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wire for scrsen

Buggy shafts 44" wide

harness inch & 1/2 clip


508 oats

1629 lbs wheat went to Wooley

Resieved 1487 neat


N T Porters Dira Book for 1888

Jan 1st 1888 Sunday I am not yet relieved from the lamness in my back but am more closly confined to the house which is quite disagreeable

Mon 2nd ordained my son Nathan T to the office of an Elder. also Hareld Smith to the same office. Father John Ford paid me a visit also my Daughter inlaw Rebecca with her children

Tues 3rd Some better. walked out to the Barn spent most of the day in doors

Wed 4th still improving so that I began to prepair to leave on my contemplated trip to Logan on the 4 oclock train went to the store got 2 pairs of drawers left at 2 PM by train to Farmington called on E T Clark taking the train at 5 PM arrived at Ogden 5 40 PM borded the Utah North leavend at 6 PM arrived at Logan at 10.30 PM found all well at our quarters there ecccept Alma who was confined to the house with his fractured leg which of ben disablilytion I got a long well with my lamness feeling not mutch the worse for the trip

Thurs 5th Arrose this morn not feeling suffichently recovered from my lamness to commence my labours in the Temple. therefore remained in doors with Alma looking over the Record

Fri 6th Snow is now 20 inches deep on the level wrote a few lines home then resumed looking over the Book containing our Temple work so as to make a proper connection with our former work

Sat 7th vary cold with a clear skye Spent most of the time in reading as Nancy was not present to assist me on the Record

Sun 8th Vary cold last night Sun now shining plesantly but not comfoatly occupied the day in coppying in to my record or the Record of our Temple work

Mon 9th continued my labours on the record Nancy assisting me Still vary cold we sent out an order for a ton of coal $8.50 I furnished the amount

Tues 10th Spent the after noon in recording Nancy being at Liberty to assist

Wed 11th commenced work in the Temple, my back being some better

Thur 12th continued the Temple work till 9 P M rettuned to quarters and resumed coppying on to the record

Fri 13th Finished my Temple work for the week. finished Recording the Baptisms. the induments still remain to be coppied on to the general Record

Satur 14th vary cold last night and continues this morning vary clear skye with a cold south wind. walked over to the other place where Sanford & folks are located on the Lot we contemplate purchasing if maters continue favourable my back being some better found they will eccept Alma his leg still pain ful he is vary anxious to return home being unable to continue his work in the Temple

Sun 15th continues cold put calm Spend the day looking over the records correcting any error or omition to be found compairing the coppying with the original deziering to have all things contained in our Record correct

Mon 16th No change in the weatherfully perceptible Spent the day mostly in erading and writing up my Journul

Tues 17th Wrote another letter home not having resieved any answer to the prieveous one on account of the Blockade on the Utah Northern there having ben but one mail for several days one is exspected this afternoon No Temple work to day so all are at quarters

Wed 18th Resumed labouring in behalf of the dead the weather is softning a little. trains are beginning to runn the Bolckade but not on Scheduled time

Thur 19th Still able to continue my labours. Resieved a letter from home by which I learn that two of the Children are sick but not considered seriously Johnny & Arete. and that the weather was cold with 8 inches of snow

Frid 20th continued the good work of Redemption. there is now a light Snow falling 1.30 PM

Sat 21st Snow fell to a bout 4 inches. it has now changed to rain which is setling the snow vary mutch. and has the appearence of a general thaw

Sun 22nd The weather continues warm the snow is decomposing vary fast I wrote another letr home in answer to the one resieved

Mon 23rd Froze last night but is now cloudy and misting with rain. Sanford and Lyman killed the pig they have ben feeding for pork I and Nancy spent most of the day in coppying names on to the record

Tues 24th This is Baptising day so I remained at home coccupying the time in insurting refferences to individual names in the Record my son Nathan T arrived from home with his chosen Anna Adams - at 10 P M reported all well at home. little Aron my grand Son however had come down with measels. which is spreading in the Ward.

Wed 25th continued the Temple work Nathan and Anna were united in the sacred Bonds of Wedlock at 3 PM took a walk with them down around in the Town. called in to ZCMI store procured a packedge of Rasens to send to the children

Thurs 26th Nathan and Anna left for home 6.30 AM We repaired to the Temple and resumed our labors spent the evening part of the day in coppying in to the record

Frid 27th Repaired to the Temple and resumed our labours. finishing up for the week coppied in to the Record duering the evening

Sat 28th clear and pleasent this morning. this is washing day with Women at our quarters and choring a round for the Men recorded in the afternoon

Sun 29th the weather is comparitively mild this morning I occupied the day and evening in recording induments & Sealings from Nancys Book so as to Bring up the work to present date

Mon 30th continued the work of recording as constantly as Nancy had time to assist me. took a walk down Ttown came around by the Temple called for our mail got nine letters but none for my Self so I contented my self in getting the Desert News

Tues 31st A frosty fog is insurrounding the valley this morning. T. Spackman came last night and stoped with us. my companions have gone to their work it being Baptising day.

Weds Feb 1st The air a degree or two colder this morning heavy frost on the trees with a clear Skye. Resumed our labours in the Temple the renewal of my recommend however has failed to reach me

Thur 2nd This is fast day Also what is call Bar Day and as it is a clear skye the sign is there will be six weeks more cold weather. We had a vary interesting in the Temple before resuming our labours I resieved my recommend with a few lines from home stating that all were well eccept my little son Jesse he having come in contact with a pointed iron which pierced through his boot into his ankle

Fri 3rd Finished our Temple work for the week. weather comparitively moderate Depaties are making all most dily raids here abouts

Sat 4th: Cloudy with a little moderation in the atmosphere washing Sewing and spliting up wood and putting it under cover was the business in the fore noon, And the attending and Listning to a vary interesting Lecture delivered by Elder J A Lishman in the Temple commencing at 2 P M and ending at 3.40 was the subject matter that engaged our attention in the after noon Spent the evening in reading the Deseret News which contained an account of the Death and dying testimony of David Whitmore to the Angels visit his appearence and presenting to him self and the other two Witnesses of the Book of Mormon. the golden plates withe the Sword of Laben and the Urum and Thummim his testimoney on this occasion is the more Striking being given in the last hours of his mortal existance on Earth. Especily to unbelievers

Sun 5th Attended the General meeting in the Tabernincle and listned with interest to the Several Speakers PS wrote a letter to J Kayanston

Mon 6th I and Lyman exorsised our Selves in Sawing Splitting and carrying the wood into the wod house during the fore noon the aftere noon in reading Lectures delivered in the Temple

Tues 7th This being Baptising day I remain in at our quarters the weather is still moderate though thawing but little spent most the day examing the Books correcting mistakes filling up where any thing has ben omitted

Weds 8th Resumed my labour in the good work of redemtion on behalf of the dead weather still softning down

Thurs 9th continued the good work having now quite recovered from the Rhematics so that I can move a bout as usual for which I feell thankful

Fri 10th Finished our Temple work for the week the snow is going off

Sat 11th Assisted Sanford getting a team and taking a grist to the mill. Went with him to the Depo and got half ton of coal. at 10 AM the People gathering in to the Tabernicle it being the Stake quartily conference attended in the aftenoon

Sun 12th attended the Conference duering the day. Apostle F D Richards in attendence and occupyid a good portion of the time giving mutch valuable instruction which I trust will result in mutch good to all present which will be the case so far as put into practice others spoke with mutch spirit and interest incouraging the Saints to renewed dillligence on the observence of evry requierment in the Gospel.

Mon 13th I and Lyman assisted Sanford in Cleaning out the well at the place he is occupying cut and Split up Some wood. Brother Perry from Springvill called on us and Spent most of the evening in looking over our Geneologies in serch of Some names he wish to trace out.

Tues 14th All but my self are gone to resume their work in the Temple I spent the day in sawing Splitting up wood reading &c I anticipate leaving for home on thursday mornings train

Weds 15th resumed the good work in behalf of those on the other side of the vail Mry Clark came last night to commence her labour in like manner

Thur 16th took the cars for home at 7 AM arriving at home 11 A M found all well

Fri 17th I visited President Smith-- and others indeavered to collect some means that was due me but failed to suceed. visited my Daughter Emily. was called upon to Bless a child arranged to go to the city on the morrow to make final proof on my deseret Land Entry

Sat 18th Wet to the city with my Witnesses and made final proof on the Land above mentioned paid a fee of $15.00 to the Attornies Bird and Law for making out the papers

Sun 19th I with my assistants visited the West District Sunday Shool of caysville and filled up the vacances caused by the Death of the Sperintendent Brother Joseph Marsden settin a part Brother James Green as Superintendent with Webb and Thomas Robins as assistants

Mon 20th Went Farmington got a cirtiffecate of my water rights from the county court Stoped over night with E T Clark

Tues 21st Returned home Stoped at J Fords got Some Grape Cuttings the Boys loded up a load of hay for White Delivered at his Slaughter yard

Wed 22nd Boys took the hay to the Slaughter yard I Cleaned out the pig Styes and looked after the young Stock in the lower yards

Thur 23rd Loded up an other load of hay for White plowed a peice of ground in the garden for grape cutting

Fri 24th Took the hay to Whites the king bolt of the wagon broke which detained me for a couple of hours on the road

Sat 25th filled the racks with Straw for the loos stock in both yards

Sun 26th I with my assistants visited the North district Sunday School of Farmington and attended the Ward meeting in the after noon

Mon 27 commenced plowing a gane I and John run the team Nathan having been unwell for Several days

Tues 28th continued plowing duering the day finished the Smith field

Wed 29th harnessed up the teams for work but it set in Snowing which Stpped further movements in that direction

Thur Mar 1st This is fast day - which I observed at home not wishing to be come publick as yet. The Boys filled up the racks with Straw Got 1487 labs of seed wheat from J W Woolley on exchange for 1629 lbs

Fri 2nd Nathan and Aaron went to the City to purchase me a Wagon and Set of harnesses &c I dressed the seed wheat. filled the Racks

Sat 3rd Put new shafts in the Buggy they cost $5.00 Boys took some wheat to the mill for chop feed

Sun 4th visited South Bountiful to attend the Sunday School review Ecspecting to meet Brothers Godard and his assistants But the review was postponed on account of the Death of Brother Thomas Winegars Son of a bout 20 years of age. So I with Bro Kaynaston visited the West Bountiful School in stead from there to the North Sabath School of Centervill in the afternoon. Set apart Charles Rockwood as first assistant to Superentendent G O Chase in the place of A Ford resigned also Caty Chase as secretary and Wm W Streeper jr assistant Secratry we then went to East Bountiful and attended the high Priests meeting at 4 PM

Mon 5th Sacked up oats for white and Sons. sent notices to Some of the S S Superentendens of the Simianual meeting on the last Sunday of the present month 25 inst

Tues 6th Nathan went down to the city with the oats I and Johny put more Straw in the Racks Snowed with a strong wind from the Norh west

Wed 7th Boys took some hay to Prophet $3.50 I repaired the corall gate & hedge fence loded up a load of hay

Thur 8th Cloudy with a driting rain. cleaned out and the stalls & laid a rack floor in one of the Stalls in the Barn Stables

Fri 9th Nathan and Johny took the hay to Whites Slauter yard I chored a bout the premices

Sun 11th Attended the South Bountiful Sunday School Review with my assistants Superndent George Godard was in attendence from the City we had a vary interesting time returned home. found Nathan mutch better from an attack of chills and sick Stomach duering the fore part of the night. Attended a meeting at East Bountiful in the evening

Mon 12th repaired the corell gate Thomas Tingey took one of his cows

Tues 13th I and Joney filled the racks with Straw Sold Taylor a gag of hay $2.00

Wed 14th I and Johny took a load of hay to White & Sons S L City 2090 lbs

Thur 15th commenced plowing a gane run two teams on the Sulkies

Frid 16 continued plowing finished that part that was summer fallowed on the Cheney farm

Sat 17th The Stake quartily Conference convenes this morning at 10 AM in East Bountiful I did not attend considering it wisdom to remain a way from Publick meeting on week days especially Boys run the plows

Sun 18th Attended the Conference there was a good attendence not withstanding the weather had changed to a Siddy rain which continued duering the fore noon Heber J Grant of the Apostels was in attendence with Semour B Young of the Presidency of the Seventies and Robert Cambel the principle clerk the Remarks of the different Speakers was vary interesting and instructive duerring the intire session and the people returned to the homes with increased hopes & anticipations for Zions faithful childrens triumph over the powers of evil

Mon 19th had quite an Easter this morning but the wind is now changed to the North West Wrote a letter to the folks in Logan. the Boys took a load of hay to Prophet

Tues 20th The Boys put in grain with the Seder on the Smith Land I chored a round the premices

Wed 21st continued putting in grain I spent the day mostly in the garden putting out current sitings Let Hyrum Parish have half a ton of hay

Thur 22nd continued puting in grain. prepared a piece of ground for small fruit

Fri 23rd Boys put in grain on the Bottom and in the north field I viterald some wheat

Sat 24th Rained last night and this morning Seased about 10 AM hauled the waist Straw into the correll

Sun 25th Snowed last night and is cloudy this morning I with Brother Kaynaston went and attended our Simianual meeting of the officers of the Sunday Schools of the Stake at Farmington met with Brother Godard at Brother Clarks we repaired to the meeting which convened at 10 AM as announced assistant J Ellison joined us in attendence the Schools was but partially represented on account of the incelemency of the weather we occupied the forenoon and part of the afternoon in giving in reports and listning to the instructions given by Superintendent Godard his assistants Brothers Willis & Morgan being detained a way the rest oif the time was occupied by the Presidency of the Stake Wm R Smith and J W Hess mostly by the latter who Spoke with mutch earnestness and of great interest to all the saints here and els whare

Mon 26th The weather is unsetled and unpleasent cool wind from the north west Boys plowed on the bottom farm frequent squalls of Snow duering the day

Tues 27th cool chilly wind from the North west Boys plowed in the fore noon sowed 4 horrowed in grain in the afternoon I chored about the Barn and yards.

Wed 28th Let Aaron have 89 lbs of Tomothy seedes Boys took Some hay to Tree 990 lbs $5.00 Also 920 lbs of Lucern to Hhenry Rampton $3.60 Loded up a load of hay to deliver to Fisher S L City visited and Administered to Sister Emmy Parish - with Brother J W Woolley - felt to promise her a continuation of life untill her work was done according to the apointment of our Heavenly Father - Which was soon manifested to be at hand as she passed away at 4 o clok the folowing morning

Thur 29th She left quite a family of children to be cared for by a Father and others who may exstend a helping hand. I visited Brother Parish and went with him to the cimitry where he directed the Sexton - Brother Smith - to dig the grave. Nathan went to the City with the hay I set out some Rasbury sets in the after noon

Fri 30th Sowed and put in Lucern on the Cheny farm Boys put in barley in the North field

Sat 31st Put in oats in the North field in the forenoon. Attended the funeral at 2 PM there was a large turnout in attendence Several spoke words of consolation to the bereaved and all present

Sun April 1st I with Brother Kaynaston visited the Hot Springs Sabath School there was a good attendence considering it was a rainy morning we attended

Mon 2nd Johny finished harrowing in the Lucern commensed to plow in the north field found it to weet put in grain in the afternoon

Tues 3rd Sowed and harrowed in oats in the north field Evan Jones and son cleaned water ditch.

Wed 4th Rained most of the day wrote a letter to the History Publishing companey having conformed. San francisco Jacobs of East Bountiful was arrested by depity Marshels yester day

Thur 5th The Anual General Conference commenced this morning at 10 AM in Salt Lake City I remained at home to see after matters allowing the most of the family to have the priviolege to go

Frid 6th I attended the conference Stoping over night and attended the Sunday School Union meeting at 7 PM held in the Asembly Hall.

Sat 7th Conference continued An apistle from President Woodruff was read and listned to with interest Several were called and Spoke words of encouragement to the faithful and Admonition to the unfaithful exorting them to repentance. There were present of the Apostles Lorenzo Snow F D Richards John Henry Smith and Heber J Grant. Lorenzo Snow presiding

Sun 8th Conference convened again at 10 AM the forenoon was occupied by Apostle John Henry Smith which was vary interesting and instructive to saint and siner the Authorities was presented in the afternoon and unaninmously sustained after which Apostle F D Richards filled up the rest of th time with good council and instructions and the Conference Adjourned untill the 6th of october next

Mon 9th Remitted to the History Company San Francisco per Pacific Exp Co $27.90 being in full for Bancrofts works up to datate Boys runn the plows in the North field.

Tues 10th Boys continued the plowing I repaired the fence to put the calves in the orchard north of the correll

Wed 11th finished plowing at 11 AM Sowed and harrowed in oats in the afternoon

Thur 12th Continued putting in oats finished sowing in the North field Sowed Some in the little pasture field in the afternoon

Fri 13th finished putting in the small grain this morning Johnys team got away from him with the harrow they soon lodged them selves in between the Straw Stack and carrall wall doing but little damage loded up a load of hay in the afternoon also a load of oats

Sat 14th Nathan went to the city with the oats I and Johny put in Some potatoes in the garden. Resieved a letter from Brother Sanford at Logan

Sun 15th I with J W Woolley visited Hooper ___ By the request of Counciler John Stirso Who instructed us to visit Sister Priest and learn from her with regard to the trouble existing between her and her husband against whom she had had entered complaint. We attended the Sunday Shool and the Ward meeting after which we visited Sister Priest next and listened to a statement of her grievances and what would Satisfy her as to Settlement. Wm Cleveland ____ way has stock ___ ___ a bout 4 months

Mon 16th Even W __ to ____ _____ to __ for ____ plowed the garden ____ Nathan signed Record Sanford ____ to extend time ____ ____ if desired answered the _____

Tues 17th Nathan went to City with his Wife I helped Aaron putting in a Brig at the bottom farm Boys worked in the garden

Wed 18th Boys took two loads of hay to ____ at the ____ ____ I wrote to the History Componey

Thur 19th put in potatoes in the fore noon loaded up hay in the afternoon let J E Woolley have a load of Lucern 1870 lbs sent a load of hay to a man at the Slauter yard 1700 lbs resieved payment $12.50

Fri 20th Nathan went to Whites with the hay 2120 lbs I and the Boys loded up and took to Henry Rampton 980 lbs Lucern finished putting in potatoes

Sat 21st Boys put in garden truck made some posts in the afternoon Nathan went to City after Lumber & windows for his house I turned the water on the pasture

Sun. 22nd I with Bro Kaynanston visited East Bountiful Sabath School and attended the Ward Meeting Went to Farmington in the eveniong Saw E T Clark with regard to purchasing a Lot in Logan

Mon 23rd Nathan took a load of hay to Latimer and Taylors 2300 lbs $17.10 I and the Boys Branded the young stock.

Tues 24th sent the stock to the mountain of my own 25 head Aaarons 3 head Nathan went to City with a load of hay I chored about the premices let Joseph Brandon have 177 lbs of oats $2.65 Said his mother would settle for them.

Wed 25th Rained last night and to day soking the land thoughaly correlled 120 head of horses for John W Taylor furnished one ton of Lucern hay Resieved an order for $8.50 (per Wm Cook) on him let coook have my club foot mare for $10.00 when she has a colt

Thur 26th Pplowed a few ferows in the north field Saw Bro Man about sinking me a flowing well

Fri 27th Resieve of David Basb_ 7 dollars in full for pasture his cows last season Nathan went to the city with oats 2070 lbs

Sat 28th Attended the Primary Conference. Johny run the rooler and spaded in the garden

Sun 29th I with my assistants visited the Summit and South Weber Sunday Schools

Mon 30th

Nathan went to the City with a load of hay 2620 lbs I looked after a well driver to sink some flowing well for garden and house use

Tues May 1st Got a well driver and set in the corell and made a start

Wed 2nd continued driving struck a good flow at 33 ft in the correl removed and set between the house and grainery drove a gane

Thur 3rd drove on 41 feet struck rock after hard driving pulled up by getting a leaver purchase on the piping

Fri 4th moved 2 feet and drove 59 ft and struck a rock a gane pulled up a gane which ended this days work

Sat 5th got a point put on the end in the pipe droped it down in the same place drove through or by the rock west put 3 feet when another rock and not succeeding in passing it we pulled up again and moved some three rods and set close to the well and started agane drove 50 feet got a vary light flow at 6 PM

Sun 6th I with my assistants visiting the Cenetral and North East Sabath Schools which occupied the intire day we attended the Ward meeting which convenes at the close of the Sabath School spoke to the Fathers & Mothers with regard to their children reminding them of the great responcibillity resting upon them in seeing to it that their children were taught the first principels of the Gospel

Mon 7th having returned home I ressumed driving for water where we left off Sat evening we had hard driving most of the day makaking 500 revolutions of the hammer to the inch a good portion of the day.

Tues 8th Nathan went to the city war a load of hay for White I with Even & Johny comtinued the driving business as best we could

Wed 9th My nephews Warriner Judson and Licander came from orderville arriving here on Monday last left for Poterville day before yesterday they will spend the sumer and fall somewhere in these parts. I continued the driving business

Thur 10th got down 89 ft having bent the pipe as to be unable go fourther

Fri 11th drew up the pipe leaving the point at the bottom of the drive. moved back to near the flow in the correll and in one hours drive struck an other flow equal to the other making a nice little stream remove and set a gane a short distance a way

Sat 12th continued driving at a bout 60 ft struck a vary small vein

Sun 13th I with my assistants visited the joint sabath school of Kaysvill & South Hooper Bro Cook Superintendent. attended the School & meeting which convened at the close of the School all felt well and exspressed themselves well pleased with our visit

Mon 14th Nathan took a load of hay to the city 2040 lbs Even & Johny hauled a load of Sun dried Brich from Bountiful to finish up the inside walls of Nathans house I turned the stream running in the North field - on to the meadow

Tues 15 I spent part of the day in sinking for water

Wed 16th worked some at driving saw the water master and arranged to get the water on my meadow land

Thur 17th attended to the water most of the time

Fri 18th Still watering the meadow

Sat 19th water turned off resumed the well driving

Sun 20th Visited the south district of Sunday Schol of Farmington found it in good running order. attended the ward meeting in the afternoon. Ezra Richards - F D Richards Son was in attendence having returned from a Mission to New Zeland he spoke an gave an account of his mission

Mon 21st resumed driving for water

Tues 22nd Worked at well driving in the afternoon Nathan was taken with severe vomiting last knigh I was summoned and set up with him most of the night

Wed assisted Aaron in cutting potatoes to plant on his Kitleman Farm

Thur 24th helped Aaron put in his potatoes with Even and Johny

Fri 25th Even went to the City with a load of hay 2100 lbs resieved $14.75 Attended the mothley Priest hood meeting with Aaron & Nathan

Sat 26th worked with the Boys in the garden My sister Nancy is visiting with me for a time

Sun 27th Visited the Centerville sabath School and attended the Ward meeting also the High Priests meeting held in East Bountiful and a Deacons meeting of Centerville - in the evening

Mon 28th Johny and Even drove some of the stock back on to the mountain loded up a load of hay

Tues 29th worked in the garden howing and watering with my feble flow stream

Wed 30th Loaded up two loads of hay for the city

Thur 31st sent the hay to the city Aaron took some and Nathan the other I attended a meeting of the High council held in farmington to sit and hear and deside in in two charges Brouhht one againt Lorin Walker and a gainst Joseph Walker. the first was with drawn. And the other proseeded with. Loned of E T Clark $200.00 for 30 das paid the same to my sister Nancy on 5 Acres and 3 eights of an Acre

Fri June 1st Gave my note to sister Nancy for 287.50 being the ballence due on the land. She returned to Logan this morning cleaned out water all on the land a bove mentioned Nathan Aaron and Evin cut and hauled willowers for to put on the bowery to be made ready for conference Sent a post office order of 5.50 to the history Co for vol 14 Bancroffs Works on day before yesterday

Sat 2nd Attended the water on my wheat Nathan went to the city with a load of oats and attended the young mens conference

Sun 3rd I with my assistants visited the South Hooper Sunday School Reorganised the School in the Superintendency Released Hyrum King as Superintendent appointing Brther Stimpson his successor. Release Simon Dolton as first and E Butler as second councillers and appointed and set a part Hyrum King and as assistants to Brother Stimposon

Mon 4th Rained last night and is showery to day attended to the rooter on grain. Loded up a load of oats for J Harris Aaron loded up a load of hay for Isack Hunter S L City

Tues 5th Nathan went to the city with the oats and Aaron with the hay I attended to the water

Wed 6th Still watering the wheat Boys hauled gravel around Nathans house Aaron went to the city with a Load of hay for Thos Harris

Thur 7th still watering helped A B Porter load a load of hay Boys hauled gravel around N Ts house howed some in the potatoes. masured up a a grist for mill

Fri 8th Nathan went to the city mills with the grist I and the Boys Whashed down on the last well drive some 20 ft below the pipe got a small flow

Sat 9th Attended the Stake quarterly Conference held in this place the attendence was quite small duering the day

Sun 10th Conference continued Apostle J M Grant was in attendence boath today and yesterday and occupied a good portion of the time there was a good attendence to day the usual business was presented and mutch good instruction given President John Hess presiding

Mon 11th Attended a special meeting of the High council at Fararmington in the matter of James Kipping & John & Joseph Ford with regard to land claims it was refered to refereese three of the council composed that body

Tues 12th Nathan went to city for more material for his house. I commenced to over haul the impliment for mowing and getting in the _____

Wed 13th Nathan cut Lucern I worked making a hay rack

Thur 14th making the hay rack bees swarmed but went back.

Fri 15th finished the hay rack in the fore noon Boys hauled 3 loads of Lucern I hived a swarm of bees helped Aaron load a load of hay for the City

Sat 16th Boys are hauling Lucern I worked on bees

Sund 17th a warm of bees came over 9 AM Just as I was ready to put them in the hive they broke for the Mountain. I was late for the fore noon meeting so I spent day quietly at home

Mon 18th Boys hauled in Lucern also cut lucern Hyrum Parish helped haul Aaron went to the City with a load of straw

Tues 19th cut Lucern in the forenoon Rained in the afternoon.

Wed 20st cool and cloudy hay making suspended howed in the garden Nathan went to city paid up for Lumber

Thur 21st got the water and watered the garden ______ in the same ____ Lucern was not yet ____ ___nch to haul down ___ __aking

Fri 22nd _____ Lucern most of the day

Sat 23rd cut and hauled Lucern

Sun 24th had a swarm of bees come out. Attended the ward meeting Brothers Egan and Moss were in attendence as home missionaries

Mon 25th hauled and put up Lucern

Tues 26th hauled Lucern cut some with one team

Wed 27th Raking puting and hauling Lucern was the business of the day

Thurs 28th Sold a Span of ya___ses to Wm Stoneman Salt Lake City for 29 Dollars. let Wallis Wi___ have $10.00 as midle man

Fri 29th Cut grass in the forenoon Went Farmington and attended the monthly Priest Hood meeting

Sat 30th Hauled Lucern put up hay in the afternoon

Sun July 1st I with my assistants visited the South Bountiful Sabath School at the

Tues 3th Nathan went to the city with another load of hay Boys hauled out manure on to the north meadow I mad the hammer for well driving

Wed 4th Nathan & Even helped Bro Woolley thratch I sent the day in making a Derick for well driving

Thur 5th attended fast meeting Blocked out a couple of drum heads

for well driving. Boys hauled manure

Fri 6th Boys still hauling manure I with Aaron went and examined the well driving machine at Bro allans with a view of learning more of its construction

Sat 7th Attended the Stake quartily Conference held at Farmington Apostle Heber J Grant with Elder Camble was in attendence from Salt Lake City. a lively interest was manifested by the several spekers mutch good instruction and admonition was imparted

Sun 8th Conference resumed its session Apostle Franklin D Richards and his son T S Richards was with us Apostle Grant having visited South Bountiful Sabath School the attendence was unusuly Small on act of the quartily Conference of the Seventies held in East Bountiful attended the Ward meeting in the afternoon. was call a gane to administer the little daughter of Joseps Fords but on arriving learned that she had passed a way to the next beter World

Mon 9th hauled in hay with two teams

Tues 10th This is my 68th Birth day And was attended with the funeral servises of the little daughter above mentioned

Wed 11th continued the hay harvest; cutting and hauling in to the Barn

Thur 12th cut grass in the North medow Boys hauled in with one team only

Fri 13th hauled with two teams Aaron helping

Sat 14th cleared the South medow I cut some in the north medow which is heavy and mutch lodged down

Sun 15th Visited West Bountiful Sunday school with my assistants. there was an everage attendence the class registers showed a deligence on the part of a few duering the last quarter. We attended the ward meeting in the afternoon and spoke to the Parents who were in attendence urging them to proptness in sending their children to the Sunday school

Mon 16th Resumed cutting the grass in the north medow Boys hauled in part of the day

Tues 17th continued in the haying Business

Wed 18th run two teams hauling hay having finished the cutting

Thur 19th Assisted Bro Woolley in starting the Binder Boys hauled hay

Fri 20th commensed cutting grain with the Binder

Sat 21st finished getting in the hay from the north field sent to the city for a new canvass for the Binder

Sun 22nd visited the East Bountiful Sunday School with my assistance President Smith call on me this morning having Reseived his pardon and thus released from the Penitenuray

Mon 23rd got the new canvass & Started the Binder a gane. Finished the _______ Smith piece _______ his Barley

Tue 24th This is Pioneer day being the Anivercary of Pioneers Entering the valley of the Great Salt Lake and is being observed in most of the Towns & Settlements

Wed 25th hauled in the last of the hay Loded up a load of oats for the market having them ingaged at $1.60 per hundred lbs Nathan cut Lucern in the after knoon

Thur 26th Resieved Vol 35 of Bancrofts works Nathan went to the city with the oats

Fri 27th Attended ________ Priesthood meeting President Smith was inattendence and gave a schectch of his experiences in Priosn and gave mutch good council and advice Nathan went to the city with an other load of oats one __ Sold on 30 days cred at 1__ per hundred returned in time to attend the Priesthood meeting at 2 A__

Sat 28th cut Barley on the Cheney farm Boys shocked up

Sun 29th I with my assistants attended the West Bountiful Sabath School also the Ward meeting in the afternoon.

Mon 30th Cut Barley a wire spring brok which

[pages appear to be missing--the next entries are assumed to be in August]

Sun 12th _______ the funeral ____ of Sister Emeline Apostle Franklin D Richard on the 11 AM train in time to preach the funeral Sermon which was vary interesting instructive and comforting to the bereaved and all present. the congregation being vary large by attendence from the wards throughout the Stake General Assistants Superintendence George Godard Wm Willis was also in attendence attending the Sabath School at 3 PM

Mon 13th Resumed hauling and Stacking grain. word came from Brether Reeves Stating that ____ was still sinking _____ her sickness (____ Sat 11th) She passed a way and was brought down on the 11 AM train to day - from Boxelder weather she had ben visiting her Daughter. the fineral Is set up for to morrow at 10 AM

Tues 14th Attended the funeral and by request spoke to those assembled as I was led in words of comfort and consolation to all who would continue to Emulate the Deceast in holding fast to every principle of the holy Gospel.

Mon 20th Nathan took a load of hay to the city 2200 lbs - $15.40

Tues 21st Registered the $200 dollars to Sister Nancy hauled nd Stacked grain Aaron helped

Wed 22nd continued hauling and Stacking Aaron still helping

Thurs 23rd continued hauling & Stacking. Aaron helping Railrode fiers out a gane burnt some of my seed Lucern

Fri 22th hauled & stacked grain Aaron was detained at home on account of Sickness so we only run one team. his wife was confined and delivered of a Daughter who lived a bout two hours and expiered

was buried at 8 PM

Sat 23th Nathan went to city with a load of hay 2100 lbs I with the boys finished hauling and stacking grain Aaron helped

Sun 24th I with my assistants visited the North district School of Farmington returned & attended the high Priests quartily meeting at East Bountiful at 4 PM

Mon 25th Boys hauled out Straw manure from the stack yard below

Tues 26th Set fire to and burned the brush on the Stumps along the line of fence cut down in the Spring giving them a severe rosting

Wed 27th Nathan tended store. the boys hauled manure

Thurs 28th Nathan took the last of oats to the city 2000 lbs at one Dollar fifty cts per 100 boys cut up Stove wood

Fri 29th Attended a meeting of the high Council at 10 AM in Farmington and the monthly Priesthood meeting at 2 PM at the same place

Sat Sept 30st looked up sacks in readiness for thratching Boys hauled in the barley rakings - and loaded up hay for market

Sun 1st I with my assistants Visited centeral Sabath School of Kaysville at 10 AM and the West School at 3 PM found them doing well under existing circumstances which is some what unfaverale to the centeral school there not being sufficient time between the session of the School & the Ward meeting. the latter taking on to the former 2 1/2 hours being allowed for boath

Mon 2nd Sent Even to the city with a load of hay 1900 lbs. I cut down an Aple tree to get the trunk to make a hammer for driving wells

Sun 8th ________ returned to attend the funeral of Horis S Eldredge one of the seven Presidents of the Seventies.

Mon 9th Boys resumed hauling manure I spent the day in looking after matters about the farm had an iron plate prepaired to put on the drum of the well driver

Tues 10th Went with Aaron to the City got some sheete iron to repair the driving wheel of of the Self Binder got 220 ft of inch rope to Buck straw from the thratcher

Wed 11th Made a short pair of stairs to assend with grain to the top of the bins in the grainerries

Thur 12th commensed to thratch had a repair to make on the machine which detained us 2 hours or more

Fri 13th finished the oats and wheat stacked at home sted and moved down to the Stacks on the bottom farm thratched most of Aarons grain

Sat 14th finished Aarons and most of my own leaving a bout a half days thratching for mondy

Sun 15th I with my assistants visited the Joint sabath school at sericus found it in good condition

Mon 16th Finished thratching at 12 M rited up the Straw stacks in the afternoon

Tues 17 Boys hauled manure took the mower to the shop got some holes put in the back of the cutter bar to attach some canvass to cacth the Lucern as it is cut and so rake it off with a hand rake

Wed 18 went to city made sale of the Barley at 1 dollar and 13 cts per hundered

Thur 19th Killed two of the hogs for market having engaged them to be delivered to morrow morning

Frid 20th sent the hogs to market commensed cutting seed Lucern.

Sat 21st continued cutting Lucern

Sun 22nd I with my assistants visited the Northeast District Sabath School of Kaysville held two sessions one at 11 AM and at 3 PM there were a good attendence of the parents with the children

Sun 30th Attended the Ward meeting at Centerville the funeral servises over the remains Bro Thomas Sparks was performed Melvin H Randal being the spaker I made a few remarks My son Aaron presided as Bishop having ben set a part to that office

Mon Oct 1st hauled and stacked the Seed Lucern loded up a load of hay for market

Tue 2nd Nathan went to city with the hay Even & Johny hauled out manure I repaired the walking plow sacked up two loads of Barley 45 sacks Aaron started for Colorado with Stock on the cars for S Chipman & Co

Wed 3rd loded up the Barley for the Brewery but did not go on account of the rainy aspect of the weather Boys hauled manure

Thurs 4th Nathan & Even went with the Barley weather being fine having but a Slight rain. The cimianual Conference commences tomorrow at 10 AM in Salt Lake City

Fri 5th Went down to the conference on the morning train as ther was not room in the spring wagon the assembly was not large on account of the attraction to the fair Apostle Lorenzo Snow presided and occupied most of the forenoon. 4 others of the


Act with Even W Jones

Apr 10th to potatoes from J E Wooley $3.30

" 20 to order on store for A Dalrymple 3.00

June 22 for A Dalrymple 3.50

" 29 to cach 25.00

July 4th to cach 2.50

July 16th to " 5.25

Aug. 1st to cach 15.00

Aug 4 " cach 4.00

Aug 24 by cash 2.00

Sept 8th to cach 8.00

oct 5th to cach 2.00

" 17th to cach 20.00

" Ballence due on settlement 7.75

" 28th paid

oct 17th due his father for work 9.00

" 27 paid


Amount Resieved

Apr 14th for hay deliver to Fisher $12.60

" " 2100 oats 33.60

Apr 18th Resieved of T Tingey 20.00

for hay to one of Whites hands 12.50

" 23rd of David Barber 7.00

" 24 for hay & grain 108.00

May 6th for hay 16.00

" 21st on hay 25.00

" 25th for hay 14.75

" 27th " " 75.00

Jun 6th for hay & oats 53.05

" 12 of Aaron on hay 25.50

" of Thompason on Act 3.00

" 19th for hay 12.00

" 28th by sale of horses 295.00

July 2 by one ton of oats 32.00

" 3 by hay

" 6 by hay 2225 lbs 15.80

" " John Smith for pasturing 5.00

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Exspenses on Binder

July 18th to 6 sections $

2 wires 1 plait 1.25

" 23rd to canvass

oct 8th to S Porter on temple expenses 5.00

Aug 19th Joseph Brandon hiered my scraper


Railroad pass No. 513

May 12th H Parish by 7 days work 8.75

" to cash 5.00

May 11th M Brandon to wheat 1 Bush

June 7th 70 lbs wheat


An improved method in washing clothes

fill up the Boiler with water ____ the _____ for the _____ the water is hard. Cl___ ____ hot ___ of the _____ ___ add to the water two table spoonfuls of coal oil and two thirds of a bar of soap cut thin. put in your fine clothes dry. Stir frequently. let boil a bout 20 minutes. then take them out and put them into a tub with cold water. rub through the water if there is any streaks rub on a little

soap puting them into another tub of cold water then rence as usual in blued water. When you add your cours Clothes put in an other Spoonful of cole oil and add the remainder of the bar of soap. Boil 30 minutes wash Same as the others have plenty of water

N T Porter Dira Book for Nov & December 1888

Sun. Oct 21st 1888 I with my assistants visited the South Weber Sunday School also attended the Ward meeting where we had an opportunity of speaking to the parents with regard to their children

Mon 22nd Went to the city with hay Nathan driving the team and attending to Delivering the hay Bought a hores power for well Driving

Tues 23rd Helped Aaron dig his potatoes

Wed 24th continued digging potatoes killed two hogs.

Thur 25th Went to city with the fork and tithing ducks turkey and chickins and a small grist to the Rooling Mill. set up with Brother Richard Prophet duering the nite he being vary restless with wind in the Stomach and Bowels

Fri 26th Attended the monthly priesthood meeting at Farmington paid my county & Teritorial taxes in full being 107 Dollars & 65 cts

Sat 27th hauled in the Squashes had some Black Smithin done on my well driving appiratus

Sun 28th visited the South Sabath School at Farmington and attend the funeral of Brother Richard Prophet who passed a way yesterday morning having be a great suffer for some time

Mon 29th commenced my fall plowing

Tues 30th continued the plowing Aaron helped with his team on one of sulkies

Wed 31st continued plowing I run Aarons team in the forenoon

Thur Nov 1st I visited and administered to Thomas Spencers sick boy Marias who is vary low with fever. Attended fast meeting had a fine rain last night

Fri 2nd Plowed in the north field loded up a load of hay

Sat 3rd continued plowing

Sun 4th Attended Eastbountiful Sunday School review Superintendent George Godard was in attendence from the City Snowed most of the day yet there was a good turn out had a good time

Mon 5th Went to the city with the hay - Nathans wife being near her confinement

Tues 6th Anna had an unfavoribele time the mud w___ gave up and Doctor Joseph Richard was tellefoned for who came and dlivered the child by the use of instruments which saved the mother, but not the child.

Wed 7th Started again to plow in the afternoon

Thur 8th Aarron and Johny run the plows

Fri 9th went to the City Aaron and John run the plows finished in the north field and commenced plowing for Aaron on the bottom

Sat 10th Repaired the Straw Rack in the corall

Sun 11th Attended the war meeting in the morning and the Sunday School in the afternoon

Mon 12th Powing was the main ingagement duering the day

Tues 13 removed manure along the east wall of the corall with a view of putting up a rack for cattle

Wed 14th Resieved the sad news of the Death of my Sister Nancy at her son Edwards on Casure Creek Idaho where she went to care for his Motherless children. She died yesterday morning at 6 AM (word came by tellegraghm) her husband E T Clark left this morning to bring the Body home at Farmington.

Thur 15th Nathan run the plow I chored a bout the premises

Fri 16th Ezra T Clark returned with the corps on the 11 AM train the funeral to be held on Sunday 18th at 2 PM

Sat 17th Plowed most of the day

Sun 18th my self and wife Rebecca left for E T Clark residence at 10 AM others of my family to follow in the afternoon found my sisters remains in a good State of preservation considering the length of time; and distance traveled. she droped off to sleepe without a move of the least move of her musrels. to noticee of her departure. She was a devoted and active labour here boath for the living and Dead she was a constant labourer in the Temple for the last five years had ben Baptised for and assisted in the Baptism of over three thousand of her Rellatives whome she will greete on the other sideof the vail my three Brothers John Sanford and Lyman were in attendence at the funeral where we bade her a due untill our mortal Shall put on immortality in the first Resurection

Mon 19th Resumed my labours on the farm

Tues 20th plowing was the main business to day.

Wed 21st Sent a load of hay to the city by Aaron 2300 lb $14.10

Thur 22nd hauled up from the switch 6300 lbs of coal 17.30

Fri 23rd Nathan run the plow I chored a round the premises

Sat 24th spent most of the day Nathan plowed

Sun 25th Attended the Ward meeting at 10 30 AM and the High Priests meeting at East Bountiful at 4 PM wrote on my history in the evening

Mon 26th Nathan went around teaching I runn the plow

Tues 27th Sowed fall wheat in the north field Nathan runn the cedar I the harrow

Wed 28th continued sowing & harrowing

Thur 29th finished putting in wheat on this thanks giving day

Fri 30th Attended the monthly Prisest hood meeting at Farmington

Sat Dec 1st Went to the city got 100 lbs of grass seede

Sun 2nd Attended the conference of the Seventies held in centerville Seymour B Young & Abraham Cannon of the first Seven Presidents were in attendence with Robert Cambell General Secretary The Presidency of the Stake was also inattendence

Mon 3rd Hauled out manure

Tues 4th Nathan hauled manure I run the cilkey plow

Wed 5th took a load of hay to T Harris 1920 lbs

Thur 6th took a load of hay to the city delivered to Shepherd 2170 lbs.

Fri 7th Run the Sulky plow on the cheney field.

Sat 8th Johny run the plow I and Nathan finished up the cattle rack

Sun 9th Attended the qurtily conference held at Kays Ward. there was an unusually large attendence Apostle Moses Thatcher was in attendence and spoke duering the faternoon Servise and was listened to with marked attention by the large assembly.

Mon 10th Conference continued at 10 AM the house being well filled mutch good instruction was givin, to the edification of all.

Tues 11th I finished sowing grass seede Nathan hauled manure

Wed 12th Nathan went to the city Rooling mills with a grist. I plowed some head lands in the forenoon and sowed Barley in the afternoon

Thur 13th Run the harrow over the Barley ground Nathan hauled manure

Fri 14th Rained quite a shower last night and has the appearence of more this morning. Nathan hauled manure Rained steadily all the afternoon and evening

Sat 15th quite stormy duering the forenoon hauled manure out of the stable Resieved of T Harris $11 50 on hay leaving a ballence of $1.50

Sun 16th Attended the ward meeting in Centerville; J W Wolley and John Ford occupied most of the time I spoke a few minutes

Mon 17th Nathan went to the City after the grist left at the Rooling mill I got out some Sheeting for the stalls in the Stable.

Tues 18th continued work on the stable

Wed 19th Still working around the premices

Thur 20th hauled Straw into the cattle rack on the Bottom farm

Fri 21st vary fogy went to West Bountiful paid sister Marshel $5.00 for servises in Annas confinement

Sat 22nd Got some soing done at the Blacksmiths Dattended the deacons meeting in the evening

Sun 23rd I with Bro. Kaynaston took the morning train for Kaysvill visited the Centeral Sunday School in the forenoon attended the Review at the West School in the afternoon. there was a General turnout not with standing a gentle rain was falling most of the time we had a vary agreeable time. the prgraham being well selected and well rendered. Bro Ellison was not with us being sick and unable to attend which we regreted vary mutch

Mon 24th Snowed last night looks wintery this morning spent the day in repairs about the premises. attended a theatrical performence in the vening. Gotten up by the young Men & ladies as a benefit for their associations - financially

Tues 25th This is a pleasent Christmass morning. having a clear Skye and a frozen crust sufficient to bare up foot pads - with three inches of snow on the ground

Wed 26th I Ford jr and family paid us a visit

Thurs 27th about 3 inches of snow fell last night snowed most of the day

Fri 28th Attended the mothley Priesthood meeting at Farmington

Sat 29th Sold 4 head of beef steers to White and Sons weight 4840 lbs. Attended the funeral of Brother Reeves child at 2 PM

Sun 30th Attended meeting at 10.30 AM And the North Centerville Sunday School at 2 PM

Mon 31st Went to Porterville on a visit to my Brothers arriving at my Brother Lymans 5 PM found all well

See Diery Book for 1889



Dec 5th Resieved of N T Porter Jr tene Dollars for servis of horse.

per Lorenzo Stoker [signed] Lorenzo Stoker

Jan 10th Even Jones to 2 head of horses - on straw

Dec 28th Resievd 3 head of cattle from H Parish to winter on straw and chaff

" 30th 4 head from T J Brandon


Jan 1st John Adams one head

" 6th O Kilbourne 2 head

1888 cows taken to pasture

Wise to 1 cow Apr 31st

" " 1 " June 9th

Thos Brandon 2 cows May 1st

J Smith 2 " " 2nd

T Tingey 2 " " 3rd

D Barber 2 " " 5th

Mrs Whittaker 1 " " 9th

J Adams 3 " " 9th

Mrs L Woolley 1 " " 28th

1888 cows taken out of pasture

T Tingey 2 cows Aug 3rd

T Brandon 2 " " 24th

Wise 1 " June 4th

T Adams 2 " Aug 21st

J Smith 2 " Oct 6 paid

Mrs Whittaker 1 " " 22nd

Mrs L Woolley 1 " " 31st

D Barber 2 " Sept 17th

Wise 1 " " 29th

Nov 17th Reeived of T Tingey on pasture bill $5.00

yet due $4.00

Nov 24th Jacobsen to 737 lbs wheat $12.25

Dec 15th Resieved of Brown 59 lbs of Beef 5 cts 2.95

" 31st 15 lbs 6 cts .90


Jan 9th by 95 lbs beef 4.70




Due History Compony for two volumes of H Ban crofts works to present Date Oct 26

Jan 8th 1889 paid the above

Dec 15th total at Store 130


paid out on well driver

oct 22th 2 pair tongs 3.50

" " " " " 2.50

" " Sheete iron .75

" " to Boxing 2.25

for pump 25.00

to hose 4.00

to wash pipe 8.70

to horse power 65.00

" 25th 2 pullies 1.00

" 30th to Blacksmithing 3.75

Drum shaft 1.75


" 25th 2 caps for pipes .35

" " 1 trowel .75

" " 1 Spirit level .50

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