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Memmorandom for 1887

Purchased by the author at the coop store in St. Johns Arizona Dec 21st 1886-While in Exile. and on his way to Savoye New Mexico.

Aall hale eighteen Eighty Seven.

The worlds history to you is given;

Its for your pages to portray.

Striking events of the present day

Yes on your pages may appear

The greatest events of any year

Since the Redeemers blood was Shed

Far he arose from the Dead

For the time is drawing near.

The dreadful day will soon appear.

When Man against Man will contend,

With Sword in hand to the bitter end.

The love of Men is growing cold.

As declared by Men of old.

Who beheld the present day.

In visions ear they passed away.

Jan 1st 1887 This mornings Sun rose upon me While in came the New Year greeting Ranch on the Little colorado between St Johns & Woodruff in Apache County Arizona Salutes my return from Savoy, New Mexico to St Josephs here I bid adiue to ___ and the first noted ____ that presented its self to my view so as be passed date of my ______ I with my Nephew ___ ___ at the point City __ ____ ____ _____ 12 miles above ___ ___ made the latter place at 5 PM put up at ________

Sun 2 We laid over for the day. I attend the sabath school at 10 30 AM spoke a few minutes to the children attended the Ward meeting at __ AM was called upon by the Bishop Owens to occupy a portion of the time, which I did with mutch liberty of spirit which seemed to be appreciated by the assembly. attended the evening meeting and was edified with the testimonies borne by the Brethren. the sisters were silent

Mon 3rd We resumed our journey at 930 AM stoped at Holbrook my Nephew purcased 800 lbs of corn in the sack which we put a board feed & ate a bite and moved on making St Josephs at 5 PM found Sanford improved in health and the rest well as usual having ben about fifteen days. received a letter from my Brother Lyman in forming me of the _____ ____ at Kanab and inquiering as to the health of Sanford

Tues 4th Received a letter from home dated Dec 30th. all were well for which I give grateful to my Father in Heaven it now has the apearence of storm 5 PM

Wedns 5th I spent most of the day Shucking corn for Sarah as she had taken same on__ shares. I finished the job at 3 PM went down to _____after my checked shirt that was left there. _________ to the conference _______

Thurs 6th Attended fastmeeting 11 AM spent afternoon in reading and writing commensed a letter to Lyman at Kanab having reseved one from him also one from home baring date of Dec 30th all were well at that date

Frid 7th Finished and posted my letter to Bro. Lyman. and partly finished one for home directed to my son Aaron.

Sat 8th Finished and posted my homward letter filling two full sheets. spent the rest of the time in perusing the deseret News which gave a detailed account of the murder of Elder Edward Dalton at Parowan on the 6th of last month. bu Depity Marshal Thompson who now stands a cold Blooded assassin of an inocencine Man as the evidness plainly shows.

Sun 9th The Sky is clear with a cool air; I met with the Sabath School took charge of a class Als attend the meeting in the afternoon; and in the evening.

Mon 10th weather clear but a sharpe cooll breeze from the East I took my usual exorsize this morning in cutting of stove wood for Sarah which is sorta small compensation for her care and attends on comfort she is now fixing uPMy clothes & preparing some grub for me on on my trip to Tonty Bason 125 mile distant. I exspect to start day after to morrow in componey with President Joseph Richards and Brother John McLaws-Stake Supt of S Schools. high wind this after noon

Tues 11th Calm this morning with a vary clear skye bought a few pounds of beef of Sister Morteson-to take with me on my trip. Assisted President Richards in getting up a load of wood attended the Deacons meeting in the evening

Wed 12th Weather still pleasent with a few scattering clouds I am now getting my grub ready for a start for Tonty Bason helped Bro McLaws haul up some water we assisted Brother Richards in shooing the hores for the trip all things being redy started. my self and President Richards in a light Buggy and McLaws on horis back at 3 30 o clok PM went 13 miles and putup with Mr Wm Barnes at his Ranch on the Shivelon creek. he treated us vary kindly. giving us our suppers & Breakfast and horse feed without charge. his Mother keeps house for him

Thur 10th We left at 8.15 went one mile crossed Shivelon bore to the south west Shivelon being on our left up grade came to the cedars & nooned15 miles on a gane met Isaac and Wm Lee. J D Lees sons --wad touches near Shirelon a gane where we turned on to the creek and was tired struck back on to the Road went 8 mi and camped in the ceders and Pinion pines. 35 mi

Fri 14th Moved on out at 8.15 AM Struck the Ceder and Pinion pine forest which scirts the extended forest of the long leaf pines which we soon reached and which increased in dencity interspersed with junipers white oak Red pines and Balsom as we neared the summit on the Rim of the Bason which we reached at 6 PM on horse back (having left our vehicle at a Cannuel Ranch 10 miles back) here the massive forest drps down 1500 feet the sun had disapeared beyond this great a biss as we stood for a few minutes looking down on the tops of the sturdy pines below. a litte narrow defile was soon entered a hundred yards & a pair of bars was reached with a posted request for the bars to be replased by the paserby. we were now out on a narrow side path winding down a steep decent along the side of the bason while day light was fast closing in upon us reentering the tops of the trees in the forest below amost invisable and the only assuerence of our arrival at the Bottom was in having to look up in seted of down to see the tops of the trees a few rods in the distance two miles from the top. & Cars Ranch was reached But its occupants were gone to an other Ranch called Garden Ranch as we learned on entering the house. by a note left on the table. which was designed for a companion. who was coming soon after teir leave We occupied the hoiuse fopr the night--and our horses the inclosed lot surrounding it

Sat 15th We started on our way this morning at 8 oclok all well. soon came to AMan ingaged in making rails for fencing from Whome we learned as to the way to some of the points we wished to reach. one was Pason the other Pine Creek Settlements trails were our only gide most of the way-cross hills and reveins running in evry point of compass for Short distances in assending and desending these revines. 6 miles & we came to a Ranch then on 8 miles to Grays Ranch. here we got some corn & fed our animals 4 cts a per lb. Mr Gray showed his spring by his hous which a vary large flow of water _oom under a ledge of rock which flows in to the verdy a short distance below. this Ranch is for sale. on a gane struck the verdy taking down it to another Ranch here we left it to the left for several miles struck the Verdy Rode. 7 m from Grays took this Rode to the right baring Northerly then more Weterly to Pine creek settlement 8 m arriving at 8.30 PM Making 30 miles called on the Bishop Brther Rial Allen with Whome I and President Richards put up Brother John McLaws lodged at Brother F M Allens. I stood the trip remarkable well. for un not accostom to riding on horse Back--having ben in the Saddle for 10 hours

Sun 16th Attended the sunday School with Bro McLaws at 10 AM. Superintended by Brother Alfred J Randel. the school was well represented as pupils and officers. with good order and good rendering of pieces. General Supt McLaws addressd the school a Short time after which I made a few remarks Attended the general meeting in the afternoon President Richards spoke to some length followed by Bro McLaws after which I spoke a short time. We attended a Priest hood meeting in the evening to which all were invited a goodly number were in attendance in cluding the Sisters. a few of the local Brethren spoke followed by President Richards after whome I spoke to some length. having mutch liberty of spirit. the spirit of God like a fire is burning was then sung and the meeting closed

Mon 17th yesterday evening had a stormy appearence but this mornings skye is clear & calm. President Richards was ingaged in settling up the Tithing acount with the Bishop during the day. I spent the day in Reading and writing uPMy Journal took a walk out

Tues 18th still pleasent We visited strawburry valley 5 mi distant called on AMr Nash who has a large ranch (having some 120 Acres under cultivation and is dezierous of selling. he showed us all over that portion under fence having our horses fed and taking a 3 o clok dinner We returned at 5.50 PM

Wed 19th We left for Tonta creek vie of East fork & the Virde Bishop Allen & Alfred Randel accomponing us we went by the Nallusa Bridge a cross Pine creek called & spent several hours in viewing ats natueral curiosities & various varieties of timber Schrubery on its surface. cut me a kome from a shrub called Manseneata the bark being red with a vary smothe surface. the hill on the east is covered with a young grouth of Cyprus Timber through which we passed as we left this point of attraction. with its occupant, Mr David Gowen, who has no one to schare with him in his dominion & thus is sole Monark of all his claim on Earth) our trail led us a cross hills & down dry revines untill we struck the East Verdy intersecting the main road at this point 15 m which is occupied by Brother Cornelius Tuller (with one or two other families) with whome we stayed over night. so after supper all were assembled in AMeeting capacity. and we were well entertained in the good council & instrutcion given.

Thur 20th We left this morning at 10.30 oclok soon left the main road taking a trail cross hills & dales to Tonta creek settlement a distanys 20 miles intersecting Rye creek at a point called wild Rye. here is a Store with a limited Suplye of mercandise here we intercepted the main agane, but left it agane on our trail over another series of hills or Ridges ariving at the settlement 4 PM were kindly resieved by the Brethren & sisters President Richards my self & Bishop Allen stoped with Bishop David Sanders Bro McLaws and Randel with Aaron Cheney son of Elem Cheney, who was one of the first setlers in Centerville Davis Co Utah) after supper I with Bro Randel attended AMeeting of the Elders quorum while Pres Richards McLaws & Allen were ingaged with the Bishop in setling up Tithing acts so as to get through in time to admit of our starting on our return trip home by saturday morning lest we should be snowed in by a heavy fall on the mountain. it having the appearence now of Stormy weather.

Fri 21st The appearence of storm is now changed to that of fair weather. I and Bro Randel stayed over night with Brother John G Thompson after Breakfast we went up to the Bishops found them persuing their labours with matter of Tithing. Walked out took a look at AMulyberry shrub called - Saywaigo - having a trunk standing like a stub of a tree varying in hight from thru to 30 ft & from up to 30 inches in diameter with ___ ribs running up & down in which is set AMass of knee___ which is sharper at the point than at __ld make them so that ones sencibiliity is touched by looking at them. The Muskeete Tusk Musk scratch sawblad & Devils fish pole and varieties two numerous to mention are natural products of Tonto Bason Yavapia County Arizona. tame fruits do well so far as tried . saw an Almond tree just butting forth its blossoms in the orchard of Brother John Sanders. Tonto is a Spanish name for fool and is vary appliable to this Bason. as the name Bason. Signifies a depression on the earths surface and that the interior is not made up of low mountains & elivated hills and ridges in evry conseivable size and dimentions with only here & there a level strip of land admitting of only a few occupants. (which is the case with this.) the most of these however are vary fertile and are not fully occupied. the climate is deliteful and inviting. and there is more of an opportunity for a number of families to make for themselves pleasent homes: and at the same time strengthen the the present settlements in maintaining schools and other organizations and facillities

Sat 22nd We held AMeeting with Saints last night giving them sutch council & instrutctions as was presented to our minds which was listned to with good attention several light showers of rain fell duering the night but the sun arose with a clear skye this morning. The matter of setling up tithing is nearly finished 2 PM a short time was spent after ninner in closing up the tithing Business We then sadled up our animals Bade a due to the Brethren and sisters and started on our returne for our homes: as there was but little feed for our horses as well as the danger of a heavy fall of snow on the mountain so as to prevent us from passing over. otherwise We would not of contemplated starting before monday. thus we left at 4 PM with a view of stopping for the night at Bro Joseph Gibsons 6 miles distant which was reached at 7 oclok. here we found plenty of feed for our horses & refreshment for our selves and was kindly entertained

Sun 23rd We left at 10 AM for Pason a Gentile Town in Green valley 4 miles distant which we reached at 11 AM thence on to little Green Valley 10 miles a few miles out and Brothers Allen and Randel left us on their way for home we passed Hustons & maut nooned at 2 PM Reached little Green valy 4 PM then on to Dericks Ranch 4 m passed on 6 miles & and stoped for the night with a French man one mile below Cars Ranch-where we stoped over night on entering the Bason

Mon 24th All well paid our fair which was $2.00 for corn and fodder for our horses left at 8 oclok called at Cars Ranch found no one in charge passed on taking the trail up the Rim of the Bason arrived at the top 10 AM Reached the Ranch where we left our Wagon at 12 M fed our horses and greased our carage eat our lunch out of the suply we had deposited here I found that my knife fork and spoon had ben taken als Brother Richards knife by a party from Winslow as suposed they having occupied the house cince we left. We harnessed and started on at 1 30 PM having passed the Summit with vary little snow Went on 20 miles and came near what is called the Bute

Tues 25th Left camp at 6.45 AM drove 5 miles wher we switched and1 & a half mile to the ___on Shiblon watered & returned to the road went ________and nooned. on a gane at 1.30 16 miles and Bar__ ______ reached at 4 PM gave our horses a feed and grain then on a gane 13 miles which Brought us home at 9 PM found all well. and two letters awating my arrival one from my family the other from Bro J Kaynaston. all are well at the date of writing

Weds 26th Took a good warm Bathe this morning feel mutch refreshed I and Sarah went down to Nathans & Mariases on the farm Sanford having gone to stop with them found them well Sanford having quite recovereed from his illness so that around as usual I will Stop here a gane for a season or a few days as the case may be

Thur 27th I spent most of the day in writing wrote a letter to my Family. a vary strong south west wind has ben blowing duering the day.

Frid 28th Assisted Marias in setting up timbers for a Stable

Sat 29th Went up to the fort with Sanford Spent part of the time in writing at the post office; commensed a letter to President Wm R Smith of the Davis Stake the Mail came in at 3 pm bring the Deserett Kews which announces the pashage of the Edmunds Tucker Bill by the house of Representatives in AMost reckless manner on the 12th inst The Relief Society put up a quilt & 3 pair of Socks as prises to be trawn for at 25 cents a ticket. all tickets to be a prise of something I drew a spool of thread

Sun 30th Attended the sabath school at 10 30 AM and the General meeting at 2 PM spent the rest of the day in writing

Mon 31St Spent the day in helping Marias put up the rest of his timbers for a stable we set them in the ground stock ade fashion

Tues Feb 1st Assisted Marias in covering the Stable in the forenoon we went down a cross the River and got a load of wood and took it up to the Fort for Sarah in the after noon a vary strong wind was blowing from the south west finished my letter to President Wm R Smith Resieved one from him in time to insert in Post cript

Wed 2nd I and sanford hung the doore shelter to the stable this fore noon high wind from south West Attended the AMeeting of the mutual improvement association in the evening their Local Paper was read called the St Josephs Contributure. it contained many interesting items of interest original and and otherwise

Thur 3rd This is fast day and the team is in rediness to convey us to the meeting 9 30 AM had a vary good meeting many bore their testimonies & Wrote a letter to J Ellison Resieved one from home dated Jan. 29th

Frid 4th I and Sanford dug holes & made posts for a correll and Stock yard the weather is Still dry no appearence of Rain as yet

Sat 5th Set in posts in the forenoon spent most of the afternoon in writing wrote to sister Nancy

Sun 6th Rained a gentle shower last night. and it has the appearence of more approaching from the south and west. there is now less appearence of Rain. 1 PM Attended the ward meeting in the afternoon wind still blowing strong from the west

Mon 7th A vary lite skim of snow fell last night. cloudy this morning with an appearence of storm. a vary disagreeable wind but no more snow

Tues 8th I and Sanford went up to the fort with Marias and thence on up to the dam at the head of the water ditch some 5 miles. with a view of turning down more water we found the River on the rise and more water running into the race or ditch. We took a look at the dam also the remaining portion of the old yet standing some 200 yards a bove. Stoped at the fort on our return got the deseret News which had arrived by the 2 o clok mail got home 5 PM.

Wed 9th I and Sanford spent a portion of the day in passing up and down the water ditch for some distance to see if any brakes had occured or were likely to. found one place which had just ben repaired giving way which we secured untill a hand & team came to make it fully secure. I attended the meeting of the Mutuel Improvement association in the Evening took part in the prograghm

Thur 10th Weather favourable for a continuence of dry weasther Went up to the fort and cut up some wood for Farm Spent part of the time writing wrote a composition. gave a cophy for inserson in the St Joseph Contributor Word came that President Ricchards had one of his horses stolen at Wilford whither he ___ ____ with a load _____ and to settle Tithing withe the Brethren there.

Fri 11th it has the apperence of storm this morning put up fence for correll in the fore noon spent part of the afternoon in watering went for the cows in the evening the mail train in on time or near time

Sat 12th Clear this morning all appearences of rain has disapeard Spent the forenoon cutting iron brush. grubbing is to follow. (it turns out to be Brother Hansen's horse that was stolen at Wilford instead of President Richards

Sun 13th Clear and pleasent this morning the birds are singing their notes of joye. Walked up to the fort in time to attend the sabath school. Attended the afternoon and evening meetings red the Deseret News which came by to days Mail. it brought the good word that Apostle Lorenso Snow was to be discharged from his imprison ment by order of the Supream Court. and that the segragation cases were annuled

Mon 14th I stayhed over nigh in the fort came down this morning it is mild & pleasent Went with Marias down the river and helped him get a load of wood which occupied a good portion of the day

Tues 15th Pleasent this morning Marias is prepared to start for Snowflkae after seed wheat and Nathan will take afternoon train left samah Savoy to See his Wife having resieved word that she is vary Sick in her confine ment Sanford and Marias started left at 11 AM I spent the day water on the farm vary high wind this 5 PM

Wed. 16th There is an appearence of storm this morning with vary high wind having regulated the water I took a walk up the fort to post a letter for home found one for me from my family baring date of the 3rd inst all were well. and getting a long with maters without difficalty There were light squalls of snow duering the afternoon Cleared up in the evening

Thur 17th Clear Skye this morning I spent the day attending to the water it has ben mild and pleasent no wind I have often thought about Brother Ezra T as this day is the day set for his trial. its consoling to know he cannot be convicted only on one count in stead of three

Fri 18th Went up to the fort cut some wood for Sarah Mailed a letter to Wm R Smith spent most of the time with President Richards in his office Sanford & Marias returned from their trip to Snowflake it clouded up an began to snoow about 7 PM.

Sat 19th Snow fell about 3 inches last night clear this morning helped haul out some manure in the fore noon John Adams trial comes off to day in Salt Lake as announced in the news

Sun 20th Quite cold and forasty this morning Attended the Sunday School also the meeting in the afternoon Mail come in on time having failed for two days last

Mon 21st Froze hard last night and the air is sharp this morning I and Sanford helped Marias in doing work on the meeting house or rather school house.

Tues 22nd cool & windy I and sanford worked on the house in the forenoon it being stormy in the afternoon so that we coul not work

Wed 23rd we continued work on the house it being quite plesent.

Thur 24th It looks a little like storm this morning. resumed work on the meeting house I sawed out Joists and laid down the floor.

Frid 25th I and Sanford continued work on the house vary winday so that work was suspended for most the afternoon. I went on to the fort after the mail and to cut some wood for Sarah Resieved a letter from my family all were well at the date of writing on the 21st

Sat 26th Attended the quartily Conference which convened at 10 AM Acting President Joseph Richards presiding only two ward was represented their being only two more to be retresented as there is but one family in each of the other two---Brigham City & Sunset.) there were a few visiters from the Eeast Arizona Stake a good lively influence of the Spirit was manifest duering the day

Sun 27th Conference was continued at 10 AM & statistical report was read. and the General Authorities of the church and Stake was presented and unanimously sustained. the remainder of the day was occupied by several speakers I having occupied a portion of the time duering the conference which closed at 4 PM there was a general meeting in the evening

Mon 28th my self and Sanford resumed work on the meeting house finished laying the floore in the main part of the housethat for the Stand is mesured so far as the floore is conserned

Tues Mar 1st Clear and plesent; this the first morning of Spring. I and Sanford spent the day on the meeting house finished the floor for the stand. nailed shingils on the roof in the afternoon

Wed 2nd It has the appearence of another warm day. Spent most of the day in Cleaning up seed wheat ready for sowing. plesent duering the day

Thur 3rd This is fast day and is quite cloudy. Atend nfast meeting Worked on the School house in the afternoon nailing on sheeting

Friday 4th cloudy this morning with a mild atmosphere I posted a letter yesterday to my family Laid off what ground for watering wind blew vary hard in the afternoon

Sat 5th Clear & pleasent this morning Spent the day in watering the wheat ground. I laid off yesterday as the the ground it to drye to bring in the grain. there is no apearens rain

Sun 6th Attended the Sunday school at 10 30 AM and the General meeting at 2 PM acompanid Bishop Richards some 7 miles out ot see a party on busness--in the evening

Mon 7th Spent part of the day attending to the water on the wheat ground went up to the fort let Sarah have $8.00 returned and commenced making AMarker to lay off ground for watering

Tues 8th Sanford started for snowflake with Brother Ashcroft to attend the quartily conference. I exspect to start for the same to morrow or next day it being on saturday & sunday next I finished the marker

Wed 9th I helped repair the main water dietch in the fore noon repaired the small ditch in the afternoon changed my clothes and went up to the fort and stoped over night at Pres Richards preparatory to starting with him in the morning for Snowflake to attend the conference.

Thur 10th spent the morning in assisting Bro Richards getting ready for our trip Started at 2 PM stoped at Holbrook at 6 PM went 3 miles stoped and fed our selves and horses went on having a good moon camped near Woodruff on the east of the ___ at 12 M

Fri 11th left our campground at 7 AM passed Woodruff on our right stoped and n_oned 7 miles from Snowflake went on arriving at 3 PM I put up with Brother Rogers a gane President Richards went on to the grist mill after attending a Business meeting met with Sanford who also stoped with Bro Rogers. it is reported that the Edmunds Tucker bill has become law without the Presidents signature the time for his action on the bill having passed. thus it becomes law

Sat 12th it is pleasent the morning conference comensed at 10 AM there were a vary good attendence the time was occupied in reports from the superintendence of Sunday Schools and the Bishops Which was continued in the afternoon ___ ___ ___

Sun 13th Conference continued the forenoon was occupied in Bishops reports a short time being occupied by the writer who spoke with mutch feedom of Spirit having the good attention of all present. 2 PM the time was occupied by President Jesse Smith his counselior Lorin Hatch Several of the high Council and President Richards with his councillor Brother Bushman. mutch good council and instructions were given by them. The good spirit prevailing duering the conference which was adjourned to the 2nd sat & Sun in June next my self and Pres Richards Started on our return to the St Josephs at 6 PM in order to inable him to meet his ingagements (Brother Sanford will start for st Johns to attend to his pension business) we camped in the cedes 7 m out

Mon 14th moved on making a Short Stop at Woodruff and Holbrook arriving at 11 PM I learned that a letter had ben resieved baring address & was in the care of Samuel Parker

Tues 15th Pleasent morning am a little weary from the effect of early and late journing but was up in good time being anceous to learn the contents of my letter which I soon obtained and red with interest it being from my family and informing me that all were well, and schang a long with matters & thing as well as could be exspected under the circumstances.

Wed 16th Freof Kealson came in from Utah last night he saw Bro Lyman at Kanab he talked of returning home in a few days with D Udell. so I suppose he is now on his way I assisted Marias in attending to watering his wheat ground

Thur 17th Some what windy this morning Spent the day attending the watering process

Fri 18th Continued watering for Marias quite winday in the afternoon

Sat 19th Spent the day attending to the water; finished for the present

Sun 20th Attended the Secion of the Sundy School at 10 AM and took charge of the Book of Mormon class of the young ladies. attended the General meeting in the after noon

Mon 21st helped Marias put in wheat I harrow & he sowed. he however was called a way to persue and arrest some horse theives who had stolen a band of horses from the NavaJoe Indians who are also in persuit of the theives . I finished the sowing and will continue the harrowing 2 PM

Tues 22nd I spent the day watering wheat Snowed a light squall Marias returned this evening having met the Indians on their return with their horses which the recaptured from the theives wounding one of the party

Wed 23rd Clear with a cool atmosphere this morning Spent the fore noon in reading and writing helped Marias in watering in the after noon went up to the fort in the evening to attend the young Mens meeting But we were to late

Thur 24th I and Sanford are now preparing to start back to Utah he will take his daughters Nancy & Edith I spent most of the day writing wrote to my family also compleeted a synopsis of the percecutions of the Latterday saints from 1833 to 1887 in rhyme.

Fri 25th A little cloudy this morning went up to the fort posted my home ward letter also one to the Juvenile office returned and assited in masuring up grain for the trip. we had a surprize party pay us a visit from the fort and town Ship in the evening in token of respect and ____ duering our absence

Sat 26th Spent the day in riging up our outfit took the horses up to the shop to get them shod. Succeeded in getting one shod & one shoe on the other so we will be detained on monday in finishing the Shoing.

Sun 27th heavy wind last night clear and cool this morning Attended the Sabath School at 10 AM took charge of the young ladies class a gane Spoke to the school a short time attended the afternoon meeting accompanying a portion of the time three Brethren from Utah were present on their return to Lehi they spoke at the testimony meeting in the evening

Mon 28th Sister Parrminer came from Snowflake to accompany us as she was alone except her little Boy who drives her train I went to the shop to get the shoeing finshed posted a few lines to Sarah at Rama biding her good by for a time 1 PM Started at 4 PM camped at 10 PM 20 miles 3 miles from Winshlow & 1 1/2 miles from crossing of the riveres at the Railrode Bridge here on one our horses failed some thing being the matter with him he refused to drink as we came to the river, the next morning Tuesday

Tuesday 29th we stoped at winslow here we came up with Sister Palmer who was ahead of us, having left early yesterday morning we were anceous to overtake Brothers Umpsted and Evens who were still a head of us (as they had extra team and proffered to take some of our load if we wished.) we felt that we kneeded it now as our horse had failed. Sanford persued on on foot in hopes to overtake them at noon as we learned that they were but a short distance past winslow last evening. But he failed to come up with them but saw them moving on from where they had stopted some three milses he renewed his persuit next morning. we having come up and have continued on several miles, he left us at 2 AM went some 8 or nine miles to a trading house where he learned that they were far a head we come up at 10 AM our horse having improved in strength and appitite here we rested a few hours took our breakfast and moved on crossed the river at the trading post went a few miles and camped

Wed 30th our horse is still improving left camp at 7 AM came up with Sanford at a traders on the Sanfrancisco wash he failed to overtake them fed our animals and took breakfast and moved on. crossed the River at a trading post 12 miles went on 4 miles and camped

Thur. 31st moved on 4 miles to the Grand falls watered fed and took a lunch our selves 7 AM moved on 12 miles to the Black falls watered our animals filled our water kegs or barrels went on 2 m and camped having found a little grass up a wash

Fri April 1st Broke camp at 7 AM went 8 miles to a point on the river called the dugway. watered and went on 4 miles crossing a heavy belt of sand nooned went on 3 miles struck the river watered and filled our caks here we met 3 teams from Utah Borrowed a 5 gallon keg under a promice to return it to the owner a Bro Taylor Crosby at Kanab we went on 3 miles and camped at 6 PM

Sat April 2 We left camp ground at 6 AM went 6 miles; heavy sand stand the river filled our kegs agane went on more sand 3 miles watered our animals going to the river a short distance to the left here a heavy wash came in. Went on 2 miles and nooned 4 m on again at 1 PM met Joseph Hansen on his return from Utah to St Joseph went on to Moaancoppie wash 4 miles at 4 PM stoped and let our animals bate a while done some baking and took an early Supper then rooled on at 6 30 PM went 6 miles to sand and beech turned in for the rest of the night being 10 PM

Sun 3rd Started on at 5.30 AM for the willow springs 7 miles met several teams with families to locate in some of the settlements on the Little Colorado. arrived at the Springs at 9 AM our fire now started and we are in a fare way for a square breakfast, or comparatively so 10 AM Started on at 2 30 PM went 7 miles stoped and bated our animals at 6 PM went on passed over the divide between the Corral disended down some four or five miles and camped near the belt of ceders on our left making in all 23 miles

Mon 4th Left our camp ground at 6 30 AM came to Lime stone tanks at 9 AM 9 miles no water in the tank stoped fed our horses gave them what water there was remaining in our kegs. eate breakfast and moved on again at 12 M met 2 teams with freight for Moancoppy. we made the Bitter ceaps at 4 PM 10 miles from Limestone tanks went on 6 miles stoped and let our animals bate with a view of moving to the ferry having learned that we could cross the River at the lower ferry---but would be detained by a herd of sheepe if we did not get in a head of them in the morning. we will thereforre mak a night march on them 7 PM.

Tus 5th We failed to makake the contemplated march on account of three miles of the ruffest road on the rout from Utah to Arizona being a succession of gulches with an abudenes of rock and sand it lays between Naviho Springs and bitter seeps. we camped at the former place. here we found the parties we had been trying to overtake. they were ingaged in purchasing a herd of Sheepe at $2.25 per head we got one of the party - Brother Cooper to tak a Box as far as American Fork. let him have about 25 lbs of oats. we contemplate moving on this after knoon near the ferry so as to be in time to cross in the morning before the remainder of the sheep are ready to cross 11 AM moved on at 2 PM arrived at the fary at 5 PM four more loads of sheepe to be faried over this closed further operations for the day so we struck up our camp fire for the night. in doing so I met with a slight accident in splitting off some of the wood the ax glanst cutting through my boot & sock penetrating my ancle a little below the joint barley reaching the bone I applied some tobaco on the wound suffering but little pain. a prieveous acesttent occoured to our waagon as I was descending a steep hill the rod or bolt of the fore hounds broke letting the toung drop from the hounds. fortunately the brake was on sufficcently tight to hold the wagon so that no further damage occured

Wed 6th We were aroused at the brake of day by the srill hope of the ferryman on the oppisete bank giving us notice to be ready to cross we lost no time in answering the call and had none to spare ear the boat was in position to resieve her load. we were on board and a cross leaving a herd of sheep a wating its turn being those purchases by the partes before mentioned we rolled on 7 miles and nooned near Bagerbruk having Stch sand 7 PM. on to the creek but could not find sufficient water for our animals went on 5 miles to Soap Creek found sufficient water filled our kegs and went on 3 miles for feed & camped-good feed.

Thur 7th Pleasent morning left camp ground at 8 AM heavy sand all most all the way to the pool 10 miles where we arrived at 2.30 PM here we nooned having good water and sufficient grass for our animals filled our kegs went on 5 miles and camped Still sandy plenty of Grass for the horses

Fri 8th Left camp ground at 7 AM reached house Rock at 11 AM 7 miles a little less sand here Brothers Evesns Cooper & Umpstead overtook us having declined purcahsing the Sheep as contemplated on account of a great portion of them being old sheep. here we fitted our vessels a gane and went on 1 1/2 mile and nooned short grass with good ceder wood & moved on to the Buckskin mountain pulled up near the summit and camped--in company with the parties beforementioned Grass and plenty of wood 11 miles from place of nooning

Sat 9th Cloudy and cool. moved on at 8 AM passed over the mountain and nooned near the Navaho wells 10 miles from camp ground & 2 miles before the wells are reched it is now raining gently 1 PM the rain seaced and we moved on came to the wells and watered the horses an continued our way on 9 miles and camped on what is called ceder ridge 6 miles from Kanab a vary strong wind was blowing and clouds thickening as we struck our camp under a bushy ceder rendering us a good praker & supper over when a gentle sprinkle of rain be gan falling we attached a quilt to the limbs of the ceder making a temperary roof under which we spread our bedding and retiered. upon a waking in the morning we 4 inches of snow presented a desided change on the face of mother Earth. without any delay for refreshments we hitched up and rolled on to Kanab arriving at John Luards at 10 AM found them all well. I washed and changed my outer clothing took a square dinner and repaired to the ward meeting at 2 PM Elders Milton Musser & Segmller from Salt Lake being in attendence Elder Udell from St Johns was also present and spoke giving us a brief scetch of his imprisonment and detroit. Elder Musser declined to speak requesting me to occupy the time. A special meeting was announced for the evening Elders Segmiller & Muysser occupying the time which was vary ineresting and instructive. there were light sqalls of snow duering the afternoon thus ended

Sun 10th

Mon 11th a light part of snow fell all night Spent the day in visiting a round through the town viewed the dam from which the water is taken on to the farming I met with carmi one my Knephews from Orderville. He is preparing to move to Pipe Springs in the interest of looking after Stock

Tues 12th It now has the appearence of fair weather a gane. had an agreable visit with Elders Musser & Segmiller, President Wooley, Udell, and Bishop Roberson at the residence of Bro Mariger. conversing and talking over incidensis of the past and present. 10 AM took a little exorsise in splitting up some stove wood for Eliza. The anceous looked for mail arrived at 5 PM with a few lines from my family stating that they were all well

Wed 13th We bid a due to our friends this morning at 8.30 AM and resumed our onward trip by way of Orderville to visit our relatives there for a few days. we were met by Warrinner Porter one of our Nephews with his team to assist us the remainder of the way it being vary sandy we stoped and nooned and then proseded having a fresh team to our wagon as well as a fresh driver we arrived in orderville at 5 30 PM put up at Warriners having a pleasent reception by his numerous family Edson and Licander came in in the evening

Thur 14th Cloudy; stormy in the hills so that the snow is doubtless accumulating on the divide in stead of diminishing which is unfavorable for us in moving on. yet it is blessing to the brohters in this part of the country spent most of the time in visiting our friends & old acquaintences called on Brother Norwood took dinner with him. visited Sister Persilla in her new house which only partly finished

Fri 15th Cloudy has the appearence of more storm. which makes the wether still unfavourable for us in moving on our journey visited Edson and family he is ingaged in the manufacture of shoes & tanery business and is doing well. Attended a theatrical performence in the evening in the interest of the sunday school the pieces was of home production and was well rendered.

Sat 16th Light showers of rain fell last night but is braking a way this morning with a mild atmosphere. called on Edson and got my boots halfsold took diner with him had a plesent conversatoin on the nature of our mission here in the flesh Returned to Warriners. obtained the Deseret News by to days mail red with much interest _____ first Presidency such is in its collums.

Sun 17th cloudy this morning __ ___ atmosphere. Attended the sabath school at 10 AM Superintended by my Nephew Edson Porter Sit in the Theological class was mutch interested in the reading and deliberatations on some of the portions read Spoke to the School a short time by instruction of the superintendent Attended the Ward meeting in the afternoon Brother Sanford and my self occupied most of the time having good attention had a social gathering of Family relations with a few others including the Bishop Henry W Esplin-at Wariners Residence in the evening which was vary enjoriable and interesting my self and Sanford occupying the greater portion of the time. to quite a late hour. in recounting the past giving our experience in the manifestations of the power and influence of the spirit of God in our behalf as also that of the Saints. setting foarth to the children of our departed Brother the life and zeal of this their farther in living up to evry principle of the Gospel together with the generosity of his heart even unto the depriving him self and family to administer to the wants of others. which I often thought was not expressed. We felt pleased to find then following his example in entering in to and endeavering to crry out evry principle of the Gospel and that they had acquiered trades of industry through entering into the United Order by thus being placed in a position to take hold of and obtain apractical experience in those industries &c.

Mon 18th Rained last night, so we have concluded to lay over another day in hopes the road will be sufficently dry to morrow to admit of moving on as it is clear and warm to day took dinner with Brother Norwood visited Edson in the shoe department which is located over the tanery made inquiery as to the condition it is in and the reasons of its being unopperated &c

Tues 19th Clear this morning. We bid our rellatives and friends a due and resumed our journey at 8 30 AM passed through Glen Dale 4 m and on 2 m to the woollen factory where we stoped with our Nephew Lisander who showed us through the bilding with its machenery which was quite interesting was interdused to James Chamberlin who will run the factory this season we took dinner and moved on at 1 PM having a steper grade up the canyon came to the residence of Howerd Spencer 4 miles 3 PM learned that the road was vary mudy on the Summit. we therefore concluded stop untill the morrow so that our team would be refreshed for heavy pull in the morning

Wed 20th Resumed our journey at 8 30 this morning passed two sawmills and reached the summit at 12 M 10 miles the road was mutch better than we anticipated and was drying up vary fast as we proceeded there being a strong wind from the South nooned 1 mile from summit. passed Butermilk Springs one mile before reaching the summit. passed down on the severe passed Littles also Hatches Ranch camped at James Henries Ranch 11 miles cold wind from the North west

Thur 21st Started on at 7 AM making Pangwich at 12 M stoped and nooned with Jonh Myers our old acqaintence. 2 PM continued on our way went ten miles and stopeed at V had hay and stabling for our horses at 25 cts

Frid 22nd Left our camp house at 7 30 AM came to lower end of the valley 4 mils and entered into the narrow Canyon 15 miles brought us through. here I left the wagon road and took a cut off across interceting the road in circull ville Sanford went round when the teahe stoped and nooned with James Kittleman 15 miles. I passed through circleville. he came on and overtook me at the crossing the River-- severe) we came on passed through Junkson City. 9 miles went on 3 miles and stoped for the night with Brother Harris he furnished us a camp house and hay & stabling for 25 cts

Sat 23rd Started on our way at 6 40 AM passed over into Haries Vale nooned at the lower part of the valley. 11 AM making 13 miles. here the river takes a bend a round to the right through a range of hills and mountains the road turns all most quare to the right over these high hills triking the severe a gane at Monroe we passed over. arriving at Monroe 6 PM 15 miles found accomodations for our selves and animals at Brother Bowman bought oats at one 30 per hundred

Sun 24th Resumed our journey at 7.15 AM came to Anna Bell. here the main road leaves the bottom and take through the hill to the right into Glenwood we were miss informed by a Danish Man and so took the bottom rout which is untraveled and ruff and mutch the fartherest round we made the last mentioned town 11 30 AM went 2 miles and nooned making 14 miles from Monroe moved on 1 PM crossed the river on the west side where the soil is quite red found the road not as good being more chucks we prefered the East Side we recrossed the River at Salina where we stoped for the night

Mon 25th Left salina at 7 30 AM and arrived in Gunison at 12 M 15 miles. nooned bought some flour I got me a pair of over halls at 80 cts rooled on at 1 30 PM 5 miles brought us to warm creek or Lafyette bought a few pound of hay for our animals and went on 6 miles and camped no feed here

Tues 26th We left camp around at 5 30 AM without Break fast for our selves or animals except grain for the latter went on 7 miles to the residence of George Henry Pierce 9 miles from Lavan where we got hay at 3th cts per pound after breakfasting we moved on at 10 AM making Lavan at 1 PM 9 miles stoped and nooned Nancy having ben taken with a severe pain in her chest and side on a gane at 3.30 PM arrived in Nephi at 6 30 PM put up at John Andrews with good accommodations.

Weds 27th Nancy is better this morning I took the Utah Souther train for Salt Lake City at 6.15 AM arrived at 10 30 called at E Stevensons found all well he being absent in the East. at 5.30 PM took the Denver & Riogrand passenger train for Woods Cross here I alited took up on to the streets running north through West Bountiful passed a long by the residences of my accuaintences without any manifestations of recordnition. as they passed along the streets and side walk I turned on to the Railrode track leading through my pasture as I apprached I saw my Grand Son with two other Boys Driving the cows out a cross the track as usual I approached wthin a few rods as he strided his poney and went on with the cows. Oh thought I has it rearly come to this that an absent Father is of necesity; or in wisdom to fore go the ordeal of refraining to approach and imbrace his dear child to maintain his own safety from pison walls. yes it is no dream but a reallity which many are called to realise. at the present time. The sun was now declining over the Salt Lake. as I entered with in my own incisure I bowed down before the Lord and returned thanks for the opportunity of a gane setting foot on the ground of my stuartship. and thanked ___ ___ me duering my __ months exile I took a circuatus way a cross the farm as the shades of night spread over the ___. passed through the orchard having stoped and listendd to the many voices of my children in a cheerful glee of play. it was with surpressed feelings that I wated their retirement ear I should approach to the thresh hold of my own doore to make my presence know. all being silent I entered the barn and from the loft window took a view of my habitation and the light peiring through the windows to which I soon approached and having the advantage by an uncurtained window saw my companions and children sitting quiately a round with one strange face which prodused a feeling of distrust. and a hesidency to make my self known, lest he mite be an confidencial. but on further scrutiny reccordised him to be a Brother and friend of old acquaintance. and thus lost no further time rapping at the doore which was opened by my Son wh I impraced almost before he farly recordised me to be in deed his Father because of my changed appearence thus I had the vrivolige of once more imbracing my family after an absence of 7 months

Thur 28th I arose this morning serrounded by my family in the enjoyment of good health and spirits only feeling some what fateagey by the journey a cross sand beds and over mountains. I spent the day pleasently as others of my family called in to see me

Fri 29th I Spent this day looking after matters a round the premices Cleaning out water ditches assited by Brother Pool

Sat 30th Rained most of the day the Boys started with some of the pony horses on to the mountain but turned back on account of the rain I wrote to Marias and Ina St Joseph

Sun May 1st Spent the day at home reading not wishing to appear in Biblick at present

Mon 2nd Spent the day in reparing up things about the premicis President Smith call on me we had quite a greable interview of matters and things Generally and some things in particular

Tues 3rd Went down to the pasture and repaired the bars arranged them so that they could fastned a gainst the Breachy cows took a Strole a round on the verge of the Lake found that the lake ben driven further than usual on to the pasture thus reducing the amount of feed as the saltwater kills the grass where ever it comes in contact with it

Wed 4th Visited Aarons and Mother Cherry. assisted Aaron in putting up wireed ___ went the store in the evening and purchased some carpenter tools--a brace and set of hatchet & ax an nail hammer also ec that in all $6 75 cts

Thur 5th Attended the fast meeting which was vary unexspected by several who were in attendence. feeling that I was subject to the raid which is still going on. I felt however that no harm would result to me by my appearence in the fast meeting and taking part in speaking my feelings to those present.

Fri 6th attended a meeting of the high council held in Farmington at 10 AM I was pleased to have the wrivolige of a gane assembling with the council. the case of Wm Stokes was the subject of the meeting he having failled to comply with the decession of the council rendered at a prieveous meeting and thus is was a gane called in question to show cause. not having a reasonable excuse He was reprimanded and disfellowshipped or suspended untill he complied with the desission of the council to be within one month

Sat 7th at home Nathan went to the city with a load of hay I sent my ___ a gane to the mountain they having come down I assisted in driving them in to the ___ ___ Canyon. repaired ____ of the tools &c. Rained last night

Sun 8th Brother Ellison came and stoped overnight with me for the purpass of joining me in visiting the East Bountiful Sunday School which we did calling on Brother Kaynaston who accompanied us. there was a vary good attendence. we visited the classes in their different rooms these having ben several filled up in the Bacement we also attended the war meeting in the afternoon I spoke to some lenght.

Mon 9 Boys hauled up lumber from the switch there having ben a car lod shiped from ogden as ordered I hived a swarm of bees for Aaron. call on President Smith and had a lengthy talk I attended the monthly reunion _______ of the officers of ___ ___ South Bountiful ____ ____ the house was full. the _____ ______ learned _______

Tues 10th Sanford went _____ the city to see ______ in arranging for his __atiter. _____ to be under the _____ _____ in the h___ ____ ____ treat ____ I spent the day at home making a tool Box for my tools

Wed 11th went to the store to get hinges for tool box but there were none. helped the boys unload brick they hauled with two teams Brother Ford came and spent most of the day visiting with me and the family administered with the Bishop to Sister Miles who is quite feeble

Thur 12th It is cloudy and cool this morning dressed out some lumber for a hand gate Bys haluled Bricks

Fri 13th Johny and sale went on to the mountain after his mare I worked at the gate

Sat 14th done some plowing and scraping on the water ditch in the pasture the Smiths boys having brought the Scrapers home yesterday having had them in use about three weeks.

Sun 15th Visited the West Bountiful Sunday School with my assostants found the School in good condition. Attended the Ward meeting in the afternoon President Smith and Call being in attendence I spoke to sone length followed by Brother Ellison and Keniston took Brother Ellison to the switch

Mon 16 Spent the day putting up a gate to the correll and helping the Boys unload Brick Bro Sanford assisting my Nephews Lyman and Alva with Bro Walton Called in the evening and stoped over night having ben to the city on a land trial

Tues 17th Boys and myself worked on water ditch administered to Sister miles loded up a load of hay.

Wed. 18th Nathan took the hay to the city I and the boys worked on the water ditch

Thur 19th Boys hauled brick I finished hanging the gate repaired the hay rack that was laying idle. loded up two loads of hay

Fri 20th Nathan & Aaron went to the city with the hay I got the water down on to the meadow and garden

Sat 21st Boys howed in the garden and loded up tow loads of hay I attended to the water

Sun 22nd Attended the Centerville Ward meeting in the morning and the sunday school in the afternoon also the high priest meeting in the evening at East Bountiful

Mon 23rd Boys went to the city with the hay I continued to attend the water

Tues 24th Boys howed in the garden in the forenoon loded up two loads of hay in the afternoon I attended the water and cut out rose brush about the hedge

Wed 25th Nathan & Serl went to the City with the hay I attended the water had a good deal of runt__ to do in __ __ the water use ___ ____ many ____ ____

Thur 26th Summer following howing in the garden and ___ to the water __ with the ___ of the day.

Fri 27th continued the howing and plowing

Sat 28th continued the howing put up to rods of wire picket fence between the Barn and garden

Sun 29th visited the Kaysville centeral Sunday School with my assistants attending the General meeting at 11 AM and visited the North East Sabath School in the afternoon found the schools in good condition. Went and returned by train

Mon 30th Plowing howing in the garden and repairing the cultivator was the items attend to

Tues 31st Plowing watering and howing in the garden occupied the day

Wed June 1st Run some water furrows in the weheat on the bottom farm cut and burned some rose brush out of the way on the water ditch finished the fllow plowing turned water on wheat

Thur 2nd this is fast day. I attended the fast meeting and the young ladies mutual in the evening the rest of the way was spent in watering

Fri 3rd Spent the intire day in watering Nathan worked on the Bowery furnished lumber and some brush Serl hauled Brick

Sat 4th The stake quartily Conference commences this morning at 10 AM But not in the bowery I presume as it rained last night so as to make it quite dampe

Sun 5th Attended the Conference Joseph W Taylor of the twelve Apostels and O F Whitney Bishop were in attendence and the latter occupied the greater portion of the time duering the Sevises of the day in a vary interesting and instructive maner there were a large attendence of the people

Mon 6th Cleaned out water ditches and attended to the water on the bottom farm

Tues 7th Put a ditch a cross the road this side up the switch Boxs went on the mountain with some stock that came down yesterday

Wed 8th put ain a Box across the grade to conect the water Boys loded up two loads of hay for the city I attended to the water.

Thur 9th Boys went to the city with the hay I spent the time mostly in attending to the water

Fri 10th Boys hauled Brick I spent most of the day reparing the Barn seeler Doorse

Sat 11th finished the door spending part of the day attending to the water Sanford Returned from Porterville

Sun 12 I went with my assistants visited the North Sabath chool of Farmington to witness their review Brothers Thomas steed & James T Smith wer with us

Mon 13th Brother Sanford left this morning for Logan to labour in the Temple. Nathan commensed cutting the Lucern Serl and Johny hauled Brick I chored around reparing things about the premices

Tus 14th Boys hauled Brick in the forenoon harnesed up a couple of the unbroke horses and I drove them a bout in the afternoon I worked in the garden and stired out Lucern

Wed 15th Cut lucern in the fore noon howed kane in the afternoon

Thur 16th Nathan went to the city to collect some Bills due on hay and get a few Sulkey rake teath. he got three price $1 00 apiece. Johny went on the mountain with some of our stock that had com down Serl howed in the garden in the fore noon I waterend in the garden we put up Lucern in the afternoon Aaron Brought up the Extras that had ben ordered for the self Binder yesterday.

Fri 17th Nathan cut Lucern this fore noon Serl piled up old Straw I spent the time making and putting up gates

Sat 18th I finished putting up the north gate of the correll Nathan went to the city after a Library Johny and Serril put up Lucern

Sun 19th I attended the Ward meeting in the forenoon and visited the Sunday School in the afternoon also attend the teachers meeting of the School and the preyer circle in the Evening

Mon 20th Cut Lucern in the forenoon commensed making another Gate in the afternoon John Paul and Seril hauled Lucern into the Barn

Tues 21st Nathan cut Lucern Broth Pool and Seril hauled Lucern finished in the home field I helped to mow a way and worked on the Gates

Wed 22nd Put up Lucern J Pool and Seril hauled Nathan and Johnny hauled also I mowed a way finished the gates ready for hanging.

Thurs 23rd Put up Lucern this morning Bro Pool hauled Nathan cut Lucern I plowed out truck __ in the garden

Fri 24th Nathan went to the city with a load of hay J Poole & Seril hauled hay took 2 load to the tithing Barn I attended the meeting of the high council also the monthly Priesthood meeting held at Farmington

Sat 25th Spent the day choring about the premices ordered some hinges to be made at the Blacksmith Shop for the gates Nathan went to the convention held at Farmington to Ellect Dellegates to a Teritorial convention to formulate a State constitution preparitory for an admittence into the Union. Bro Pool cut Aarons Lucern Boys piled up straw

Sun 26th Attended the ward meeting spoke to the people occupying most of the time visted the North District Sunday School with Bro Kynaston found a great droping off in the attendence

Mon 27th The Boys and Bro Pool put up Lucern in the forenoon hauled in the afternoon Nathan cut Lucern

Tues 28 Nathan cut Lucern Bro Pool and Seril hauled Lucern

Wed 29th Bro Pool and Seril put up Aarons Lucern in the forenoon. hauled Lucern for me in the afternoon Nathan went to the City with a load of hay I commensed repairing the Binder Nathan got extries for the Binder a tilten casting and a grain knife $6.00

Thur 30th Nathan & Johny put up Lucern in the forenoon Bro Pool and Ceril hauled Lucern for Aaron duering the day I continued repairing the self binder Nathan cut grass in the afternoon

Frid July 1st I Bunched up Lucern in the morning Bro Pool and Siril commensed to haul Lucern for me Rebeca and Mary Emma went to the City with Aaron to see Nancy - Sanfords daughter after having learned that she had anopperation performed two stiches being taken in the bladdder and that she was in the Hostiple doing as well as cood be exspected two Marshels called at Pres Smiths & Joe Parishes but found them absent they passed on to Farmington. James Loin was arrested at Lake Park by some of their aids

Sat 2nd I raked hay in the morning Bro Pool and Seril Continued hauling Lucern Nathan also hauled little Aaron loaded Serl qut at noon to go and spend holliday

Sun 3rd Visited the South Weber Sunday School in their review the attendence was not large on account of the hooping cough yet a lively interest was manifisted the peices were well rendered and good order was maintained Bro Ellison only was with me Bro Kynaston having continued on to Ogden to meet his Wife who was returning from a visit to goos creek

Mon 4th this is the National Birth day so that Business is generally suspended

Tues 5th cutting grass hauling hay was the order of the day. Sister Kent Died yesterday suposed of sun stroke being out gathering fruit in the heat of the day and coming in with a sever pain in her head and soon expiered

Wed 6th Seril was not able to work duering the fore noon Bro Pool hauled hay Johny helped him duering the fore noon Serle in the fatenence Nathan cut grass I repaired the Binder and helped mough away hay

Thurs 7th Nathan cut grass Brother Pool and Seril hauled hay I chored a round keeping a look out for Black ducks as word came that a marshel was in town

Fri 8th Nathan took Bro Adams folks down to the pen to pay him a visit Rebecca went with them. Bro Pool and Seril hauled hay I helped mough a way howed in the Garden stired out hay in the field &c

Sat 9th hauled with two teams all hands ingagued Sent up a load to the tithing Barn 3010 lbs

Sun 10th This is my 67th Birth day I spent the day in my own Ward attended the ward meeting Spoke a short time duering the servises. Rained several hours this morning

Mon 11th howing in the garding sturing out hay makaking repairs on the Binder was the business of the day Bro Pool worked for Aaron dressing out his corn

Tues 12th hauling in hay is now resumed 7 AM mailed a letter to my Bro Sanford at Logan last niiht My Nephew Carmi Porter and David Harris came in from their homes at orderville being on their way to the North western State as Missionaries of the Gospel to the People of those States. they informed me that they learned (while in the City that President Taylor was vary sick.

Wed 13th continued hauling hay running tw teams ingaging all hands

Thur 14th Continued hauling in hay took 3 loads to the Tithing Barn Rained in the evening

Fri 15th cut some grass Bro Pool piled up old straw

[page missing]

home this afternoon having served his term several others were also released to go to their homes.

Thur 21St continued hauling in hay duering the day

Fri 22 Nathan and Seril went to the city with two loads of hay Bro Pool and Johny hauled hay I chored a round putting catches on the gates &c

Sat 23rd Nathan Brought up his door and Window frames last night also a new platform canvass for the self binder we finished hauling in the hay crop this forenoon. I spent the rest of the day repairing the binder the center peice that works the knife having given way.

Sun 24th attended the Ward meeting John Pool occupying most of the time vary interestingly. it was announced that the cellibration of the 24th which was to take place on the morrow would be post poned on account of President Taylor's crittical condition of health.

Mon 25th commenced cutting the grain with the Self Binder cut the Barley in the North field Bro Pool runn it it in the after noon.

Tues 26th continued cutting grain cut Aarons barley in the forenoon commenced cutting mine in the afternoon Broke real shaft telfooned to Naylor Brothers for anoth. to be sent up by train repaired the broken one so as to resume cutting

Wed 27th commenced cutting the wheat this morning Three Depity Marshels passed my place at 11 AM slacking up their spead as they got opposite my premices but made no stop but increased their speed a gane which soon brought them to one of President Smiths places where they discovered him on the cross street near his house in companey with John Priest of Farmington hey being in the latters Buggy made a start up the street as they saw them approach. at this moment the depites made a dash after them and commensed fiering as soon as the got in shooting distance. they soon came to a a stop and President Smith was arrested under the muzels of their firearms without any written process. he was taken to the city and put under $1500 bonds to await he action of the Grand Jury at the September term The rumer of President Taylors Death was confirmed by this morning's Herald which stated that he died on the 25th inst. and that his funeral would be held on Fri 29th Thus the saints are left once more to mourn the loss of their Prophet and Seer in a time of trouble and Great ankziety on the part of many who are suffering from bonds and in pisonment or in exile from which their lamented President is now released in Death he has gone to meet his fellow servents Joseph and Hyrum with whome he was incarserated in Carthage Jail at the time they fell Martyrters to maleviolence while he fell wounded by their pearcing balls

Thurs 28th cut grain had an other brake on the machine Boys shocked up

Fri 29th People are going from their wards and settlements to the funeral Bro Woolley is runing the Binder. it appears like a a sabath day

Sat 30th There was a vary large attendence at the funeral yesterday the prosession reaching almost from the Tabernickle to the Cimetry flags were at half mast all over the city

Sun 31st visitited Farmington and Kaysville with my Wife Rebecca we were in companey with Elder E T Clark & Pres Anson Call to the Latter place on arriving we were informed that there were Depities in the place inquiering for a certain person. it was thought wisdom for my self and Bro Call to return to Farmington we did so and attended the meeting in that place without molestation

Mon Aug 1st J W Woolley got through cut his grain at 2 PM so we run the Binder the rest of the afternoon

Tues 2nd continued cutting grain broke the center board to which the piutman is attached telefooned to Naylor & Pike Salt Lacity and had another sent up on the 4 o clok train so that I had it replaced by 7 o clok

Wed 3rd Nathan run the Binder Bro Pool cut Lucern Boys set up oats I looked after matters

Thur 4th Anson Call was arrested at 4 PM Put up Lucern in the fore noon and evening Boys shocked up wheat Brother Pool helped in the forenoon shocked for Aaron in the afternoon

Fri 5th watered the sugar kane Nathan went to the pen to see J Adams Bro Pool and the boys hauled Lucern

Sat 6th J Pool is hauling Lucern Nathan cut the last peice of oats took 2 loads of Lucern to Charles Tingey 5600 lbs $16.80 went to East Bountiful in the evening and called on Brother Kenyston and arranged for him and Brother Ellison to resume visiting the Sunday Schools with out my presence with them as the Depities were a gane on the raiding process which rendered it kneedful for me to keepe in the back ground for the time being.

Sun 7th I remained at home or a bout the premices considering it prudent to refrain from appearing in Publick

Mon 8th Brother Pool cut Lucern duering the day Boys hauled Lucern in the forenoon cleaned of a place for stacking grain my Brother Sanford came over from Porterville in the evening

Tues 9th Finished cutting wheat in the fore noon Bro Pool helped he cut Lucren for Aaron in the afternoon Nathan went to the lime Kiln for lime

Wed 10th Put up Lucern in the forenoon Bro Pooll finished cutting Aarons Lucern. all hands were ingaged hauling and Stack my Barley from the north field in the afternoon

Thur 11th I and Seril put up Lucern for Aaron in the fore noon Bro Pool stacked for me. Nathan and Johny hauled Barley

Fri 12th All hands started to get in Lucern but finding it too damp we turned to hauling and stacking barley from the North field

Sat 13th continued hauling & stacking grain from the north field

Sun 14th attended the ward meeting in the morning and the Sabath school in the afternoon

Mon 15th finished hauling and Stacking grain from the North field Bro Pool oiled up his harness in readiness to start on the Thratcher which he did in the afternoon

Tues 16th Boys hauled a load of Lucern broke the reach finished hauling and Stacking the oats two Depities passed by this 1 PM having called at Mark Wadops without success in finding him

Wed 17th Boys are hauling Lucern I went down to the pasture to look after the stock and turn the water. Those Depeties passed a gane on their return to wards the city. Boys finished hauling the Lucern except some tithing

Thur 18th hauled two loads of Tithing to J J Harris Finished up the hauling of Lucern Boys hauled for Aaron in the after noon

Fri 19th Boys hauled and stacked barley on the Bottom farm I trimed out the hedge fence

Sat 20th continued hauling & stacking barley

Sun 21st Attended the funeral of Wm Barbers child held in the meeting house at the usual hour of 10.30 AM I occupied most of the time being requested to preach the funeral sermon visited the North District Sunday school in the afternoon the attendence was unusually smaall Several of the Teachers had gone to attend a funeral of two children in East Bountiful.

Mon 22nd Nathan went with Bro Adams folks to the Pen to bring Bro Adams home as his time has expiered the Boys hauled a load of Lucern for Aaron hauled and stacked barley the rest of of the day attended a surprise party at Brother Adams in the evening for his reseption was interested in his account of matters of Prison life

Tues 23rd Mr Allen came to commence laying up Nathans house. hauled two loads of Lucern for Aaron hauled and stacked barley the rest of the day

Wed 24th Rrained quite a shower this morning hauled some barley and rounded up the Stock hauled Lucern for Aaron duering the afternoon

Thur 25th Boys hauled the last load of Aarons Lucern this morning hauled and Stacked Barley from the cheney farm the rest of the day James Cherry helped in the afternoon

Fri 26th continued hauling & Stacking Grain J J Cherry helped making a day and half to be credited on Bull act. runn two teams Sister Huberd Died lst Wednesday night & Sister Winchester to day So there is now two corps now in the Ward to be laid away in their last resting place to await the morn of the first Resurection

Sat 27th Nathan went for a load of lime in the forenoon We finished hauling and Stacking grain in the afternoon sent a grist to mill

Sun 28th Attended the Double funeral and spoke on the resurection followed by Bro Aanson call

Mon 29th Set the Boys to raking the barley Stuble this morning and to hauling manure the rest of the day Nathan hauled sand for the mason I repaired the hay rack and trimed around the fence

Tues 30th Boys hauled manure I repaired the bottom to the hay rack and plowed some water furrows a telleghragm came to to President Smith that his son Willard (at Port Niff) Died this morning. and would be brought to Centerville immediately

Wed 31st attending mason Raking barley stuble & hauling manure was the business of the day The body of Willard Smith arrived on the train at 5 oclok PM and was conveyed to his Fathers residence where it was resieved with mutch sorrow. he leaves a wife and one child

Thur Sept 1st Attended fast meeting at 11 AM and the funeral at 2 PM occupying a portion of the time in speaking to the large assembly present in connection with Bishop Parley P Wille. with whom the deceast was associated as counciller in connection with Toleman who also spoke a few minutes Counciler Anson Call being the last speker a large cortage followed the remains to the grave

Fri 2nd Attended a meeting of the High Council at Farmington

Sat 3rd hauled a load of Lucern had to stop on the account of high wind

Sun 4th Went to Kays ward with Bro Kayneston visited the centeral and North East Sabath Schools

Mon 5th Mason work was resumed on Nathans house hauled in the rakings of the barley stuble

Tues 6th Finished hauling the rakings Nathan went to the Lime kiln for lime.

Wed 7th Cleaned out the bins the Thratchers came in the afternoon Commensed on Aarons grain which is hauled to the machine

Thur 8th Continued on Aarons grain finished at 4 PM commenced on mine at 5 PM

Frid 9th Thratched out the Brley in the forenoon there were from Clarks land 80 bushels thratched on the wheat there were wheat on Clarks 50 Bushels

Sat 10th Finished on the bottom farm at 10 AM moved up to the home farm made one runn on the oats 100 B the oats were not finished at the close of the day

Sun 11th Attended the quartily Conference held at Farmington there were quite a large attendence in the grove only Heber J Grant of the Apostels was in attendence Robert Cambell & Jacob Gates occupied the fore noon and Samuel S Richards and Apostel Grant in the afternoon mutch valuable instruction was given partaining to the duties of the Saints

Mon 12th Resumed the thratching finished the oats 665 B commenced on the Barley

Tus 13th finished thratching at 4 PM total 1505 B

Wed 14th cut some willows to put on the straw stack in the forenoon cleaned after the machine in the afternoon

Thur 15th Cut some of the third crop of Lucern the Boys are helping on Nathans house Bro Woolley is thratching his crop

Frid 16th cleaned out the water ditch runing through the Lucern Bro Stuben Rollins got seriously hurt his team having run away with him on his return home from the City

Sat 17th Put up Lucern in the forenoon Sirl helped Aaron haul Lucern

Sun 18th Attended our cimianual meeting of the Sunday School Superintendents of the Stake held at farmington as announced at the conference Superintendents Godard & Willis from the City were in attendence

Mon 19th Aaron helped Siril haul Lucern I cleaned up some wheat on the thratching floore

Tues 20th Striped kane Seril helped Aaron load up hay for the City

Wed 21st finished striping the kane

Thurs 22nd Boys hauled manure on the bottom farm setled up the Thratching account in tool and the amount Due

Fri 23rd Cut seed Lucern on the bottom farm Boys haul manure

Sat 24th Continued cutting Lucern and hauling manure

Sun 25th Took the morning train with J Kynaston to seracuse Station on the sunnit to visit the Joint Sunday School of Kaysville and Hooper Brother Ellison Remained at home on account of sickness and Death. a team met us at the station we found the School in good condition; we incourageed them to condinued dilligence and faithfulness in the good work.

Mon 26th cut and raked the seede Lucern. Ingaged my kane to be worked up at Argiles mill cut and hauled some in the afternoon

Tues 27th cut toped & hauled Kane to the kane mill

Wed 28th Finished the kane hauling gathered up the seede Sold to Brown 2 head of beef cattle for $41.50 cts

Thur 29th Hauled seed Lucern to be thratched.

Fri 30th Went Farmington attended the meeting of the High Council also the mothly Priesthood meeting


Sat Oct 1st Finished hauling the seed Lucern

Sun 2nd Visited the Summit and South Weber SS with my assistants the latter school was in fine runing order

Mon 3rd Thratched the Lucern had 14 Bushels of seed Bro Pool helped with his team


Tues 4th hauled manure repaired the pastuer fence

Wed 5th Boys hauled manure I and Nathan plowed & Scraped out the water ditch turning the water around the corner of the north field

Thur 6th Attended the general Simianual Conference held in Salt Lake City. the basment of the Tabernicle was pretty well filled there were present of the Apostels Lorinzo Snow Franklin Richards Jhon Henry Smith. Heber J Grant & Joseph W Taylor Lorenso Snow presiding

Frid 7th Conference Continued with increased attendence and interest Erastus Snow of the Apostels appeared on the stand in the morning servis and spoke to some length to edification of the assembly

Sat 8th convened at 10 AM the attendence now increased so that the galries as well as the lower part of the Taberncle was well filled and mutch good instruction was imparted by the various speakers as the Apostels and others

Sun 9th Convened a gane at 10 AM the house now bicame dencely packed The leading Aurthorities were presented for aporvel which done by a unamious vote Apostle Wilford Woodruff being presented as President of the quorum of the twelve Apostles and of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterdaysaints in all the world George Q Cannon and Joseph F Smith taking their former places in the quorum of the twelve Apostels making now thirteen in that qurum like as it was in the days of the Ancient Apostles by the Paul being set apart to that office So history a gane repeats its self in that regard The afternoon Session was of unusual interest the large building being packed to its utmost capacity no siting or standing space unoccupied while many could not enter for lack of room as the time arrived for opning the exorsises a profound demonstration was manifested by an out burst of emotion and claping of hands by the Suden apperance of President Woodruff on the Stand with a gentle Bow and the wave of the hads rite & left It was a most gratifying surprise. as a lengthy apisltle had bed red frm his hand the day before thus indicating that he would not be in attendence. he spoke comforting words of incouragement for the Saints which was linstned to with maked attention his departure was as Suden and unobserved as his appearence as the survises were drawing to a close. Adjourned for six months

Mon 10th Boys hauled manure I and Nathan done further work in bringing the water around the corner of the meadow attended the resumed monthly meeting of the officers of the Sunday at 7 PM held in Centervill meeting house

Tues 11th Worked on the ditch at the corner of the meadow Boys hauled manure

Wed 12 Discovered the joists under the upper bins of the rock grainery giving way put Some studing under them put up some shelves in the Butry Depity Marshel Cannon passed by leaving me unmolested. which was vary gratifying to me

Thur 13th Spent most of the day repairing the Double trees on one of the Sulky plows Boys dug potatoes

Fri 14th Nathan & Seril hauled some Sand for morter got 1800 of of Streeper at the switch

Sat 15th Started the Sulkey plow for fall plowing mended up the fence on the pasture

Sun 16th I with my assistants visited the North sabath S S of Farmington. attended the Ward meeting as well

Mon 17th Two of the Snider boys came up from the city to finish laying up Nathans house a cording to ingageemet Mr Allen still remaining sick so as to be unable to gon with his contract in laying it up

Tues 18th Bishop Cheney to 12 Bushels of tithing wheat. per O Kilbourn The Boys are all tending the masons I am looking after matters a bout the farm

Wed 19th dug post holes around the Straw stack on bottom farm Boys are tending mason cool wind from the North west


Persecutions of the Latterday Saints from 1833 to 1887 - they were commanded to importune the rulers of the land

The Result.

In Eighteen hundred; thirty three.

Zions Children; had to flee

From their houses, & their lands

by a mobs; most cruel hand

Some were draged; into the street

Tared and fethered, from head to feet.

Their printing press; was tourn down

Its tipes were scattered, all around

Others fled, into the Woods

Leaving behind, their house hold goods

They assembled, on, Missouri,s bank

Without tents, in which to camp

While the mob; having no restraint

Swore theyd kill; evry Saint

Thus were they, on Missouris Shore

When the Heavens, began to pour

A Stary blaze in evry direction

Just in time, for their protection

It was most Glorious, to the saints

While on the mob, it brought restraint

In teriable fear, they began to prey

Believing it, the judgment day

Not so with the saints, they understood

The Heavens would shake, for their good

It was a promice, the Lord had given

Unto them, ear, they were driven

They crossed the River, without delay

Stoping in, the county of Clay

Thus it was, by the power of God

They were delivered, from the mob

They sought the Lord, in their distress

Asking for, a just redress

An answer came, unto them soon

Telling them, to importune

First to the Judge, they should apply

If he would not, hear their cry

Then to the Governer, importune

If he would not, their cause assume

Then lay it at, the Presidnts feet

This they were, to repeete

And if, those Rulers would not hear

Then he the Lord, would interfere,

And from his hiding, place arise,

And take those rullers, by surprise,

Remove them, out, of their place,

And cast them, far from, his face,

There to dwell, with unbelievers.

And be numbered, with deceivers.

There to remain in, disstress.

Because they would, not give redress.

Unto his saints, who did implore.

Under afflictions, vary sore.

Oh will they meet, this great decree.

Let us look, now, and see.

Hers the history, of the Saints.

Giving results, of their complaints.

Joseph Smith, their chosen seere.

Before those Rulers, did appear.

With dockuments, well affermed.

He showed them, driven, their houses burned.

While many fled, into the woods.

Leaving behind, their household goods.

He plead for them, to be restored.

But all his pleedings, they ignored.

The President said, your cause is just

While giving it, a dierful thrust.

I can do nothing, he did say.

As I would come, rite in array.

With Missouri, as a State.

Oh how painful, to relate.

By an Executive, in the Chair.

Having jurisdiction, evrywhere.

Within the bounds, of this Nation

And occupying, the hiest Station

But oh, a selfish motive, was in view

By which, he proved, himself untrue

A ree Election, was the Note

To be struck, by Mosouris vote

Now as he was, mutch to blame

I will here, insert his Name

Martin vanburon, he was called

And lo he was not, re installed

But was succeeded, by an other

Who thus became, an Eccutave Brother

To execute, the federal laws

In the right, of evry cause

And so the saints, renewed their pleeding

With a hope, of succeeding

But Ah, the history, it doeth say

They have failed, too the present day

Instead of having, ben redressed

They have ben, the more oppressed

Their Prophet has ben, crually slain

And they have fled, twice agane.

Yet they continue, for to pleed

But there is none, who will heed

They turn their heds, in utter disdane

A gainst the saints, as they complain

Many are now, being put in Prison.

Others away, from home, are driven.

And this by acts, of Legislation.

In the Congress, of the Nation.

They must discard, their plural wives.

And all their children, a basterdise.

Or be compelled, to pay a fine.

And be imprisoned, a set time.

That's being done, and more Still.

By means, of the Edminds, Tucker bill

It takes away, their inveterate rights.

Scarse a vestage, is left in sight.

It passed the senate, without comment.

And then a way, to the house it went.

There it wa met, by Delligate Kane.

Who a gainst its passage, did proclaime.

Like a Giant, he there arose.

Showed the injustice, it wuld impose.

He pled for his people, in masterly strains.

And was applauded, a gane, & a gane.

An, inward conviction, was sealed by the truth

In the hearts of that body, by the facts he prodused

But there was prejudice, Still in their brests

Which turned their decission, a gainst the oppressed

This being; under, the monster Delusion.

They passed the bill, in the wildest confusion.

But ah; those convictions, will ever remain.

To bring on their concience, a teriable strain

And eccept they repent, & turn to the Lord

The deepes of sorrow, will be their reward

Thus having passed, this teriable ditty

It was submitted, to a conference Committy

Who changed it in part, but not in whole

As over its contents, they had controle

Thus being changed, as to its fleece

It scarcely appears, as the same beast

But as the ear marks, do still remain

It is known, to be all the same

It went to the President for installation

As it was to save the Nation

He remained silint over ten days

Saying nothing against it, nothing in praise

And in this he played the vary duce

As his silence turned the beast loos

And thus is plunging in every direction

so that none but low boys getting affection

It was turned on the Saints, the grand keye

But soon be came tardy as to its speede

The sharpe edge of t____ were so whitled down

It could travel no longer on sullied ground

So it was turned into the sand

Where none but the Christians came near to hand

So they were consulting which way to dive

In to their ra_____ it made a live

The ground being soft on which to tread

They were huried a bout unless they fled

And so they fled in every direction

Unto the Saints for protection


June 20th Siril Tingey to wheat - per Charls Tingey

July 18 to 2 dollar per Tree on shoe mending

" 23d to cash 2.00

Oct 6th " " 1.00

Aug 17th to Lorenzo Schofield to Lucern 1690 lbs

June 9th M Brandon to 1 Bush wheat

June 15 John Thomas to $2.50 cash on servis of horse

M Brandon to another Bush wheat

Repairs on self binder to Porter & Woolley

to entries on order $ 13.70

" casting & grain knife 6.00

" reparing Butter 1.00

" plat form canvass 4.00

" Reel Shaft

" Center peice to knife

paid on the above

Extras on order 13.70

casting & grain knife 6.00

plat form canvass 4.00

Repairing Butter 1.00

Orson B Arnold

Ana Thomas Arnold

M Brandon

May 5th 1887 Bishop N Cheney to 3 Bushels of wheat on Tithing

Tithing Lucern

1 Load 3380 lbs

1 " 3400 "

1 " 2310 "

1 " 3135 "

1 " Timothy hay 3010 "

2 " " " 4740 "

1 " " " 2440 "

1 " " " 3210 "

1 " Lucern to J J _ 1690

1 " " da to 1510

Due J Pool on settlement $66.00

in wheat 51 B

" oats 47 1/2 B

" Barley 28 3/4 "

Naturel Bridge

600 ft long up & down _____

200 " a cross

169 " from the water to ______


Mr John Wilson Fremont Piute Co. Utah

Mrs Mary Thompson Box 1 Logan Utah


Oct 18th Bishop Cheney to 12 B of tithing wheat per O Kilbourne

Oct 18th Ozias Kilbourn to 8 Bushels of wheat

Nov 8th O Kilbourne by $ 5.80

Oct 15th Frid Wm Streeper by 118 coal

John Smith to pasturing 4.50

" by 3 days work Six Bushels of wheat

L C Woolley to pasturing 10.30

" servis of Bull 1.00

L C Woolley by hauling hay 3.00

" " " 10 B potatoes 4.00

Grain Due N T Porter & A B Porter from thratcher

Wheat 101 1/2 Bushels

Oats 99 1/2 "

Barley 49 3/4 "

to hand &team J Pool

wheat 51 B

oats 57 1/2

Barley 28 3/4


wheat 97 B

oats 100 "

Barley 74 1/2

Grain on Clarks Ground

Wheat 58 B

Barley 80 "

Due Clark

Wheat 20 B

Barley 27 "

hand on thratcher days

H Cleveland - pd 3

J Smith 3

L Dalrymple 3

J J Cherry pd 1

Thomas Cherry pd 2 3/4

B Cherry pd 3

John Thomas pd 1 1/4

Charley P Smith 1/2

John Winchester 3

William Plat pd 2

R Blazedale team 1 1/4

grain thratched

wheat 275 B

Barley 568 "

oats 662 1/2 "


wheat 162 1/2 B

Barley 200 "

oats 168 3/4 "

Aug 17th Resieved tole from Thratcher

" Barley 8 Bush

" wheat 10 1/2 "

" oats 5 "

" 26th wheat 13 "

" " Barley 5 "

" " oats 11 "

" 30th Wheat 8 1/2 "

oat 7 1/2

oats 10

Wheat 22

N T A B tole

wheat 43

oats 66 1/2

Barley 61 1/2

furnished a team to thratch

Weigh Thomas & Streeper


July 25th Resieved of David Barber on pasture Bill $5.00

Aug 3rd J W Woolley by 26 lbs of twine

Aug 6th Charles Tingey to 5600 lbs of Lucern $16.80

" 18th " 1590 lbs 4.70

1887 continued from prievous Book of Oct 19th of this year

Thur Oct 20th Got 10 Bushels of potatoes from L Woolley on pasturebill and 5 from J E Woolley

Fri 21st Gathered up some wire and posts that were washed down on the pasture fence next to the Lake

Sat 22nd It has some the apperence of Storm hauled up the wire and posts from the fence on the lake

Sun 23rd Attended the Centervall Ward meeting with my assistant in the fore noon met with the Sunday School in the afternoon filled a vacancy in their Superintendency by seting apart Brother William Reeves to act as second assistant to Superintendent Thomas Tingey

Mon 24th Boys hauled sand and Clay I hauled some poles down to the straw stack helps git the clay set posts

Tues 25th put up wire on the east side of the straw stack

Wed 26th Wrote a report of to the Register of the United States Land Office Salt Lake City with regard to my Deseret Land Entry Showing an unavoidable failure to reclaim the land inconsequence of the rising of the Lak as to inundate it. helped Aaron load a load of straw

Thur 27th worked on the fence around the straw stack

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