wednesday 9. 1890. Sowed some Lucern seed on the plowed land in the pasture in the forenoon plowed in the after noon

Thursday 10. Sent the young stock on to the mountain I had 21 Aaron 5 Nathan 6 total 32 Let Aaron have a load of Lucern hay

April, Friday 11. 1890. harrowed and cultivated the plowed ground in the pasture field so as to get it in a condition to sow Lucern seed

Saturday 12. Johney run the seeder sowing Lucern seed on the ground prepared as stated above put in some garden seeds

April, Sunday 13. 1890. Attended the Ward meeting in Centerville at 10.30 AM with Brother Ellison and the funeral of Brother Kaynastons child in East Bountiful at 2 PM thus our appointment to visit the Centerville Sunday School was defered. by the Suden sickness and Death of his Child

Monday 14. Dug up some of the apple trees in the upper orchard Rebecca went to the Logan Temple with our little Grand Daughter Ethel to have her Administered to for the recovery of her lameness

April, Tuesday 15. 1890. Johny drove some of the yearlings back on to the Mountains - they having came down I harrowed in Lucern seed. the weather is vary cold

Wednesday 16. Set Johny to plowind the fallow ground over a gane as the wild oats had come up a gane I took up the ceder post still standing on the old fence line below the pasture fence

April, Thursday 17. 1890. Johny continued the plowing I and Jesse hauled posts down on to the west line of my deseret Entry

Friday 18. Dug post holes and set some of the posts on the west line of the new pasture Johny put in the last of seed wheat on the Smith farm

April, Saturday 19. 1890. Resieved the 31st volume of Bancrofts works $5.50 worked on the pasture fence Attended the funeral of Samuel Gerns child

Sunday 20. Attended the South Bountiful Sunday school review with Bro Kaynaston Supt George Godard was in attendence

April, Monday 21. 1890. had frequent showers duering the day Cleaned out the Stable set out more strawburries

Tuesday 22. Put up wires on the pasture fence inclosing the new addition. still Showery Brother Andrew Dalrymple died at 4 PM

April, Wednesday 23. 1890. In closed the pasture fence in the fore noon had a quite a lngthy shower of Rain turned the waste water on to the new inclosed pasture ground which is mostly barren

Thursday 24. Attended the funeral of Brother Dalrymple at 10 AM helped Aaron put in a Sweep in the hores power on the well driver at 10 AM I fell accidentily off the hay mow some 16 ft to the bottom of the Barn seller.

April, Friday 25. 1890. I am now lid up from the effects of the fearful fall last night. fortunately no bones were broken I struck my left shoulder and left side of my face which are considerably Brised but not so exstensively as I should of thought thanks to my Heavenly Father I was unabled to attend the monthly Priesthood meeting.

Saturday 26. Some what improved in my wounds tho not abel to use my left arm My son Jesse is afflicted with Stiffness in the chords of his neck and quite a fiever though not so high as at first

April, Sunday 27. 1890. Still improving Slowly Jesse is more closly confined to his bed Brothers Ellison and Kaynaston visited me and the North Sunday school of Centerville I not being able to be with them

Monday 28. I am considerably improved and trust to soon be a bout a gane Jesse is also improved in his sickness being quite smart this morning My Daughter Malinda cameup from her place in the city to help her Mother for a few days Put Ts Mare & Pinto to Hammons Stations

April, Tuesday 29. 1890. Jesse is mutch improved this morning so he is out taking the fresh air I am also able to walk about the premicies The weather if fine Jesse not so well in afternoon. he was stiring a round beyond his strength

Wednesday 30. Sloly improving from my wounds cut some potatoes to plant Jesse better than he was yesterday

May, Thursday 1. 1890. This is fast day But I am unabled to attend the meeting I am carring my arm in a Sling have to dispence with my coat The old Mare called Moll folded last night Cut more potatoes Johny hauled manure

Friday 2. my arm and Shoulder is but Slitely better than yesterday morning cut more potatoes helped Nathan prout some for the market 80 cts per Bushel Johny plowed and laid out ground in the garden for potatoes

May, Saturday 3. 1890. Put in some potatoes plowed a strip for squashes Went down with Johny to the pasture and directed him in turning the water off the pasture by repairing the dich where it was braking over my exorsise has ben trying on my arm & shoulder

Sunday 4. My shoulder and arm feels rested and improved consideraby Brother Kaynaston called on his way to visit the syracuce Sunday School with Brother Ellison. I was in hopes to of ben able to attend with them I thought it not wisdom to undertake the trip

May, Monday 5. 1890. Sent Johny to the Potatoes and a small grist to the Roler mill set Little Aaron to cutting potatoes in the forenoon he and his Father took up a row of peach trees on the west side of the garden 20 in number I let them have half for takening them up

Tuesday 6. Word came yesteday that Bishop David Cook of South Weber Died at 7 a m of Pneumoney funeral to be held at 7 PM to day Brother Woolley and Aaron went to be in attendence My lameness not permiting me to go his death was quite Suden. He was true to the Gospel - and his calling

May, Wednesday 7. 1890. Put in some garden finished plowing the ground not plowed Hammond came with his Stalyons Bred Moll to the Bay Pinto to the Gray commenced to rain at 7 PM

Thursday 8. a copious rain fell so that evry thing looks refreshed had the misfortune to have to kill my young Bay mare after imploying the most Skilful aid to relieve her of her fold which proved unsuccessful

May, Friday 9. 1890. Rained last night and is showery this morning I am still improving but not fully recovered Johny is hauling out manure this morning

Saturday 10. Johny plowed for Aaron Aaron went to the City little Aaron helped me run a water ditch a cross the pasture to carry the water on to the last plowing for Lucern

May, Sunday 11. 1890. Went with my assistants to South Hooper Visited the Sunday School found the School increased in the attendence. the sickness that had prevailed there for Some time. having passed a way and the weather being more favourable President Smiths & Hess were in attendence at the Ward meeting

Monday 12. Cloudy this morning. it was rumered yesterday that my Brother Sanfords Son - Aaron was killed by the cars at lake Shore. I have since learned that the report is not true Thomas Page was badly hurt at the time and place as reported

May, Tuesday 13. 1890. Went to the City to have my shoulder examined the doctors said it was all right. got me a summer coat and vest - $2.00 Paid Dr Richards up in full on his bill for servis in Annas confinement

Wednesday 14. Put in the sugar kane weather warm duering the day but cool nights

May, Thursday 15. 1890. moved and reset posts at the west end of the old pasture Resieved a letter from Hyrum in answer to mine seent to him some time since

Friday 16. Put up the wiers on the posts set yesterday nothing of note occured further duering the day

May, Saturday 17, 1890. Johny cut up Stove wood in the fore noon I put handles on the little plow put out some cabage plants

Sunday 18. Visited the South Weber Sabath School with my assistants found the school not fully organised there being a vacancy by the Death of the 1st assistant Superintendent We defered filling it untill a Bishop Should be appointed to fill up the Bishop Rick

May, Monday 19. 1890. helped Aaron plant potatoes with Johny and Jesse in the afternoon

Tuesday 20. Johny and Jesse helped Aaron with his potatoes

May, Wednesday 21. 1890. Johny ran the Rooler on the wheat I howed in the garden and attended the water on the meadow harnessed up the Iron Grey fille or helped Aaron get the harness on

Thursday 22. there was a light frost last night no harm done to vegetables got some shoes put on old gray

May, Friday 23. 1890. Attended to the water on the meadow Johny cut up stove wood attended a picknick in the evening. goten up for the Ward quier

Saturday 24. Johny went to the City with the team to bring up Nathan and the girls with their out fit from the City as the acadamick term is out

May, Sunday 25. 1890. I with my assistants visited the Second Ward of Kaysville to Reorganise the Sunday School there being no superintendent Alex dossan having tendered his Resignation Ephram Ellison was called to fill the vacancy as Superentendent And Elex Dawson first & Thomas Obrine 2nd assistants Superentendent

Monday 26. Attended to the water on the meadow Aaron and Nathan commenced to drive the well on aarons farm

May, Tuesday 27. 1890. Cleaned out water ditch and attended to the water Aarron continued driving commensed to follow plow

Wednesday 28. put an other wire on the pasture fence Johny follow plowed

May, Thursday 29. 1890. Opened out some of the water ditches on the Cheney farm Johny continued plowing

Friday 30. Attended the mothley Priest hood meeting at Farmington commensed at 2 PM

May, Saturday 31. 1890. Attended to the water turned on to the wheat on the cheney farm

June, Sunday 1. Visited the Summit Sinday school with my assistants Reorganised the School set James Burnett - who had charge of the school - Superintendent with Brthers Wm Stokes as 1st & David P Davis as 2nd Assistants

June, Monday 2. 1890. George Earl set in to work for me at 30 Dollars per month for three months I looked after the water Johny run the plow

Tuesday 3. George helped Aaron on his well Johny run the plow I attended to the water on the wheat

June, Wednesday 4. 1890. Rained quite a heavy rain last night So I turned off the water from the grain the ground being suffciently wet.

Thursday 5. this is fast day I pept the fast but did not attend the meeting as three swarms of Bees came out just before the meeting hour Aarons casing on gainsted so he had to stop driving

June, Friday 6. 1890. Aaron went to the city with a load of my hay sold at 25 Dollars per ton Johny & George cultivated and howed in the garden I worked making bee hives Sent a Post order of $3.00 to G B Lewis & Co for Sections & startees for Bees

Saturday 7. The Quartily Conference of this stake convened in the Centerville meeting house at 10 am Apostle F M Lyman in attendance. He occupied the time of the fore noon to the edification of all present the time of the afternoon was occupied by Elders Jacob Gate & Seymour B Young of the Seventies

June, Sunday 8. 1890. Conference continued presenting the Authorities & Bishops reports occupied a portion of the fore noon Apostel Lyman closing up the hour with Good in structions he also occupied most of the afternoon under the rich influence of the Holy Spirit which I trust will be of lasting benefest to all present

Monday 9. Moved the well driver and set it up in my doore yard to make an other effort to get a flowing well there

June, Tuesday 10. 1890. Nathan and Aaron cut and threded casing for the well Johny runn the mower in the Lucern George howed in the garden

Wednesday 11. Drove on well went down fifty two feet Boys put up Lucern

June, Thursday 12. 1890. comensed hauling Lucern put up the ropes and pullies for running the hay fork

Friday 13. Johny cut Lucern George and Nathan hauled in the hay fork worked well hauled Lucern for John Adams in the after noon

June, Saturday 14. 1890. Still cutting and hauling Lucern Aaron went to the city Got a new hay knife and some nuckels for casings

Sunday 15. Visited the West District sabath school of Kaysville with my assistants attended the Ward meeting at 2 PM

June, Monday 16. 1890. Resumed cutting Lucern and hauling in to the barn Attended the water on the Lucern was called to administer to Brother Wm Streepers little Boy at 2 AM he died at 3.15 AM

Tuesday 17. cutting hauling and bunching Lucern was the business of the day attended the funeral of Bro Streepers Boy at 11 AM

June, Wednesday 18. 1890. continued cutting and hauling Lucern Nothing further of note occured

Thursday 19. Cutting hauling and Bunching Lucern was the order of the day

June, Friday 20. 1890. Continued the cutting and hauling and Bunching of Lucern

Saturday 21. Boys hauled and delivered three Tithing loads of Lucern I went to the City with a grist to the Rooler mill. got a shoe for the mower and 97 ft of Lumber for bee hives

June, Sunday 22. 1890. Visited the Centeral Sunday School of Kaysville with my assistants. attended the Ward meeting at 2 PM and the funeral of Sister Ogden of that place - Aged 82 years

Monday 23. Resumed cutting and hauling in Lucern

June, Tuesday 24. 1890. The south wind blew so hard that we had to stop our work in cutting and hauling Lucern Drove well in the afternoon

Wednesday 25. Wind is quiet this morning continued the harvest I Bunched Lucern hauled Aarons Lucern

June, Thursday 26. 1890. Cut grass in the north Meadow Boys hauled Aarons Lucern finished his Lucern

Friday 27. Cut grass in the fore noon attended the monthly Priesthood meeting at Farmington in the afternoon

June, Saturday 28. 1890. Raked and bunched up hay most of the day

Sunday 29. Visited the North Sunday school of Farmington attended the Ward meeting - with my assistants We desided to discontinue our visiting the schools for a few sundays - and thus have a short resess duering hay and grain harvest

June, Monday 30. 1890. Cut and hauled in hay from the North field

July, Tuesday 1. Aaron went to city to mill hauled in hay drove 8 ft on the well got a load of salt from Lake shore

July, Wednesday 2. 1890. Cut and hauled hay I put up hay

Thursday 3. hauled in hay attended fast meeting vary hot weather

July, Friday 4. 1890. This is the National Holliday in commemoration of the declamation of principels Giving unto evry American Citizen the right of franchise. But as that is right is now taken from me and many of my co Religonest by special Legislation I can only unfurl the falg of liberty at half mask - as a token of Sorrow for its desecration

Saturday 5. Hauled hay from the old meadow Johny cut for Aaron on the Bottom

July, Sunday 6. 1890. Attended the sabath School and ward meeting Als a high Priest hood meeting held in the vatry at 4 PM

Monday 7. cut and hauled in hay duering the day

July, Tuesday 8. 1890. commense to haul hay but the South wind blew so hard that we stope duering the after noon Johny runn the mower by having the swath moved so as to have the track clear

Wednesday 9. Runn one team hauling cut part of the day Aaron howed in his truck on the bottom farm

July, Thursday 10. 1890. This is my 70th Birth day. had a present presented to me by my family of a large cushend Rocking chair with coil springs which I eccepted with my thanks Boys hauled hay with Aaron from his farm I raked and put up hay

Friday 11. Boys hauled for Aaron I dressed up the hay that was Bunched with the hores rake cut a small piece of grass in the afternoon

July, Saturday 12. 1890. Boys hauled for me having hauled what Aaron had cut I put up hay cutting some in the North field which I raked in the evining My Brother Sanford came down from Logen

Sunday 13. Remained at home duering the forenoon Brother Sanford went to the city to see his Son Joseph at the Hospital where he is resieving treatment from inguries resieved on the Rail road

July, Monday 14. 1890. Resumed cutting hauling and puting up hay

Thursday 15. continued the hay harvest

July, Wednesday 16. 1890. finished cutting the north ten acres in the North field

Thursday 17. commensed on the last piece in the south meadow Brother Sanford left for Porterville this morning

July, Friday 18. 1890. continued cutting in the south meadow a dashing sohower of rain came at 2 pm which stoped the hay business

Saturday 19. Put up hay took up honey Boys howed out kane and drove on the well Aaron went to the city with grain

July, Sunday 20, 1890. At home. attended the ward meeting and the circle at 4 PM

Monday 21. continued the hay Business cutting and hauling

July, Tuesday 22. 1890. cut on the last piece in the north field vary warm

Wednesday 23. Broke the heal sheue of the cutter bar Sent to Ogden for an extry Boys finished hauling out of the south medow

July, Thursday 24. 1890. This is Pioneer Day all are let loos to choes their amusement East Bountfiul has a General selebration

Friday 25. Attended the monthly Priest hood meeting held at Farmington at 2 PM cut grass in the fore noon

July, Saturday 26. 1890. Finishined cutting the Timothy hay Boys continued the hauling

Sunday 27. Visited the North Sunday School of Centerville attended the ward meeting at 2 PM

July, Monday 28. 1890. Boys continued hauling hay I got some work done at the Blacksmith shop Wiolley commensed cutting his grain withe the binder

Tuesday 29. hay hauling was the order of the day

July, Wednesday 30. 1890. Finished hauling hay I helped top out the stack Boys arranged to start for an out to Weber valley to morrow morning to be gone several days

Thursday 31. Boys Started on the pleasure trip to Mountain green Morgan Porterville & vacinity Eliza and Mary Eemma and Anna went with them

August, Friday 1. 1890. Aaron went on to the mountain to look for some of his heifers I hauled out the Aple trees left lying in the upper orchard

Saturday 2. Repaired the toung of the Binder. Aaron commensed cutting his wheat finished it 4 cut some on mine

August, Sunday 3. 1890. Attended Sunday school at 10 AM Went to East Bountiful and attended the Ward meeting at 2 PM and arranged with Bro Kenynaston to resume our Sunday School visits

Monday 4. Run the Binder cutting wheat on the Cheney farm Aaron Set as one of the Judges of the Election

August, Tuesday 5. 1890. Aaron Runn the Binder on the Smith land The boys returned from their campaign tripp the Weber

Wednesday 6. Cutting Lucern and clearing off the stack yard on the Bottom farm was the Business of the day

August, Thursday 7. 1890. Attended fast meeting at 11 AM Cleared off stack yard or a place for stacking in the yard below Johny cut Lucern for Aaron

Friday 8. hauling and putting Lucern occupied the day

August, Saturday 9. 1890. cutting hauling putting up Lucern and burning Brush fencing stack occupied this day

Sunday 10. I and J Kaynaston visited the centeral Sunday School of Farmington met Brother Ellison there. he returned home at the close of the school we remained and attended the Ward meeting and spoke at some length to the congregation

August, Monday 11. 1890. Rained most of the day hitched on to the well driver But the wash pipe could not be worked nore pulled up

Tuesday 12. two wet to doe any thing in the hay pulled the wash rods a few feet with the Jack when the ropipe broke we then hitched on to the asing pulled up several feet

August, Wednesday 13. 1890. hay still to wet to Stack on acount of repeted showers yesterday worked at pulling up ceseing with the Jack slow work

Thursday 14. opened out the sacks of Lucern in the forenoon pulled up casing in the afternoon Aaron went to the City for an extra for the Binder

August, Friday 15. 1890. commensed to haul in Lucern But it soon set in raining puled up all the pipe & casing

Saturday 16. Boys hauled Lucern I Bunched some that was tired out

August, Sunday 17. 1890. Visited the South Sabeth School of Farmington with my assistants Released the two assistants to Bro Barber (as they were called a way on home Steads Set a part Johnathan Hews as first and White as second Assistant

Monday 18. The Boys hauled in Lucern on the bottom farm. I re bunched that that was opened out to drye

August, Tuesday 19. 1890. I finished puting up that that was stired out Boys finished that on the bottom hauled some the home field Joseph Morris and wife paid us a visit

Wednesday 20. Sent two loads of hay to the city on a contract with Tron an Iirish man Aaron took one sent George Earl with the other done some howing in the Garden Nathan starde to cut oats for Aaron with the Binder But they were too wet

August, Thursday 21. 1890. Boys hauled and Stacked Lucern on the Bottom farm Aaron started on a salt hauling tour over Jordan

Friday 22. Boys Still hauling Lucern. took two loas to the Tithing yard 4900 lbs

David Stockers Barn and hay was set on fire last knight by some person or persons---all consumed with a horse and Bugy. this it the 4th set within a month

August, Saturday 23. 1890. Boys hauled Lucern I thratched out timothy seed with a flail

Sunday 24. I with my assistants visited the North Sunday School of Centerville Attended the Ward meeting and the High Priests meeting at East Bountiful

August, Monday 25. 1890. Boys commensed hauling and stacking grain I cut Some of the secend crop of Lucern and clover on the meadow

Tuesday 26. dug up sweet Clover and Lucern out of the meadow

August, Wednesday 27. 1890. cut some sunflower out of the Lucern in the pasture land in the forenoon helped start the thratcher at Streepers

Thursday 28. finished Stacking Grain and hauling in Lucern drove Some on the well

August, Friday 29. 1890. Attended a meeting of the High Council at 10 AM and the mothly Priest hood meeting at 2 PM at Farmington

Saturday 30. Boys commensed to haul Aarons grain and Stack But had to Stop on account of wind and showers I put a ladder in the hay rack

August, Sunday 31. 1890. Holbrook house was burned last night by fier fiends in East Bountiful. this is the fifth fire within 2 months Visited the south Dist Sunday School of Centerville with my assistants. set a part 6 teachers

September, Monday 1. Boys hauled and Stacked Grain for Aaron. he went on the thratcher Loded up a load of hay for Harris at the rasetrack beyond the city on the south get clips for a singletree

September, Tuesday 2. 1890. Went to the city with the hay 2275 lbs resieved pay got a stick for a cross bar to Aaron's spring wagon

Wednesday 3. Boys hauled Aaron's Srain finished stacking got clips set on singletree cleaned up grass seed Bro Anson Calls funeral take place tomorrow at 2 PM

September, Thursday 4. 1890. Attended fast meeting at 11 AM and the funeral of councillor Anson Call of East Bountiful at 2 PM the meeting house was filled there being many form the various Wards. the Speakers - ware Perry Green Sessions Jerred Tolman H B R Roberts John Hess & President Wm R Smith

Friday 5. The Sunday School Pupils of Centervill and West Bountiful are now Starting on an Exurtion on the cars to Syracuse acomponied By many of their Parrents and officers of the Schools and last But not least the Bishops and council to Exorsise a Special watch care over them

September, Saturday 6. 1890. Attended the stake quartily Conference held at Farmington no one of the General Authories wer in attendance. the Salt Lake Stake Conference being in session - which is unusual for the two to held at the same time The Speakers wer councillor John Hess Elder Greenwood B H Roberts and President Wm R Smith Several of the Bishops gave in their Reports

Sunday 7. Conference a gane in Session Elders George Rennols & Seymour B Young were in attendence from Salt Lake City and occupied a good portion of the time duering the Servises in the fore and afternoon giving mutch good instruction there were a General attendence

September, Monday 8. 1890. The tratchers went to Melvin Randels thratched his grain and moved and set to tratch mine and Aarons

Tuesday 9. Tratched out my grain in the fore noon 110 bushels in all Commensed Aarons when the machine gave way in one of the castings had to stop untill an other day

September, Wednesday 10. 1890. Got the new casting - put it in with other repairs. Started in the after noon But could not proseed the Boxes in the cillinder shall being worn so as to requier reparing So no more thratch - this day

Thursday 11. Started a gane this morning finished Aarons by 2 PM set in on Loran Woolleys at 4 PM

September, Friday 12. 1890. hauled up some Straw to fill beds cut Sunflowers on the pasture farm

Saturday 13. Went to the city with Mary Emma and Effa to get their teeth filled took a small grist to the Roller Mills

September, Sunday 14. 1890. Visited East Bountiful Sunday School with my assistants attended the Ward meeting

Monday 15. Repaired the knife of the mowing machine Johny cut some in the after knoon got the horses shod

September, Tuesday 16. 1890. Johny cut on the second crop of clover and Timothy Loded up a load of hay for T Harris

Wednesday 17. Wet to the City with the hay Johny cut and put up Lucern

September, Thursday 18. 1890. Put up Clover hay dressing the Bunches Johny cut Lucern on the Cheney farm

Friday 19. hauled and stacked Timothy and clover second crop off the meadow J W Wooley cut seed lucern on the Bottom farm - in the after noon

September, Saturday 20. 1890. hiered Melvin Randals Self rake and started to cut seed Lucern found that the machine was out of repair Spent some time trying to repair it.

Sunday 21. I with my assistants visited West Bountiful Sunday School Attended the Ward meeting in the afternoon Listened to a verbal account of the Settlement in old Mexico Buy Elder McFarlin We visited and Administered to Eld Bates Noble his mind was vary much deranged

September, Monday 22. 1890. Tryed the Self rake on the Lucern it failed intirely the pinion on the fly shaft being worn out so that it jumped cogs took it home and riged up the mower with a draper on it will rake off by hand

Tuesday 23. Cut with the mower having the draper attached Johny raked off I taking turns with him Jesse and little Aaron moved them out of the way

September, Wednesday 24. 1890. continued cutting the seed Lucern the tap on the fly wheel shaft gave way had to stop for repair. resumed cutting in the afternoon. Broke the tongue on finishing up

Thursday 25. hauled in Lucern finished what was in the home field Loaned $25.00 at the store for 30 days. paid Harmon 45 Dollars for survis of horses

September, Friday 26. 1890. Attended the high council held at Farmington a refered case of Luther Dalrymple up from the Bishops court of Centerville - was taken up and investigated being a case of Lude ner with Lotty Haster the act of the Bishops court in disfellow shipping him was sustained

Saturday 27. hauled and Stacked Lucern on the Bottom farm (third crop nothing further of note occured

September, Sunday 28. 1890. Held the4 cimianual meeting of the officers of the Sunday schools of the Stake at Farmington commensing at 10 AM Elder George Rennols of the General Bord of the Sunday School Union was in attendence - Brother Godard having gone to Logan to attend a Simuler meeting of the Cach Stake we had a full representation with one ecception - of schools

Monday 29. hauled and stacked lucern in the afternoon there having fell a light Shower of rain duering the night

September, Tuesday 30. 1890. Rained antoher light Shower last night Lucern too weat to haul Loded up a load of hay for T Harris at the rase track

October, Wednesday 1. Aaron took the hay to the Race track I and Jonny pulled weeds in the garden Rained a few light Showers duering the day snow on the mountains

October, Thursday 2. 1890. Attend fast meiting thre were but few in attendence

Friday 3. Charles Smith got of me 21 bushels of Tithing wheat on last years crop Ingaged Brother Robert Moor to work for me one year at $20.00 per month I furnish a room for him self and Wife - he bording him self

October, Saturday 4. 1890. This is the first day of the General Semianual Conference of the church there being a heavy froSt last night. I remained at home puting hands in to my Sugar Kane striping toping and getting it to the mill before it should sour - as it was only partly ripe

Sunday 5. Went to the Conference the assembly of the people was larger than any prieveous conference mutch valuable instruction was given to the edification of evry true Latterday saint present

October, Monday 6. 1890. Conference continued with a full house A manifesto written by President Woodruff announcing the discontinuance of the practice of Polygamy by the Church of the Latter day saints - in as mutch as the Law of 1882 prohibiting the practice had ben made constitunial by the Supream Court of the United States - was read & indorsed by the Conference

Tuesday 7. Cloudy with light falls of rain Brother Moore took the train out wagon to move his goods in to morrow

October, Wednesday 8. 1890. Brother Moore came with his goods and move in to his room

Thursday 9. Brother Moore set in to work heavy east wind last night Rainy duering the day

October, Friday 10. 1890. Rained most of the night last night cleared of this morning Snow on the Mountains Brother Moore and Johny hauled out manure Doctored the young mares foot brought up the mower from the field

Saturday 11. Cloudy with appearence of Rain set in to rain at 11 AM We had commenced Scraping and piling up manure in the correll

October, Sunday 12. 1890. Visited South Bountiful Sunday School with Brother Kaynaston fuond the school in a healthy condition gave instruction with regard to the class Registers they being being suficient in the ____

Monday 13. Wet to the Molases mill at Barlows found mymolases or kane grinding not not finished one batch spoiled started the fall plowing loded up a load of hay

October, Tuesday 14. 1890. Aaron went to the city with the hay 2026 lbs Contracted 50 tons to Grade 1. Johny run the Sulkey plow

Wednesday 15. Aron - went to the city with an other load of hay to Grant & Co on the 50 ton contract at $15.00 per ton

October, Thursday 16. 1890. Aaron went with an other Load of hay 2300 lbs Johny also went with a load of 2600 lbs

Friday 17. Loded up a load of hay Johny plowed in the afternoon Brother Moore cleaned out ditch I helped aaron load up a load of hay in the evening

October, Saturday 18. 1890. Johny and Aaron went to the city with the hay. Johny had on 2800 lbs Aaron had 2550 lbs I got in the Beans to the ratch in the Barn Brother Moore finished the ditch helped Jesse & Wille turn over Lucern. Went with me to get the molasses from the mill.

Sunday 19. Attended a review of the East Bountiful Sunday School in the fore and afternoon Superintendent George Godard from the S L City was in attendence The prograghm was well selected and well rendered which was vary interesting

October, Monday 20. 1890. hauled and stacked the remainder of the seed Lucern Attended the Sunday School Union meeting held at East Bountiful in the evening

Tuesday 21. Johny run the sulkey plow setled up with Wm Streeper paid him $12.70 being in full

October, Wednesday 22. 1890. Set all hands diging Potatoes. dug 65 B the weather fine as could be deziered

Thursday 23. finished the uper patch of Potatoes in the forenoon 110 bushels Aaron helped dug for Aaron in the afternoon

October, Friday 24. 1890. I Brother Moore & Jesse helped Aaron dig potatoes Johny run the plow Got a ton of coal of Streeper 2020 lbs

Saturday 25. helped Aaron dig potatoes in the forenoon Johny helped in the afternoon I runn the plow

October, Sunday 26. 1890. Visited the Summit Sunday School with Brother Ellison Brother Kaynaston was detained at home on the act of sickness

Monday 27. Johny went to the Academy at Farmington to visit the school to learn as to the studies I I run the plow

October, Tuesday 28. 1890. Johny runn the sulkey plow. helped aaron load up his small potatoes to Bring out of the field

Wednesday 29. Loded up two loads of hay for T Harris Johny runn the plow in the fore noon

October, Thursday 30. 1890. I and Johny went to the Race track with the delivered it to T J Harris 5250 lbs

Friday 31. Attended the monthly Priest hood meeting at Farmington Sent an appointment by Bishop Parker to visit his sunday School

November, Saturday 1. 1890. dug potatoes in the garden Nathan helped Johny run the plow

Sunday 2. Visited the hot Spring District Sunday School attended the meeting in the afternoon

November, Monday 3. 1890. Johny runn the plow I delivered 10 bushels of potatoes to H B Roberts also 20 squashes

Tuesday 4. Set the tratcher to the Lucern stacks ready to tratch to morrow

November, Wednesday 5. 1890. commensed to tratched Lucern thratched most of mine

Thursday 6. Attended fast meeting at 11 AM Resumed thratching 2 PM (finished mine 16 sacks Aaron had 2 sacks one sack of todl total 19

November, Friday 7. 1890. Thratched Charles smiths this forenoon Brought up the machine loded up a load of hay

Saturday 8. Aaron took the hay to T Harris Johny run the plow I repaired the stack yard fence

November, Sunday 9. 1890. I with my assistants visited South Hooper Sunday school and attended the ward meeting

Monday 10. Johny run the plow I took up honey in the afternoon

November, Tuesday 11. 1890. Johny plowed for J W Woolley I raked sunflowers off the Lucern ground on the bottom land there were snow Squalls in the after noon

Wednesday 12. Johny plowed for J W Woolley J I chored around the premices Brother Moore dug up aple trees

November, Thursday 13. 1890. Johny plowed for J W Wolley in the forenoon I riged up a harness and set Brother Moore hauling manure

Friday 14. Johny runn the plow Moore hauled manure I repaired up impliments put up a gap in Emilies fence to secure the orchard

November, Saturday 15. 1890. Johny is plow ing Bro Moore hauling manure I am choring about the place

Sunday 16. Visited South Weber Sunday School attended the Ward meeting found the School well attended there being all most a full representation of officers and pupils

November, Monday 17. 1890. Took my Lucern seed to Farmington having sold it to Bro Finey at 6 cts a pound Cleaned it for the market 1466 lbs of mine Cleaned and 164 of Aarons Brought the reffuse home

Tuesday 18. Went to Farmington and helped Brother Woolley Clean his Lucern seed as he help me clean mine Johny & Bro Moore hauled manure

November, Wednesday 19. 1890. Went East Bountiful to see Bro Kaynaston we changed our prograghm in visiting the Sunday schools got some work done at the Blacksmith shop on Bugy & shoing the horse

Thursday 20. Johny and Brother Moore hauled out manure I put in a bridge on the crossing into the field

November, Friday 21. 1890. Still hauling manure on to the medow

Saturday 22. I and Brother Moore Shucked corn in the garden the folks went to the city to get clothing for the Boys

November, Sunday 23, 1890 Visited the south district Sunday School of Farmington

Monday 24. Killed my pigs and two for Nathan

November, Tuesday 25. 1890. took the pigs to the city sold at 7 cts per pound I had 2 weight 498 lbs Nathan had two weight 258 lbs Johny & Moore hauled manure

Wednesday 26. Went to the city with 16 turkeys sold at 12 1/2 cts per pound Johny & Bro Moore hauled manure

November, Thursday 27. 1890. Repaired the fence around the Stack yard on the Bottom in the fore knoon spent the afternoon with my Family partaking of a thanks giving dinner it being thanks giving day

Friday 28. Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting at Farmington

November, Saturday 29. 1890. Attended a meeting of the Board of Education the financial condition of the Academy was presented Showing an indebtedness of 2300 Dollars to be met after all the subscriptions yet due were colected and that there would be a rearedge in the payment of the facilly at the close of the next term of $700.00

Sunday 30. visited the Syracise District Sunday School with my Assistants found the school in vary good condition having doubled in the number of its attendence we set a part one teacher in filing a vacency Attended the meeting of the saints in the afternoon) returned on the evening train

December, Monday 1. 1890. hauling manure and Sowing grassseed was the business of the day Aaron took a load of hay to T Harris Saturday 2200 lbs

Tuesday 2. Brother Moore hauled manure I & Johny hauled in the corn and foder out of the garden

December, Wednesday 3. 1890. Sowed grass seed on the Smith field it was vary clody. Rained in the after noon.

Thursday 4. This is fast day Rained most of the time last night cloudy this morning

December, Friday 5. 1890. opened the drean __ my seller layed down three lengths of piping

Saturday 6. Attended the Stake Quartily Conference held at Kaysville Elder Heber J Grant of the Apostels and Jacob Gates and E Stevenson of the Seventies was in attendence They Gave mutch good instructions the attendence was not Large

December, Sunday 7. 1890. Conference resumed its session at 10 AM with the addition of George Q Cannon and ___ Abrahan of the Apostels the session was filled to over flowing duering the servises of the day mutch good instrucitons wer given to the edification of all Bishop Hyrum Grant was set apart as the 2nd councilor to Pres. Smith filling the vacancy

Monday 8. hauling out manure was the business of the day

December, Tuesday 9. 1890. Boys hauled manure I raked up Sunflowers with horse rake

Wednesday 10. measured up a grist for the mill manure hauling we on as before

December, Thursday 11. 1890. I went to the city with the grist Johny and Bro Moore hauled manure

Friday 12. Loded up two loads of hay for Grant & Co Brother Moore hauled manure

December, Saturday 13. 1890. I and Jonny went to the city with the hay 4670 lbs Bro more cut stove wood

Sunday 14. Went to the 2nd Ward of Kaysville visited the Sunday School found it in good runing order

December, Monday 15. 1890. Went to Farmington colected pay for my Lucern seed remited on my taxes all but 38 Dollars 79 cts Got 2600 coal - nut coal - hauled one load to the school hous - for the trustees

Tuesday 16. Johny hauled four loads of coal for the trustees I and Bro Moore hauled and piled up the Aple trees that were cut down in the orchard

December, Wednesday 17. 1890. Repaired the stack yard fence on the Bottom farm Brother Moore is laid up with a hurt reseived yesterday by the ending over a a drag on to him yesterday

Thursday 18. Finished reparing the Stack yard fence Father Ford and Wife paid us a visit I spent the afternoon with them

December, Friday 19. 1890. Johny hauled manure from the lower corrall on the bottom farm in the fore noon We loded up two loads of hay one for T. Harris the other for Grant & Co

Saturday 20. Johny to the hay for Harris Aaron the one for Grant & Co. I Straitened pup things about the premeces

December, Sunday 21. 1890. Visited the Centeral Sunday School of Kaysville in the forenoon and the West School in the afternoon found them well attended - and vary well suplied with the Butticatons of the Sunday School Union

Monday 22. Paid my taxes in full for the present year Posted my final remitance To the History Companey $27.50 for the last five volums of Bancrofts history of the states & Teratories

December, Tuesday 23. 1890. Repaired up the cattle rack in the corrall prepaired to start for Porterville on a visit not having ben there for 2 years Johny and Bro Moore hauled manure

Wednesday 24. Set out for Porterville acomponied by my Son Aaron and his mother Stoped at Parishes ranch and took dinner Went on arrived at Porterville early in the evening put up with Brother Lyman found the Boys with their families all well

December, Thursday 25. 1890. Took Christmass dinner at my Nephews - the Bishop - Joseph R Porter Brothers John Lyman with their wives were of the Gest had a good sociable time Aaron and Lyman O Porter went to Morgan city and engagd a Surveyor

Friday 26. Aaron and Lyman O with the Sirveyor runn a line up the Norwood Canyon to asertain where the Railroad section laid

December, Saturday 27. 1890. Continued my visiting with the Boy and their families

Sunday 28. Met with the sunday school spoke a few minutes Attended the Ward meeting in the afternoon Spoke a short time

December, Monday 29. 1890. Still in Porterville Aaron not having finished his busineuss so we remained to leave for home in the morning

Tuesday 30. left for home cloudy with a light fall of rain which soon stoped untill we stoped to noon arrived at home found all well

December, Wednesday 31. 1890. Killed a Beef at Browns Slaugeter yard or his Son did for me

Notes for 1891.

Jan 1st this is the first day of 1891 The Prophetic year and our Monthly fast day I and Eliza spent the afternoon with her Brother and family partaking of a Bountious dinner

2nd Attended a special meeting of the Priesthood of the Stake to adopt measures to relieve the Stake Academy from its indebtedness



Aug 25 Emily Parish to one bushel wheat

Sept 3rd " " " 6 " "

Oct 8 " " " 1 1/2 " "

Sat 3rd Johny & Bro Moore hauled manure took some wood to the Black smith shop to set wagon tire

Sun 4th Organized a Sunday school in South Bountiful Called it the central School

Mon 5th Went to the city. Johny also Brought up a cow to winter for N V Jones

Tues 6th Snowed last night Repaired up the cattle rack at the bottom farm

Wed 7th Finished the Rack filled it with feed for the young Stock

Thur 8th commensed putting up a rack on the west side of the corrall

Fri 9th continued work on the Rack

Sat 10th Worked on the feed rack Johny and Bro Moore filled the rack on the Bottom farm

Sun 11th visited the North Sunday School of Farmington

Mon 12th continued work on the cattle rack hauled in more timber

Tues 13th Still working on the rack Johny hauled a load of Ceder posts for the Store from Woods cross Denver Switch

Wed 14th finished the Rack Br Moore hauled litter in to the correll Sold Wm Barber two Beef Steers

Thur 15th Repaired up the old rack with Stakes and ground pailing

Frid 16 putin more Rock flouring in the Stable


Emily Parish to wheat May 6th to 97 lbs


Sat 17th Attended a meeting of the high Council in the case of David Bybe & Jacl Parish Bybe being the plantif he charged was not sustained

Sun 18th Attend ded the quartily review of the North S School of Centervill

Mon 19th Chored a bout the premicies Johy & Moore hauled manure on to the pasture field

Tues 20th put the horse power on the well driver in running order Johny & Moore hauled manure

Wed 21st Set Bro More to grubing up Lucern out of the meadow

Thur 22nd Loded up a load of hay for a party Jos Smith was furnishing in the City Johny & Moore started to haul sand for the side walk from the Bench. Broke the Bolster - fley and trire of the forward wheel

Fri 23rd went to the city with the hay 2600 lbs Moore grubed Lucern

Sat 24th took the wheel to the shop and timber for a Bolster sent to the city for a felley



Hay sold to T Harris at 15 Dollars per ton

Sept 17th 2100

Oct 1st 2200 lbs

" 30" 5250 "

Nov 8" 2270 "

Dec 1" 2200 "

" 20" 2270 "


Apr. 28th Description of Cattle on Mountain 1892.

Yearlins 1

1 Black Heifer Lin's.

1 Red steer with white spots Em's an

2 spotted heifers. Mt. Reds. & Spots.

1 brindle white-faced steer. Blue's.

2 Red steers with small white spots Reds. & 3 tits.

1 Roan steer White's

1 pided steer Speck's

1 spotted " Jersey the 2d


1 Brindle steer Brins.

1 Clear red heifer

1 Spotted "

Total 13.

2 Year Olds

2 Red steers with small white spots Easters Red & Spot

1 Spotted steer. Specks

1 Roan " White's

1 Red Muley heifer Wild Reds

1 Cear red hiefer Roans

1 Roan heifer Spikes


1 Roan heifer

1 Red & white heifer

1 " whitefaced " Ricker

Total 11.



24 P Total N. T. P. Sen. 18. N. T. P. Jr. 6. A. B. P. 2.



Potatoe crop

White Machonnock asorted 93 Bushels

small 22 "

Burbank 33 "

small 10 "

Vermonts 56 "

total 164


1889 Memoranda.

Date, Expences at Temple Dolls.Cts.

Jan 21 6.00

" 28th 8.00


Feb 16" 1.00

" " to S Porter 2.00

Mar 16" " " " 10.00

July 10" " " " 10.00

Aug 26" " " " 10.00

Oct 8" " " " 20.00


Feb 28 " " " 15.00

July 6 " " " 5.00



1889 Memoranda.

Date. Students Bills for tuision & Dolls.Cts.

insidental Exspences at S L City


Aug 5th by cach 25.00

" 11" " " 10.00

" check on Bank 5.00

" 18" cach 6.00

Sept 1" " 4.00

" 8" " 1.00

" 22" " 1.75

" 29" " 2.50

Oct 6" " 5.00

" 13" " 10.00

" 31" " 1.00

Nov 4" " 5.00

" " " " 1.00

" " " " 10.00

" 17" " 2.00

Dec 6" " 5.00

" 8" " 2.00

" 10" " 1.00


Jan 5th " 27.00

" 7" " 10.00

" 15" " 1.90

" 19" " 1.50

Feb 2" " 9.00

" 10" " 3.00

Mar 2" " 13.00

" 9" " 3.50

Mar 16th by cah 6.50

" 23 " " 2.50

Apr 7 " " 5.00

" 13 " " 4.00

" 20 " " 1.00

" 27 " " 5.00



1890 Cash account--January.

Date. Shepherds Act on hay Received. Paid.

Jan 10th to 2550 lbs 19.12

Feb 5th to 1800 " 13.50

Feb 5th Reseved 13.50


Cash account--January.

Date. Act with Wm Streeper Received. Paid.

Jan 28th by 84 ft lumber 2.10


Cash account--June.

Date. Nickels Received. Paid.


m Parkins .45

Cyracus 2.80

Souh Bountiful 7.35


Cash account--July.

Date. Hay to Grant - Co Received. Paid.

Oct 15th 2250 lbs $16.87

" 16" " 17.25

" " " 2600 " 19.50

" 18" 2800 " 21.00

" " " 2550 18.87

Dec 13" 2070 15.50

" " " 2600 19.50

" 20"


Cash account--July.

Date. Jan 6th Received. Paid.

Due Tithing office 11 Bush wheat

N T Junr " 7 "


Cash account--August.

Date. Received. Paid.

Nov 4th H B Roberts to 10 B tithing potatoes 20 Squashes

" 8 Sister Prophet to 7 Bushels Potatoes on tithing


Cash account--August.

Date. Jan 7th Received. Paid.

on meeting house fencing in wheat 10.00

Do to A B P 5.00


1890 Cash account--September.

Date. Act with Robert Moore Received. Paid.

Oct 10th to 100 lbs flour $2.50

" 15" " 1390 " coal 3.30

Dec 5" " cach 34.20

" 20" " 100 lbs flour 2.50

" " " 1 Bus potatoes .75



160.00 5.00

20.25 14.50

180.25 20.25


Cash account--September.

Date. Received. Paid.

Resieved of H Parish on deposit Apr 1889 2078 lbs of wheat

Drawn by E Parish

Nov 9th 435 lbs

Mar 10" 1890 630 "

May " 60 "

Aug 25 60 "

Sept 3rd 360 "

Oct 8 90 "




60) 443 (7




Cash account--October.

Date. hay Sold out of Stack lbs. $ Paid.

Aug 16 1 load 2260 14.00

20 2 " 5200 27.50

Sept 2 1 " 2270 17.00

" 17 1 " 2420 20.00

Oct 2 1 " 2650 19.87

" 14 1 " 2060 15.40

" 15 1 " 2610 19.55

" 16 2 " 4900 36.75

" 18 2 " 5350 40.10

" 30 2 " 5205 39.00

Nov 8 1 " 2900 17.00

total 37825 266.17

hay out of the barn

loads lbs amount

Nov 29 1 2200 14.50

21st on hay 9750 12.70


Cash Account--November.

Date. hands on thratcher day

Sept 9th John Cchase 1/2

James Smith pd 1/2

Charley Smith pd 1/2

James Smith pd 1/2

Lute Dalrymple 1/2

Oct 1 Charles Smith 1 B wheat

" 9 Jos Smith 1 1/2 " "

Grain crop total of

Wheat 190 Bush

on Clarks 20 "

Brley 20 "

Due Clark - wheat 7 B

" " Barley 3 "


Cash Account--December.

Date. Gorge Earl Received. Paid.

July 4th to cach 7.00

" 19 " " 5.00

Aug 15 " " .75

" 30 " " 25.00

Sept 8 " " 10.00

Oct 3 " " 10.00

" 25 " " 10.00

per Amelia Smith 2.35



7150 1430

5325 5

1825 7150

Cash Account--December.

Date. Received. Paid.

Aug 15th H Rampton cach on - Act 5.50

Jan 10th by coal 2460 lbs



4260 1050

1065 15

5325 1065


325 Due on steem


Feb 3rd paid to J Parish $3.00 for the Deseret

News for the present year 1890

Tithing hay

Jun 5th 3 lods Lucern

" 28" 1 " "

July 9th 2 " tray fac_ and timothy

" 22 8 load of Timothy

Aug 22 2 Lucern

Dec 22nd 1890 Money order to the History componey No 15467

1424 End

946 settled

Sis Morrell Logan

Jun 20th Due Brther J Kaynaston for green peas - one Dollar paid






N T P $18.06

Jenet Adans 10.35

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