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Excelsior Diary for 1885

January, Thursday 1. 1885. Attended fast meeting taked after the stock

Friday 2. at home spent the day about the premices

January, Saturday 3. 1885. Repaired the Barn Doore which had bens recked by the east wind

Sunday 4. visited the North District Sabath School of Farmington with my assistants

January, Monday 5. 1885. Repaired the hay rack Went to the city with my tithing oats brought up a ton of Cole for Even Jones

Tuesday 6. Loded up a load of hay for to take to the city on Wm Streepers contract

January, Wednesday 7. 1885. Went to the City with the hay 2335 lbs Called at the U P R Depo office and got the half fare tickets renewed for my self and Assistants

Thursday 8. helped Aaron haul Some straw for beding his animals Went Kaysvill on the evening train and attended a meeting with the Superintendents and teachers of the Sunday shools

January, Friday 9. 1885. Returned home on the morning train Aaron went to the city with the hay 2425 lbs

Saturday 10. Rained all day repaired the Sulkey double trees

January, Sunday 11. 1885. Myself and Brother Kyniston paid the north district School of Farmington an other visit to assist in sitting a part an assistant Supt and Some teacher

Monday 12. At home J J Cherry got the ballence of toole due him for work on the thratchsher

January, Tuesday13. 1885. Brother Ford and his wife Mary ann paid my self and family a visit

Wednesday 14. Aaron took his horses home to keep I met with the directors of the Store in the evening a dividind of 12 per cent was declared

January, Thursday 15. 1885. At home Snowed a litle last night cold air this morning

Friday 16. Met with the High Council in the vestry of the Farmington meeting house

January, Saturday 17. 1885. Snowed lightly most of the day paid my school bill for last month $3. 50

Sunday 18. Arthur Stayner to confer with me further on the Shugar question (as prieveausly arranged) with the view of working up kane on Shares he proposed to give one half of the product in Sugar & molasses for each ton of kane delivered at his works in good condition

January, Monday 19. 1885. Snowed last night it is now 18 inches deep Still Snowing

Tuesday 20. John and Joseph Ford with their wives paid my self and family a visit

January, Wednesday 21. 1885. Sent some provisions to Nathan at his bording place in the City By Fredrick Walton

Thursday 22. Put runners on to the running gears of my light Wagon thus transforming it in to a Sleigh

January, Friday 23. 1885. Attended high council meeting at Farmington Spent the evening with my sister, Nancy Clark in coppying off the name of our dead rellittives

Saturday 24. Spent most of the day in arranging the names our Deceast rellitives So as to officiate for them in the Temple as soon as possiable

January, Sunday 25. 1885. Attended meeting in the fore noon resumed looking up of the names of rellitives in the afternoon

Monday 26. Continued the work of Geneollogy

January, Tuesday 27. 1885. John Ford came and go 18 Bushels of wheat on tool of thratching machine Angus M Cannon was arrested on a charge of Poligamy

Wednesday 28. I and sister Nancy resumed the work of Geneolliy making out a list of males and feemales

January, Thursday 29. 1885. Spent the day in visiting my daughters Emily in company with Rebecca Eliza and Sister Nancey

Friday 30. Attended Priesthood meeting at Farmington Accompaneyed by my wife and sister Nancey she returning home

January, Saturday 31. 1885. Made a set of Singletrees for the light wagon having broke the former ones

February, Sunday 1. Attended meeting Occupied most of the time in speaking to the people

February, Monday 2. 1885. Went to the city with Nathan taking him down to the Acadimy the district of Salt Lake was impaneling the Grand Jury depity Marshals were flying around to make arrests of Poligamy

Tuesday 3. At home most of the day Sold 100 lbs of Lucern Seede at 9 1/2 cts per pound donated 4 B of wheat to pay for fuel &c for meeting house

February, Wednesday 4. 1885. Sold a herd of beef cattle to Wm Wood at 31 1/2 Dollars per head

Thursday 5. Attended fast meeting in the fore noon and Lecture by C. R. Lanage in the evening

February, Friday 6. 1885. Attended high council meting at Farmington

Saturday 7. Went to City on the morning train 10-30 m aplied for a recommend and a half fare ticket to Temple at Logan called at E Stevenson took dinner Returned on the 4-30 p M train took the 5 P M for Farmington on my way to the Temple

February, Sunday 8. 1885. Left Farmington on the morning train accompanied by my sister Nancy Clark arrived at Ogden 8-30 in took the Utah Northern left at 10-40 in P M in a blinding snow storm so that Sight Seeing was not interesting passed the hot springs Willar Brigham City Dewop bill Colinston and Mendon arrived at Logan 7-20 PM took logings at Sister Ricks

Monday 9. ingaged Bord with Sister Thomas Ricks papared names for registration which we registered this afternoon

February, Tuesday 10. 1885. Attended to the Baptising for 41 persons of our dead 26 males 15 feemales

Wednesday 11. Resumed our labours performed the work of induments for our Brother and Sister Justin Theordore and Saraha

February, Thursday 12. 1885. We resieved in dewments and Sealings for our Grand parents Nathan and Tabitha Porter Cleared of in the afternoon

Friday 13. Done the work of induments & Sealings for our Grand parents - Reubin and Sarah Warriner Strong wind from the South. Snow drifting

February, Saturday 14. 1885. Spent most of the day in making out a further list of Names for Baptism Went up to the Temple and Bought a Record Book of Brother Rasheller esspecially adapted for Recording for the Dead cost $3.00 Reseived a letter from Brother Sanford Porter

Sunday 15. Attended meeting in the Logan Tabnicle in the after noon met with the 1s Ward Sunday School at 10 A M Attended a Lecture at 6+30 p m

February, Monday 16. 1885. Went to the Temple and Registered 22 more names for Baptism was vary busy Recording Names and Induments the remainder of the day Brother Lyman arrived at 7-30 in p m Posted a letter our Brother Sanford in Arrizona

Tuesday 17. Done the work of Baptism for those Registered there ware over 1000 - Baptisms duering the day the weather is mild but cloudy with light rain in the evening

February, Wednesday 18. 1885. Continued the work of induments which is vary interesting and instructive

Thursday 19. resumed our Temple work

February, Friday 20. 1885. continued our dillgence in the ordinences of the Gospel in behalf of the Dead

Saturday 21. my self Lyman and Nancy took a walk out to see if we could find a place that we could by where we could come and adminester in the Temple

February, Sunday 22. 1885. Recorded names in the fore noon Attended meeting in the Tabernicle in the afternoon was invited to the Stand Spoke a Short time to the congragaton

Monday 23. I and Lyman went up to the Temple and registered over a hundred names for Baptism

February, Tuesday 24. 1885. Attended to the Baptising did not have the privalige being Baptised for all the names registered in cnsequence of there being so many applications

Wednesday 25. Resumed the work of induments Lyman returned home on the after noon train

February, Thursday 26. 1885. I and Nancy continued the work of induments Resieved induments for Timothy Porter my Great Grandfather Nancy for Susan Courrier

Friday 27. Recieved induments for John Porter Great Uncle Nancy for Asoneth Hutchings after the close Servises we had the privolige with several others of passing through the Different Rooms

February, Saturday 28. 1885. The skye is clear this morning froze last night Borther T Ricks arrived home last night as exspected by his family arranged for our convyenance to the switch at 1/2 past 2 P M arrived at the switch train thre ours behind have to wait till 6 P M

March, Sunday 1. Attended meeting occupied most of the time in speaking dwelt upon the importence of a more Strict observence of the of our Fathers commandments and puting a way all enviings &c

March, Monday 2. 1885. took the Buggy shafts to the shop for repair visited the day school. thought that a proper degree of order was not maintained for the best interest of the School

Tuesday 3. got 50 lbs of mutton from Bishop Cheney took the folks over to Emilies Sent a load of hay to R Prophet on shoe mending

March, Wednesday 4. 1885. Settled up with Henry Cleveland in full to present date thratched red top seed with the flail

Thursday 5. Attended fast meeting there was more in atendence than usual thratched grass ceed in the afternoon

March, Friday 6. 1885. Brought my ering stock up from the Bottom farm as the ground was thawed out so that they were tromping the ground to its ugerry

Saturday 7. Went to the quartily conference held at East Bountiful there was an unusual large attendence

March, Sunday 8. 1885. Conference continued all could not get in the house none of the first Presidency or the Twelve we were in attendence all of them being absent doging the hounds in mens clothing

Monday 9. Set out some grapes cuttings I got of Brother Kenyston

March, Tuesday 10. 1885. Cut down the rose Bushes on the ditch Bank a long the garden between me and Brother Woollies visited Joel Parish who is quite sick

Wednesday 11. visited Joel Parish and assisted in administering to him Aaron went to the City took Nathans grub to him

March, Thursday 12. 1885. Went down on to the Bottom farm to see if the ground was dry enough to plow

Friday 13. dug down some of the bank where I had cut down the rose Bushes the other day set out a few more grape cuttings

March, Saturday 14. 1885. plowed in the garden and planted some potatoes Nathan set out some strawburries planted a Bushel of Early Vermont Potatoes got from Brother Ellison

Sunday 15. my self and assistants visited South Bountiful Sabath School

March, Monday 16. 1885. Joel is better this morning - went to the mill got some wheat I had I had taken there to be cleaned for Sowing Got my seed barley from Phillip Gerns

Tuesday 17. commenced to sow the Barley in the north field

March, Wednesday 18. 1885. continued sowing and harrowing the barley in Aaron helped with his team

Thursday 19. finished the Barley and commenced to seow oats on a piece of ground I am going to seed to grass

March, Friday 20. 1885. Delivered the young Stock to Brother Ozious Kilbourn

27 head & 3 from Aaron 30 in all took his Note for $340 Dollars to be paid on the 15th of April next

Saturday 21. Rained last night Send a Small grist to the mill Resieved a letter form L W Porter

March, Sunday 22. 1885. Visited West Bountiful Sabath School with Brother Kiniston attended the Ward meeting in the afternoon

Monday 23. Run the harrow on the oats ground in the north field Johnny took Nathan down to his school

March, Tuesday 24. 1885. Finished harrowing the oatsin Johnny sprouted potatoes

Wednesday 25. Run the seder sowing wheat on the Bottom farm

March, Thursday 26. 1885. Got Sixteen shade trees to replace that number of Dead ones on the meeting house lot Johnny run the roller in the north field

Friday 27. Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting at Farmington Sent a load of oats to City on Wm Streeper Act 2520 Resieved $22. 50

March, Saturday 28. 1885. Set out some shade trees on the street west of my house Attended the Anual meeting of the Centerville primary association

Sunday 29. Visited the Hot Spring Sabath school with J Kenyston Johnny Weight paid me one dollar Due on servis of Bull

March, Monday 30. 1885. took Nathan down to his School in the City Brought up some coal for Even Jones Resieved a letter from Brother Sanford in Arizona he is coming

Tuesday 31. Put in Some garden in the forenoon worked on the dam throwing the water out on to the Deseret land Entry

April, Wednesday 1. 1885. Rained last night and till noon to day weather warm Cleaned up some grass seede

Thursday 2. Worked on the dam throwing the water out on the desert land Entry

April, Friday 3. 1885. Sent a load of oats to City on Wm Streepers concract 2350 lbs Went to Farmington to see about shiping my beef oxen

Saturday 4. Started the Sulkey plow found the point of the shire So worn that it would not enter the ground. sent it to the shop found the Black Smith gone to City Plowed a portion of the inclosed Street between street between me and ______

April, Sunday 5. 1885. The General Simianual Conference is now being held at Logan. I did not attend being impressed not to go for some cause Attended the Ward meeting in the fore noon it is now raining quite hard 4 P M

Monday 6. too wet to plow this morning worked on the water ditch in the pasture in the forenoon plowed in the after noon

April, Tuesday 7. 1885. plowed run two teams Aaron run the walking plow I run the Sulkey

Wednesday 8. Still plowing Sold my beef oxen to J Cook for work cattle hes is to pay me $130.00 for them

April, Thursday 9. 1885. Aaron and Sanford Chipman run the plowes I cleaned up my red top grass ceed

Friday 10. Sent a load of oats to City on Wm Streepers Act 2300 lbs Resieved $28.00 Run the ceder sowing barley Johney run the harrow

April, Saturday 11. 1885. Nathan & Johny is running the Ceder and harrow will finis the Barley this forenoon Aaron is plowing with the walking plow I vitrioled some wheat

Sunday 12. visited East Bountiful Sabath School with J Keyniston attended the Ward meeting in the afternoon also the circle meeting

April, Monday 13. 1885. Rained last night and is still raining Johny to Nathan down to his Schooling S L City Got a Sulkey plow from Streeper for 4 tons of hay got 18OO coal of Streeper Attended the mothly Sunday school meeting at East Bountiful

Tuesday 14. Rain last night and has rained most of the day up to the present 1 P M hauled some poles from the cross fence in the medow

April, Wednesday 15. 1885. Commenceed to repair the home pasture fence fell from off the pile of poles back ward striking my side near my back and Should on the point of a pole taking my breath for a few moments inflicting a bruse which disabled me so as to Sto further labour

Thursday 16. Resieved $175 Dollars from Ozias Kilbourn on note from sale of cattle one hundred and Sixty five Dollars yet due my wound but little better to day Cook took the beef oxen

April, Friday 17. 1885. my Side still very lame Went with President Smith in his Bugy and assisted in Administering to his Sick child Aaron Went the City with a load of oats for Streepor contract Resieved $10.50 per A B T

Saturday 18. Aaron and Nathan are runing the Sulkey plows my side feels but little if any better

April, Sunday 19. 1885. My side is Some better did not attend meeting Attended the Sunday School in the afternoon with Bro Kenyston being our appointment to visit the Shool Rode up in the Buggy

Monday 20. Cloudy mutch the appearence of Rain Eliza and Malinda went to the City in the Buggy taking Nathan to his School Aaron and Johny started to plow Soon commenced raining. Back & Side Some better

April, Tuesday 21. 1885. Still Cloudy with showers of Rain to wet to plow My Side and back but little improved President Smiths child still vary Sick Brother David Hoslers Child is also vary Sick

Wednesday 22. Rained some last night vary cold wind from the north west Aaron is runing one of the plows My lameness is Some better Rained most of the afternoon

April, Thursday 23. 1885. Still stormy too wet to plow Emily and Hyrum paid us a visit Aaron and Johny plowed in the afternoon visited President Smith found his Child Some better

Friday 24. Aaron & Johny run the plows I started for the Priesthood meeting took in Bro Woolley I Stoped withe the President as his child was worse Bro Woolley went on to the meeting

April, Saturday 25. 1885. Brother Sanford and part of his family arrived from Arizona Aaron and Johny are runing the ceder and harrow putting in the oats Rebecca and two of the Girls went to the primary Conference held in Kays ward

Sunday 26. visited the South Sabath School of Farmington in its review and the North School of Centerville in the afternoon in its review

April, Monday 27. 1885. Went to the City took Nathan to his School Resievede payment from Cook on the beef oxen $131.50 Lifted my not from Bishop Miller of 165.00 also one from E Stevenso of 190.75

Tuesday 28. Reparred a wheel of my old wagon for hauling out manure Rained in the fore noon

April, Wednesday 29. 1885. Visited President Smith found his child but little better plowed for Sugar Cane in the after noon

Thursday 30. I and Rebecca went to Presidents Smith as his child was not exspected to last mutch longer Child died at about 11 oclok A M

May, Friday 1. 1885. planted Sugar Kane in the fore noon Attended the funeral of the Deceased child at 4 P M

Saturday 2. Attended a massmeting of the People of Davis Stak held at Farmington for the purpass of ratifying a Declaration of Grievence and protest a gainst the unlawful prossecutions a gainst the Latterday saints

May, Sunday 3. 1885. visited the centeral and Northeast Sabath Schools of Kaysville

Monday 4. took Nathan down to his school got a pass to the Logan Temple for 90 days Joseph Porter worked to day fore the first day

May, Tuesday 5. 1885. Went to Farmington to see a bout getting a Stove for Sanford to use while doing work at the temple Let Aaron have $25.00 Joseph worked to day

Wednesday 6. Sanford and wife left for the Logan Temple this morning let him have $3.00 Joseph went with him Sowed red top seed on the Desert entry

May, Thursday 7. 1885. Attended fast meeting reaised the levy on the ditch bank in the pasture in the afternoon

Friday 8. Left home for Logan to assist Lyman in locating Sanford for Temple Work and to attend to our adoption to Father and Mother Arrived in Logan 1 P M by the Mail train Sanford soon came in with his team. Lyman had rented a house near the temple where he took possession

May, Saturday 9. 1885. Joseph returned with the team and wagon to my place this morning got half a ton of coal $3.40 Cleaned and repaered up the house ordered a sack of flour $2.00

Saturday 10. Attended the 4th Ward Sabath School with Bro Sanford in the morning and the General meeting in the Tabernicle in the afternoon also a meeting in the 5th Ward in the evening

May, Monday 11. 1885. Sanford, Lyman and Nancey went to the Temple and Registered names for Baptism I went down to the Saw mills and ordered some kindling wood delivered at our place also the sack of flour purchase on Saturday $1.50 for the wood

Tuesday 12. Sanford Lyman Nancy and Malinda are going to the Temple for Baptising I remain to coppy names on to the Record Book

May, Wednesday 13. 1885. Laboured in the Temple in behalf of my Great Uncle Samuel Porter with Sanford Lyman Malinda & Nancy Sepent the rest of the day in coppying Names

Thursday 14. Continued the Temple work and coppying and selecting name our lists to

May, Friday 15. 1885. Spent the grater part of the day in continuing of Temple work let Sanford have $3.00 Started for home on the half past two train

Saturday 16. at home most of the day visited several of the Neyhibours

May, Sunday 17. 1885. Went with Bro Kenyston on the morning train to South Hooper and visited the Sunday school joined by Bro Ellison at Kaysville

Monday 18. Went to the City took Nathan to his school arranged with Bishop Preston to deposit flour in the General Tithing office for flour at the Logan office for those working in the Temple

May, Tuesday 19. 1885. spent the day in looking after things at home in general

Wednesday 20. Repaired the dam on the Deseret Entry turning the water on to other parts

May, Thursday 21. 1885. spent the day in controling the water on the Deseret Entry Bro Laws came in from Johnsonville

Friday 22. cut another water sect on the Deseret Entry Joseph Went over to Porterville to see if he could get work at higher wages than I can pay

May, Saturday 23. 1885. Went to Salt Lake City took the spring wagon of the Bat outfit -- claimed by Bishop Preston as church Property -- left it with him which leaves me minus of one hundred Dollars Arranged with Mr Sells for Lumber for hay

Sunday 24. visited the Farmington Centeral Sabath School with Brother Kenyston Attended the afternoon meeting also a Seventies meeting Elders Semour Young and Cambell were in attendence

May, Monday 25. 1885. Made some Bee hives the Bees having began to Swarm Johny took Nathan down to his school

Tuesday 26. continued making Bee hives had a swarm Come out got them in to the hive without mutch trouble

May, Wednesday 27. 1885. worked at the Bee hives made a place for to Set them on Johny run the Rooler

Thursday 28. Went down on to the bottom and looked after the water on the Deseret Entry Pulled the Sweet clover out of the meadow in the after noon

May, Friday 29. 1885. Worked turning the water on to the land Entry below

Saturday 30. Made up the last of the Lumber into Bee hives weather warm Sent Johny to Bring up Nathan and his outfit from the City as his term of School is out

May, Sunday 31. 1885. Attended meeting in my own Ward also the Sabath School teachers meeting and Circle meeting

June, Monday 1. I and Nathan dug out stumps from the ditch Bank on the street between me and Woolley Brother Laws piled manure in the corell

June, Tuesday 2. 1885. Dug out stumps most of the day Laws worked at the manure light shower in the evening

Wednesday 3. Went to the city after Lumber got 806 ft of Mr Sells Arranged to get lumber from him for hay at 12 Dollars per ton sent a Post office order to H H Bancroft & Co of five Dollars hay Book

June, Thursday 4. 1885. To day is fast day But I was detained by a Swarm of Bees coming out just as I was about to Start for the meeting

Friday 5. Rained part of the night last night and continued all this day with the exception of about two hours in the evening

June, Saturday 6. 1885. Rained vary heavy last night so that the milk pans were afloat in the celler The Quartily Conference of the Davis Stake commensed at 10 A M in the Centerville meeting house it being too wet to meete in the Bowery Apostel M L Lyman was in attendence and occupied the time after the Stake Report was red

Sunday 7. Continues Rainy Apostels John Henry Smith & Heber J Grant were added by arrival on the morning train also President Semour Young of the Seventies with Bro Cambel mutch Good instructions were given to the edification of all present. I attended the Circle meeting in the evening

June, Monday 8. 1885. Dug and pulled up Stumps attended the monthly meeting of Superintendents and teachers of the sunday school of the South District of the Stake

Tuesday 9. continued the Stump diging Business Strong south wind

June, Wednesday 10. 1885. continued diging and pulling up the Stumps Loded up part of a load of hay for Sells on Lumber

Thursday 11. Finished diging up stumps Loded up a part off a load of hay for Sells for Lumber

June, Friday 12. 1885. Went to the City with the hay for Sells had on 2555 lbs got 251 ft of Lumber

Saturday 13. Aaron commensed cutting Lucern Nathan and Johny hauled in the Stumps for fire wood I stacked up the Lumber so as to season

June, Sunday 14. 1885. heavy showers last night attended meeting in the forenoon Spent the afternoon in coping names in to the Record Book

Monday 15. Aaron cut Lucern I plowed or cultivated the potatoes Brother Laws spent the day in howing in the garden Sent 306 lbs of wheat to Mill Resieved back 978 less 328 lbs

June, Tuesday 16. 1885. Nathan raked up some Lucern hauled some Lucerne in the afternoon

Wednesday 17. hauled Lucern with two teams weather vary warm

June, Thursday 18. 1885. hauled Lucern in the forenoon plowed with one team in the afternoon on Aarons land Aaron cut Lucerne in the afternoon

Friday 19. Aaron cut Lucerne Nathan plowed in the forenoon hauled Lucern in the afternoon Sanford Boy Joseph came and took their wagon a way to Portervill

June, Saturday 20. 1885. Put up and hauled Lucern hauled with Boath teams J J Cherry to 570 lbs of oats Jesse Brandon to 400 lbs of oats on Aarons Act

Sunday 21. Visited the Summit and South Weber Sunday Schools with my assistants there was a falling off in the attendence since the Summer season set in especially with the adults

June, Monday 22. 1885. Set in to putting up and hauling Lucern But was soon stopped by a heavy rain from the South West

Tuesday 23. Clear this morning Stired out the Lucern weather loks unsetted Robert Laws put his horses in the pasture

June, Wednesday 24. 1885. opened up some of the Lucern Bunches hauled in the afternoon with Boath teams repaired the Barn seller Doore

Thursday 25. commenced to cut and haul this morning finished Cutting the Lucern in the home field

June, Friday 26. 1885. Hauled Lucern in the forenoon I went to the monthly Priesthood meeting in the afternoon Aaron and Nathan attended the Duty at School it being the last day of the term

Saturday 27. Put up Lucern ______ Nathan cut the last piece on the Bottom farm ___ of ______ Young Mens and Ladies Conference. We attended the Conference ____ Joseph was _______

June, Sunday 28. 1885. Went with Bro Kyniston to attend the North District Sunday school Review of Farmington the review was happoned on Act of the Young mens and Ladis Conference we attended the Conference

Monday 29. put up and hauled Lucern

June, Tuesday 30. 1885. hauled Lucern with Boath teams wether vary warm

July, Wednesday 1. hauled Lucern with boath teams in the foremoon Aaron cut his Lucern in the after noon

July, Thursday 2. 1885. Attended fast meeting hauled in Lucern finished the first cutting on first corp

Friday 3. hauled in Aarons Lucern finishing up for the present corp

July, Saturday 4. 1885. This is the National holiday. Spent the forenoon in weading out wild oats and mustard fow from the grain

Sunday 5. Attended the ward meeting in the foremoon in the afternoon attended the Ward meeting in Farming Apostle John Henry Smith occupied the time. A meeting of the Priesthood was called at 8 P M at whch Heber J Grant was present as well

July, Monday 6. 1885. cut grass had to have hands follow and Spred the Bunches Aaron went to Porterville after his horse

Tuesday 7. Attended a meeting of the High Councel and Bishops at Farmington to select names for candidate to office in the county & Legislator

July, Wednesday 8. 1885. Stired out the hay Aaron returned with his horse

Thursday 9. hauled in hay Rained a light shower in the evening

July, Friday 10. 1885. Repaired the crossing in to the field in the forenoon hauled hay in he afternoon

Saturday 11. Aaron went to the city with a load of hay for Sells hauled in hay

July, Sunday 12. 1885. Visited the North Sabath School of Farmington with my assistant witnessed the review that was previously announced the peices was well selicted and well rondered Attended the Ward meeting in the afternoon and high Priest meeting at 4 PM

Monday 13. Resumed hauling hay in to the Barn Attend a school meeting in the evening in the school house two trusties were Elected

July, Tuesday 14. 1885. Cut and hauled in hay vary hot and Sultry

Wednesday 15. hauled hay duering the day still vary warm

July, Thursday 16. 1885. Continued hauling in hay took two lods to the Bishops on tithing 4900 lbs got a letter from Rebecca she got to Logan all right

Friday 17. Aaron cut with mower hauled in with one team weather more cool

July, Saturday 18. 1885. hauled with two teams Aaron Cherry helped haul assisted Brother Wolley in getting out the Self Binder and fitting it up for work Mother Cherry and folks returned from the temple Rebecca stoped for a time

Sunday 19. Visited the Hot Spring Sabath School with Bro Kenyston found the school in good order with a lively interest

July, Monday 20. 1885. finished hauling hay from the home field took a laoad to the Bishops measured up a load of oats for the market

Tuesday 21. Went to City with the oats Sold to Mr Paul at Aaron cut grass in the North field

July, Wednesday 22. 1885. Aaron hauled hay Bro Laws helped I overhauled the Binder to put in a new pinigt

Thursday 23. finished putting the Binder in order

July, Friday 24. 1885. This is Pioneere day Attended a Selebration held in the meeting hous which was Deckorated for the occasion I was ranked as orator of the day Utah as it was and as it is was well represented in the products presented Ball playing foot racing and target shooting was the afternoon exorsizes

Saturday 25. Aaron cut wheat for Fredrick Walton with the self binder 8 Acres Nathan and B Laws hauled in hay took the Driving wheal off the binder and assisted in puting it in repair

July, Sunday 26. 1885. visit the South Bountiful Sunday School with Bro Kenyston School in good condition attended the meeting in the afternoon

Monday 27. Nathan and B Laws haul hay from the Bottom farm Aaron cut Lucern I filled up the Drean and covered the Boxes there in

July, Tuesday 28. 1885. Attended to Aarons bees Took out some 125 lbs of honey Aaron went to City with a load of oats. Nathan and Bro Laws is hauling hay Resieved from Bankcroft and Co vol 19 of the history of Callifornia

Wednesday 29. Nathan run the Binder Aaron and Laws hauled Lucern I helped with the Binder turned off the water from the Barley ground

July, Thursday 30. 1885. Run the Binder changing teams so as to keep it to going Bro Laws set up grain

Friday 31. Resieved from A L Bancroft and Co volume 19 history of Callifornia Attended Priesthood meeting at Farmington Boys Shocked up wheat

August, Saturday 1. 1885. finished the pig pen and put the shocks in to it the Boys hauled up Lucern

Sunday 2. I with Bro Kenyston visited West Bountiful Sabbath School attended the Ward meeting in the after noon

August, Monday 3. 1885 hauled Lucern in fore noon Run the Binder in the afternoon I went around taking the aged of voters to the poles to vote

Tuesday 4. Nathan Run the Binder broke the end of the shaft that runs the Bistter

August, Wednesday 5. 1885. Took the Binder apart to get at the Broken shaft took it to the shop and got the broke repaired which took most of the day it ready for use cut some in the evening Aarron and Laws hauled Lucern

Thursday 6. Nathan run the Binder Laws set up grain commens to cut agane in the Bottom farm

August, Friday 7. 1885. Laid off the Ground for a Grainery Nathan Run the Binder finished the Barley Aaron & Bro Laws hauled Lucern

Saturday 8. Attended a mamorial meeting held at Farmington on the Buriall Ex President Grant the hands shocked up grain in the fore noon hauled Lucern in the after noon

August, Sunday 9. 1885. Visited East Bountiful Sabath School with Bro Kenyston attended the meeting in the afternoon met with my Circle in the evening

Monday 10. Nathan finished cutting the Lucern on the Bottom farm cut on the home farm in the afternoon Aaron commensed cutting his oats with the Binder Brother Sanford came over from Porterville

August, Tuesday 11. 1885. finished cutting Lucern Aron finishes his oats hauled Lucern in the after noon took ____ to J J Tha__ on thithing Bro Sanford returned to Porterville

Wednesday 12. Aaron cut and Bound oats in the Cheney field Nathan finished cutting the Lucern

August, Thursday 13. 1885. Aaron finished cutting the oats Nathan and Bro Laws hauled Lucern took 3 loads for tithing

Friday 14. finished hauling the Lucern loded up a load of hay for to take to Sells on Lumber finished diging post holes for Grainery

August, Saturday 15. 1885. Mike Garns came and put the post in for the grainery hauled Gravel and mixed in lime for concreting in the posts Aaron went to City with the hay

Sunday 16. Visited Kaysville Sabath Schools of the midle and west Districts with my assistants found them in good running order and well attended for this season of the year

August, Monday 17. 1885. Aaron & Nathan hauled his Lucern in the forenoon He hauled and stacked oats in the afternoon run boath teams Mike continued his work on the grainery

Tuesday 18. Finished hauling Stacking the oats

August, Wednesday 19. 1885. commenced hauling and Stacking the Barley James and Aaron Cherry helped I took his teame and Brought a load of lumber from sells in the city

Thursday 20. Finished hauling and Staking the Barley

August, Friday 21. 1885. Aaron went to City for Shingles for Grainery Nathan & Laws cleared off the ground for stack on Bottom farm I chored a round Sent a grist to mill

Saturday 22. hauled and Stacked Barley on the Bottom farm hevy rain storm in the after noon

August, Sunday 23. 1885. Attended the Ward meeting in Centerville and the high Priests meeting in Bountiful at 4 P M circle meeting in the evening

Monday 24. Aaron helped fix up the thratcher Nathan & Bro Laws set out the shocks of grain to dry I put some spouts in the gig pens sent a grist to mill

August, Tuesday 25. 1885. [four lines too faint to read] Started the thratching machine thratched for Bro ber over hauled a Bin of old wheat put it in to an empty one Sifting in lime on account of wevel

Wednesday 26. Preparing for the thratching Thratched in the afternoon

August, Thursday 27. 1885. Continued thratching Thratched 646 Bushels of Barley

Friday 28. Continued thratching and hauling to the machine at 3 PM it found that a cog in one of the cast wheels of the horse power was Broke so that thratching was suspended untill a new wheal could be got from Ogden

August, Saturday 29. 1885. finished the thratching I had 1800 Bushels Aaron 328

Sunday 30. Visited North East Sunday School of Kaysville with my assistants

August, Monday 31. 1885. Went city with 2 pigs for thithing Exchanged 10 lbs of Butter with office for Butter at the Logan office to be drawn by Bro Sanford who is working at the Temple

September, Tuesday 1. Went to the Brewery with 3 loads of Barley

September, Wednesday 2. 1885. Loded up Barley for the Bewery sent 2 loads

Thursday 3. loded up three loads of Barley

September, Friday 4. 1885. Went with Barley to the Brewery I noticed a little a small sore like a Boil on the right side of my neck thought it might be a cat Bite

Saturday 5. Went to our stake quartily conference with my family - held at Farmington. the little sore on my neck was now becoming inflamed with spreding tendency I attempted to give a report of the Sunday Schools But was too mutch affected in body to do so

September, Sunday 6. 1885. the inflamation still on the increase. applied Euciplus weed poltice an drank the Licker let the family return to the conference while I remained at home continuing the application for Ericro ciplus I experienced no pain what ever and the day passed off remarkable pleasent

Monday 7. We saw this morning that the inflamation was now speading rapidly - and that its caracter was unknown to us or others who Saw it I says to my folks I know one that does know and can destroy it. Send for the Elders to come and anoint and administer to me. they came and administered. and thanks be to God the diseas was smitten and

September, Tuesday 8. 1885. this morning I consutted with Elder Seymor B Young as a Fatzision in the church to assertain the character of the Disease he came and examined the part affected. and pronounced it Poisen supposed to be the sting or bite of some insect But was now killed in its progress. he procribed internal applications for clensing the Blood and poltices for the warm with stimulances as my whole cystom was vary much affected with a loss of appetite

Wednesday 9.

September, Thursday 10. 1885. my nerves is now more setled with appetite a little inproved

Friday 11. But little appetite have no pain and have not had any with all the inflamation

September, Saturday 12. 1885. a bout the same

Sunday 13. the wound or sore in my neck has not yet matterated

September, Monday 14. 1885. But little if any change

Tuesday 15. not mutch of any change in the wound

September, Wednesday 16. 1885. Got the girls home _______ My health is about the same

Thursday 17. the wound is improving some little

September, Friday 18. 1885. still have a lack of appatite so that I remain again weak in body

Saturday 19. about the same

September, Sunday 20. 1885. the sore is now matterating more freely

Monday 21. the dead flesh in my wound is now beginning to puss out

September, Tuesday 22. 1885. about the same

Wednesday 23. improving sloly the dead substance hav come out

September, Thursday 24. 1885. took an evoallist - sweating profusely

Friday 25. appetite is mutch better this morning

September, Saturday 26. 1885. the sweat and mattirations improved the condion of the sore it is now healing up mutch faster

Sunday 27. Sore doing well

September, Monday 28. 1885. Sore still improving

Tuesday 29. improving in strength

September, Wednesday 30. 1885. Sore still healing up took an evoallist

October, Thursday 1. walked out to the Barn

October, Friday 2. 1885. my appetite was not so grate

Saturday 3. still have a look of appetie

October, Sunday 4. 1885. had the Elders come and annoint me from head to foot with laying on of hands My assistants visited the Summit and South Weber Sabath Schools

Monday 5. health is improving more visible

October, Tuesday 6. 1885. this day is the day for the cimiannual conference of the Church which is being held in Logan Cash County Six of the twelve were only in attendence and none of the first Presidency as they are saught after by the Marshls who are now hailing men and women and committing them to prison for the gospels sake

Wednesday 7.

October, Thursday 8. 1885. conference continuig as I learn from the news mutch good instruction is being given

Friday 9. conference closed with I trust good results in inspiering a renewed dilligence on the part of the Saints in living their Relgeon

October, Saturday 10. 1885. cool and showery this morning unpleasent an inual coolto be out so I remained in doors

Sunday 11. more pleasent but cold from the north west so I was still confined in doors My assistants visited the Farmington sabath school & North Centerville school Bro Ellison however was not in attendence

October, Monday 12. 1885. Heavy frost last night had the privat___ ____ing out a postion of the day the weather was more mild

Tuesday 13. took a ride out for my health a gane Nathan commensed to do fall plowing My Brother Sanford came down from Logan to see me and his son Marion who is vary sick at Farmington he left here to see him as we had finished his business

October, Wednesday 14. 1885. took another ride out this morning. am still gaining strength which is incouraging the weather is pleasent word has come that my Brothers Son died last night

Thursday 15. this is a pleasant morning took a ride out in the forenoon Brothe Sanford will take the remains of his Son to Portervill for burial

October, Friday 16. 1885. coudy this morning looks some like storm Nathan run the plow

Saturday 17. sent a load of Barley to the Brewery health still improving slowly

October, Sunday 18. 1885. Went meeting in the Buggy which was a treat to me

Monday 19. took an early walk up to Aarons and Breakasted with him

October, Tuesday 20. 1885 took another mornings walk up to Arons took my Brother Sanford up--in the Bugy to farmington returned and made ready to start for Logan in the morning

Wednesday 21. took the morning train for Logan to do work in the Temple. arrived at 1 PM was convyed to my quarters where I was resieved as a surprise party not being exspected

October, Thursday 22. 1885. Addressed a letter to Bancroft & Co wrote a letter for home mail

Friday 23. took a walk up to the Temple Block found that my limbs were gaining Strength as I reached the summit of the hill where I rested and then returned. the weather is fine

October, Saturday 24. 1885. took a walk to the post office posted a letter to Aaron stoped--on my return at Sister Rich's and eat a lunch with her Boys who had not ben at dinner

Sunday 25. Washed and changed my coths spent the fore noon in Recording Went to Tabernicle and attended meeting in the afternoon Bishop Preston occupied the time vary interestingly

October, Monday 26. 1885. took a walk down to the Coop Store with Sanford Got 4 lbs Nales for lathing room Spent part of the after noon in recording Went to the post office

Tuesday 27. Rode down tow with Wilford Richards. Visited the Logan Collage with him we interduced our selves to the Principle Brother Brother Stuart visited two Departments and witnessed their exarsises

October, Wednesday 28. 1885. comensed my labours in the Temple. stod it fully as well as I could exspect Sanfords Son Joseph came this evening from Porterville with the word that his Brother Samuel was vary sick

Thursday 29. Resumed my temple labour Sanford Stoped to get things ready to leave for Porterville to morrow morning with Malinda and Nancey Joseph having come with team and wagon for them

October, Friday 30. 1885. Bro Sanford and Malinda left for Porterville I resumed work in the Temple

Saturday 31. Attended the quartily conference of Cash Stake which commensed this morning at 10 AM Elders Moses Thatcher and John Henry Smith of the Apostels were present The time was taken duering the day in the reports the Bishops and the various organizations ____________

November, Sunday 1. 1885. Conference continued this morning Elder F D Richards was added to those of the apposles present The authorities were presented and sustained after which the time was occupied by the Apostels. Reminded the People of their keepers and obligation to the Lord and each other

Monday 2. My assistant Brother Kyniston came last night to do work in the temple for a few days he Stops with me he brought me Some Bedding the plasterer came this morning and comensest the plastering

November, Tuesday 3. 1885. Went down to the Depo with Brother Kyneston and got the bed clothes he Brought for me went down town a gane and got some hair for the plasterers

Wednesday 4. Resumed my labours in the Temple the day is coudy a light Shower fell this forenoon

November, Thursday 5. 1885. Continued the work in the Temple Went to the tithing office to see about getting some hay on the order from the General office

Friday 6. closed this weeks work in the temple went to the post office got a letter from my son Aaron folks all well

November, Saturday 7. 1885. got 1835 lbs of hay from the tithing office on the order for hay leaving yet due 425 lbs there should be a reduction on the 1835 lbs as aportion of it was wet

Sunday 8. attended the general meeting held in the Tabernicle in the after noon also the Sabath School held in the morning and in evening meeting held in the Ward in the evening

November, Monday 9. 1885. Paid the plasterer for plastering two roomes $12.65 Went down to the saw mills to ingage a corde of wood Sawed up in to Stove lengths to be delivered at 4.00 per chord Regestered Names for Baptism

Tuesday 10. commensed the Baptism for the dead Batised for 28

November, Wednesday 11. 1885. Resumed the work of induments for the Dead

Thursday 12. continued the work of induments

November, Friday 13. 1885. persued my labours in the Temple the weather clear and plesent; and all is quiet

Saturday 14. Spent the day in putting down carpets and cording up the wood wrote a letter to J R Porter

November, Sunday 15. 1885 visited the Sabath School in the 4th ward Spoke a short to the School Attended the General meeting in the Tabernicle in the afternoon spoke a Short time Attended the 5th ward meeting in the Evening and Spoke a while

Monday 16. Spent most of the day in recording

November, Tuesday 17. 1885. Attended to the Baptism as proxey for 56 Names Recorded in the evining weather is pleasent

Wednesday 18. rusme my labors in the in dewments

November, Thursday 19. 1885. All well and persuing the work of love in the house of God Wrote a letter to Bancroft &c

Friday 20. I finished up the present weeks work in the Temple Wrote a letter addressed to the Superintendents teachers and Children of the Sunday schools of Davis Stake

November, Saturday 21. 1885. Spent the day in recording names in my record Book

Sunday 22. Attended Sunday School in the Tabernicle in the morning the the General meeting in the afternoon 4th ward in the evening

November, Monday 23. 1885. Went up and registered 56 Names of Males and 28 feemales for Baptism Went to the post office mailed a letter to my Brother L W Porter

Tuesday 24. done the work of baptism for those registered yesterday Nancy act for the feemales

November, Wednesday 25. 1885. Resumed the work of induments for the Dead

Thursday 26. continued the work of Induments Snowed last night But has ben quite pleasent to day

November, Friday 27. 1885. finished an other weeks work for our kindred on the other side of the vale

Saturday 28. Spent the day in recording names in the record Book

November, Sunday 29. 1885. Attended the 5th ward Sabath School in the morning and the General meeting in the Tabernicle in the afternoon also the evening meeting in the basement

Monday 30. Nancy went up to the Temple and registered names for baptism I spent the day in recording the weather is fine

December, Tuesday 1. 1885. Acted in the ordinance of Baptism for 56 Relatives as Proxey Sister Nancy left for Farmington to see her Son Edward who is moving South with his familey

Wednesday 2. Resumed the work of indument for the dead. there is a fog coud over the valley now posted a letter to my family

December, Thursday 3. 1885. continued the Temple work with fasting and preyer as it is fast day we had a splended meeting before commencing our labours

Friday 4. finished the weeks work and returned home in good Spirits a heavy fog cloud is still over the vally

December, Saturday 5. 1885. Spent most of the day in Recording in my Record Book went to the post office Resieved a card from home all were well

Sunday 6. Attended the Sabath School held in the Tabernicle this morning. met with the Theological class Attended the General meeting in the afternoon and the evening meeting in the 4th Ward in the evening Spoke a short time

December, Monday 7. 1885. Commensed Snowing this morning went up to the Temple and registered name for Baptism. returned and commensed recording Names in the record Book. Report says that troops are being sent from Omaha to Utah My Bro Lyman his wife Mariah and cister Nancy came this evening

Tuesday 8. attended to Baptisms for 28 persons My wife Rebecca and son Aaron came this evening We had a visit from the Bishop Wm Hyde and his councillers

December, Wednesday 9. 1885. We all repaired to the Temple I had my Son and daughter Sarah Jane and Aaron adohopted to their parents Sarah Jane and Aaron Benjamine Sealed their Parents-Nathan Tanner Porter & Rebecca Ann Cherry Porter

Thursday 10. Aaron returned home on the freight train this morning While we resumed our labours in the Tiple

December, Friday 11. 1885. Continued our labours finishing up the weeks work it is Clearing off so that it is more pleasent

Saturday 12. Spent the day Recording in the Record Book

December, Sunday 13. 1885. I and Rebecca went to the Sabath School held in the Basement of the Tabernicle the School was soon adjourned on account of the funeral of Brther Parmer who was killed on the Utah Norhen Railrode by the cars bing thrown from the track

Monday 14. Went up to the Temple and registered names for Baptism Stoped and Serched the Generogical Records in the Library-with Lyman and Nancy we found Names of our Grand parents with others-on our Mothers Side which we had not Got as to dates

December, Tuesday 15. 1885. Myself Lyman Maria and Rebecca repaired to the Temple and attended to the Baptisms of those on our register lists. Mamicy Clark and his Lady Sister Allice S Steed came to our Logings

Wednesday 16. Resumed the work of induments weather quite pleasent for the Season

December, Thursday 17. 1885. Repaired a gane to the Temple and rsumed our work Amicy Clark and Lady Stoped at our place to take the cars at 2 P M for home

Friday 18. Finished our temple work for the week the weather is fine being clear and quite mild

December, Saturday 19. 1885. one of my eyes is so effected with soreness that I am unable to Recorde names Lyman and Brother Madson put up an out house while I remained mostly in doors where the wash Boards and tubs were in successful operation

Sunday 20. quite foggy this morning did not attend Sunday School on account of my eye being but little if any better

December, Monday 21. 1885. Registered for Baptism that is Lyman Maria and Rebecca I let Lyman have my list on account my eyes being sore

Tuesday 22. Baptisms was attended to I stoped at our logings and doctored my eyes

December, Wednesday 23. 1885. All repaired to the Temple and gave in our names for in due ments which we attended to

Thursday 24. I and Lyman went to the Tithing office got some potatoes and graham on order I held from the general tithing office my self Rebecca Lyman and Maria took the cars at 2 P M for home stoped at ogden for the night

December, Friday 25. 1885. I and Rebeca Stay with Bruther and Sister Davis took a walk with Brother Davis through the City the south part of which I had not before visited being up on the Bench it is thickly populated for several Blocks in width took the evening train for home at 6.30 minute arrived home found all well

Saturday 26. Rained most of the day so I did not go out untill evening Resieved Sunday Schools Blanks for reports of Sunday Schools in the Stake

December, Sunday 27.1885. Attended the Ward meeting at 10 30 A M and the Sunday school in the afternoon one of the Circle meetings at 4 P M and the other at 7 PM injoyed my reunion with family and friends vary well

Monday 28. Clear this morning my seceritary in closed Blanks to post to the Superintendents of schools visited Brother Kilbourn who has ben confined to his house by rhumatism

December, Tuesday 29. 1885. visited Brother Kilbourn a gane with the Bishop and agane admistered to him leaving him feeling mutch better

Wednesday 30. Attended the high Council held in Farmington in company with Brother Woolly

December, Thursday 31. 1885. visited my assistant Superintendent John Kynaston and consulted with him as to our opperations in our future visits to the schools

Jan 1st 1886 Spent the day in visiting the sick and a party for the Sunday School children



To Temple Work

May 6th to L Porter $3.00

" 9 " to hairston on coal 3.40

" " " one sack of flour 2.00

" 11th " kindling wood 1.50

" 15 " L Porter to 3.00

" 27 " cash on stove 10.00

" " " 255 lbs flour 6.37

July 12 " cash to L P 5.00

Aug 11 " " " " 5.00

Sept 14 " " S. P 10.00

Oct 20 " " S P 4.00

Nov 10 to Wood 4.00

" 12 " on rent 8.00

" " plastering 12.65

" to herding cow .50

Dec 9 Mary S Richards by 2.00

Donation To Temple 21st of Oct to 28th Dec $10.00

Nov 7th J Kynaston gave us $4.00 Spent it for wood



Servis of Bull

Mar 14th James Kiping 1

" 20th James Kiping 1.00

May 19 James Lovell 1 paid

" 28 Wm Cleveland 1 pd

June 13 John Tree 1

July 6th J J Harris 1

" " Sister Barber 1

" 21 M Cherry 2

" 31 Mrs Kent 1

Aug 5 J Adams 1

" 6 Wm Cleveland 1 pd

" 8 Philo Kent 1

" 18 J W Wooley 1

" 25 Baskins Renter 1

" 31 Capner 1

" " T Whittaker 1

Sept 1 N Cheney 1

" 2 Wm Barber 1

" " O M Dewel 1

" 4 Miss Kettleman 1

" " Sister Kent 1

" 8 T J Brandon 1

Sept 12 J J Cherry 1

Jan 1 1886 David Barber 1

Wm Cleveland 1



April 17th paid on school tax $10.50

Expence on self Binder to a Spir wheel $1.75

1 paper of nails .30

mending of shaft 00.70


Memoranda. Tithing

July 3rd Delivered to Bishop Cheney 9647 lbs of tithing hay - Lucern - being 4 loads net weight

to Timothy hay five loads 10210 lbs

Do 2 loads 4900 "

Aug 11 Lucern 2080

" " 2300

" 12 " 2200

brought down 9647

Total 31337

July 10 recvd of W Cheney on Wool $45.00

Do " 52.00

let Aaron have 20.00 out of the above

Aug 3 by $2.79

" " for N T Clark $9.92


Cash Account - Summary










Cash Account - January

oats to Wm Streeper

Mar 27th 2520 lbs at 1 cent per lb $25.20

Apr 3rd 2350 lbs 20.00

" 10th 2300 " 23.00

" 17


Cash Account - February


June 17 H Hamilton to 1 horse

" 19 L O Wooley 2 cows

Aug 21 cows out of pasture


Cash Account - March

our Nation is in comotion

They know not what to do

The Mormon Emigration

Puts them in a Stew

How to stop their coming

Is hard for to devise

For they come a cross the ocean

And down from the Skyes

The latter line is under ground

And vary hard to trace

The other tho above ground

Is open to Evry Race

For the Law does not Discriminate

As to any Class

And So the Mormons Emigrate

Their converted mass

A law must be enacted

To stop the dredful stream

Else all will go distracted

At the awful Scene

Of men with many Wives

And Children thus so rife

Spirits from the Skies

Clothed in mortal life

Something must be done

To check this over flow

Else we must Sercomb

To this fatal blow

At our Managamack Listons

Of ancient Rome

Made Sacred to Christons

By traditon a lone


Cash Account - August

Benjamin Laws by work for 25 May to the 25 of August 75.00

from 25 Aug to the 25 Oct 40.00

from 25 Oct to the 25 of March 75.00



Cash Account - September

Jan 2nd sent to A T Bancroft & Co a post office order No 93651

Nov 9th 1885 Resieved of N T Porter on plastering two Rooms 12.65 {signature} James Buttoane










Cash Account - November

Date. Naylor & Pike Received. Paid.

July 21 by 1 bale twine 9.70 9.70

" 28 " " " " 10.62 10.62

Aug 6 " " " " 10.80 4.00

31.12 24.32


Due 6.80

Aug 19 to cash 6.80

Cash Account - November

Date. Miche Gerns Received. Paid.

Aug 25th by Granery binder

carpenter work 35.00

" 24 to 1 Branch & 1/2 lath .90

" " 2 Bords 26 2/3 ft .55


Cash Account - December

Date. Ned A Clark Received. Paid.

by 63 B Barley 37.70

to hauling 2.20

" cash

by oats 60 Bushel

Oct 22 to cash 34.90


Expense Account.

Date. Lumber be on Tells Dolls.Cts.

June 3rd 806 ft 2 1/2 cts $20.15

" 12 by 251 ft 6.27

July 11 by 750 " 18.75

Aug 6 by 707 " 17.67

" 8 " 3 bunch lath 1.65

" 15 " 700 ft 17.50

" 19 " 1200 ft 30.00

" " " 1000 shingls 4.25

" 21 " 2400 " 10.20

" " " 200 ft lum 4.75

" " " 2 Bunch lath 1.10

total of lumber 132.29

carpenter work 35.00

Nails Botts lock 10.00

sumtotal 175.29

Sept 1st by 300 ft lumber 7.50


Expense Account.

Date. Tells Dr Dolls.Cts.

June 12th to 2555 lbs hay $15.30

July 11 " 2150 " " 12.90

Aug 15 " hay 2320 lbs 13.90

Aug 15th N Cherry to lumber 900 ft 5.00


Bills Receivable.

Date. Name. Dolls.Cts.

Grain Crop Tratched

Aug 26 oats 461 Bush

" 27 Barley home farm 508 "

" " " Clarks 184 "

" 28 oats 196

Wheat 294

total 1643





Bills Receivable.

Date. Name. Dolls.Cts.

___ thing on oats paid

Due tithing 52 B pd Oct 30 Bu

___ tithing paid

Due " 24 B






Date. Act with __nteal Dolls.Cts.

Exspences on plastering Rooms .90

to 4 lbs lath Mails .30

Nov 3 to furnishing hair for plastering .75

to lathing

sennuel Matkin



Mar 3rd R Prophet 16 lbs mutton 6cts per lb 96 cts

Apr 28 Due E Stevenson on 500 Note $12.50 on lifted note $4.65 - paid up May 4th on said note Also on $500 note up to April 22 1885 Paid E Stevenson interest in full up to July 22nd 1885



Mar 21 J W Wolley to 1133 lbs of oats next

April 11th J W Wooley by 393 lbs wheat for seed


paid Bishop Wiser interest on Note up to Dec 25th 1885

paid E Stevenson interest on Notes up to Feb 2nd 1885


37 1/2 35) 1133 (32

4 105

148 83








Mar 6th Wm Streeper N T Porter to wal 10980 lbs

Mar 16 2370 lbs ballince due of 41 lbs

Mar 19th Wm Cleveland to 11 lbs Timothy seed $1.10

Rober Bern




Shorum Maughan Logan





Mar 4 Due to Cleveand 187 lbs flour

paid the above

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