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a redriver from 3/4 to 1/2

two cuplings 3/4 inch

1 inch Rape

N T Porters Diery Book

January. Tuesday 1. 1889. Having arrived in Porterville last night and stoping with my Brother Lyman I now greete with pleasure the incoming New Year. Spent the day at Brother Landon Richs assisting in administering to his wife in her confinment she being thrown into convutions

Wednesday 2. Spent the day in visiting with the folks. Sister Rich being mutch better the weather is still cold frezing up thing generally

January, Thursday 3. 1889 . I with Rebecca left on our return trip at 9 AM Stoped at Father Fords place at Mountain Green where we stoped as we came up took a lunch with H Clevelnad who keeping house for him. arrived home safe found all well

Friday 4. Loded up a load of hay for the city looked after the stock

January, Saturday 5. 1889. Went to the City but did not take the hay as I wished to arrang with the Tithing department to Chang for the hay the Logan office But I did not Succeed got a post office order of $11.00 to remit to the history co for the last two volumes resieved

Sunday 6. Attend the Centerville Sabath School review which occupied the intire day. had a vary interesting time in hearing the classes recite their different parts which were well rendered

January, Monday 7. 1889. Started to the City with the hay but Sold before reaching the city. and thus returned and loded an other for a party we were furnishing Mailed the post office order to history componey

Tuesday 8. Went again for the City delivered the hay paid Dr Richards $10 Dollars on his bill of 50.00. got a ticket on the railway for Logan as I contemplate going there to work in the temple

January, Wednesday 9. 1889. hauled straw and filled the Straw rack for the Stock in the home correll Nothing further of note occured

Thursday 10. Filled the Straw rack on the Bottom claning out the stabels and choring a round

January, Friday 11. 1889. The sick horse which I took to keep for Stoneman of Salt Lake City died last night Spent the day in fitting up my well driver

Saturday 12. Brother O M Dewel Died last night at 11 PM at the age of 87 he has ben helpless for some time. Set up the well driver and horse power

January, Sunday 13. 1889. Attended the ward meeting at 10 30 AM and the funeral of Brother O M Dewel at 2 PM P G Sessions Anson Call. myself. John Seamon J Ford Sen and President Wm R Smith spoke on the occasion Sister Adams Died at 5 PM

Monday 14. Spent most of the day in compleeting the setting up my well driver Attended the anuel meeting of the Ecliastical organisation of Centerville Ward was re elected one of the Bord of Directors

January, Saturday 19. 1889. Spent the day mostly in drawing off names for Baptism and coppying off my history. also suplying the women with water it being wash day. it several degrees colder than yesterday

Sunday 20. Attended the fifth Ward Sabath School at 10 AM accompanied the Bishop from the School to administer to the Sick. returned and Spoke a Short time to the School. Attended the General meeting in Tabernicle at 2 PM Bishop Smith was the first speaker folowed by Elder Writer of S L ctity

January, Monday 21. 1889. I and Sanford got a ton of hay for the cow at 6 Dollars a ton we went to the tithing yard for it But failed to find any good hay for Sale. therefore we got it else where

Tuesday 22. Lyman represented 72 names in Baptism they having ben gleaned from the Geneoligical Record I spent the day in coppying my history

January, Wednesday 23. 1889. Resumed our Temple work The weather remains cold

Thursday 24. Continued the good of redemption The weather is unabated remains below zero coppied off induments of Whose indued - Who were not recorded in our General record

January, Friday 25. 1889. Not quite as cold this morning but still at the freezing point finished up the work for the week

Saturday 26. Spent the day in writing up my history or coppying from the orriginal manscript

January, Sunday 27. 1889. continued writing duering the forenoon Attended the ward meeting at 2 PM spoke a short time Attended the evening meeting at 6.30

Monday 28. Ordered a ton of coal at 8.50 per ton wrote in history Reseived word of the Death of George Levett at Luiston Resieved my renewed Reccommend to the temple

January, Tuesday 29. 1889. writing up my history most of the time weather still cold

Wednesday 30. continued Temple work and writing nothing further of note occured

January, Thursday 31. 1889. continued my labours as usual

February, Friday 1. Finished up the weeks work on our record of mames

February, Saturday 2. 1889. This is Bare Day. is favourable for a clear day. 2 PM is clear so old Bruin can see his shadow and thus will go back to his sleep for six more weeks so Says tradition.

Sunday 3. The quartily conference of Cach Stake is held to day and will continue till to morrow 4 PM this is the time of dismisel had a good time

February, Friday 8. 1889. Repaired to our labours this morning as usual in a more mild atmosphere the weather having changed several degrees warmer

Saturday 9. Benjamin Cherry came in from Luiston to see me - as I had sent him word that I wished to see him in regard to some Geneolligy his Father had. he informed me that he could find none. that it was taken away or dstroyed since his Father's Death. Lyman & Maria left for home I went home with Brother Dowdle to stop over Sunday

February, Sunday 10. 1889. had a good reseption with Brother Dowdels Family last knigh Went with them to their Sunday School. spoke a short time to the school Attended their general meeting in the afternoon Spoke to some length with mutch freedom

Monday 11. Returned to Logan with Brother Dowdle and son in his spring wagon the sleighing having about plaid out Spent part of the day and evening writing up history

February, Tuesday 12. 1889. Spent the intire day writing my history weather quite spring like

Wednesday 13. Resumed our Temple work. spent most of the after noon in writing and recording our work

February, Thursday 14. 1889. continued our labours in the good work weather moderate with a light fall of Snow returned to our quarters at 2 PM spent the remainder of the day in writing and recording

Friday 15. Repaired a gane to our work being the finishing day for this week Brother Sanford left for Ogden on business Recorded and wrote on history. Contemplating leaving for home on the morrow

February, Saturday 16. 1889. A strong canyon wind blew most of last night and this morning. My valicce is now packed ready for me to start for the train at 11 oclok - now 10.20 I left at 12 M arrived at Ogden 3.30 PM. took the Utah Centeral arrived at home at 5 PM found all well

Sunday 17. Attend the funeral of Sister Backman held in the meeting house at 10 AM Attended the Sunday chool at 2 PM

February, Monday 18. 1889. Went to the City with my Brother Sanford who preceded me from Logan having com down on business

Tuesday 19. Got 2 tons of coal from the switch one load 2200 lbs the orther 1920 lbs

February, Wednesday 20. 1889. Mad a pully block for the well driver

Thursday 21. Filled the straw rack for the young stock Aaron helped

February, Friday 22. 1889. Attended the mothly Priest hood meeting at Farmington

Saturday 23. continued driving on Hyrums well obtained no flow of value eccept for washing out casing

February, Sunday 24. 1889. I with Bro Kayanston visit the East Bountiful Sunday School attended the High Priest meeting in the afternoon

Monday 25. Continued the driving on Hyrums well. he went to the City to be set a part for his Mission preparitory to start on the morrow morning we struck a vary nice flow at 4 PM

February, Tuesday 26. 1889. Hyrum started on his mission to the Southern State at 7 AM this morning Nathan went to the city with a load of hay for T Harris I looked after the stock found a heifer under the rack

Wednesday 27. Drove a little further on hurams well but did not increase the flow moved the driver to Bro Waymans and set for driving

February, Thursday 28. 1889. commenced to drive went down 40 feet

March, Friday 1. 1889. continued driving struck a boulder and lost the drill

March, Saturday 2. 1889. got a new drill and made another befort but failed to pass the rock pulled up and set a gane close to the former setting

Sunday 3. Attended a review of the north District school of Farmington with my assistants also the Ward meeting and a funeral of Joseph Stevensons child

March, Monday 4. 1889. Resumed our driving for Bro Wayman Resieved $20.00 in full pay for driving up to Sat 2nd inst drove 58 feet George Earl set ing to work for me at $17.00 per month for 8 months

Tuesday 5. Went to the City with a load of hay for Shepherd 2150 lbs Drew a check on Mr Cormacks Band for hay delivered Marshel Dyer $32.15 cts

March, Wednesday 6. 1889. Set the Boys sprouting and mowing potatoes I repaired the wire fence from the stream starts on pasture line paid Aaron $12.00 for his hay he delivered to Harris also $11.40 for Wm Streeper for coal

Thursday 7. Attended fast meeting Boys continued the well driving for Wayman Sowed Lucern seed and oats in the afternoon over the Cheney farm

March, Friday 8. 1889. continued puting in oats Nathan and Aaron drove well for Wayman

98 $6.30

24 6.22

122 /249 12.52

10 __

630 70

Saturday 9. Sent a load of hay to Farington 2500 lbs $17.50 not paid also 1675 lbs of Lucern hay to H Rampton 70





March, Sunday 10. 1889. Attended the quartily Conference held at East Bountiful Apostle George Q Cannon and F D Richards was in attendence also Semour B Young of the Seventies we had a feast of good things from George Q ___ felt well and exspressed great pleasure in having his liberty once more and mingling with the Saints a gane

Monday 11. Conference continued being additionally honored by the presence of President Wilford Woodruff all were mutch pleased to see him and realise that he to was a gain free to go forth among the Saints to cheer and strengthen them being over taxed in speaking els where to the saints he occupied but a short time which was well spent

March, Tuesday 12. 1889. Went to the City with hay for Dyer 2030 lbs paid a bill of $6.25 cts at Romneys and Taylors for Lumber on N Ts house. Resieved of Farington $15.00 leaving a load of 2500 lbs to paid for Resieved of Shepherd $20.00 leaving Balence of $35.00

Wednesday 13. Boys drove on well I assisted in the drive George and Johny filled up the cattle rack with straw

March, Thursday 14. 1889. Set George to plowing on the bottom farm Johny helped Aaron put in Timothy and Lucern Rained in the afternoon

Friday 15. Aaron & Nathan continued well driving lost one length of their wash pipe but fished it up it was slow driving having to go through gravel beets

March, Saturday 16. 1889. Brother Sanford came down from Logan gave him ten Dollars to meet Exspences in rent &c helped the Boys drve Struck a vary small flow in the evening Wrote a letter Hyram Parish labouring in Allabamma

Sunday 17. I with Brother Kaynaston visit south Weber Sunday school having learned that a difficulty existed between the Superintendent - P P Prophet & the Bishop we had all parties to gather But failed to Bring them to a reconsicliation - after labouring most assiduesly.

March, Monday 18. 1889. Returned home this morning from our uncuesesful trip. - so far as the before mention difficulty is conserned - feeling that we had laboured to the best of our abillity in the matter oys put in wheat on the bottom farm Nathan & Aron drove on the well

Tuesday 19. commenced snowing at 5 AM continued untill 12 M Boys filled the cattle racks with straw in the afternoon The Centervill coop store was Broke in to last night. he was captured at Farmington by the sherif

March, Wednesday 20. 1889. Aaron & Nathan went to city to get a hevier pump for the well driver we pulled the casing in too indevering to pull it up as it was bent in passing a boulder

Thursday 21. The boys got a pump and I assisted them in getting it fitted up for work moved the Derich a bout a foot and started down a casing Johny & Georg put in grain for Aaron

March, Friday 22. 1889. Boys continued putting in grain for Aaron Aaron and Nathan continued driving on the well Business

Saturday 23. Went to the city with a load of hay for Dyer 2355 lbs Got a set of dies with two stocks for cutting threads on pipes and casing 2 clafts. cost $20 96 cts

March, Sunday 24. 1889. I with Bro Kaynaston went to South hooper visited the Sunday School and attended the Ward meeting

Monday 25. Boys put in wheat in the North field. Aaron harrowed on his sod ground

March, Tuesday 26. 1889. Boys continued putting in wheat I dressed more wheat Aaron went to City

Wednesday 27. Boys harrowed for Aaron

March, Thursday 28. 1889. commenensed to plow up some of the pasture for Lucern George harrowed for Aaron

Friday 29. Attended the Priest hood meeting at Farmington Georg plowed Johny harrowed for Aaron

March, Saturday 30. 1889. George plowed Johny harrowed for Aaron I helped on the well driving

Sunday 31. Held our anual Sunday School Union meeting of the Superintendents of the Davis Stake General Superintendent George Q cannon with his assistant Georg Godard was with us

April, Monday 1. 1889. George Earl plowed for Lucern in the pasture Johy harrowed for Aaron George continued plowing

Tuesday 2. George plowed and Johny harrowed I put in some garden

April, Wednesday 3. 1889. Nathan went Farmington as one of the scouting committy to Locate the place for the Butting Boys sowed and Aaron rowed in Lucern seed I helped Aaron on the well driver

Thursday 4. Attended fast meeting Georg & Johny plowed and harrowed in the pasture

April, Friday 5. 1889. I and George went to City with load of hay for Dyer 2080 Got 50 ceder posts at 14 cts per post had a runaway by the toung rod braking letting doubletrees a gainst the horse heels

Saturday 6. Atended the General conference held in S L City President W Woodruff presiding

April, Sunday 7. 1889. Conference continued the Quorum of the first Presidency was organised with Wilford Woodruff as president and George Q Cannon & Joseph Smith as his Councillors the votes were cas by Quorums and was unanimous a meeting of the Sun school Union was held in the evening

Monday 8. Conference resumed at 10 AM and closed at 3 30 PM being adjourned mutch choice instructions were given duering the session of thread Apostle F M Lyman was liberated the prison this morning and had the joyafull privalige of Speaking to the Saints assembled

April, Tuesday 9. 1889. Sprouted and moved potatoes from pit. George plowed in the pasture Loned to cinthas Jones $7.00 to pay exspences to Logan Branded my young cattle with the new ___ driving them on to the mountain

Wednesday 10. Sent the Stock on to the mountain 29 head Nathan & Aaron started the well driver a gane I harrowed seeded and Rolled in some more Lucern seed

April, Thursday 11. 1889. H Rampton to 1030 lbs Lucern George plowed in the pasture I and Johny hauled out manure Nathan & Aaron drove well for wayman struck cobels pipe gavawe way they so we quit the Job

Friday 12. Went to City with a load of oats for Dyer 2540 lbs Resieved of T Harris $14.75 on hay delivered at the race trck got 42 ft of inch rope for well driving also couplings for hose

April, Saturday 13. 1889. Set Geore to plowing on the Bottom I and Johny hauled manure on to the Garden Caroline Harris to 470 lbs of hay hauled out manure on to the garden

Sunday 14. I with my assistants visited the South Bountiful Sabath School and attended the Ward meeting

April, Monday 15. 1889. Moved the well driver and commenced to drive a well for my self and Nathan located it near his house drove 40 ft Aaron attended court at Farmington

Tuesday 16. Aaron & Nathan drove on the well business I and George set posts for a division fence in the pasture in the forenoon

April, Wednesday 17. 1889. Went to the city with a load of oats for Dyer 2870 lbs Got seder posts 6.61 also 3 coils of wire $20.60

Thursday 18. Worked on pasture fence and assisted in the well driving in the forenoon

April, Friday 19. 1889. Boys set posts in the fore noon I helped Aaron & Nathan pull up their wash pipe that had got fast in the cacing Delt out wire a long the line of fencs

Saturday 20. Put up wire around the in closure in the pasture

April, Sunday 21. 1889. Visited the Hot spring Sabath School with my assistants found the attendence of the school somewhat less since our former visit We used our best indeavours to stir up officers and pupills

Monday 22. Sent a load of hay to Dyer 2040 lbs I and Johny planted Sugar kane seed in the garden

April, Tuesday 23. 1889. J J Harris to 1010 lbs Lucern hay caroline Harris to 250 lbs Lucern finished plowing the garden

Wednesday 24. Went to the City got 71 ft of wash pipe

April, Thursday 25. 1889. O Kilbourne to 620 lbs of hay I and Nathan run the well driver George put up fence for Emily Johny drove some of the yearlings back on to the mountain

Friday 26. Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting held at 2 PM at Farmington Sent a load of hay to Shepherd 2330 lbs $16.30

April, Saturday 27. 1889. worked with Nathan on the well driver George helped rebeca put in garden seeds

Sunday 28. Visited the South district school of Farmington and witnessed their Review which was vary interesting Also attended the Review of the North Sunday School of Centerville in the afternoon - together with my assistants

April, Monday 29. 1889. Continued well driving Struck good flow

Tuesday 30. Went to the City with a Grist to Armstrongs mill Got 65 ft casing

May, Wednesday 1. 1889. This is the mamorial day of Washington inaugeration as the first President of the Terroteal States Attended a Lecture Delivered by B H RoberS in the centerville meeting house

Thursday 2. planted potatoes pulled up some casing that was broak off in the well drove last Spring

May, Friday 3. 1889. Johny & George helped Aaron plant potatoes Cleaned out water ditch planted some corn

Saturday, 4. Boys helped Aaron put in potatoes finished planting them I and Nathan tried to was further down on his well but failed - Decreasing the flow instead of increasing it

May, Sunday 5. 1889. I with Bro. Kaynaston visited West Bountiful Sunday School and attended the Ward meeting. Bro Ellison was not with us

Monday, 6. Got the water on to my meadow Rained most of the day

May, Tuesday 7. 1889. Rained last night and is still Raining continued the water on the meadow

Wednesday 8. the Rain fall has ben copious. the water master turned off the water moved the well driver down to the pasture drove 50 ft struck a small flow

May, Thursday 9. 1889. Continued operations on the well driver washe down 110 ft further down struck flows but they choked up

Friday, 10. Nathan went to Farmington in the interest of the Acadmy I and the Boys put an other wire on the pasture fence Loded up a load of hay for Dyer

May, Saturday 11. 1889. Sent the hay to the City I and Nathan resumed driving on the well Struck a nice flow

Sunday 12. Visited the Centervill Sunday School with my assistants and attended the Ward meeting. Brother Sanford came from Logan

May, Monday 13. 1889. At home set George to plowing on the Botom farm summer following

Tuesday 14. finished puting the pasture fence Chored about the premices Showery in the afternoon

May, Wednesday 15. 1889. Some of the young stock came down off the mountain Still showery

Thursday, 16. Continues to be showey not mutch business done

May, Friday 17. 1889. moved the well driver up from the pasture set it up for driving on the well sunk last winter it being closed up

Saturday, 18. made the effort to open the well But failed having missed striking the disjointed casing

May, Sunday 19. 1889. I with Brolther Kaynaston visted the centeral sunday school of Farmington attended the Ward meeting

May, Monday 20. Went to the city got 56 ft of casing one inch 4 a half $5.72 paid Dr J S Richards on Dr Bill $15.00

May, Tuesday 21 1889. Drove on the well Struck something Solid and had to pull up a gane. moved a Shord distance to the east

Wednesday, 22. Continued driving dove 100 ft struck small flows

May, Thursday 23. 1889. continued on the well driving got more casing down 160 ft Loaned 100 Dollars of Eliza Struck a hard substene took up the wash pipes

Friday 24. Resumed driving But made little prgress. drew up the was pipes found lower nuckle muth battered

May, Saturday 25. 1889. Put a drill on the was pipe and resumed driving struck a clay bed of 20 ft thick striking a nice flow at its bottom

Sunday 26. Remained at home most of the day day - being afflicted with a pain in my Back attended the meeting of the High Priests held at East Bountiful at 4 PM Brother Kayanston visited the north Sunday School of Farmington

May, Monday 27. 1889. Went to the city got a cable ___ price $10 also some casing of Alfred Spencer in place of Som I get of him

Tuesday 28. __ ___ choring a round ___ of the pasture fence Nathan & Aaron are driving a well for A Harris Paid $100 on store bills leaving a ballnce of ___ yet due

May, Wednesday 29. 1889. Cleaned out the water ditch leading to the Cherry farm turned down the water being lent ___el stream Aaron & George continued driving for spencer

Thursday 30. Aaron & Nathan continued the driving for Spencer to day I hived a large swarm of Bees got unusuly gathering __ entering in a _____ place to divide This so ____ to day

May, Friday 31. 1889. attended the high council at 10 AM at the meeting house in Farmington and the monthly priesthood meeting at 2 PM

June, Saturday 1. I helped the Boys weed the Rye out of the fall wheat also Repaired the pasture fence

June, Sunday 2. 1889. Attended meeting in Centerville answered a letter from my Nephew Wilford Porter in Emry Co Utah

Monday 3. cleaned up the mower for cutting Lucern Sent a load of hay to Dyer 2510 lbs

June, Tuesday 4. 1889. Branded the yerling colts Boys took them to the mountains I cut Lucern in the afternoon Nathan & Aaron finished the well driving for a time

Wednesday 5. Cut and hauled two lods of Brush for the Bowery Cut and put up Lucern in the afternoon

June, Thursday 6. 1889. Attended fast meeting Boys cut and hauled in Lucern

Friday 7. Went to the City got a set of chairs and two wire Doores Boys put up Lucern

June, Saturday 8. 1889. hauled hay in the fore noon Boys worked in the garden in the afternoon

Sunday 9. Attended the qurtily conference of the Davis Stake held in the Bowery and meeting house George Q Cannon of the first Presidency and F D Richards of the Apostels were in attendence Who gave mutch valuable instructions

June, Monday 10. 1889. Conference continued with an increas of the Holly Spirit resting upon the speakers - Elders Cannon or Richards who spoke in great plainness and earnestness - which I believe will have a Salutary influence up upon the most if not all present

Tuesday 11. Resumed hauling Lucern Replowed some fallow land on the Botton farm howed in the garden while the Boys were bring in the hay. as I assisted in mowing a way

June, Wednesday 12. 1889. Boys hauled hay Johnny cut Lucern I howed and mowed a way hay thus I spent this day

Thursday 13. Nathan & George is hauling hay Johny is plowing I __ keeping up the odd jobs Runing tally &c

June, Friday 14. 1889. Nathan & George hauled Lucern I and Johny started to cut hay in the north field having wild oats in it found that the mower was out of repair for cutting grass. I repaired it and resumed cutting at 6 PM - cut untill sunset

Saturday 15. Nathan & George hauled Lucern Johny cultivated the Potatoes I howed in the garden had a strong wind from the North west at 5 PM with the appearence of rain

June, Sunday 16. 1889. Visited the cenetral and West Sunday Schools of Kaysvelle and attended the Ward meeting accompanied by Bro Kaynaston Brother Ellison being cripled was not with us

Monday 17. Was called to attend the funeral of Henry hale at the South Bountiful meeting house Spok a short time followed by Bishop Lee of Woodruff

June Tuesday 18. 1889. Went to the City and got repairs to my mower having brok the main casting comprising the body of the machine

Wednesday 19. Repaired the mower Boy hauled hay and Lucern for Aaron in the forenoon Sent a load a hay to Baskin 2160 lbs

June, Thursday 20. 1889. Cut and hauled Lucern plowed in the garden

Friday 21. Nathan ran the mower Johny & George hauled Lucern in forenoon Nathan cut Lucern hauled in Lucern in the afternoon

June, Saturday 22. 1889. howed and cultivated the potatoes Nathan finished cutting Lucern

Sunday 23. I with Bro Kananston visited the Northeast Sabath Schools of Kaysville Brother Ellision not having recovered from his lamness

June, Monday 24. 1889. Sent a load of hay to Dyer 2800 lbs Bunched up Lucern in the forenoon howed potatoes in the afternoon

Tuesday 25. Nathan & George hauled Lucern Johny cultivated the kane and potatoes I howed in the garden

June, Wednesday 26. 1889. Nathan & George hauled Lucern Johny plowed on the Bottom farm I howed and helped mow a way Lucern Elder Parmer Lectured at 9 PM last night

Thursday 27. Hauled in Lucern high wind put new plates in the gards of the mower

July, Tuesday 2. 1889. Sent the hay and oats to the city Johny & George hauled in hay I assisted in mowing a way

Wednesday 3. Rrun two teams hauling in hay Aaron helped I cut grass in the fore noon

July, Thursday 4. 1889.

This is the National Holliday. No deminstration in Centerville A selabration was held in Farmingto & Bountiful Thomas Steeds Barn and stacks with one of his hores were burned attended fast meeting

Friday 5. Raking and hauling in hay was the order of the day

July, Saturday 6. 1889. Cut grass and hauled in hay cleared the field of all that was bunched up

Sunday 7. Went with my assistants to South Weber visited the Sunday School and attended the Ward meeting

July, Monday 8. 1889. Raked up Bunched up and hauled in hay Started the binder in the afternoon

Tuesday 9. cut and hauled in hay Nathan run the Binder

July, Wednesday 10. 1889. This is my sixty ninth Birth day cutting grass, runing the binder and hauling in hay was the Business of the day. Sent $10 to Bro Sanford

Thursday 11. cut grain grass and hauled in hay

July, Friday 12. 1889. Finished cutting grass hauled in hay loded up a grist for the mill

Saturday 13. Sent the grist to the city mill. Put up hay in the cock

July, Sunday 14. 1889. Visited the South Weber & Kaysvill Joint Sunday School at carricuse

Monday 15. Started hauling hay wind blew so as to prevent hauling load a Shower of rain sent a load to the Tithing barn 1960 lb

July, Tuesday 16. 1889. Resieved vol 16 of Bancrofts work hauled in hay duering the day

Wednesday 17. Sent a load of hay to Shepherd by Aaron hauled in hay with a high wind untill 2 PM when it changed to a calm

July, Thursday 18. 1889. hauld in hay making a finish Sold two loads to parties working on the Denver Railrode gave them the privolige to camp in my pasture

Friday 19. hauled in the Rakings thus clearing the medow

July, Saturday 20. 1889. Boys shocked up grain howed and attended to the water in the garden

Sunday 21. Remained at home attended the Ward meeting held in the Bowery as the meeting house was still under prosess of painting Attended the Sunday School in the after noon

July, Monday 22. 1889. cut wheat in the North field Boys shocked up

Tuesday 23. Johny went on to the Mountain to see the young stock George shocked up grain

July, Wednesday 24. 1889. We had a fine sellebration of this 39th aniversity of the Entrence of the Pioneers in to the Valley All went off well Sister France passed away at about 2 PM having ben an invaled for many years - gaged 70

Thursday 25. Boys cut up wood for the stove most of time I repaired the pasture frence the stock having got in to Mr Hortins grain throug the Railrode implyers barking dow the fence at their camps in the pasture

July, Friday 26. 1889. Attended the funeral of Sister France Also the Priesthood meeting held in Farmington at 2 PM Paid my subscription to the Stake acadimy of one hundred Dollars

Saturday 27. Nathan Run the Binder cutting the last piece of grain the Boys shocked up I repaired up around the place

July, Sunday 28. 1889. Took the morning train of South Hooper to visit the Sunday School Brother Ellison joined me at Kaysville - Bro Kaynastohn having ben detained for some cause met my Brother Sanford at Sarecuse Station visited the school Put in Antonia Christianson - Supertintendent

Monday 29. Sent 1000 lbs of oats and 1050 lbs of hay to Salt Lake City to be delivered at the rase track for T Harris finished cutting grain Repaired the straw carrier to the thratcher

July, Tuesday 30. 1889. Sent a load of hay to Dwyer Johny finishe shocking the wheat

Wednesday 31. Boys put up the Lucern I finished repairing the straw carrier

August, Thursday 1. 1889. Attended fast meeting Boys hauled in Lucern took 1050 lbs to caroline Harres

Friday 2. finishe hauling in Lucern commenced to haul and stack wheat paid Wm Streeper up in full to date

August, Saturday 3. 1889. hauled and Stacked wheat I done the stacking reparing the fan to the thratcher at invervales

Sunday 4. Attended the Ward meeting at Centerville weather still hot Nathan and Mary emma went to the City with their fit out to start in with their studies at the accadamy

August, Monday 5. 1889. hauling stacking and repairing the thratcher was the order of the day

Tuesday 6. Continued hauling and Stacking grain finished hauling out of the North field Hyrum Smith took his hores away Sold them to O Z Kilbourn

August, Wednesday 7. 1889. hauled and Stack grain on the bottom farm R Cherry helped on Aarons act ran two teams Aaron Started in to work on the thratcher

Thursday 8. Continued Stacking on the bottom farm A B Cherry hlped hauled and stack on Aarons grain

August, Friday 9. 1889. I and the Boys continued hauling and Stacking on Aarons grain runing one team Assisted in administering to Josephs Smiths sick Child

Saturday 10. continued hauling Aarons grain it being loos made it slow work

August, Sunday 11. 1889. Visited the hot spring Sabath School and attended the meeting in the afternoon

Monday 12. George worked on the thratcher in the place of Aaron who went to Farmington I helped clean out Emilies well

August, Tuesday 13. 1889. Sent a load of hay to Dyer 2230 lbs I and Johny hauled barley for Aaron

Wednesday 14. Boys went on a fishing tower to the Weber canyon I got 508 ft of Lumber of Wm Streeper at 2 1/2 cts per foot $12.70 cts

August, Thursday 15. 1889. Cut weeds around the farm a long the fence line Resieved payment of five Dollars of Caroline Harris on hay and Lucern leaving due of 6 Dollars

Friday 16. took up honey in the fore noon

August, Saturday 17. 1889. took the pump and helped Charley Barber clean out his well Boys returned from their fishing trip

Sunday 18. Visited the South Bountiful Sunday School with my assistants

August, Monday 19. 1889. Went to the city with a load of oats for Dyer George worked on the thratcher for Aaron

Tuesday 20. Johny drove some of the young stock back to the mountain in the fore noon helped george clear off for stacking the straw Loaded up a load of hay for Farington S L City I went to Fords and Chales took a look at their hay cutter

August, Wednesday 21. 1889. Went to the City with the hay. colected sixty Dollars of Farington got a couple of well Buckets at 50 cts each

Thursday 22. Johny went a gane to the mountain with Stock I got scantling of Wm Streeper to put up a track in the barn to run a hay fork Loded up a load of hay

August, Friday 23. 1889. Went to the City got some Nails & bolts George went with the hay for Shepherd 2290 lbs

Saturday 24. commensed puting up the track in the Barn

August, Sunday 25. 1889. Visited West Bountiful Sunday School and attended the Ward meeting in the afternoon

Monday 26. George changed work with Aaron going on to the thratcher Aaron helping me in putting up the track for hay carrier

August, Tuesday 27. 1889. Continued the work on the hay carrier Loded up a load of hay for Dyer

Wednesday 28. I and Aaron went to the city with the hay. I purchased a hay carrier and fork with attchments for $11.00 Aaron Delivered the hay and went down to the race track and got a load of 2nd hand pipe for well driving

August, Thursday 29. 1889. loded up a load of hay for T Harris at the race track & Aaron took it down and got the remainder of the pipeing being in all 1100 ft put the hay carrier on to the track

Friday 30. Attended the session of the high council in the fore noon and the mothly Priest hood meeting in the after noon

August, Saturday 31. 1889. Spent most of the day in preparing for thratching my grain on monday next attended the funeral of Bro Smiths child at 5 PM

September, Sunday 1. Visited East Bountiful Sunday school with my assistants attended the Ward meeting

September, Monday 2. 1889. Commensed thratching my grain had three hundred and eighty Bushels of wheat on home farm

Tuesday 3. Continued thratching finished in the evening had 155 Bushels of wheat 180 Oats 50 Barley on Bottom farm

September, Wednesday 4. 1889. thratched Aarons grain finished at 11 AM Spent the remainder of the day straighning up things

Thursday 5. Boys cut up corn in the forenoon we cut ___ Lucern in the afternoon Did not attend fast meeting it having stoped my naend I sent in the fast offering all the same

September, Friday 6. 1889. continued cuting Lucern duering the day

Saturday 7. resumed cutting Lucern the weather is some cool yet vary dry

September, Sunday 8. 1889. Attended Stake quartily conference Presidents Wilford Woodruff and George Q Cannon were in attendence and occupied most of the time giving most eccelent in struction to the edification of all

Monday 9. Conference resumed its session Pres Wm R Smith presiding. Presidents Woodruff & Cannon still in attendence and continued feed the People with the Bread of life conference was adjourned for 3 months all repaired to their homes refreshed in spirit

September, Tuesday 10. 1889. Sent a load of hay to the City by Aaron for Dyer Boys cut Lucern I commenced to put a track for a hay carrier in the old Barn

Wednesday 11. hauled in seede Lucern finished putting up the track

September, Thursday 12. 1889. continued hauling Lucern Aaron helped load

Friday 13. finished the Lucern that was cut. have some more to cut

September, Saturday 14. 1889. hauled Aarons Lucern for seed he went to the City with hay for me

Sunday 15. Visited the South Sunday School of Centerville with my assistants attended the Ward meeting in the forenoon Elder B H Roberts occupied the time vary interestingly

September, Monday 16. 1889. Boys helped gather peaches in the morning loded up a load of hay for the race track custermer George started with the thratcher to thratch Lucern seed for Smith of Farmington

Tuesday 17. Aaron went with hay to the Race track Johny went to the mountain with some young stock I cut willows for posts

September, Wednesday 18. 1889. loded up an other load of hay Aanor took to Dyer Johny cut some of Nathans corn I cut more posts

Thursday 19. took some sweet clover I had cut hauled down and scattered it on the salt land in the pasture loded up hay and oats - oats for Dyer

September, Friday 20. 1889. Went to the city with the oats for Dyer Paid to Dr J Richards $10.00 on his bill

Saturday 21. Attended a special meeting of the high council at Farmington sent a load of hay to Farington 2220 lbs $16.65

September, Sunday 22. 1889. Visited the north Ward Sunday School of Kaysville formaly called the Northeast school there now being a Ward organised in that district Presidents Smith Hess and Call being in attendence

Monday 23. Cut seed Lucern and sent a load of hay to Shepheard 2210 lbs

September, Tuesday 24. 1889. Attended a meeting of the high council and Stake Bord and Kaysvill Bord

Wednesday 25. Cutting Lucern Striping Kane and reparing fence was the Business of the day

September, Thursday 26. 1889. Johny Raking stuble and striping kane occupied most of th time

Friday 27. Attended the monthly Priest hood meeting and a session of the high council held at Farmington

September, Saturday 28. 1889. hauled Lucern and repairing fence on the line of the Railrode

Sunday 29. Visited the South Sunday School of Farmington and the North School of Centerville

September, Monday 30. 1889. Repaired the Board fence on the line of the railrode Johny and George striped kane

October, Tuesday 1. cut toped and hauled the kane to the molases mill

October, Wednesday 2. 1889. commenced thratching the Lucern

Thursday 3. took Barels to the molases mill finished thratching Attended fast meeting

October, Friday 4. 1889. Went the City on the morning train to attend Conference commencing at 10 AM as also the fair Returned home in the evening

Saturday 5. Returned to conference by team with Eliza and Aaron my Brother Lyman and his son Alvy also Edson & Justin my nephews went down in separate conveyances Aall of the Apostels were in attendence eccept Brigham Young and _ Teasdale

October, Sunday 6. 1889. Conference continued ending at 4 PM with an unusually large attendence caused in a measure by the anual f__r being opened Mutch rich in structions were given and mutch of the holy spirit injoyed it was a time of refreshing

Monday 7. Attended the Sunday School Union meeting last night held in the Tabernicle And and a meeting of the Presidents of Stakes high Councils Bishops & their councils held at 10 AM to day

October, Tuesday 8. 1889. Returned home last evening Boys hauld Lucern tops and thratched beans I set fire to the wheat stuble it would not Burn as desiered

Wednesday 9. Johny sowed Timothy seed on the Stuble I tried burn off I and George hauled posts down to the pasture sent 20 dollas to L Carter at Logan

October, Thursday 10. 1889. Sent a load of tithing squashes to the Tithing office Salt Lake City

Friday 11. Johny finished sowing Timothy seed George dug post holes on the line of fence in the pasture

October. Saturday 12. 1889. Set a load of hay to Dyer 2270 lbs attended a meeting of the High Council and Bishops and their councils called by the President of the Stake

Sunday 13. Held the Simianual conference of the Superintendents of the Sunday School of the Stake at Farmington Elders George Godard & James Morgan of the General Supertendency were in attendence

October, Monday 14. 1889. set posts on pasture fence line Rained in the evening

Tuesday 15. Rained most of the day

October, Wednesday 16. 1889. Boys hauled out manure on to the meadow

Thursday 17. hauled manure and repaired things about the Barn

October, Friday 18. 1889. Went to the city with Eliza and some of the children to purchase clothing George hauled manure

Saturday 19. finished hauling the manure out of the old Barn seller delt out the wire on the fence line in the pasture

October, Sunday 20. 1889. Visited the south Weber sabath school attended the Ward meeting

Monday 21. hauled some manure out of the New barn stable put up a grist for the mill George got started to school

October, Tuesday 22. 1889. Went to the city with hay for Farington 2320 lbs. Also took a Cook stove with beding & provisions to the my folks who are going to school

Wednesday 23. put up wire fence in the pasture

October, Thursday 24. 1889. put up a pair of Bars at the south west corner of the pasture in forenoon Attended Brother Wrights funeral

Friday 25. Attended a meeting of the High Council in the fore noon and the mothly Priest hood meeting in the faternoon

October, Saturday 26. 1889. Dug potatoes duerring the day

Sunday 27. Visited the Siracus Sunday school or the Joint school in the siracuse district with my Assistants

October, Monday 28. 1889. Johny started to school I repaired & cleaned out some of the stalls helped Aaron load up the well driver to set at T Harises

Tuesday 29. Worked at the stalls part of the day

October, Wednesday 30, 1889. Rained duering the intire day worked at the stalls Dyer sent for a load of hay

Thursday 31. Went to the City wityh a load of hay for Dyer 1980 lbs

November, Friday 1. 1889. Repaired sone of the mangers in the Stable

Saturday 2. Dug the remainter of the potatoes had 75 Bushels all told

November, Sunday 3. 1889. I with my assistants visited the South Hooper Sabath chool attended the Ward meeting. occupied most of the time in speaking

Monday 4. Went to the City with Tithing potatoes oats Barley and turkey and chickings

November, Tuesday 5. 1889. Repaired some of the pasture fence Went over to Emilies and repaired up her fence around her hay stack

Wednesday 6. Got 2 loads of coal from the switch Aaron having charge of the car load



3340 total

November, Thursday 7. 1889. Attended fast meeting in the forenoon

Friday 8. masured up oats to take to Dryer also some wheat to take to mill for Emily

November, Saturday 9. 1889. Went to the city with the oats and wheat and some turkeys

Sunday 10. Visited the centeral School of Kays ward with my assistants

November, Monday 11. 1889. helped Aaron set up the well driver to run for H B Roberts loded up three loads of hay

Tuesday 12. Aaron took two loads of hay to Dyers Ranch I took one to Shepherd

November, Wednesday 13. 1889. Rained and Snowed duering the day and evening hauled out Sone manure.

Thursday 14. worke some at the stalls in the stable

November, Friday 15. 1889. took a load of hay to T Haris loded up a load for Dyer

Saturday 16. Johny took the hay to Dyer Salt Lake City I repaired some of the stalls in the stable

November, Sunday 17. 1889. Visited the West district School of Kaysvill with Bro Kaynaston Bro Ellis attended the funeral of his grand Child

Monday 18. Repaired up the Sulky plows and made a Start for fall plowing Met with John Pool he having just come in from Cammass with his teams

November, Tuesday 19. 1889. J Pool set in to stay with and help me in doing my chores and winters work for which I winter his teams - consisting of four head of horses

Wednesday 20. Attended a meeting of the priesthood of the Centerville Ward called by the presidency of the Stake to see if all were in full fellowship with the Presidency of the Stake and Each other

November, Thursday 21. 1889. J Pool run in the sulky plow. I visited the Whittakers who was bereaved by the Death of her Son last night whome she had felt recovering from Sore throat or Diphteria

Friday 22. Attended the funeral of Sister Whittakers Son Alama - 13 years of age - who Died of Pnumonia so call J Pool run the plow

November, Saturday 23. 1889. Killed a heifer for Beef Aaron went ot the city and mad full payment on my desert land Entery. resived a receipt of full payment

Sunday 24. Visited the North Sabath School of Farmington Attended the Ward meeting the Presidency of the Stak were present and occupied some of the time

November, Monday 25. 1889. J Pool run the Sulkey plow plowing for Aaron I and Johny loded up a load of hay hauled out manure

Tuesday 26. Aaron went to the City with the hay for Farington But he refused to pay any rise on the hay and so it was Sold on the Street to an other party

November, Wednesday 27. 1889. This is thanks Giving day J Pool run the plow hauled out Som manure

Thursday 28. helped Nathan put up some posts far a wire fence on the east of his house between him and Wm Barber

November, Friday 29. 1889. Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting at Farmington also a meeting of the high Council

Saturday 30. Sold my Lucern seed to Franklin King. Cleaned and delivered it to him being 918 lbs at 6 1/2 cts per pound Aaron took the hay to city

December, Sunday 1. 1889. Visited Centeral Sunday School of Farmington and attended the Ward meeting Rained duering the intire afternoon

Monday 2. Drove 9 head of beef cattle to Whites slaughter yard Weight 8980 lbs gross at 2 cts per pound got 529 feet of planks of Streeper.

December, Tuesday 3. 1889. Layed down floore in Stable J Pool run the plow on Aarons land in the afternoon

Wednesday 4. Pool plowed for Aaron I layed down more floore in the Stable

December, Thursday 5. 1889. Marshels visited Centerville early this morning in serch for J Adams - having arrested his plural wife at Uninta last evening. they failed to find their prey this time. I passed their out fit Standing at the Coop Store as day lite was dawning Got 1175 lbs coal from the depo - for N T Jr

Friday 6. Went to the city with a grist collected of Shepherd $30.00 on the two loads of hay - Delivered on Nov 12 & 30 Reseved of White & Sons a check of $179.60 in full for nine head of beef

December, Saturday 7. 1889. Loded up a load of hay for Dyer Pool run the Sulkey plow plowing for Aaron

Sunday 8. Took the morning train to Kaysville to attend the quartily Conference Conference convened at 10 AM George Q Cannon of the first Presidency and M F Lyman & A Braham H Cannon of the twelve were in attendence mutch good Council was given

December, Monday 9. 1889. Conference continued But the those lading Brethren were not in attendence Being unabel to attend on account of other duties yet we had an interesting time through the manifestations of the Spirit through those who addressed the meeting

Tuesday 10, Went to the City withe hay for Dyler 2133 lbs cacheed the check form White 179.60

December, Wednesday 11. 1889. Wind blew vary hard from the south duering the day J Pool plowed sifted lime on my wheat in the grainery as the wevel had made their appearence

Thursday 12. Loded a load of hay for Shepherd also one to an other party for Aaron Sister Whittaker has two more of her children down with the diptheria

December, Friday 13. 1889. Johny went to the city with the hay for Shepherd 2330 lbs he came home with a Severe head ache and Sore throat

Saturday 14. Johny is no better has quite a fever and Sore throat I went and assisted in attending on the Dippharia cases of Sister Whittaker her Daughter - Grace - is now a corps - and an other is down with the disease

December, Sunday 15. 1889. Still at Sister Whittakers attended the Burial of Deare little Grace las night her Sister Mary had a tolerable nights rest and feels as well in mind as could be exspected under the circumstances I learned that Johny was worse And so returned home to attend on him

Monday 16. Johny is some better through the blessing of the Lord in the administration of the anointing and laying on of hands. 2 PM Johny is still improving. he had several Symptoms of the Diptheria put up some fence between Nathan & Wm Barber so as to keep the stock out

December, Tuesday 17. 1889. J Pool run the plow in the after noon I attened to the chores

Wednesday 18. Repaired the walking plow and had it runn as the cutter of the Sulkey did not run true

December, Thursday 19. 1889. filled up the cattle rack with Straw & chaff the weather continues cloudy and Stormy hauled some Lucern chaff to the pastur for the young horses

Friday 20. I and J Pool put more Straw in the cattle rack laid down more floore in the cow stable

December, Saturday 21. 1889. I and Nathan filled up the cattle rack with straw and chaff in the fore noon cleared off last night But is now couding up with the appearence of Storm

Sunday 22. Went to Kaysvile visited the West Distret Sunday School with assistant John Ellison attended the Ward meeting Returning on the evening train which was belated 2 1/2 hours having entered upon the General fast to be observed by the Saints - from sunset to Sunset to morrow evening

December, Monday 23. 1889. Assembled with the Brethren and Sisters with their children in continuation of the fast with preyer and supplicatons to our Heavenly Father to for give us of our Sins and Shortcomings - and to soften the hearts of our opressors to ward his People and to so controle their acts so that no injury would accrue to Zion

Tuesday 24. Attended to the ordnary affairs about home Delivered a load of hay to T Harris 1660 lbs

December, Wednesday 25. 1889. this is christmas day had the pleasure of having the members of my family assemble at my residence and partak of refreshments and also of an union of centiment and spirit serve the Lord more fully in the future where ever our lot may be cast

Thursday 26. Filled the cattle rack with Straw

December, Friday 27. 1889. Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting held at Farmington

Saturday 28. Spent the day choring about the premices

December, Sunday 29. 1889. Visited the 2nd Ward Sunday School of Kaysville

Monday 30. Loded up a load of hay for Dyer filled the cattle rack

December, Tuesday 31. 1889. Killed and dressed a calf for New years



Stock taken on to the Mountain

1 Red yearling Steer white in face tail & legs

1 yearl heifer red Spot in the white of face

1 year old deep red steer

1 pale red heifer

1 year Brindle Steer Spot in face

1 " old Red Rrone heifer wh Spot in fore head

1 year " Red with white face mostly so

1 year " Red steer with white in face - on flanks & end of tail N T Jr

1 year old Red heifer white Belly & half of tail

1 year " Steer red sides Rone belly & red legs A B P

1 year old white heifer

1 " " Rhone heifer

2 2 year old white Steer

1 " " " Red Steer

1 " " " lite Brindle

1 " " " Dar Brindle "

1 " " " red & white "

1 " " " lite red pided "

1 " " " Red spot in fore head

1 " " " Rone Steer

1 " " " lite rone heifer

1 " " " Red heifer

1 " " " lite red

1 " " " pided heifer

1 " " " ronish Stag

1 pale red cow


1 N T Jr - 2 year old pale red heifer


1 A B P 2 year old red Bull



Wheat emptied in to bin belonging to H Parish

267 lbs gross

333 " "

226 " "

218 " "

322 " "

434 " "

297 " "

2097 gross

tare 19 "

net 2078 "


Nov 9 by 435 lbs wheat

Mar 10 630 " " 1890 chicking feed

60 " "

Aug 25th 60 1890 chicking feed

Sept 3rd 360

Oct 8 90

1635 2078





Act with Wm Streeper

Aug 1st by twine - sections to hay knife &c $37.50

Aug 2nd to cach $37.50

Aug 14th by 508 ft Lumber at 2 1/2 cts per foot $12.70

Aug 22nd 133 ft 4+4 runing measure at 3 1/2 per foot 3.30

64 ft 2+4 - at 2 1/4 $1.70

Sept 12th by 270 ft Squar 6.75

" 23 Rake teeth 1.50

Oct 10 1760 coal 3.95


Nov 2 by cach on Settlement being in full 29.90



on toll of meshene

going to Ford 3 1/2 B oats

" to Aaron 24 wheat

coming from J Woolley 5 B Barley


Memoranda. of horse

May 21st Wm Rollins to 186 lbs oats - at $140 per hundred

" 25th to 250 lbs hay $1.75

Jun 6th to 93 lbs oats

" 19 to 91 " "

Sept 10th to cach $10.00 in full payment for 2 mares for the season



Jun 19th Baskins to 2365 lbs of hay $17.25

July 17th by cach $17.00

June 25 caroline Harris to 1070 lbs Lucern

July 1st 500 lbs of hay

Aug 1st 1250 lbs Lucern

Aug 15 Due on settlement $11.00

Resieved in payment 5.00

Bllence Due 6.00

Sept 28th 1150 lbs Lucern

Oct 16 Resieved pay ment

Oct 24 T Haris 1290 hay

Nov 14 " " 1830 "

Dec 24th to 1660 lbs hay



Memoranda. 1889

Tithing for the present year lbs

Jun 12 by 1 load Lucern hay 2500

" 14 " " " " " 2450

" 21 " " " " " 2500

" 26 " " " " " 1800


Timothy hay

July 1st one load 1800

" 8 " " 1500

" 11 " " 2270

" 15 " " 1960

" 16 " " 2370


1889 Memoranda.

George Earl

Apr 5th to Store good at Barber $1.75

" 6 to cach 5.00

May 2 to cach 1.50

" 7 " " 10.00

Jun 3 " " .50

July 29 " " 8.50

" " 2 pair of socks .60

Aug 10th " store order 3.00

" 13th " cach 4.00

" 23 " " on Suit 16.00

" " " " 1.00

sept 13 " overhalls .70

" 20 " to cach 10.00

oct 4th to cach 5.00

" 10th " " 2.00

" 22" " " 5.00


51 74.50







Date. Shepherd Dolls.Cts.

Due on Settlement 35.00

Apr 1st to 2040 lbs of hay $14.30

" 26th to 2330 lbs 16.35

Jun 10th to 2240 " 15.65

July 17 " 2290 " 15.90

Aug 23 " 2290 " 15.90

Sept 23 " 2110 " 16.55

Oct 15 " 2400 18.00

Nov 12 " 1955 " 14.65

" 30 " 1750 " 14.00


Shepherd Met Resievd

Apr 6th by cach 20.00

May 11 " " 25.00

Jun 18 " " 20.00

July 17 " " 16.00

Aug 23 " " 15.00

Sept 23 " " 15.00

Nov 12 " " 18.00

Dec 6 " " 30.00

Dec 13th to 2330 lbs hay $17.45

Jan 10 1890 to 2550 lbs 19.12

Jan 10 1890 by cach 17.45



Date. Davis stake Sunday schools - Decrese No.

1887 Decrese 122

1888 " 176

Mar 28 Aaron to 26 B seed oats

May 13th wire of Streeper 38 lbs


Notes and Bills

Farington on hay act

May 9th to 2100 lbs hay $14.70

" 15th Resieved on former hay delivered 17.50

Jun 29 to 2320 lbs hay 16.20

Aug 21st " 2245 15.60

Sept 21 to 2220 lbs 16.65


July 20 by cash $14.50

Aug 21st " " 16.00

Sept 21st by cach 15.00

Oct 26 " " 16.50


Oct 22 to 2380 lbs 19.05



Expence on well driving

Mar 23 to dies 15.00

" " " pipe cutters 3.50

" " " 12 ft of hoes 2.16

" " 2 clafts .30

total 20.96


Notes and Bills

Exspences at the Acadamy - S L City

Aug 5th to cach $25.00

" 11" " " 10.00

" " " check on bank 5.00

" 18 " cach 6.00

Sept 1st " " 4.00

" 8 " " 1.00

" 22 " " 1.75

" 29 " " 2.50

Oct 6 " " 5.00

" 13 " " 10.00

" 31st " " 1.00

Nov 4th " " 5.00

" " " " 1.00

" 10 " " 3.00

" 17 " " 2.00

Dec 6 " " 5.00

" 8 " " 2.00

" 10 " " 1.00


Cash Account--February.

coal of Streeper 1760 lbs Red Canyon


Cash Account--April.


6th A__d 20.00

" of Dyer 48.30

12 _____ 14.70

16 for oats 75.18

day Paid.

5 G Earl 1.75

6 " " 5.00

8 to Taylor 8.40

" cin Jones 7.00

ticket 1.50

9 loned to A B 2.00

12 couplings .80

" wash pipe .45

" Rope 40 ft 2.00

16 wire 20.60

" nuckel 1.10

" cupler .25

" Stapels .60


Cash Account--May.


9th Farington 17.50

18 Dyer 30.20


19 for casing 7.50

" to george 10.00

20 Dr Rich 15.00

" casing 5.70

" Striper 2.90


Cash Account--June.

Wm Streeper

Dec 26 to 93 ft Lumber $ 2.20

" by cach 15.00


Cash Account--July.

Wheat tithing 41 B

Oats " 11 1/4 "

Barley " 3 "


Barley 7 B tole

4 " seed

12 " clark


oats 8 B tole

15 " seed

16 " hands

18 " clark


wheat 44 tole

22 hands

30 seed

20 hiered help


181 50

57 23

124 27

Grain crop 1889

Wheat 565

oats 181

Barley 50


on clarks land

Wheat 14 B

oats 55 "

Barley 12 "


Cash Account--September.

Due E T Clark on rent of land

Wheat 4 1/4 Bushels

Oats 16 "

Barley 3 1/2 "


Cash Account--October.

wire Door 6 ft 8 nch long 2 ft 10 1/4 wide

Nov 6th by coal 1820 lbs

" " " " 1520 "


Cash Account--November.

caseing No of feet 20 - 9 in

casing from Spencer ft

3 joints 25-10

1 " 9

1 " 9-2


Cash Account--December.

Mar 1st to ___ ___ Clark ____ ____ to greed ___ Straw

May 8 John Thomas to 16 Bush Seed wheat

" 17th to 130 lbs

Feb 23 from Bronson 58 Beef 2.90

Mar 13th Wm Streeper for 10 2lbs of to ___ ___ ___ Brown

Resieved ____ _____ _____



casting 216 ma in 1877

Ribits gard plates flye wheel Penion

Dowdle Family

John Clark Dowdle

Mary Ann Dowdle parents

John S Dowdle 24

Samuel C " 21

Hannah E " 20

Eliza R " 19

Robert A " 18

Wm James " 17

Joseph A B " 13

Sauel P grandson 7


Mar 17 Brandon took 1 cow from straw feedling

had a thurer bred colt folded Mar 18 - 1889

Shepherd a load of hay at the ____


to make Linement Mix equal parts of turpentine & vinegar take the white of two eggs to put of the mixture Beat the eggs well. This is good for cuts and sores in Man & Beasts

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