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Frank Evens 1 day

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N T Porter 1 day


January, Friday 1. 1886. Spent most of the day in visiting the Sick visited Brother Kilbourn and Admistered to him attended a party of the Sunday School Children held in Reeves hall spoke a few minutes to them

Saturday 2. I with Aaron went to the City I mailed a post office order to A L Bancroft & Co of #41-25 on Books recd Renewed my subscriptions for the Simi weekly News tried to make sale of my hay

January, Sunday 3. 1886. my self and Brother Tynaston took the morning train for Kaysville to organise a Sabbath school in the Northwest part of the Ward. met Bro Ellison at the depo who was to go with us But we failed to get any conveyance to take us out to the place some 10 miles distant therefore we met with and setled some matters in the central School

Monday 4. At home Reading Some of Bancrofts works clear and plesent visited Brother Kilbourn found him some better attended Teachers meeting in the evening

January, Tuesday 5. 1886 Brother Browns Daughter Thursy Died yesterday aged 15 years the funeral is to be held this 2 P M in the meeting house Funeral Servises held I was called to addres the asemblay spole on the Resurection from Ezekel 37 ch

Wednesday 6. My self Rebecca and Eliza paid a visit to Brother Fords. called at Josephs and Hyrums Adminstered to Hyrums Wife who had not recovered from her confinement

January, Thursday 7. 1886. Attended fast meeting had a vary good attendence which I trust will be the case duering the year

Friday 8. Attended the Relief Cociety Conference held in Farmington Sisters Prezina Kimble and Furgason from Salt Lake City were in attendence Sister Susan Grant was chosen and set apart as president in place of Nancy A Clark Resigned being called to work in the Temple

January, Saturday 9. 1886. Attened a special meeting of the high councils at Farmington to sit on a case of a peal from the Bishops court (between Wm reeves and Lenard Rice. it was refer Back to the Bishop court for a ree hearing. as these were further evidences to be presented

Sunday 10. Myself and assistant visited the West Bountiful Sabeth School and attended the Ward meeting in the afternoon. The nuly appointed Bishop Hyrum Grant - chose Luis M Grant as his first counciller thus making a vacancy in the Sabath school of a Supernitendant as he occupied that position

January, Monday 11. 1886. Brother Ellison returened home on the morning train Atend the Anuel meeting of the Ecliastacle Ward of Centerville and was reelected one of the Board of Directors for the incuing two years Sold to Wm Streeper two Shotes at 2-75 a peice

Tuesday 12. Went to Zaceous Cheney to see him as to a deede of Transfer made out by Joseph Barton fore me to Ecklowledge

January, Wednesday 13. 1886. Consulted with President Smith as to my returning to Logan in a few days to do Temple work partook of a Birth day dinner at James Cherries in commemoration of his 52nd Birth day. also attended the relief Cocieties meeting which was well attended

Thursday 14. At home most of the day went to see President Smith found that he was a way from home

January, Friday 15. 1886. Visited Brother Kilbourn he was not quite so well saw President Smith he indorsed my reommend

Saturday 16. Went to the City got a ticket for Logan of half fare learned of the Death of Wm Jennings who died yesterday his Store was heavly draped in mourning

January, Sunday 17. 1886. I with my assistants visited South Bountiful sabath School which was in good condition And attended the Ward meeting in the afternoon President Smith and J W Woolley was in attendence

Monday 18. Went to Farmington to see Assessor ___ about the taxes yet due made arrangement for setling Weather quite cold

January, Tuesday 19. 1886. At home most of the day visited Brother Kilbourn found him Better settle up my Tithing in full took dnner With Melvin Randle

Wednesday 20. Nothing of note occured except the depities are Still Rading around in different places

January, Thursday 21. 1886. Spent the day in visiting around. called at place of settling and reported some items not filly understood

Friday 22. Gave Bonds as a director in the Bord of the Ecliasticle Ward Lyman O Porter came out from Porterville also Eli Kilbourn said his Father and Mother has gone to the Temple

January, Saturday 23. 1886. Aaron Went to City with a load of hay to Pineings I went to Farmington and made out some Deeds left the Cheney deed to be recorded

Sunday 24. My self and assistants visited East bountiful Sunday School in the for noon and Centerville School in the afternoon

January, Monday 25. 1886. visited President Smith and consulted with him as to my going to Logan. as he wished me to stop a day or two decided for me to start to morrow morning

Tuesday 26. Left home on the morning train. Arrived in Logan at 1-05 PM found all well at our quarters Ezry T had returned home no Snow

January, Wednesday 27. 1886. Resumed my work in the Temple after an absents of four weeks Sepent the evening Recording Names in the Record Book Rained duering the past night

Thursday 28. Continued the good work

January, Friday 29. 1886. all well and still engaged in our labors

Saturday 30. Rained most of the day Busily engaged in coppying in the the Record Book

January, Sunday 31. 1886. Attended Sabath School in Tabernile in the morning and the General meeting in the afternoon quite Rainy in the evening

February, Monday 1. Regersterd for Baptism and continued the work of Recording

February, Tuesday 2. 1886. Attended to the Baptism My self Lyman and took 2 sheets a piece improving the favourable opportunity afforded by there not being as many as usual

Wednesday 3. Resumed our administration in the indument

February, Thursday 4. 1886. Continuing the work weather mild Sanford and Alma arrived by team from Porter vill Sanford will remain with us But Alma will return

Friday 5. Clear and pleasent we repaired to the Temple with one added to our number Alma Returned home

February, Saturday 6. 1886. Attended the quartily conference of this stake commencing at 10 AM this morning there were an unusual large attencence the forenoon was taken up in reports from the Bishops. as acting missionarries in their wards since the last Conference. Apostels John Henry Smith and Heber J. Grant apeared on the stand in the afternoon

Sunday 7. Conference continued with a vary large assembly Bishops finished giving their reports President Merrill spoke also President Card Apostel J Smith the remainder of the forenoon. the afternoon was mostly occupied by the Apostels mutch good instruction was Given all seemed vary much edified

February, Monday 8. 1886. Registered for Baptism frequent Squals of snow duering the day

Tuesday 9. Attended to our Baptims still cloudy

February, Wednesday 10. 1886. Went through for induments Some what cloudy Roads mudy

Thursday 11. Continued our work in the induments Clear wind from the South Roads drying vary fast

February, Friday 12. 1886. Finished our work for the present week

Saturday 13. Borrowed Brother Nelsons team and Brother Hendersons Wagon and hauled in some hay from the Tithing yard also some chop feed and Graham from the Central Mills

February, Sunday 14. 1886. Spent the fore noon in copying out names for Bapttism Attended the General meeting in the Tabernicle at 2 PM The High Priests gave a Report on their quorums in the Stake This afternoons Mail Brought the news of President George Q Cannons arrest which is sorwful to hear

Monday 15. Regerested Names for Baptism spending most of the day in recording into the Record.

February, Tuesday 16. 1886. Done the work of Baptism Recorded in the evening

Wednesday 17. Continued the work of Induments and sealings

February, Thursday 18. 1886. All well Continued the work in the Temple and Recording

Friday 19. Finished up the week work in the Temple continued the work of Recording in the afternoon and evening Elder Thomas Grover of Farmington Died this evening he was a member of the high council of Davis Stake

February, Saturday 20. 1886. Spent the entire day in recording wather quite pleasent

Sunday 21. Attended Sabath School in the in the morning and the General meeting in the afternoon also the third ward meeting in the evening

February, Monday 22. 1886. Spent the fore noon in recording Met my Wife Rebeca with her Brother and sister James and Mille at the Depo at 1-40 pm had them conveyed to our place Rebeca handed me a letter from Bancroft and Co. the weather clear and warm learned that Brother Thomas Grover Died on the 19th inst

Tuesday 23. Attended to the work of Baptising I took a list for my self and a part of a list for J J Cherry spent the rest of the day in recording

February, Wednesday 24. 1886. Continued the work of Induments I took a name for James Cherry returned from the Temple at 2 PM spent the rest of the day in recording

Thursday 25. took another Name for James devoting the rest of the day in recording Alma Porter came with the tw loads of Cole that he left at South Weber. so that we have now a good suply

February, Friday 26. 1886. still took another Name for James and engaged a person to work for me this finished an other weeks work

Saturday 27. Spent the intire day Recording names. and filling out Lists for Baptisms Brother Lyman with Maria and their Son Lyman returned for home on the 2 oclok train

February, Sunday 28. 1886. Attended third Ward sabath Shool at 10 AM took part with the Theologicle Class in their Exorcises Spoke to the Shool a Short time. Rebecca Sanford J J Cherry and Sister Amelia were with me Dined at Siste ricks Attended the General meeting in the afternoon our Brother John P Porter arrived from his home to Join us in the work

March, Monday 1. Registered for Bapstisms Looked over the Record Books corecting errors and omisions where ever found

March, Tuesday 2. 1886. Performed the work of Baptism. having six sheets in all. Brother John went up with us & stoped a while weather pleasent

Wednesday 3. ingaged in the work of indowments all in good health and spirits

March, Thursday 4. 1886. up at our usual hour half past five AM Resumed our labours in the Endownments

Friday 5. all well continued the work finishing up for the week

March, Saturday 6. 1886. spent most of the day in filling out Sheets for Baptism

Sunday 7. Attended Sunday School of the first Ward held in the Tabernicle spoke a few minutes to the School Attended the General meeting in the Taberncle at 2 PM President A O Smoot of Utah Stake occupied most of the time followed by President Card attended the evening meeting in the Taberncle

March, Monday 8. 1886. Registered for Baptism inquiered after the Record Book I had ordered learned that it had come which will inable me to continue the recording of Name as the others are full

Tuesday 9. Attended to the work of Baptism. The weather is not as pleasent as yesterday Strong wind from the South looks like storm

March, Wednesday 10. 1886. Resumed the work of Induments for our Dead John being now with us and Lyman having returned we attended to the work of being Sealed to our Parents

Thursday 11. Continued our labour Snowed last night George Levett and Wife came from Lewiston to do some work in which Broth John is associated

March, Friday 12. 1886. this days labour finishes the present weeks work George Levett and Manerva finished their work and returned home

Saturday 13. I and Rebeca and Milly visited and stoped overnigh with Sister Rick. ingaged a conveyance to take us to the Depo at 1 PM Left our quarters at the above time for home. arrived at 7 40 PM

March, Sunday 14. 1886. found all well at home learned that the Stake quartily was in progress having commensed yesterday Attended to days session there was a large attendence Apostle Heber J Grant was the only of the Quorum present he occupied a portion of the time in the for and after noon. conference was closed for three months had a good time.

Monday 15. Spent the day in looking a round the premises so as to take in the situation of things about home sent a grist to mill 6 sacks

March, Tuesday 16. 1886. loaded up two loads of hay for the City Aaron took 1700 lbs of Lucern to Wise he is to pay when pay day come from the UCR Co. April 12th Resived pay

Wednesday 17. Stormed so that the Boys did not take the hay to the City visited Brother Kilbourn President George Q Cannon sliped out of the Grasp of his Enimies

March, Thursday 18. 1886. Aaron and Nathan went to the City with the hay for McKinneys Sent a Draft of fiften Dollars to E Stevenson Liverpool England on interes of money loned

Friday 19. Aaron Got a load of Lucern to feed suposed to be a ton I chored around the premecis

March, Saturday 20. 1886. Went down on to the Bottom farm and son don in to the pasture Saw that the Lake was higher than it was last Spring at this time

Sunday 21. My self and Brother Teynaston visited the South District Sunday School of Farmington in the morning put Benjamine Basker in as Superintendent in place of Janes Bard who moves a way he was honorable released. visited the North Shool of Centerville in the after noon

March, Monday 22. 1886. Sowed some red top Seed on my Deseret Entry which is now mostly under water from the rising of the Lake got the grist from the mill Nathan dug post holes a long the littel pasture line

Tuesday 23. put a partion in the pig pen and took the two shotes out of the old pen and put them in the New pen with the others took all of my hands and assisted in clearing off the grave yard in the afternoon Located three lots for my self and familly as the lot I had was about full

March, Wednesday 24. 1886. Nathan finished diging post holes Laws put in his time triming the Hedge fence Loded up a load of hay for the City

Thursday 25. put a new platform around the well fixed the troff to carry of the water Went to Brother Chases to meet with him and Wm Streeper as a committe to procure a piece of land for a missonary farm

March, Friday 26. 1886. Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting held at farmington Also the simianual meeting of the Superindendents and teachers at the Sunday Schools of the Stake

Saturday 27. visited Brother Kilbourn having learned that he was not so well as he had ben. found him suffering with pain in his head being the effects of the Rhumatisms Also visited Brother J J Harris who had sustained sever injurys from thrown from his wagon

March, Sunday 28. 1886. My little daughter Amelia is vary sick this morning was taken with vomiting yesterday and last night My self and assistant Superintendent took the train for Kaysville Sabath School. after administering to my sick Child on my return I found my child mutch better

Monday 29. My brother Lyman and Wife Sayed with me last night having come to see her Father (Brother Kilbourn) having heard that he was vary ill Spent most of the day visiting the Sick Aaron & Laws went to the city with 2 loads of hay

March, Tuesday 30. 1886. Bro Laws and Sister Watterfall started for Logan this morning he intending to return with Sister Laws at an early date Nathan run the Sulkey plow on the Cheney farm Aaron took a load of Lucern to H Rampton one of timothy hay to Thomas Harris

Wednesday 31. Nathan plowed on the Cheney farm Aaron sowed and harrowed in some oats in the north field I repaired the dreen putting in a Box

April, Thursday 1. 1886. Attended fast meeting put in some oats in the North field in the afternoon. Rained last night Ground to wet to plow George Wood was arrested and Brought before Commishenor Abe Ray Charged with Poligamy & unlawful co habitation

Friday 2. Aaron Went to the City with a load of hay I and Nathan plowed in the old fence dich on the west side of the north field

April, Saturday 3. 1886. Worked with all hands filling up the Ditch runing bra_ teams with Scrapers on the closed up strech between me and J W Woolley attended anuel meeting of the Primary association at 3 pM

Sunday 4. Visited the Centeral Sabath School in Farmington. acomppanied by Rebeca Eliza stoped at her Bro Josephs attended the meeting in the afternoon took dinner with Thomas Th__kman spent a short time with E J Clark & family Sisters Palina Lyman & Mary Rich being present

April, Monday 5. 1886. Worked on the Rode leading from the Switch there were twelve teams hauling gravel from the Switch a long the road Nathan Run the Ceder Brother Laws set posts

Tuesday 6. Sowed and harrowed in oats Nathan run the Sulkey plow Laws Set posts

April, Wednesday 7. 1886. Sowe and harrowed in oats on the Cheney farm the Bay mare Moll folded last night the New moon lays flat indicating wet weather ucording to the Indian sign

Thursday 8. Rained most of the night last night My Neice Sarah Levett arrived this morning from Aarrizona. She left J t Joseph last December has ben visiting her Fathers folks in order ville and other points on the way

April, Friday 9. 1886. Went to the City with hay for McKinings two loads. got 60 ft of lumber for flour chest and 176 ft to put on to top of wire fence Paid to Elizebeth J Stevenson $150-00 one hundred an fifty Dollars on a sertin Note in in favour of her Husband Edward Stevenson

Saturday 10. Resieved on Wm Barber $14-00 on oats to be delivered at my Bin got 2 Bushels of seed potatoes of Aaron

April, Sunday 11.1886. I with my assistants visited and organised the joint Sabath School of Kays Ward and south Hoopper with David Cook as Superintendint and

Monday 12. finished puting in oats in north field Laws worked triming the Hedge line commensed raining at 5 P M Wm Barber Dr to $2-65 cts on oats paid the above on the 21st

April, Tuesday 13. 1886. Rained most of the day Loded up a load of Timothy for to City & Nathan went to farmington ticket for ____ $4-20 got the ___ Lumber for ____ fence

Wednesday 14. Put up Boards on top of Wire fence Nathan Went to the city to visit some of the day schools to get items of school teaching

April, Thursday 15. 1886. Went to the City withe the hay Delivered it to Mr Setts 2340 lbs Got 116 ft of Lumber to finish on wire fence

Friday 16. fixed the pump in the Barn seller finished putting up bords on fence

April, Saturday 17. 1886. put up the wires on the fence being three wire under the Bords on the top

Sunday 18. visited the Summit and South Weber Sabath Schools But in Wilson as Superentendant of the Summit School in place of Tom Brince Resigned Resigned

April, Monday 19. 1886. was a wakened at 4 AM by my son Aaron Requesting his Mother to come and wait on his wife in her confinement I arrose to accompany her. and as the east wind was beginning to blow a gale I went to the Barn to secure the Doores in doing so I was hurt by wind hurling the doore a gainst my head and face - a fine girl was born before we arrived at Aarons

Tuesday 20. visited and assisted in adminestering to Sister phebe Evens who has ben quite sick from the affects of a back set after confinement Started Johney to plowing with the Sulkey plow the East having subsided which has done condsiderable damage

April, Wednesday 21. 1886. Spent last night in assisting to administering to Sister Evens who was vary restless duering the latter part of the night took the morning train for Logan to Resume my labours in the Temple. arrived at 2 PM found all well

Thursday 22. Repaired to the Temple and resumed my labours for the dead Rained most of the day Recorded names in the afternoon

April, Friday 23. 1886. Still cloudy and Rainy this morning will soon repair to the Temple at the close our labours to day I stoped and availed my self of the opportunity of going through the various apartments of the Temple and assending on to the Roof where the intire componey had a Grand view from its lofty higth occupied the rest of the day recording

Saturday 24. spent the fore part of the day recording the afternoon in getting flour Bran and Graham from the Mill of Thatcher and Bro paid up the rent of house to May 8th

April, Sunday 25. 1886. Attended the Sunday School of the 5 Ward in the morning Attended the General meeting in the Tabernicle in the afternoon and the 5 Ward meeting in the evening

Monday 26. Assited in getting out names for Registering for Baptism had them Registired Posted a letter home called upon Thomas Ervin in the 2 Ward found that he was absent made a second call found him at home learned that he had horses for sale also prices

April, Tuesday 27. 1886. spent most of the time in the work of Baptisms Recorded in the evening weather more pleasent

Wednesday 28. Put the cow in the herd Resumed our labours in the Temple resieved a letter from home all were well

April, Thursday 29. 1886. the skye is clear and bids fair for a fine day Reapired to the Temple and resumed our work. Resieved a letter from home announcing the Sudden Death of Bro Thomas Whittaker

Friday 30. this day closes out work for the week Wrote a letter to my Son Aaron

May, Saturday 1. 1886. Attended the quartily conference of the Casche Stake commencing at 10 AM this morning Elders F D Richards John H Smith and Moses Thatcher of the Twelve Apostles were in attendence.

Sunday 2. Conference continued the Taberniccle was filled to its utmost capacity muttch good council and instruction was given. Elder George Godard of the General Superintendancy of Sunday Shools were in attendence Held a meeting of the Superintendance and Teachers of the Sundy Schools at the close of the Conference

May, Monday 3. 1886. AAalma Porter and his sister Sarah arrived last nigh from Portervill to Join us in Temple work coudy this morning did not Register having got through with the names in the Record in the Baptisms

Tuesday 4. Went up to the Temple with Alma and looked through the Geneoligical Books to trace out the Sumner Families did not make any connection E T Clark came to stop and do work for a few days

May, Wednesday 5. 1886. Repaired to the Temple and resumed our Work

Thursday 6. this is fast day had an injoyable time in the meeting. after which we entered up our work the weather is plesent visited Sister Robinson with Ezra and Nancy

May, Friday 7. 1886. finished an others weks work in our labours Ezra goes home to morrow

Saturday 8. spent a porton of the day in looking around for a place to by a reasonable price

May, Sunday 9. 1886. Attended the 1st Ward sabath School at 10 AM And the General meeting at 2 PM Apostle Heber J Grant occupied the time giving mutch good Council and in struction The evening meeting was favoured with the addition of Apostle Moses Thatcher who spoke with mutch earnistness - as also Elder Grant

Monday 10. Resieved a letter from Bishop N Cheney I and Alma Registered in behalf of Sister Barber at the inst of Abraham Hatch - her Brother - for Baptism for and in behalf of the Sumners as found in their Geneology - Alma being of that & Decent from his Mother

May, Tuesday 11. 1886. Attended to the Baptisms weather cloudy

Wednesday 12. continued our work Weather more pleasent posted a letter to Bishop Cheney

May, Thursday 13. 1886. Resumed out labours There were three arrest to be made by Depity Marshels in Wells Ville this morning there were a posse of some fifteen or twenty of the raiders

Friday 14. closed our work for the present week Resieved a letter from home writen by my Son John all were well

May, Saturday 15. 1886. The Foundry and plaining mill Belonging to the United order in this place was Burned down last night which is quite a serious Blow to the componey Got my Record Books lettered alfabetical Answered my sons letter

Sunday 16. Attended the Sabath School in the 5 Ward this morning the General meeting at the Taberncle in the after noon and the 4th Ward evening meeting had severul Sandwich Island Brethren who spoke

May, Monday 17. 1886. had no Regeristing to do to day spent a portion of the day in looking over ther Geneoligical Records to find further trace of the Porter families.

Tuesday 18. having no Baptisms to attende to I resumed my serch of the Records found several items of Geneology Weather is vary warm

May, Wednesday 19. 1886. Resumed our work in the Templ for the Dead the weather is vary warm

Thursday 20. Continued labours the atmosphere is now vary warm Attended Social gathering at Brother Hursts to hear our Brothers and Sisters of the Sandwich Island Sing it was quite interesting

May, Friday 21. 1886. this days labour finishes up our Week work there is now a pleasent breeze from the South Resieved a few lines from Maria Porter - last Evening saying that Brother Kilbourn was gaining slowly

Saturday 22. had a small peice of ground plowed which we put into Potatoes having the use of it with the house

May, Sunday 23. 1886. Attended the 2nd Ward Sabath School at 10 AM also the General meeting at 2 PM Elder B F Cumings occupied the time vary interestingly

Monday 24. Reviewed my record Books found several induments not recorded spent most of the day in this labour

May, Tuesday 25. 1886. Went up to the Temple to see if there were any sheets for me and Sanford in be half of sister Barber. found there was not these being so many from a distance and thus had the prefference got a few sheets of Bapt to Record

Wednesday 26. Resumed the work of Induments

May, Thursday 27. 1886. Continued our work the weather is still vary warm there was quite a pleasent Breese from the South

Friday 28. finished our Temple work for the present week Sister Mary Gay made me a present of $3.00 as I made no charge for her fair with us.

May, Saturday 29. 1886. Paid the rent of the house to Mr Neil up to July 8th made arrangement with Richard Yate (who has charge of the Logan herd to pasture the cow half the season for $100.00 paid down the herds man to herd for one Bushel of wheat or its value in cash Left on the 2 oclck train for home arrived 7 PM found all well

Sunday 30. visited Kays ward with assistant John Kangston attended the joint meeting of the 4 sabath schools which was vary interesting the meeting house being full to ovr flowing songs speaches and resitations was the leading exorsses of the day

May, Monday 31. 1886. at home most of the day. set up the loom repaired the front door steps visited Brother Kilbourn helped load up a load of hay

June, Tuesday 1. Went to the City with the hay got me a suit of close at 17.50 als a hat @ $2.25 ingagued some oats to Grant and Co

June, Wednesday 2. 1886. visited Brother Kilbourn found him resting quiately but quite weak set up the loom for Rebecaca to weave carpet

Thursday 3. Attended fast meeting Blessed my little grand daughter under the Name of Edna Margaret howed in the garden in the afternoon

June, Friday 4. 1886. Cultivated the potatoes in the garden also the corn cut some willows for to cover the Bowery Conference convenses to morrow

Saturday 5. The Stake quartily conference convened this morning at 10 AM Apostel Heber J Grant was present and occupied a portion of the time Also a portion of the time in the afternoon. the Bishops gave in their reports the attendence was not Large

June, Sunday 6. 1886. Conferen was resumed at 10 AM Apostel John Henry Smith was present also Elders Robert Cambel and Semour Young the Bishops who were not present yesterday gave in their reports the Authorities of the church were presented after which the time was occupied by Semour B Young R Cambel and Apostel J H Smith

Monday 7. furrowed out the Early potatoes turned in the water on them loded up hay in the afternoon

June, Tuesday 8. 1886. Sent two loads of hay to the City Attended the funeral of Brother Joseph France spoke a short time followed by Bro John Ford Senr and President W R Smith he was taken to the City for Burial

Wednesday 9. howed in the garden most of the day vary warm

June, Thursday 10. 1886. Went with the team down into the pasture and gathered up the cedar posts that were washed out on to pasture

Friday 11. Attended a meeting of the high council held at Farmington two cases ware presented 1st Wm Hakes of Kaysvill and Hyrum Young of Ogden 2nd Bates Nobel of West Bountiful (& James Riping of the same place

June, Saturday 12. 1886. sent a load of hay to the city Nathan & Johny going with it howed in the garden and put up some fence to inclose a hog pasture Set in to Raining in the evening Semar B Young was Arrested but Escaped

Sunday 13. my self and J Kangston visited the South Sunday School of Farmington also the South School of Centerville met with the circle in the evening

June, Monday 14. 1886. Smith to 86 lbs of oats on servis of horse hauled in the scattering poles out of the little pasture to inclose a pasture for the hogs attended a meeting of the superintendence & teachers of the Sunday schools at East Bountiful at 8 PM

Tuesday 15. started Johny to plowing the fallow ground on Bottom farm weather stome what cool

June, Wednesday 16. 1886. Johny continued the plowing worked on the fence for Hog pasture Aaron cut Lucern

Thursday 17. Johney plowed I cut Lucern Aaron went teaching

June, Friday 18. 1886. Johney finished plowing Aaron went to the city with a party from the Lake

Saturday 19. stired out manure and put up Lucern

June, Sunday 20. 1886. visited the Hot springs Sabath School with Brother Kayniston found the school in good condition 61 inrolled and 50 in attendence attend the meeting in the afternoon Returned and met with the circle

Monday 21. sanford Porter to 15 Bushels of wheat per Thomas Spencer being the ballence due on order from E T Clark for wheat due on rent for 1884 cut Lucern on the Bottom farm

June, Tuesday 22. 1886. hauled in Lucern John Thomas helped

Wednesday 23. attended a picknick of the north district Sunday School of Centvill held in the orchard of John Ford

June, Thursday 24. 1886. Cut Lucern and put up Lucern Aaron & J Thomas hauled Lucern

Friday 25. Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting met with the High Council setting on the case of Lenord Rice & Wm Reeves the Latter claiming Dilinquent taxes of the former which was sustained by the evedence Widow Barber Died this morning

June, Saturday 26. 1886. finished the hog pasture took Rebecca and two of the children Amelia and Arete and drove over to East and South Bountiful saw Bro Tayhuston and Superitendent Ellis post poned our visit to South Bountif Sunday School to Sunday week that being the time of their review

Sunday 27. Attended the funeral of Sister Barber spoke a Short time on the creation followed by Elder Cowley

June, Monday 28. 1886. Cut Lucern on the Botton farm Nathan & John Thomas hauled in

Tuesday 29. Put up Lucern in to the cock Boys hauled J Thomas helped

June, Wednesday 30. 1886. hauled Lucern J Thomas helped howed in the garden

July, Thursday 1. Attended fast meeting in the fore noon Nathan cut Lucern in the afternoon howed in the garden

July, Friday 2. 1886. Boys hauled in Lucern 30 loads has ben hauled up to this Evening and three loads of tithing delivered at the Tithing Barn Centerville J Thomas helped

Saturday 3. Put up Lucern in the home field Aaron Went to the City with load of hay took the waybill of one sent by Nathan on the 12 of last month collected

July, Sunday 4. 1886. Visited South Bountiful Sabath School Review occupiing the intire day assisitant J Kangston went with me also my Daughter Malinda took dinner at Bro Johnstons had an interesting time witnessing the exersises of the various classes two of my horses strayed off while all were a way from home

Monday 5. Aaron handed me the pay on the way bill for the hay sent by Nathan leaving the one be hind to be settled for he is now gone after the horses Ben & Ned Ned returned about 12 M. alone

July, Tuesday 6. 1886. hauled Lucern from Bottom farm in the forenoon and out of home field in the afternoon cut grass in the evening J Thomas helped

Wednesday 7. Boys hauled Lucern out of home field I cut Grass most of the day Boys finished hauling Lucern took a load to the tithing Barn making in at four loads which is in full on Lucern

July, Thursday 8. 1886. Paid Arche McNeil $4.00 on rent in full to this date Bosy hauled hay I put up hay most of the day

Friday 9. Boys continued hauling hay in to the Barn I helped in mowing away Aaron cut grass in the afternoon Loded up a load of old hay for the City

July, Saturday 10. 1886. Aaron went to the city with the hay Nathan & J Thomas hauled in hay paid John Thomas $13+50 in ful for 10 1/2 days work hired him for two months at 25 00/100 per month he is to set in on the 12th inst This is my 66th Birth day I put up hay part of the day

Sunday 11. Visited West Bountiful Sunday School with my assistant John Kaynaston found the Schhol in good condition set a part Sseveral teachers

July, Monday 12. 1886. cutting and hauling in hay was the Business of this day

Tuesday 13. hauling and putting up hay was the Business of this day

July, Wednesday 14. 1886. hauling hay was the Business of this day Sent a load to the tithing Barn

Thursday 15. Still hauling hay it has ben vary warm so far this week

July, Friday 16. 1886. Still warm and sultry hauled hay as usual Aaron cut grass on the new meadow

Saturday 17. hauled hay cleared the first meadow took a load to the Tithing Barn Aaron cut grass in the fore noon went to Porterville in the afternoon after his horse) Resived of N Cheney $108 00/100 on wood Act

July, Sunday 18. 1886. Visited East Bountiful Sabath School found some deficiencies in the class Rregistering also in maintaining good order in the Juvanile class of the Boys My little Daughter Zina Areta was Baptised by her Brother Nathan Tanner Porter and confirmed under the hands of David Barber

Monday 19. put up and hauled in hay Returned a lot of stock on to the mountains they having come down on Saturday vening Aaron Returned from Porterville with his hores

July, Tuesday 20. 1886. hauled hay took a load to the Tithing Barn for tithing Let Aaron have two tons of hay in the cock Thomas Tingey Borrowed 8 Bushels of wheat

Wednesday 21. Cut Wheat with the Binder on the Bottom farm

July, Thursday 22. 1886. made crossings on the street between me and Brother Woolley so as to pass with the Binder in to the north field

Friday 23. John Thomas to cash 5 00/100 Nathna Started to cutting Barley with the Binder I with J W Woolley went on to the Sand Ridge to ingage thratching found plenty of thratching to be done drove on to Ogden and learned as to getting a Straw Stacker

July, Saturday 24. 1886. This is Pioneer day Looks like Rain, is now thunding 6 AM colt steped on my foot last night so that I am quite lame Salt Lake Stake Sunday school Selebrated this day in a Jubilee Andrew Dalrimple to 105 lbs flour

Sunday 25. Attended meeting Centerville at 10 AM Attended the quartily review of the north sabath school of Centerville in the afternoon with J Kanyston

July, Monday 26. 1886. Boys hauled the last of the hay in Johney Rake up Lucern for Aaron I chored a round found the water runing on to the Barley a gain muskrats, having cut through the ditch bank D O Card was arrested in Logan this morning by depities for cohabitation

Tuesday 27. Nathan Run the Binder I pulled out the sweet clover as he cut throwing it on to the stuble John Thomas worked for Aaron hauling in Lucern

July, Wednesday 28. 1886. John Thomas worked for Aaron Nathan cut Lucern started the Binder on the oats in north field found them two green so resumed cutting Lucern I chored around the place secured the hay stack from the winds -

Thursday 29. Nathan Run the mower in the Lucern I took out honey from three Bee stands found them full Brown took one of his beef cows out of pasture yesterday being in two days

July, Friday 30. 1886. Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting also the meeting of the high Council John Thomas and Aaron hauled in Lucern Nathan finished cutting Lucern

Saturday 31. hauled Lucern in the fore noon Nathan & J Thomas went to Lake Park in the afternoon at home attending the affares of the day

August, Sunday 1. 1886. I with Kynaston attended the quartily review of the South Sabath School review of Centerville at 2 PM having attended the Ward meeting in the morning the exorsises were good the various pecies being well rendered there was not a general responce of the last of the male ____ for pupils

Monday 2. Boys hauled in Lucern in the forenoon Nathan cut oats with the Binder in the afternoon John Thomas moved manure in the correll part of the day shorfed up oats in the evening I put a Box in the water seel in north side of the meadow to turn the water on meadow

August, Tuesday 3. 1886. Nathan Run the Binder cut some oats on the Cheney place took up Honey for Aaron in the fore noon helped repair the thratching machine in the afternoon

Wednesday 4. Aaron Brought the grist from mill met the Road commisioner Joseph Barton and took a contact to put in two Bridges at 3 Dollars per day self & team I assisted in reparing the thratcher

August, Thursday 5. 1886. Attended fast meeting Brother Kilbourn had so far recovered from his ilness so as to be in attendence for the first in eight months Nathan cut Lucern J Thomas helped Aaron

Friday 6. Boys hauled Lucern took a load to ___ on tithing 2090 lbs

August, Saturday 7. 1886. has the apperance of rain hauled in the last of the Second crop of Lucern it raned Gentley at intervales duering the fore noon let J Thomas have five Dollars

Sunday 8. took the morning train with Brother Kanyston for Summit Station to visit the South Hooper Sabath School was joined by Brother Ellison at Kaysville We arrived late having a slow team from the Station - Brother Priest with one horse We selected Bro Hyrum King to be in charge of the School in the absence of Bro Humphry

August, Monday 9. 1886. commenced to repair my wagon Box Nathan run the Binder finished cutting Aarons grain moved out the thratcher and set at Brother Randels in the afternoon

Tuesday 10. set the thratcher in motion had considerable adjusting to do to get a proper baring on the castings Broke the Guy pole I made a new one Nathan finished cutting the ny oats

August, Wednesday 11. 1886. Repaired my pasture Bars the horses having got out Nathan & Johny set up oats this fore noon he run the Binder cutting the Late wheat on the Cheney farm

Thursday 12. Nathan continued cutting with the Binder finished in the afternoon - drove the Binder up to the Barn door for storage while we were looking at a trip patch in the binding apartment that was out of repair the horses took a turn and started. not being able to stop them they ran nocking the grain wheele off with a sudden smash, a gainst an apple tree doing mutch damage

August, Friday 13. 1886. Nathan was taken with puking and pergin last night which is not fully abated this morning I helped Aaron haul a load of Lucern this fore noon

Saturday 14. hauled and stacked wheat Bottom farm shocked wheat duering most of the afternoon learned that the straw stacker we had ben wating for was tat Woods cross where it was left since last tuesday

August, Sunday 15. 1886. I with J Kanyston took the morning train for Kaysvill where we in connection with J Ellison visited the Centeral and North East Sabath Schools of of that place. spoke words of incoragement to all that were interested in the good work done retire to the Superintendent ____ meeting on the 29th at ____

Monday 16. Nathan spent most of the day as one of the ward teachers visitng from house to hous in his district with Rubin Blasdale I found the water had ben let out of the ditch by musk rats on to the shocks of oats and barley in the north field visited Bro & Sister ore who are sick

August, Tuesday 17. 1886. haled and Stacked wheat duering the day Brother Oliver Robison of Farmington and member of the high Council Died this evening at his residence of colramobay leaving a large family to mour his loss

Wednesday 18. hauled and stacke wheat part of the day rained several Showers Resieved toll from the thratcher this evening oats 15 B Barley 24 B Wheat 7 B they Broke the large casting on the hose power

August, Thursday 19. 1886. Grain too wet to stack - cleared off a Stacking place for the grain on the home farm Resieved the 22nd volume of Bancrofts works Brother Lyman came over from Porterville

Friday 20. hauled and Stacked wheat finished the wheat on Bottom farm

August, Saturday 21. 1886. Brother Lyman returned home hauled and Stacked oats finished the oats on the Cheney farm

Sunday 22. Attended the funeral servises at at Farmington over the remains of Elder Oliver Robinson there was a vary large attendence Speakers - James Smith Jacob Miller N T Porter President Sherillif of Weber Stake Anson Call Bishop Seeres and President Wm R Smith. Aarons Grain was burnt by the D R G Engine seting fire to the Stuble

August, Monday 23. 1886. hauled and Stacked Barley Aarons Straw stack of last years crop was Burnt by the D R G Engine to day damagaes on the whole was st at $250.00

Tuesday 24. Continued hauling and Stacking Barley vary hot weather Brother Sanford came over from Porterville

August, Wednesday 25. 1886. hauled and Stacked Barley one more load finishes the Barley

Thursday 26. hauled and Stacked oats Aaron furnished a team and two horses

August, Friday 27. 1886. Attended the high council meeting at Farmington in the morning and the monthley Priesthood meeting in the afternoon Lenard Rice was disfellowshipt

Saturday 28. Cleared a a place for stacking the Straw

August, Sunday 29. 1886. Attended the meeting of the Superintendents and assistants of the Sabath Schools of the Stake called at the inst of Superintendent George Godard and Nathan Willey they were in attendence and gave us good instructions after the reports of the Superintendence of the Stake

Monday 30. commensend thratching my gain this morning on the home farm oats 309 Bushels Barley 240 Bushels

August, Tuesday 31. 1886. Finished thratching this afternoon on home farm oats 309 B Barley 240 B Bottom farm on Clarks land Wheat 61 B oats 130 B on my own Wheat 148 oats 30 B

September, Wednesday 1. Rained vary heavily last night Ezra T Clark and Bro Watson were arrested this morning by depity Marshalls as their homes in Farmington and the houses John Hess & John Woods were raded without sucess they supenied some of ther families

September, Thursday 2. 1886. this is fast day I did not meet with the Brethren and Sisters but spent the day in a retiered way as the enimy is on the alert yet to hav nothing in me. I have ingered no one -

Friday 3. made preperations to leave home for a season another raid was made on Farmington but no one captured

September, Saturday 4. 1886. Left centerville this morning in companey with my Brother Sanford having Loged and taken Brexfast with J Spencer passeed over the mountain to Porterville learned that several Marshels were in Morgan would be here to night

Sunday 5. Marshels came last night took up quarters at their Spotter Peter Petersons they have now gone up the creek as a fishing party 2 PM so it is suposed I left his evening for the dairy on horseback arrived at 10-30 PM stoped the remainder of the night

September, Monday 6, 1886. Stoped till 4 PM when I left with Alma who was on his way with his team to Logan after his wife Sarah __ by came thus far and ___ Animal___ we passed over to Huntsville stopig with William Hopkins

Tuesday 7. Left Brother Hopkins ___ taking the road that passes through Eden after passing Eden a Short Distance, we met four Deputy Marshels on horse back armed with guns and pistols. it brough to my mind the scenes I had witnessed in Misouri and Illinois arrived in Logan 8 PM found all well at quarters

September, Wednesday 8, 1886. Setled up the rent due Mr McNeil and made preperations to close up our work in Logan for a season the Temple being closed for an indefinate time Went down to the coop store found it closed for the night call on sister Ricks found them all well

Thursday 9. Left our quarters at 5 AM Nancy remains for a few days feeling vary lonesome being a lone passed through Wellsville and Mantaue. took our lunch at the nouth of Boxelder carnion. passed Brigham City - and through Ogden Stoping at Bishop Cook in South Weber

September, Friday 10. 1886. Alma purchased some fruit of the Bishop which we gathered this morning took Brexfast and left 10 AM Stoped at Mountain green eat our lunch at Brother Fords place found Joseph hauling & stacking grain - his Wife being absent having gone to Centerville. passed through Morgan and arrived in Porterville all right 8 PM

Saturday 11. Spent the day in Porterville mostly with my Brother John whose health is grayuilay improving it is reported that there will be two Depeties in this place to morrow

September, Sunday 12. 1886. the weather is fine no depeties in Sight Left Porterville at 2-30 PM passed over the mountain arrived home 9 PM found all well

Monday 13. spent the day about home looking after things and consulting with the family Leonard Rice Died last nigh at his resedence he was under Bonds for cohabitation

September, Tuesday 14. 1886. Due on the Stevenson Note to this date $3.00 Went with Aaron to Farmington on Business partaining land matters took dinner with E J Clark perhpas the last time until he has passed through the trying ordeal of Bonds and imprisonment in which I stand in jepordy evry hour for the Gospls sake.

Wednesday 15. commensed fall plowing on Bottom farm cleared Rubush of Som meadow ground John Thomas hauled manure his last day for the 2 months

September, Thursday 16. 1886. Johney run the plow assisted nathan in hauling manure put in a colt we were Braking

Friday 17. commensed plowing in the home field continued the manure hauling

September, Saturday 18. 1886. Still hauling and plowing Leonard Rices funeral took place to day President Smith was in attendence E T Clark had his examination before the Grand Jury to day

Sunday 19. Visited West Bountiful Sabath School set apart Brother Joseph Argile Sen as Second assistant Superintendent of the school attended the Ward meeting Apostel John Henry Smith was inattendence and Spoke vary interestingly on the Subject of Marage. President Smith of the Stake present

September, Monday 20. 1886. Repaired the Pump in the stable attended the quartily Superintendents meeting of the Sabath School at South Bountiful

Tuesday 21. took up some honey in the fore noon Went to Porterville in the afternoon called at Thomas Spencers found my Brothers Wife Malinda Ann suffering with a severe attack of illness

September, Wednesday 22. 1886. Returned from Porterville met mesingers with the sad news that my Brother Sanfords wife Malinda was dead. I hurred on found my Brother in the deepest of grief. being left to pursue his journey with his children a lone as to a companion. the corps will be taken to Porterville for Burial

Thursday 23. The corps left at 2-30 AM for Porterville I wrote to Sister Nancy at Logan

September, Friday 24. 1886. Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting of the Stake held in the vestry of the Centerville meeting house

Saturday 25. took up some more homey spend the rest of the day visiting with Bro Ford

September, Sunday 26. 1886. Stayed over night at Brother Johnsons in South Bountiful visited the Sunday school in the morning and attended the Ward meeting in the afternoon Elders Thomas Steede and Jacob Seeres form Farmington were present as home missionaries also the President of the Stake W R Smith

Monday 27. Went with my Brother Sanford to Salt Lake City drew from deposit in the Deseret Barn $1276 00 placed $800 00 in the Savings Bank at 5 per cent interest for 6 months held to Ezra Havenson $150 00 on Note in favour of his Father took his receipt as the note was not at hand Note canseled

September, Tuesday 28. 1886. At home put the Binder in to the Barn for the Winter arranging maters to leave soon

Wednesday 29. Setled up with Joel Parish for my interest in the Dary Reseved a cow & 1 2 yearold steer he is to let me have a chees

September, Thursday 30. 1886. left home Biding a due my family to visit the southern country for a Season with my Brothers Sanford and Lyman. the former having previously setled in that country on the waters of the _______ we stoped in the city and finished setling our out ____ camped at the vacinity of Little cottonwood

October, Friday 1. continued on our way nooned near Draperville passed the point of the mountain in to Utah valley passed through Lehi and Plesant gorve and stoped for the night at Brother John Wesons place had good pasture for our Animals

October, Saturday 2. 1886. left at 7 AM passed through Plesent Grove and over the Provo Bench to Provo City where we nooned got a few more articals my self Brother and Neice visited the Assilum to see our Nephew who was there for treatment. he had just gone out with others for a walk. learned they would come onto the main Rode so we met them found him mentily improved

Sunday 3. passed through Springville yesterdy evening camped at Bro Miners tied up our Animals and fed hay at 25 cts a sparm, it not being favourable to lay over for the day: we passed on passed through Spanish fork City called at Bishop George Hancocks in Pacon, and stoped for the night

October, Monday 4. 1886. Bought dried appels at 3 1/2 cts a pound. left at 10 AM drove through Santequin stoped at Porpl Row springs 3 PM stoped for the night having the advantage of good feed. and a camp house and a good suply of sage Brush

Tuesday 5. left this morning at 7-30 oclok passed Springcreek settlement met some fine herds of sheep going north took up salt creek canyon leaving Nephi City to out righ. Rode good in the canyon crossed over the summit down to Fountain green and camped a large stream flows from the bace of the mountain above the town

October, Wednesday 6. 1886. left camp 8 AM passed through Maroni nooned between this place and Manti no water turn our Animals in to some standing wheat by the rode side left as not worth harvesting the owner however was putting some for chicking feed. continued on to Manti camped near the Temple prevailed on a good Bro to let us turn in to his in closed field - good feed

Thursday 7. Rose early this morning harnessed up and started on without Breakfasting it being fast day. stoped at the Temple walked around its magnificent walls which are completed except the western tower after which we were conducted through the interier from the Basment to the roof. the finish is most eccilent

October, Friday 8. 1886. camped last night near Salina (28 miles from Manti) 9 PM on the svere Broke camp at 8 AM this morning stoped in Salina got a few articals at the store passed on nooned on the Banks of the River tolerable good feed. drove on came near Glen Cove (a nete little Town left it to our left the rode turning toward Richfield. the rode being changed we missed the way - are now incamped in a large meadow 6 PM

Saturday 9. Left our camp ground 8 30 AM on through the meadow land interseting the main rode some 3 miles distanat at a small town nooned at Monroe Rode splended. here we laid in our suply of grain for the animals for the remainder of the trip & a sack of flour oats 70 cts per 100 lbs flour $1:50 per 100 passed on over the divide 15 miles to Maries vale camped 9 PM good moon strong south wind

October, Sunday 10. 1886. Moved on some 6 or 8 miles where there was good feed in an in closed meadow laid over the remainder of the day at Mr Fulman I wrote a letter to my family. it was showery most of the day there is but little farming done done in this valley being mostly addapted for hay

Monday 11. left this morning at 8:30 cloudy snowing on the hills a round the valley with a light sprinkle in our way for a few hours nooned at Junction City being at the fork as the severe Pushed on better - moved on in to circle vally camped at James Kittermans 25 miles

October, Tuesday 12. 1886. moved from camp at 8 AM entering the canion leading throug the mountains to Panguich 30 miles and found lots of Bull Baries nooned at the enterence into the valley. camped within 3 miles of the Town turned our animals on to wheat stuble full of scttered wheat heads. here Wm Adams & Bro Acard came up with one wagon and a band of horses

Wednesday 13. Clear and frosty this morning. moved camp at 8-15 AM passed through Pangwich a flourishing town good soil for small grain But climate to cold for fruit took up throug the canyon passeed Hills dale nooned near Hathes Ranch. passed the Ranch over some ridges and camped good feed

October, Thursday 14. 1886. Broke camp at 8-35 AM passed over another ridge striking the left fork of the River (at Little Ranch) which is now a small stream left the stream to the right taking up a nice grade over the summit nooned blow Butter malk springs. moved on turned to our left over a divide on to the Canab a little below the uper canal settemen camped three miles lower down

Friday 15. left camp at 7 35 rode takes down the stream got switched off but soon switch back went over a ridge to the righ down into canyon gorge with purpendicular rocks with excivated rode at their bace. on down to the main river bed. heavy sand and no water for several miles here the water rises spreding over the quick sand bed 4 miles to stop was to sink set on & out. stark camp at 5 30 PM

October, Saturday 16. 1886. Moved on the morning at 8 oclok heavy sand at intervals crossed the quicksand bed of the river on to the east side pulling up a steep grade to the top of the Bak having passed the Natural Dam of sollid rock - at the head of the Kanab water dtch. met our Brother (Lyman) with some others he was going to assist them in rparing the ditch. we were now close upon the town which we entered Stoping at my Nepewinlaw John Stuards the town has almost intierly sprung up cince my visit in 1870

Sunday 17. Attend the Ward meeting at 2 P M was called upon to address the congrgation which did occupying most of the time. felt well and had good liberty in speaking to the Saints Brother Lyman spoke a few minutes. I was recognised by some of the congregation as soon as I had spoken a few minutes

October, Monday 18. 1886. We started on our way this morning leaving my Brother Lyman when Stope to see Brother Stuard. as he was absent he was not desided as to whether he would come on after us or tarry with Brother Stuard. I injoy stay with our Neice vary mutch not having seen her for several years. we nooned near the Navaho wells - came to the wells filled our barels with water went on camped 2 miles further on in the ceders

Tuesday 19. left our camp fire at 4 AM 6 miles brought us to the foot of the Buckskin Mountain where we had to duble our teams up a vary steep & Rocky grade. moved on. nooned at 10 AM down on the south east slope of the mountain; a mid the ceaders. met 5 wagons going north. a light fall of snow in the mountain last night - Rain at camp reached the foot of the mountain & along its bace to house Rock watered the animals on one mile & camped 33 miles

October, Wednesday 20. 1886. Broke Camp at 6 AM Rode vary sandy met a family from New Mexico. returning to Utah. nooned at 12 M but little grass. Rested our Animals. on their light feed & moved on still vary Sandy. hevy pulling met two wagons with families. Rooting for Utah. camped near Sope creek 24 miles. vary good feed no wood. looks some what stormy a head

Thursday 21. moved camp at 7 AM came to sope creek watered our animals. here was a family incamped from Holbrook - a Gentile settlement nooned at Bager creek 8 miles moved on arrived at the fary 3 PM high wind. but by the time the ferry Men came it seased so as to admit of our crossing left the corssing at 5 PM camped near the Navaho springs 5 miles

October, Friday 22. 1886. moved camp at 7;30 AM came to the springs (having passed Thomas & Alonso Stuad 4 wagons (2 trailing) here we passed Brother Adams & Acard nooned at the point of the clifts 7 miles from the springs here Adams & Acard passed us. moved on 2 PM passed them at Bitter Springs where the were nooning continuing on we made McLellands tank, and camped 20 miles (we were soon Joined by those behind us

Saturday 23. Left camp ground at 8 AM came to McLellns tank watere our Animal 8 miles 3 miles & nooned the others stoped at the tank continued on Rode good there having ben showers of rain which makes the sand pack. came to cotonwood or grieswood tank watered a gain 4 PM went on 6 miles and camped. Adams & Acars soon came in no water

October, Sunday 24. 1886. Arose at day brake. three of our Animals were missing. found them some 3 miles back on the road Adams & Acard moved on left camp ground at 8;15 AM came up with them at Willow springs. (met a party with sheep but could get no mutton. watered the Animals. moved on 4 miles to feed & nooned. on a gane down grad. passing through numerous mounds of Earh varying in sise from good sesed hay cocks to large stacks camped on Maine copley wash at its crossing 20 mi. all told

Monday 25. moved at 7-30 AM crossed the wash Rode sandy now clay & sand mixed up with clay & sand mounds in clusters like towns & cities with piles of petrified chips of wood with here & there a log or stump struk the Little Colorado 11 AM on 2 miles & nooned. there are plain indications of this belt of country being the dry bed of an inland sea or vast Lake - moved on 2 P M along the river bottom then to the left over rizes camped at 5-3 PM 25 miles

October, Tuesday 26. 1886. Broke camp at 8 AM leaving the river to the right passed over ridges a cross sandy washes over took 2 teams from ordisvill going to snow Stake nooned at Lavy beds below the Black falls moved on passed the falls watered the animals put water in our barels - here we met 6 wagons on their way from Salt river to Utah. left the river took over the hills a gane went 5 miles & camped 20 miles all told. here is a spring with watering troughfs 1 mile west of the Rode

Wednesday 27. Moved on at 7-30 AM over Ridges & swales Rode sandy now & then here & there and almost evry where. Struck the River a gane 1/2 a mile above the Grand falls took a view of the red stream dashing over its perpindicular wals. watered & moved on to the crossing met 3 wagon including Lowse Rogers. crossed over. went 3 miles & nooned. 2 P M on agane. passed a store near the Sanfranciso wash & camped 23 miles

October, Thursday 28. 1886. Moved on at 7-30 AM met Mr Riddle with a herd of sheep bound for Kanarrah. we aplied for a mutton but got none. here we left the River to our left going over a vary beautiful Bench of land 4 miles in with with a gentle slove by the South east an open country is here brought to view. came to the river watered & went on 3 miles and nooned 1 PM on agane came in site Brigham City. & Winslow came to Brigam City 2 family only on to Sunset 1 family - Lot Smith found him at home 3 miles & camped 30 miles

Friday 29. moved on at 7 AM (leaving a camp below is on their way to Utah) soon came to the Southern Pacific Railrode the Rode running a long parilell with it came to a water tank watered horses on and nooned 7 miles from St Joseph on a gane arrived at Marias and Nathan Porters - Sanfords Boys) at 2 PM found them all well they were pleased to see their Father & Sister - Nancy - & Bro Joseph but sorry in the loss of their mother

October, Saturday 30. 1886. all well. wrote a letter to my family being the second since my leave there being no post office on the way since leaving Kanab printed my writing before this Sanford unloded his wagon so that we could occupy it as a bed room for the present this season is said to be the driest since our settlments here and truly the country has a barren appearence

Sunday 31. took a good bath last night feel mutch refreshed this morning changed my appearl and made redy to attend meeting at 2 PM. team and wagon ready we got a board to the number of 11 persons and on 2 miles to the Town in good time entered the fort & meeting place. Bishop Jospeh Richards came in at the opening exarsise. called upon some to speak my self included a good feeling was manifested by all present

November, Monday 1. 1886. There were lowering clouds in the western horrisen last night. But its clear this morning as I learn it usually is at this Season of the year and so on untill July & August. The Boys commenced their kane grinding this morning at the fort having a bad one weeks runn. took a walk out on to the Railrode - which is about 300 yards from the house - and a long the Bank of the River viewing the bottom land cottonwood timber &c

Tuesday 2. A vary cool nipping air this morning from the North East. trains are frequently passing. which brakes the solitude which has reigned here for Ages. Brother Ben Hobert gave us a call - from St Joseph with whome I had a vary pleasent and a greable visit

November, Wednesday 3. 1886. Cool last nigh I and Sanford went up to town where the Boys were making molasses word soon followed us that Samuels Babe was Dead. which was a shock to us all. as it was well as usual when we left. it had however had suffered mutch from its Birth from a braking out all over its person. it was chrful a few moments before its suden departure being 11 moth old within a few days.

Thursday 4. Put the remains of the little one into the coffin this morning. held a family funeral speaking consoling words to each other. after which we conveyed it to its resting place in the cimetry at St Josephs to a wait the Reserection day. The cimetry is located on a low pece of ground south East of the Town a few shade trees have ben set out to adorn that spot. they think selecting a new location

November, Friday 5. 1886. The air is more mild this morning the Boys resumed working up their Kane I and Sanford put in some Barposts he captured a rabit called cotton tails. four of them makes a good suply for a small family meal we also assisted Alva (who came down from the Molasses mill) to get a lode of wood we crossed the River and gathered up dry limbs & small trunks of trees which were suitable for making a quick fire

Saturday 6. Weather mild this morning sanford went up to the molasses mill I helped Alva get a load of wood wrote a letter to John Kaynaston - my assistant in the Sunday Schools of Davis stake

November, Sunday 7. 1886. Met with the Sunday School at 10-30 this morning. superintendant by John McLaws with Charles M Peterson as assistant I took part with the Bible class. Bishop Richards was present and spoke to the school took dinner with the Bishop Attended the general meeting at 2 PM

Monday 8. Sanford Ira & my self are fitting up for a trip to Wilford. some 50 miles to get some timbers & potatoes the Boys have raised there left at 1 AM stoped at the molasses mill got some molasses passed through the barin land crossed the River passed a vacated fort on the side of a lake or pond called

November, Tuesday 9. 1886. camped last night at a tank called obed vacated because of the Ague & fever moved on this morning Rode good but little sand came in to the seaders covering the roling hills on either sid for a few miles with some holly trees or Bushes on and down to what is called dry lake here is some resivoir made by the Astuck Co. on a gane to more seaders moved & on to pines mingled in the ceader & finally all pines down to Heber city a few houses camped in their field 34 miles

Wednesday 10. Moved from camp at 8 AM reached Wilford at 10 AM drove to Iras house and coralls took a view of things around there are 6 or 7 houses here with 4 or 5 families in the midst of a forest of yellow pines. We commensed diging potatoes in the afternoon got 8 Bushels off 1/2 arcre which is the result of dry farming in this locality

November, Thursday 11. 1886. Cold last night a few of the potatoes were niped in the covered wagon finished diging the potatoes on a peice of ground having a volinteer crop. which produced far less than the other finished up our load out of the pit which had ben prieveously dug making in all 15 Bushels put a long reach in the other wagon on which to load small timbers 30 ft long dezigned for Ribs to Alaces house

Friday 12. finished loding the covered wagon by putting in a cook stove drove down the canyon where we gathered up the timbers for the other wagon which were mutch scattered loded them on and commenced our home ward trip at 4 P M stoped at Heber & watered the horses. went on over the summit camped in long holler 10 P M met Joseph Porter he returned with us

November, Saturday 13. 1886. cold last night delayed a while in finding the horses the bell clapper having caut fast in the staple. they were found by tracking moved on at 9 30 oclok A M there being no water we made a long drive to the dry lake reservoir where we watered and fed some grain took a Smal Lunch. here Ira came up who had taken across the hills in search of game. his only Booty however was in five nuts which Rats had deposited in their nests for a winter suply on 3 miles & camped 5 P M

Sunday 14. on a gane at an early hour on account of _____ for the Animals 5 miles Brought us to the Wells met 2 wagons going to Wilford one of the party had Jumpt Bishop Soames house and land at that place his name is watered and went on 3 or 4 miles and nooned then on to the River crossed arriving at home at 6 P M here I obtained a a letter from home all were well which was glad news Mailed on the 6th inst

November, Monday 15. 1886. vary high wind from the south west Wrote an answer to my letter Sanford & Marias went up to the St Josephs. My letter from home informed me of the return of Rebecca & Aaron & family from their visit to Snake River all right also of the Arrest of Bro John Adams at the Centerville coop store Nov 5th 10 oclok P M by 4 Depity Marshels Sanford & Marias went up the fort I a wated the closing of my letter for his return to get the date of Fathers Birth to send home to put on his grave stone

Tuesday 16. a vary cold North west wind this morning assisted Marias in putting up a corn Bin Nelson Matice & family arrived accompanied by Brother Lyman Who stoped at Kanab all well we had a lively meeting and highly entertained in talking over present & past events in our several sojournings

November, Wednesday 17. 1886. More plesant this morning the wind having seased its blowing yet the air is quite cool Sanford Lyman & Nelson Matice went up to the fort I helped Marias in putting a roof on the corn Bin. in lifting up a post and turning to set it in its place a stich took me in the Back disabling me to move with out caution I bathed it as I retier to bed

Thursday 18. My back is a bout the same this morning am now spending the time on the sunny side of the house listning to Lyman read the News 12 AM the weather is moderating this 4 PM I am not moving a bout but vary little inorder to have as little trouble as posiuble with my back. Sanford and the boys are putting up a fence around the corn

November, Friday 19. 1886. My back is a little better so that I ventured start for Woodruff with Sanford Lyman Marias and several of the Women folks who were going to lay in their winter Suply a clothing Nelson Matice & folks also left on their way home on the Hila We called at Holbrook Lyman made in quiery as to one Gray & Wife to learn wheather they were the party that were murdered on the Ruckskin Mountains produced some of there hair - which was recognised Arrived at Woodruff at 7 PM

Saturday 20. camped in the camp house near the coop Store commenced the purchase of goods which continued up to 1 PM I Sanford & Lyman wen out to the River and took a look at the dam which is bilt of rock supported at each end by a ledge of rocks which forms the Banks of the river for some distance. a place is being dug out on the East Side for a grist mill that is being moved from Brigham City. We left for home at 3 P M - arrived 9 P M

November, Sunday 21. 1886. Wind blew duering the latter part of last night and is increasing this morning almost to a gale so that there is a cloud of sand in the air Lyman resieved 2 letters from home. commenced snowing at 2 PM with unabated wind. so that we changed the prograghm of going to meeting and thus remained within doors. it soon stoped snowing but continued cold

Monday 22. Snowed more last night with high wind. Looks like another squal was appiroaching Spent the day mostly in doors while the Boys were ingaged in deviding their goods to their respective families the wind has not blown quite so hard duering the day Lyman wrote to his folk at home I passed off the time in reading the news

November, Tuesday 23. 1886. Still cold But not so blusty as yesterday. Lyman thought some of returning to Kanab with a Brother by the name of Kirby who camped here last night on his way to the Piaream from the hela But he finally desided to stay for a month or so yet. We went out in to the bottom and caut a couple of conton tailed Rabbits by smoking them out of a hollow tree.

Wednesday 24. it is more moderate this morning me spent the day In assisting Marias in cutting out a frire place and getting it ready for laying the rock for the chimney I resieved a letter from Brothe Kaynaston by which I learned of his wellfare and Labours in the Sunday School also of the death of Sister Ellison. Wrote a letter home

November, Thursday 25. 1886. I spent the day in serving as tender in suplying morter for the masons Marias and Sanford Lyman was ingaged mostly in writing. the weather is a bout as yesterday was there being a cool East wind I served as cow Boy in the evening in getting up the cows and doing the milking or rather striping as they were nearly dry having ben gone over three days all attempts to find them having failed untill yesterday

Friday 26. I am Still at my post mixing morter and placing it in reach of the masons who are congratulating them selves on the advancement they are making in the art while M De Lagrand is furnishing the suply of water from a distance of a bout 200 yards not by Rail but by shanks. Exspress the water is used a boiling heat so the morter does not go in Raw to morrow is the quartily Conference of this Stake

November, Saturday 27. 1886. Attended the quartily Conference of this Little Colorado Stake held in this place Bishop Joseph Richards - Acting President presiding. Jesse N Smith - Prist of the Eastern Aarizon Stake being present, the attendence was vary small only one Ward from a distance had a representative. that of Mowing Coppy in the person of Bishop Brinkerhoof. others were shut out by snow on the summit. President Smith occupied most of the fore noon vary interestingly to all present.

Sunday 28. Conference resumed at 10 AM I was called upon and occupied aportion of the forenoon followed by Bishop David Brinkerhoof & the authorities of the church was presented duering the afternoon all being sustained by unanimous vote the remainder of the time was occupied by My Brothers Lyman and Sanford the sacrement then administered and the Conference adjourned

November, Monday 29. 1886. The weather is becoming quite mild. the 23 & 6 number of the News came in last night in time for a partial perusal furnishing us several items of interest as to moving events at home & abroad I resumed my attendence on the Masons in the afternoon as the fore part of the day was occupied in bringing in a further suply of rocks this is the warmest day we have had for 2 weeks

Tuesday 30. Commensed an early attendance on the Masons with a view of finishing up the Job. but we failed to accomplish it for the lack of Rock which we suplied at late hour in the evening so that we were prepared to make a finish on the morrow I took a round after the cows with shot gun in hand for the capture of a Rabit - but failed to succeede

December, Wednesday 1. 1886. Cold last night quite a frost on our morter but a little hot water soon gave us a Start So we are now at the work 10 AM three of the Boys left yester day to hunt up stock in the forest finished the Chimney and are preparing to Start for Snow Flake on the morrow to attend the quartily Conference of the East Arizona Stake 45 miles distant.

Thursday 2. All well started on our way for Snow Flake Lyman Stoped having concluded to return to Kanab with Brother Freeof Neelson who is going to St George I resieved a letter from home as we called at the office dated 26 Nov all were well. A M Cannon had ben arrested arrived at Woodruff at 7.30 PM

December, Friday 3. 1886. Lodged in the camp house with Bro Bushman and Wife. are now in the Coop Store while sarah & Edeth are trading 9.20 AM started out at 10 30 crossed the colorado 8 miles on the way Road barer to the south west up grade nooned at 1 33 PM at the edge of the ceders on a gane through scattering ceders now on down grade approching a low bason serrounded with an elivation with ceders here we reached the thrifty little town of Snowflake Stoped with Bro Rogers

Saturday 4. all are not well with us this morning Brother Sanford had a vary restless night by severe pains in his back & limbs passing in to his chest & Bowels. We have administered to him in the ordince and with warm drinks he is now resting easy. and I trust he will soon recover 11 AM Attended the afternoon session of the conference which was occupied by Bishops reports and Brother Christofficrn report of Pison life in ditrict

December, Sunday 5. 1886. went home in a dream last night Sanford rested better last night being comparitavily free from pain but is quite feeble his Bowels being relasted I attended the fore noon session of the conference heard the remaining reports of the Bishops. Was called to the StandSpoke a short tim to the assembly Remained with Brother Sanford duering the after noon feeling that he kneeded my assistance in moving up and down

Monday 6. Sanford rested better last night having slept a good portion of the time. not so dizzy in his head. I harnessed up and left for the grist mill 8 miles distant as we had brought a late grist. leaving Sarah & Edeth with him I passed through Taylor 4 m distant up the creek then more to the mill - Spring Ville - at 11 AM will have to stay over night for the grinding.

December, Tuesday 7. 1886. Returned from the mill last night a 12 M found Sanford no worse. I went to work this morning & made a platform for a bunk to ride on attaching it to the bottom of the Spring seat. With a view of starting in our return trip to morrow Closed up and mailed a letter to my family this evening giving President Smith a call

Wednesday 8. President Smith came and assisted in getting Sanford into the wagon we then bid him & Brother Rogers es good by thanking them for their kindness in rendering us aid and comfort as best they coud. called at the store got a few crackers no charge. we drove on as carfully as posiable arrived at Woodruff 5 PM Sanford having stood the Journey full better than was exspected called on Bishop oens who gave us a room for the night

December, Thursday 9. 1886. Sanford rested tolerably well said he felt no worse he ate some rost potatoe rellishing it vary well. I changed the condition of his bunk so as to make it easier for him. Started on at 10 AM Stoped and nooned at Holbrook 12 miles here his sons Marias & Alva met us - having word of their Fathers illness. we continued on arriving in St Josephs at 5 30 oclok. Sanford feeling mutchch fateged we were glad to be at the end of our Journey

Friday 10. Sanford was vary restless duering the fore part of the night but rested better duering the after part. the disease appears to be mostly on the Lungs from which a considerable blood is discharged being iritated by a coff at intervales, a dryness of the throat and mouth is continues requering mosture every minute most of the time. his sons Nathan & Joseph attends on himto night a fall of snow covered the ground this morning M De Lagrand left for the north yesterday morning

December, Saturday 11. 1886. Sanford rested better last night and is slowly on the improve I think yet is vary weak. it was thought he had the Malariel fever or the pnumonia but it is now manfest to be in tirerly on the Lungs he has taken more food to day than since he was taken down yet it is but vary little. he can sit up a Short time in the large Rocking chair is provided with cotton tail Rabit soupe which is quite palitable is a good substitue for Squiril

Sunday 12. Sanford slep a good portion of the night. his foode tasts more natural this morning so that he rellishes it vary well. I attended the Sabath School session at 11 AM took charge of a class Spoke a short time to the school Attended the Ward meeting in the after knoon Several Brethren from Utah were in attendence and Spoke to the Saints which was vary interesting to us all We also had a good evenings meeting

December, Monday 13. 1886. Sanford is still improving Slep well last night, we have just sent to Holbrook for some Brandy to bathe or wash his boddy in have just finished the washing of his body & putting on a change of raiment 2 PM Marias has gone to Holbrook to qualify for Justis of the peace. I am almost in constant attendence on Bro Sanford. he is now sleping quietly 5 PM. I am now released to retire to bed 11 30 PM

Tuesday 14. The weather is vary pleasent and Sanford is Still improving Sloly but I trust Shurely The Brethren have commensed to clean out their water ditch So as to have a suply of water for house use and thus save the time and trouble of hauling it which is quite a tax on them. took the Doore Shutter off its hinges and turned it so as to open the other way to prevent the draft coming on to Sanfords bed

December, Wednesday 15. 1886. Pleasent this morning with exception of a Cold breeze from the East Sanford feels better this morning speaks of his hat to were I Wrote a letter to John Kaynaston of East Bountiful, also one to my family in the same Mail This together with wating on Sanford occupied the most of my time duering the day with the exception of keeping up a fire. the weather is calm no wind 5 PM

Thursday 16. calm and pleasent this morning with clouds lying in the North Sanford is rocking him self in the Big chair 8.20 AM is still improving which I am pleased to note I mailed my letters also wrote and mailed one to Brother Lyman at Kanab Attending on Sanford at intervales

December, Friday 17. 1886. Sanford is now ingaged in eating a prety square meal had a good nights rest it is a vary pleasent morning 8 30 AM I have took an occasional walk out to get the fresh air and refreshing breese from the North west. it is almost like a may day returning in time to wait on Sanford in ordering food and otherwise waiting on him he has had several Naps is now reposing 4 30 PM

Saturday 18. An other pleasent morning for December Sanford rested well with an increased appetite having cleaned his table of its suply for the night I took a walk out on to a pece of elivated table land one half mile from the fort on the north partaking of a refreshing breese from the East. which is now changed to the North west 4 PM

December, Sunday 19. 1886 Sanford rested well last night is now regaling him self on a dish of hulled corn the morning breeze is refreshing as the sun is sending foarth its rays making another sabath day pleasant. Attended the Sunday School and took charge of a class as teacher Attended the Ward meeting also the evening meeting which was interesting by the many testimonies Born

Monday 20. I am now prepairing to take a trip to Savoy New Mexico on a short visit With Alva Nathans Wife & her sister leaving Sanford mutch improved in his health so I trust he will be out and around ear I return Started on our trip at 11 30 stoped and fed and luched near Holbrook. Arrived at Woodruff at 8 PM

December, Tuesday 21. 1886. Done some trading at the Coop Store. I Bought a pair of over halls at one Dollar 1 day Back Started on our way at 10 30 AM cept the snow flake and Apacha Rode to the crossing of the Colorado 4 miles here we took the St Johns Rode up the river. struck the ceaders and moved on a gane. tooke a road leading off but soon switched back camped in the ceders

Wednesday 22. had a good nights rest in our bunk und a ceder found our horses a few rods from camp Mr Ciota seemed to have taken up his quarters with them and was loth to leave Started at 9 30 went on nooned above Thomas Greers Ranch. high wind moved on to a settlement called the Madows Stoped for the night at Jus Whitings

December, Thursday 23. 1886. Left the Meadows at 9 AM for St Johns 8 miles above on the riverthis is an open country the Bottoms on the River widning out from one to six miles. Arrived at St Johns 11 30 AM this is a vary considerable town part Mexicon. got a small day Book 15 cts. took the Savoy Road to the East went 5 miles & moved on a gane 8 miles and camped 2 miles from Gorchers & Jillisters tanks

Friday 24. cold last night with north west wind moved on to the tanks and watere the Animals then on 9 miles & nooned, on agane 1 mile to another Ranch of the same parties got a peice of beef on a gane over ceder hills on to the Zunah wash a gane crossed to the east side on up its course met some parties from Savoye came to the Zounah village at 7 PM. watered the horses crossed over the wash on a gane and camped 5 miles from village

December, Saturday 25. 1886. Weather more moderat left camp at 7 30 without Breakfast traveled 5 miles to a ranch in a side canyon. here we were informed that we were on the rong road for Sayvoy We made the mistake at Zunah Village it being only Starlight when we passed. And thus we selebrated our Christmass to the tune of 15 miles extra travel & a turn a bout. nooned on the right track 1 PM 5 mil from Zunah village. made Savoia at 7 PM

Sunday 26. Put up last night at Sister Nielsons. the Mother of our fair Maden. met with 2 of my 2nd Neices whome I had not seen for a number of years. This place is in New Mexico. James R McNeil is Bishop. I attended the Sabath School took part in exorsises. Spoke to the School . Was in attendence at the Ward meeting was called to occupy portion of the time. had mutch liberty in speaking

December, Monday 27. 1886 Spent the most of this day in taking a drive a round in this locality went up into the forest to the Saw mill in the midts of the long leaf pine timber interspersed with red ceder. having passed the reservoy near the town which suplies the town and most of the farms with water we returned on circut rout to an other reservoy which suplies small belt of land to the south & East. my trip resulted in the impression its being lest place for settlement I have struck - all being considered

Tuesday 28. Weather still good Spent most the day in reading writing and coversing on various subjects. While Alva was measuring up and loding in his seed wheat which was getting of Wm Bond. I assisted in loding took a walk out in the evening Attended the Young mens mutual at 7 PM spoke to them a short time

December, Wednesday 29. 1886. It commensed snowing this morning at day break is still snowing 8 30 AM We are preparing to start on our return trip my Niece Ada will accompany us. 11 AM Started on our return; Ada remained at home on account her sister having taken sick we Stoped within five miles of the Zunah village fed our horses and ate a bite moved on took a view of the village a we passed went 7 miles & camped in the ceders

Thursday 30. moved on this morning at 8 30 AM no storm altho it had the appearence of it last night. down grade so we made good time nooned where we did as we came up went on to the tanks and watered our animals went on 7 miles and camped on the Road to the meadows which leaves the other road to the right take up into the ceders

December, Friday 31. 1886. left camp at 8 30 this morning weather clear soon came in sight of the meadows arrived there at 12 30 M found the settlement almost vacated for the day having gone to Saint Johns for a Newyears Suprise of presents for their children. we Stoped at Brother White fed our horses and ate a bite Went on 14 miles and camped. having met President Joseph Richard of St Joseph on his way to St Johns.

The above is the end of my journal for 1886 for 1887 has come in upon me as a theif in the night while I was Slumbering by the way side And when I and my Nepew awoke found that the old year had gone. And our horses also. but we soon overtook them and brought them back But the year has gone neaver to return All hail eighteen 87 The Worlds history to you is given




A B Porter

Mar 19 to 2000 lbs Lucern

" 30 " 2000 " mixt

June 4 to cash $5.00

June 8 " 27.00

July 10th Loned to A B Porter $160.00

" 20th to two tons of hay 16.00

April 9th Paid to Elizabeth Stevenson $150.00 one hundred Dollars on a cirtin Note in favour of her Husband Edward Stevenson



May 18th Smith to 3370 lbs hay on servis of horse also 360 lbs oats.

June 14 to 86 lbs oats

oats 360


446 6.70

hay 3370 lbs 16.85

total 23.55

by servis of horse 36.00

" Braking colt 2.50

total 38.50

Brought down 23.55

paid balen due 14.95



Porter family in Book No 9

Elijah Porter Died 1845

Thomas " " 1697

2nd Thomas Bor 1648 " 1711

Timothy 2nd Nov 1672 Jan 6, 1743

Sons of Timothy

Timothy Bor 24-14-1702 July 16, 1780

Ebenezer Apr 16, 1750

Thomas Feb 15 1733-4


Weather Record.

1885 Servis of Bull

Date. Remarks. cow

Jan 14th James Kipling pd 1

" 20 " " pd 1

June 13 John Tree pd 1

July 6 J J Harris pd 1

" " Sister Barber 1

" 21 M Cherry 1

" 31 Mrs Kent 1

Aug 5 J Adams pd 1

" 8 Phiolo Kent 1

" 18 J W Woolley 1

" 25 Baskins Router 1

" 31 Capner 1

" " T Whittaker 1

Sept 1 N Cheney 1

Sept 2 Wm Barber 1

" " O M Dewel 1

" 4 Mrs Kittleman 1

" " Sister Kent 1

" 8 T J Brandon 1

" 12 J J Cherry 1

Dec 23 David Hosler 1



1886 Servis of Bull

Date. Remarks. cow

Jan 3 Philo Kent 1

" 4 " " 1

" 14 Wm Cleveland 1

Jan 17 David Barber Pd 2

" 17 David Hosler 1

" 19 T J Brandon 1

Apr 7 Thomas Spencer 1

" 13 Thos Wadof Senr 1

Aug 5 David Hosler 1

June 9 J J Cherry




Date. Dolls.Cts.

the Davis Stake was organized June 17th 1877

June 3 loned to A B P 5.00

" 7 " " "



Date. Temple Account to Expenses Dolls.Cts.

Feb 11 to Rent of house 4.00

Feb 12 to Chop feed 1.30

" to Graham flour 2.45

Mar 13 to 1 month rest 4.00

to S Porter 3.00

" " " 5.00

to Record Books 12.75

to donations to Temple 6.00

Mar 30 to S Porter per Laws 5.00

Apr 14 to flour 215 lbs 5.00

" 24 on Rent of house 8.00

" " Brom & Graham 1.70

May 1 Donation to Temple 2.00

" 7 " " " 2.00

" 14 " " " 2.

" 21 " " " 1.00

" 28 " " " 1.50

" beef .50

" 29 to Sanford 10.00

Feb 11 Sister Richard by 3.00

May $21.30

2.00 potatoes

2.70 flour

May 29 on rent 4.00

Sept 8 " " 3.00


Bills Receivable.

A B Porter

Date. Labour Act days

July 27 J Thomas 1

Aug 5

Aug 20 2 hands & team hauling & stacking grain 1 1/2


Cash Account--February.

Date. Tithing Act Lucern hay

July 2 3 Loads Lucern Delivered at thithing Barn

" 7 one load

Aug 6 one " second crop

July 7 one load of hay

July 14 one load hay

" 17 " " "

" 20 one load "


Cash Account--March.

Dec. 20th 1886

I left St Joseph for Savoy

With three others to my Joy

One the wife of my Brothr Son

Her sister was the other one

My Nefew made up the three

of my joyful componey

We had two horse well agreed

So all was well as to our steeds

With a light wagon set on springs

Including several other things

So we moved gently a long

With now & then a musing song

Our little Maden was full of glee

Which pleased my Nephew as well as me

And should their joys now be givn

Resut in their becoming one

It would continue never cease

But multiply and increase

While lifes Journey May persue

If to each other they prove true

If I thought it other wise

Their union I could not advise

But say as I have always done

Choose ye each another one

Now Ile turn unto my trip

And itemise a little Bit

Of points that came unto my view

As the journey I did persue

But not in rime nor in prose

As its not to good as I suppose

In being rightly under stood

If so of cours its not so good

So to the reder I will say

Turn the leaves the other way

Till you see there is dates

Then make allowance for mistakes

A few lines on the part of my Nephew in the single ___ and present tence

Good by to Savoye

I can no longer tarry

Good by to the joyes

I had with little clarra

I feign would return

After a short tarry

If I could dezern

A prospect to marry

For it is a duty

And one to be admiered

But where thers no beauty

It is hardly Deziered

If thers no love with the beauty

That I can dizern

It then is my duty

Away for to turn

Then else where Ile go

I can no longer tarry

Because I do know

Its my duty to marry

May the good Spirit go with me

And be as a gide

And of all that shall grete me

It may deside

As to the helpmate

I should choose for a wife

Who will never for sake

In the troubels of life

So then weel have joye

In the work we have done

As it comes in the voice

of our little ones

Who are the bright spirits

Sent down to our care

And with us to inherit

A less glorious life here

Untill the end of the time

That to each one is given

O then wel rejoin

Each other in heaven


Cash Account--August.

Date. Received. Paid.

Sept 27 gloves 1.50

" Blanket 1 par 4.00

" extra to hay knife .75

T to watch chain .10


Cash Account--October.

Date. Received. Paid.

Aug 16 by cash on Straw stacker $12.55

" " oil & repair on thratcher 3.00

tole from thratcher

Aug 18th Resevd 15 B oats

" " " 24 B Barley

" " " 7 " wheat

" 28 " 12 1/2 " wheat

" " " 14 " oats


Cash Account--November.

Date. Received. Paid.

Baptism Sheets in the Temple

No Sheets Resieved of the 23rd of Mar 1886

None of Womens the 20th Day of April 1886

nor the 27th 1886 mens resieved

Aug 22 Paid Nancy A clark on Wood 7.00

4 Dollars & 10 cts yet due

Sept 8 paid the above 4.10

No Baptd

M 1730

F 1760


I N D Ma 230

Fe Ma 268


S d Ma 177

" " Fe M 192



Cash Account--December.

Date. Received. Paid.

Mar 22nd Jesse Brandon to 175 lbs oats

hoeing ______ resieved 145 lbs

Due by 3 1/2 days on thratcher 4.40

July 24 __ Dalaymple to 105 lbs flour 2.50

Benjamin Laws

by work from 25 May 25 July 75.00

from 25 July to 25 of Oct 20.

from 25 Oct to 25 Mar 115.


Paid to Brancroft and Co on Books 86.74

Apr 16 ________ sittlement 101.30


Cash Account--Summary.

June 5 T Harris to one more in pasture

June 13 to 20 lbs oats $00.30

" 23 " 55 " " " .80

Jan 20th 1886 Due tithing office on sett___ 46 Bushels wheat 4 gal molasses

Thomas Brom 2nd Ward Logan

oats 476

hay 150




Timothy seed _______

2230 lbs hay

hay to Sells

______________gave for ______stock

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