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January, Tuesday 1. 1884. At home attending to the Stock and choring a bout the premicies the weather is vary cold.

Wednesday 2. At home nothing of note occured

January, Thursday 3. 1884. attended fast meeting an unusual number were in attendence talks vary interesting

Friday 4. Met with the high council at Farmington the case of Thomas Brandon was continued the Decision was given sustaining the Bishops court

January, Saturday 5. 1884. Paid $50.00 to John Fordham on thratcher Also $2.50 for seed for ___ Resieved of William Wight on note $202.20

Sunday 6. Attended meeting in the forenoon and the young Mens conference at East Bountiful in the afternoon And circle meeting at half past Six PM

January, Monday 7. 1884. At home repaired the pump in Barn seller took care of the Stock

Tuesday 8. Went with Eliza to visit her folks Spent most of the day with the Bishop and council setling dificilies and Administering to the Sick 7 AM met with the Bishop - President Wm R Smith and a commity of three in setling difficilties between ________

January, Wednesday 9. 1884. Went with Rebeca and Aarons wife Rebecca to visit my daghter Emily Parish a vary cold wind from the North East

Thursday 10. At home attended to the Stock helped Aaron load some Lucern for his cows weather a little milder

January, Friday 11. 1884. Myself and Aaron went to the City in the one hores Bugy paid to Elizebeth Stevenson $10.00 on Nathans bord bill got a can of casteroil $2.00 got my half fare ticket renewed

Saturday 12. At home took the cook stove to the shop and got a new grate put in John Cole to one Sack of flour and 35 lbs wheat

January, Sunday 13. 1884. Attended the Ward meeting Amasa F Lyman and Heber J Grant of the twelve Apostels were in attendence and occupied the time to the edifying all present giving mutch valuable instructions The Sunday Schools with their parents were in attendence in the afternoon which was equally interesting

Monday 14. The Centerville Ecleastical Corperation met at 10 AM it being the By anual meeting of the Same the meeting resulted in the presenting the financial report and reelecting of the Board of directors

January, Tuesday 15. 1884. My self and Joel Parish canvased the Ward for donations for the Logen Temple met with the board of directors of the coop Store Declared a dividend of 12 per ct

Wednesday 16. Went to East Bountiful with the Bishop in the forenoon and visited the sick in the afternoon Attended a Social gathering of the Sunday School teachers of East Bountiful in the evening Donated $25.00 to the ________

January, Thursday 17. 1884. Visited Brother Reeves who has just returned from his trip to England found him low spirited on account of the financial imbarassment which was the cause of his suden departure from home Bro James weights daugter was buried this afternoon Eas Bountiful

Friday 18. Attended the quartily conference of the Relief cociety held in the Centerville meeting house Sisters Tina Young and Presinda Kimble from the city were in attendence and gave mutch good instrutchion to the large assembly of Sisters _____

January, Saturday 19. 1884. At home. Aaron Went the city with a load of oats nothing further of note occurred

Sunday 20. Visited the centeral Sunday School of Farmington in the fore noon and the North District School of Centerville in the afternoon accompanied by assistant John Kenyston

January, Monday 21. 1884. At home attending to the Stock most of the time Attended teachers meeting in the evening

Tuesday 22. Changed the Beef cattle from the horse stable to the old Barn Seller it being mutch warmer Went up to Wm Streepers to meet with Share holders of the Thratching machine to arrange for repairing the parts broken by the run away

January, Wednesday 23. 1884. Spent most of the day cleaning out the stabels. visited some of the Sick. took the children to the matinee in the afternoon most of my folks went the regular performence in the evening I took care of two smaller one at home

Thursday 24. Setled up my tithing for the past year in full. Aaron setled his also loaded up a load of hay to take to the City on Streepers cont

January, Friday 25. 1884. Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting held at Farmington there was a vary large attendence there was also a meeting of the Relief Cociety in conjunction with the young Ladies & Primry Associations

Saturday 26. Aaron went to the city with the hay I took the Broom corn up to the Broom makers Aaron returned late from the City. hay weighed 2500 lbs

January, Sunday 27. 1884. Myself and John Kenyston visited the West Bountiful Sabath School found an improvement in numbers and disiplin attended the afternoon meeting President Smith & call was were in attendence Also Truman Lenord as home Missionary

Monday 28. Went to Farmington with John Ford gave bonds as a Director of the Centerville Corporation Ecliziastically Met with the Share holders of the Thratching machine to setle up act and fitting up the machine &c

January, Tuesday 29. 1884. At home. got ned shod ready for hauling hay to the City Strong south wind blew most of the day

Wednesday 30. At home helped Aaron lode up a load of hay for the city attended a meeting of the recriant Boys of centerville in compliance of a call from the Bishop who with his council gave them good instruction

January, Thursday 31. 1884. I with Rebecca and Eliza paid a visit to her Fathers and the Boys visit the Sick at Brother Barbers found them on the mend

February, Friday 1. At home loded up a load of hay for the City Loned to Bro East of Bountiful 6 & 3/4 of a Bushels of wheat for ___

February, Saturday 2. 1884. Aaron Went to City with the hay 2425 lbs Boys hauled out manure up it on to the garden

Sunday 3. Took the morning train for Summit Station to visit South Weber Sunday School Bro Ellison joined me at Kaysville arrived at Summit 8 AM we missed the team that was to meet us there had a vary Sloppy walk across the ridge 4 miles water slucing from the hills by melting snow

February, Monday 4. 1884. Attended the meeting of the high Council at Farmington the case of T J Brandon was called up for further action the commity that was appointed to labour with him reported that the charges he prefered against President Smith & Bp Cheney were un justifiable & unmaintained on further investigation he was cutoff from the church

Tuesday 5. it is now Snowing mingled with rain 10 AM continued most of the day

February, Wednesday 6. 1884. At home Aaron went to the City with the hay 2100 lbs Thomas Spackman and wife called and stoped for the night

Thursday 7. this is fast day I did not attend the meeting having a cluster of Boils on the back of my neck East wind blew last nigh snowing this morning

February, Friday 8. 1884. Donated $4.25 to the defence fund helped Aaron load up a lode of Lucern for his cows ordered a can of coal oil Thos Spackman returned to the City

Saturday 9. Thratched timothey Seed with the flail as the thratcher is not repaired

February, Sunday 10. 1884. Attended meeting our home Missionries Jos Ford and Charles Rockwood Eder Arthur Staynor Lectuered in the evening

Monday 11. the weather is vary cold and Stormy drove up to Bro Fords to see if he had gone to Farmington to give Bonds with my self and others as directors found he had not it being so cold I returned home

February, Tuesday 12. 1884. Snowed last night Still Snowing turned vary cold in the after noon Strong wind from the north eeast

Wednesday 13. thratched Timothey seed gave Bonds as a Director of Centervall coop Store hauled up a load of Straw

February, Thursday 14. 1884. Aaron Went to Centervile with J Cherry thratched some grass seed attended Directors meeting at Store

Friday 15. At home weather moderating a little Resieved of N Cheney 60 lbs mutton

February, Saturday 16. 1884. Charley took a load of Straw to City on Streepers Act I cleaned up Timothey seed wind from the South Snow going off fast

Sunday 17. Attended meeting in the morning and Sunday School in the afternoon. The review was post poned untill next Sunday Strong South wind Snow melting fast attended circle meeting

February, Monday 18. 1884. Wind changed to the north west duering the night Snowed a light fall resumed Snowing at 11 AM vary Blustery repaired the pump A Call came to see after som timothy seed engaged 100 lbs

Tuesday 19. weather is more moderate thratched Timothy seed

February, Wednesday 20. 1884. Spent the day choring a round not feeling well having a severe cold on my lungs weather vary warm Aaron returned from Porterville having ben detained

Thursday 21. loded up a load of hay for the city thratched Some timothy seed

February, Friday 22. 1884. Aaron went to City with the hay I and Nathan thratched grasseed took the young stock out of the lower field Sent N Cheniss mares home having pastured and wintered them

Saturday 23. I and Aaron finished thratching grasseed Boys hauled manure on to the garden

February, Sunday 24. 1884. Visited the East Bountiful Sunday School in the morning and the Sunday school review in Centerville in the afternoon the exorcises were vary good Samuel Fassetts child died at 11 P M

Monday 25. Got 30 ceder posts of Wm Streeper Aaron got Some also Spent most the time choring around Bro East of East Bountiful got 10 B of wheat for seed

February, Tuesday 26. 1884. The East wind commensed blowing at 10 AM a light snow fell last night but Soon disappeard

Wednesday 27. Elizebeth Stevenson to 5 B potatoes Aaron Went to city with a load of oats Cleaned up grass seed attended the theological class

February, Thursday 28. 1884. Aaron went to Farmington with some seed wheat to clean for seed I loded up a load of hay for City

Friday 29. Aaron took the hay to city 2000 lbs I attended Priesthood meeting at Farmington Borrowed $20.00 of J Adams at Store for ten day to send to E Stevenson in Canady

March, Saturday 1. 1884. loded up a load of hay Aaron took it to city A Call to grass seed cleaned grass seed

Sunday 2. My self & Brother Kenyston viseted the north District Sunday School of Farmington Attended the Ward meeting in the after noon

March, Monday 3, 1884. Dressed Seed wheat Aaron & Charley hauled Some Straw. Mailed a post order of 19 Dollars to Edw Stevenson

Tuesday 4. Cleaned up Barley for Seed marked off the line of fence on the Street between me and Bro Woolleys my sorrel mare took sick with cramping and bloting and died in about 3 hours

March, Wednesday 5. 1884. Aaron hauled off the mare and he and Charley set posts I attended School meeting at Farmingtom to consult measurs for the improvement of our districts school and the fezibillity of Building an cedamy

Thursday 6. Attended fast meeting assited Aaron in puting up wire fence on the north side of his lot vary Showery duering the day attended a meeting of the Sunday Shool Superintendnts at Bro Gorge Chases

March, Friday 7. 1884. Rained most of the past night and Still Storming Paid shool bill in full up to date

Saturday 8. Attended the Stake quartily conference at East Bountiful Joseph F Smith of the first Presidencey and Elder Novotrixto of the twelve were in attendence

March, Sunday 9. 1884. Conference continued with the addition of Elder George Q Cannon of the first Presidency who added mutch to the instructions given duering the day there was a vary large attendence not with standing the was vary unfavourable

Monday 10. this days storm is the severest of the Season wind and hale from the north west. all hands in doors most of the day

March, Tuesday 11. 1884. Storm has abated Aaron went to City with a lode of oats my self and Charley hauled up straw

Wednesday 12. Put up wire fence on the Street between my self and Brother Woolley

March, Thursday 13. 1884. Set Brother Rose & Son to diging drean in north field commensed thorwing imbankment a gainst high water on the Street South Side of Bottom farm

Friday 14. continued throwing imbank ment by plowing and scraping

March, Saturday 15. 1884. continued the work of imbankment

Sunday 16. my self & assistant John Kenyston visit South bountiful Sabath school and attended the ward meeting.

March, Monday 17. 1884. continued the imbankment solod my beef cattle to west of Salt Lake

Tuesday 18. Weighed the beef cattle to West at 4 1/2 cents per pound gross to be delivered on friday at the Slauter yard

March, Wednesday 19. 1884. commenced Snowing this morning and continued untill 5 PM dressed seed wheat

Thursday 20. Resumed snowing duering the past night and is still falling continuing Snowing until 5 PM one foot on the level

March, Friday 21. 1884. cleared off last night night quite warm this moring took a grist to mill got a lode of Lucern of Afred Spencer took the beef cattle to the slawter yard resieved payment $245.00 Dollars

Saturday 22. Aaron went city with Lucern Delivered it to Elizebeth Stevenson 1800 lbs Nathan & charley hauled some Lucern into the barn out of the Nook saved for seed

March, Sunday 23. 1884. Myself & assistants attended a review of the East bountiful Sabath School which occupied the whole day there was a large attendence it was an interesting ocasion the East wind blew all most a gale

Monday 24. warm & pleasant this morning hauled in the remainder of the Lucern Stack thratched some by tramping with the horses

March, Tuesday 25. 1884. partly cloudy this morning I and Charley helped Aaron remove the roof from his old house on to his cow shed.

Wednesday 26. Set charley to plowing on the lower farm I helped arron on his cow shead cold and Squally

March, Thursday 27. 1884. cold wind from the north west cloudy looks like Storm made some boxes for drean Charley run the plow

Friday 28. Attended Priesthod meeting at Farmington held a meeting of the Superintendents and teachers of the Sunday schools of the Stake there was a good attendence

March, Saturday 29. 1884. Attended the primary conference held in the Centerville meeting house Sister Rogers Presiding there ware a good attendence and the exorsises ware good and interesting

Sunday 30. Attended the young men and young Ladies conference held in the centerville meeting house the house was filled to overflowing Sisters Horn & Frees were in attendence from Salt Lake City.

March, Monday 31. 1884. Sowed and harrowed in Barley got 6 bushels of

Bro Woolley - paid




April, Tuesday 1. put Boxes in drean cut and hauled Brush for drean Charley plowed

April, Wednesday 2. 1884. Cut and hauled Brush for Drean in the forere noon Sowed and harrowed in wheat in the after noon Loned to James Cherry fifteen Dollars

Thursday 3. Sowed grass seed in north field boys cut and hauled a lode of Brush in the fore noon put in Barley in the afternoon

April, Friday 4. 1884. Attended the general conference held in the Taberncle Salt Lake City met with my brother John from Porterville on the train being the first time he had been out from home for 4 years

Saturday 5. Conference continued being more numerously attended than hither too the statistical report was red the names of missionaries was red and voted on. Several addresses were given - Lonell Samy Porter ____ ____

April, Sunday 6. 1884. Stoped over night at Brothe Morises conference resumed at 10 AM mutch instructions was given duering the day by the Several Speakers Conference closed at 4 PM

Monday 7. Saw my Brother John off on the morning train met Tomie Smith sold him a cow for $65.00 Charley harrowed the timothy seed Aaron plowed on the bottom farm

April, Tuesday 8. 1884. hauled straw under filled up drean hauled one load of Brush.

Joseph chany Started for Snake River with his teams to make improvements there

Wednesday 9. hauled straw and filled drean attended the funeral of Thomas F____s ____ at 10 AM Aaron commensed to _________

April, Thursday 10. 1884. hauled a load of brush for Drean Aaron and Charley put in wheat on Aarons land Strong wind from the South

Friday 11. Dan Wood to 954 lbs oats $14.30

3 1/2 B Wheat 3.15


Changed for some ____ wheat with Bro Wolley dressed it with viseral

April, Saturday 12. 1884. Sent a load of Lucern to Elizebeth Stevenson 1670 lbs grubbed up wild plum trees and Sprouts

Sunday 13. Visited West Bountfiul Sabbath School neither of my assistants were with me

April, Monday 14. 1884. filled up with drean with Brush and Straw quite Showery John Smith to 15 B of tithing wheat per order from Bishop Cheny the Blase fased mare folded to day

Tuesday 15. put in wheat on bottom farn. filled in Drean so that the seader could pass over looks like more Storm attended young mens meeting in the evening colt died this morning

April, Wednesday 16. 1884. Rained last night and Sill raining this morn ing marked and Branded the yearlings got 13 boards of Wm Streeper 104 ft a heavy rain set in at 2 PM paid my school bill in full

Thursday 17. hauled Some Brush for drean put in 4 boxes. Banked up the water ditch lower at pasture Street rained in the afternoon

April, Friday 18. 1884. Cut willows to repair fence in pasture Over halled Aarons bees took out some honey hauled manure in the afternoon

Saturday 19. Went to City on the train cashe my check of 205 Dollars at the Deseret Bank got 6 pair trees to set out

April, Sunday 20. 1884. Visited the Kays ward Sunday Schools with my assistants which occupied the whole day found them in good runing order

Monday 21. finished puting Brush in drean Charley harrowed preparitory to Sowing

April, Tuesday 22. 1884. filled the drean up with dirt by back furrowing in to it Charley run the harrow Aaron run the culkey on his land

Wednesday 23. Mother Cherry to 6 B Potatoes Set out some shade trees Charley run the ceder Sowing oats in north field Aaron plowed on his land

April, Thursday 24. 1884. Sowed oats after the ceder as it did not put on Sufficent amount Aaron & Charley put in Barley on Aarons land

Friday 25. Attended Priesthood meeting at Farmington

April, Saturday 26. 1884. Sowed oats in the fore noon repaired the willow fence in the pasture Charley run the harrow Aaron the ceder plowed on his land in the afternoon

Sunday 27. Visited South district Sabath School of Farmington with my assistants

April, Monday 28. 1884. Resieved 10 Dollars of Bishop Cheney on pasture bill leaving 3 1/2 due

Tuesday 29. harrowed in oats and leveled of the sods that were puled out of ther place Aaron plowed on his land for oats light showers duering the day

April, Wednesday 30. 1884. Rain all night last night overhauled the bees took out about 50 lbs of honey patched the roof of the South bed room and porch Charley harrowed in the afternoon

May, Thursday 1. East wind blew all last night this is fast day Sister Evens died last night at 8 oclok

MAY, Friday 2. 1884. hauled Brush to repare pasture fence in lower pasture Went up to Bro Fords with the bay mare Attended the funeral of Sister Ebens Spoke at some length

Saturday 3. Cleaned out water sect Rained duering the afternoon and night J J Cherry to 2 B of Barley $1.65

May, Sunday 4. 1884. Visited the South Bountiful Sabath School with J Kyniston my assistant attended meeting in the afternoon Spoke on the first principels of the Gospel

Monday 5. cloudy with the appearence of more rain Set Charley to racling the grain land in the north field repaired the pump let James Lovell have 3 Bushels of wheat for whitewashing

May, Tuesday 6. 1884. Wm Cleveland to 5 Bushels potatoes $2.00 plowed some furrows in pasture for the waist water to run on pasture

Wednesday 7. Charley roolled the oats ground I throwed up embankment on creek bank

May, Thursday 8. 1884. Drove 22 head of yound stock on to the mountain Resieved of Wm Streeper per Aaron B Porter $17.75/100 being the amount Due up to date

Friday 9. Plowed the garden Visited Bro Adams sick child and administered to it in connection with President Smith

May, Saturday 10. 1884. planted the garden in potatoes Squashes corn bens &c weather vary warm J Wilcox called and assessed my propety at ever $6000

Sunday 11. visited the Sabath School in the hot Spring district of South Bountiful with my assistants I attended meeting in the after noon Set apart five more teachers for the School

May, Monday 12. 1884. Charley plowed potatoe ground I cut potatoes

Tuesday 13. laid off ground for potatoes and sugarcane the Streams are becoming vary high

May, Wednesday 14. 1884. planted potatoes warm with South wind waters rising

Thursday 15. planted kane in the north field Charley plowed for Aaron to plant corn John Adams little Daughter Lucy May died ________

May, Friday 16. 1884. Charley continued plowing for Aaron Attended the funeral of Lucy May and spoke to some length followed by President Smith

Saturday 17. Charley continued the plowing Aaron planted two lot Nathan and Johney helping him I chored about

May, Sunday 18. 1884. Attended meetings in Centerville and the Sabath School in the afternoon circle meeting in the evening at 7:30

Monday 19. repaired the roller put up rack for the grape vines Charley rolled the barley Jesse Brandon to hay

May, Tuesday 20. 1884. Cloudy has the appearence of Storm has the appearence of rain plowed & harrowed for Aaron Aaron planted rained most of the day

Wednesday 21. I and charley helped Aaron plowing and harrowing Aaron planted Chauncey Porter came from Centerville

May, Thursday 22. 1884. myself and Chauncey went to City and renewed his note at Zions Savings bank for $550 Charley rolled

Friday 23. Rainn some in most furrows in meadow

May, Saturday 24. 1884. Cleaned out water furrows in pasture Boys hauled Brush for drean

Sunday 25. Visited the North district Sabath School of Kaysvill with Brother Ellison and Bishop Barton Set apart 8 teachers left them feeling well Wm Cleveland put 8 cows in pasture

May, Monday 26. 1884. to Chauncey Porter to 850.00 filled up drean with Brush Bishop Cheney put one cow in pasture house is _____ and filled up ______ the _____

Tuesday 27. hauled Brush and filled up mudhols at the pasture gate

May, Wednesday 28. 1884. Henry Cleveland to one cow in pasture Went up the mountain Located a mine on the old mountain Rode

Thursday 29. Surveyed off the mining Claim in part Aaron assisted me

May, Friday 30. 1884. Attended the mothly Priesthood meeting at Farmington Boys filled up drean

Saturday 31. Went to City called at the Land office and filed on 4 forties under the Deseret Act paid down 25 cts an Acre and resieved a receipt

June, Sunday 1. 1884. Attended meeting in the morning and the Sunday Shool in the afternoon and the circle in the evening Samuel Smith came up from the City to by some cows to

Monday 2. I and Chauncey went up on the Mountain to the mining claim I had located he examined the prospect saw that there was regular lech matter but no trace of ore

June, Tuesday 3. 1884. Resieved a card from Samuel Smith that he would take the cows as agreed I and Chauncey drove them down and Reseived payment 6 in all at 55 Doller per head

Wednesday 4. I and the Boys ploweded Some water ditches to run the water on to the land I entered under the Deseret Act

June, Thursday 5. 1884. Attended fast meeting put up a few panels of wire fence in the Spred between me and Bro Woolley Sister Wait Died last night

Friday 6. put in a dam to take the water out in to the Ditches we had run

June, Saturday 7. 1884. Attended the quartily conference of the Stake held in the Bowery at Centerville Elders Carrington and Teasdale of the quorum of the twelve were in attendence

Sunday 8. Conference continued Elders Joseph F Smith and George Q Cannon of the first Presidency was in attendence and occupied a good portion of the time to the edifycation of all present

June, Monday 9. 1884. Went to the City with the donations of the Sunday Schools teachers amounting to 36 Dollars went to the Land office to see more about my Deseret Entry found all right

Tuesday 10. laboured to get the water on to the Deseret land Entery Nathan howed in the garden

June, Wednesday 11. 1884. Continued work getting the water out of its channel on to the land

Thursday 12. plowed and scraped out a channel for the water through a rise of ground a long the line of fence

June, Friday 13. 1884. I and Nathan worked at getting out the water Charley helped Aaron haul rock & tend the mason Chauncey returned to Porterville

Saturday 14. Went the City with cinthy Jones. Even went also to take her to the Doctor her kideys being affected I and President Smith bought each of us a woods mower at 80 Dollars a peace 40 to be paid next Nov & 40 one year ____ that I ______

June, Sunday 15. 1884. My self with Brother Kyneston visited Farmington Sunday School in the forenoon and the North District School of Centerville

Monday 16. I worked on dam on pasture Nathan dug post holes Charley wated on mason

June, Tuesday 17. 1884. I and Nathan worked reparing dam one the Deseret Entry Charley wated on Mason Branded the colts this morning

Wednesday 18. Dam Broke away repaired it a gane loded up a load of hay

June, Thursday 19. 1884. Went to City with the hay and a cow for Prisident Taylor Aaron went with me Nathan went with us for a load of lime got some lumber & pickets for fence $9.00 also 900 of coal $2.70

Friday 20. Repaired dam riged up the old reeper and mower in rediness of cutting Lucern David Brigs of East Bontiful had his foot cut all most off in a mower so that it was amputated by Dr Beniduct

June, Saturday 21. 1884. Cut Lucern Boys filled up drean Aaron Went over the mountain with the bay mare and colts to put them with John Cherries colt so that he may look after them with his

Sunday 22. I and Brother Kyneston visited West Bountiful sunday School returned home and rested untill circle meeting at half past Seven PM

June, Monday 23. 1884. Nathan raked the Lucern Charley tended the mason I got the water down on to the garden

Tuesday 24. Boys hauled in Lucern I set up the new mower

June, Wednesday 25. 1884. Aaron run the mower in the lucern on the bottom farm got Even Jones to wait on the mason boys hauled Lucern

Thursday 26. I run the mower cutting Lucern on the bottom Boys hauled Lucern in the fore noon Resieved a note from Supt Morgan changing the Supt meeting to July 10th

June, Friday 27. 1884. Attended Priesthood meeting at Farmington Nathan and Charley hauled Lucern in the fore noon and howed Sugar Kane in the after noon

Saturday 28. had two teams hauling Lucern James Cherry and Henry Cleveland run one Nathan and Charley the other I cut Lucern in the afternoon David Brigs died of his wounds last night

June, Sunday 29. 1884. Attended meeting in the morning and visited and attended the North district Sunday School of Centerville in their quartily revew The funeral of David Brigs of Eeast Bountiful was held at 2 PM

Monday 30. Run two teams hauling Lucern James Cherry and James Ross helped I attended to watering the potatoes and a piece of late grain William Heter set in to work this morning

July, Tuesday 1. 1884. Run the mower in the fore noon Nathan and William powed out the Sugar kane The has set in to work for $30.00 per month I donated $2.00 to the Centervill Band

Wednesday 2. Boys hauled Lucern I turned the water on to the Lucern ground on the bottom. Nancy & Mary Clark called and took dinner then visited the relief society

July, Thursday 3. 1884. Attended fast meeting hauled Lucern in the afternoon Nathan & Wille hauled 4 loads of tithing Lucern to the Bishops home

Friday 4. this is the National holliday I cut Lucern in the fore noon eat ice cream in the after noon thus I went back from a swet to a freese

July, Saturday 5. 1884. Boys hauled 4 loads of Lucern to Aarons I cut a long the borders of the hay field with the sythe

Sunday 6. visited the South Bountiful Sunday School recrow with Bro Kenyston

July, Monday 7. 1884. Wille & Charley hauled Lucern Nathan Cut with the mower I repared the hay rack that was laying idle

Tuesday 8. J J Cherry to 103 lbs flour hauled Lucern with both teams

July, Wednesday 9. 1884. hauled Lucern with both teams in the fore knoon Chauncey Porter came with his sewing machine out fit

Thursday 10. This is my birth day making me 64 years if age my women are sellbrating it with a quilting I am busy in the hay harvest

July, Friday 11. 1884. Boys hauled hay I went to Salt Lake city Aaron & Chancey went with a load of hay for Streepers loft I paid to Bishop Wiler $8.50 being the interest due to June 25th

Saturday 12. hauled hay with two teames in the forenoon cut grass in the after noon with one team

July, Sunday 13. 1884. Attended the meeting of the Superintendents as called by the Teritorial Superintendents Elders Cannon Morgan and Parry the two former were not present Elder Morgan went to attend a Sunday school Jubilee in Morgan County President gerge Cannon visited with his family

Monday 14. hauled in hay took two lods up for tithing one to the Bishops the orther to J J Haris

July, Tuesday 15. 1884. Went up and saw Brothers Mike gerns and Joseph ford and confered with them with regard to a charge prefered a gainst Bro George Chase as it was not properly set forth

Wednesday 16. repaired a brake in the wire fence between me and Baskin on the line of my pasture Attended the trial between Goeorge Chase and the teachers of his Peel - before the Bishispop & Council

July, Thursday 17. 1884. attended to the water on the Lucern on bottom farm Boys hauled hay

Friday 18. Boys hauled hay I arranged with Bro Wolley to come and asist in getting the Self Binder in rediness for cutting grain he did not come as arranged then to fire shed

July, Saturday 19. 1884. Went to City Rebecca and little Jesse went with me in the Buggy Aaron & Chauncey went down with 2 cows for sale Sold one for 65 Dollars with the calf the other 50 Dollars with the calf Bought a Stove at ZCMI

Sunday 20. Attended meeting in the fore Noon spoke a Short time

July, Monday 21. 1884. Started the Self Binder in the Barley Aaron and Chauncey are fixing up their teams and Waggons for canvasing with the sewing Machines

Tuesday 22. Nathan is running the Self binder Charley & Wille is hauling rock I am looking after things generally

July, Wednesday 23. 1884. Aaron and Chauncey started on their canvasing trip withe the Sewing machines Resived from Nathan Cheney $99.00 on wool & $3.00 on Book Act-

Thursday 24. Attended the Selebration of this day in commemoration of the enterence of the Pioneers in to the valley - the services of the ocasion was held in the meeting house of centerville A dance in favour of the Martial band was held in the vening

July, Friday 25. 1884. Attended the mothly Priesthood meeting Boys shocked up Barley Wille howed in Aaron garden

Saturday 26. Plowed a water ditch along the willow fence in the pasture Charley & Wille hauled manure

July, Sunday 27. 1884 visited East Bountiful Sunday School with J Keyneston in the fore noon attended the Ward meeting in the after noon and the funeral of Alfred Burningham little Boy that was drowned

Monday 28. Nathan run the Sulky plow on Aarons land Charley & Wille hauled manure I looked after maters generally paid Wm Cleveland $25.00 on Note

July, Tuesday 29. 1884. Nathan Charley & Wille hauled manure with boath teams I watered Aarons lot

Wednesday 30. Went the City after twine for the Binder got 2 bales paid in full $32.00 Aaron came home from his canvasing trip with Sewing machines left Chauncey canvasing and ______

July, Thursday 31. 1884. Nathan run the Self Binder cut Some Barley and a part of Aarons oats Charley left off working for me having become dissatisfied for some time he is one month Short of working up the year

August, Friday 1. Nathan cut wheat with the Self Binder for Hyram Parish Aaron helped Wille haul manure I cut out the sweet clover from the borders around the fence and ditches

August, Saturday 2. 1884. Nathan run the Binder cutting wheat in the north field Willard and Abinadi hauled manure I Spent part of the day Shooting black birds off the oats

Sunday 3. Visisted the South Hooper & Summit Sunday schools with my assistants Bishop Lenord Hardy and Wm W Taylors funeral is held in the Taberncle Salt Lake City to day

August, Monday 4. 1884. Nathan run the Binder finish the piece of wheat and cut some of the prise oats. I went after the black birds was pleased to find that they had left the field as I had desiered Aaron set out a gane on his canvassing trip

Tuesday 5. Nathan finished the oats in the forenoon went to the grist mill with a grist in the afternoon I cut the Seed Timothy and red tops

August, Wednesday 6. 1884. hauled and Stacked barley

Thursday 7. I and the Boys hauled barley Attended fast meeting

August, Friday 8. 1884. hauled and Stacked Barley

Saturday 9. hauled and Stacked barley in the fore noon Nathan plowed up the potatoe ground that had failed to bring potatoes Wille bound Timothey and red top

August, Sunday 10. 1994. Visited the North dist Sunday School at Farmington with my assistants in the for noon Attended high Priest meeting at Kaysville in the afternoon

Monday 11. Nathan cut Barley and wheat with the Binder Willard hauled manure I chored a round the premises

August, Tuesday 12. 1884. Nathan run the Binder cutting Aarons Grain Willard shocked up grain I cut Lucern

Wednesday 13. finished cutting Lucern in the home field Nathan Still cutting with the Binder Willard Shocked Aaron returned from his canvassing trip

August, Thursday 14. 1884. Raked up Lucern in to bunches Aaron cut Lucern hauled Barley in the after noon A lettigrayhm is resieved of the killing of 4 or 5 of the Elders in Tenisee by a band of masked Mob

Friday 15. The killing of the Elders is confirmed no particulars as yet hauled Lucern and cut oats

August, Saturday 16. 1884. Nathan finished cutting the oats which ends the grain harvest cut Lucern in the afternoon Aaron & Wille hauled Lucern

Sunday 17. Visited Kaysville Sunday School with my assistants met with the teachers in the afternoon Elder Semour Young held a seventies meeting after the close of the Ward meeting

August, Monday 18. 1884. Aaron Went teaching Hauled Lucern and cut Some in the evening

Tuesday 19. Rained last night cut down Some of the willow hedge betwen me and Brother Woolley

August, Wednesday 20. 1884. finished cutting the hegde hauled in a load of Lucern Resieved a letter from the House hold Sewing machine Co and one from the heptmate Co

Thursday 21. Aaron Started to heber city to gather up the stock on the machine business Charles Robinson from cash valley went with him having claim on the horses bought of George Bat hauled Lucern

August, Friday 22. 1884. Boys hauled Lucern I finished cutting

Saturday 23. Went City paid to Z C M I Savings bank $20.65 on interest in full up to present date

August, Sunday 24. 1884. Attended the Ward meeting in Centerville in the forenoon and a General meeting at Farmington in memory of Elders Gibs Bary and the Conder Boys who Masicread by a masked mob in the State of Tennicee There was a large attendence of Saints

Monday 25. Boys finished hauling the Lucern I prepared a place for Stacking the Wheat & oats the Young Man Robinson returned with his horses he gave me his Note for $50 then left for home Sister Wadops Died this morning at 10 A M

August, Tuesday 26. 1884. hauled and Stacked oats let W Barber have old ned to work on the thratcher

Wednesday 27. hauled and Stacked oats in the forenoon Attended the funeral of Sister Wadops in the afternoon Elder Charles Penrose preched the funeral Sermon

August, Thursday 28. 1884. hauled and Stacked oats run two teams Luther Dalrymple helped J J Cherry helped in the forenoon

Friday 29. hauled and stacked oats Luther Darymple helped and J J Cherry & H cleveland in the afternoon Resieved a letter from the Household Co Stating that they had ordered a car load of Sewing machines to be shiped

August, Saturday 30. 1884. finished hauling and Stacking the oats and wheat

Sunday 31. Visited the south District Sabath School of Farmington with my assistants and the Centerville School in the after noon

September, Monday 1. 1884. Willard and Johnny brought in the rakings of the barley and took a grist to the mill

Tuesday 2. hauled and stacked barley for Aaron or his barley

September, Wednesday 3. 1884. Finished hauling and stacking aarons barley took up honey from Aarons beese

Thursday 4. Took the Sulkey rake to the shop and had it repaired by mending five teath

September, Friday 5. 1884. Aaron and Chauncey came home with 8 head of stock 6 cows & 2 oxen Willard hauled manure

Saturday 6. Attended the quartily conference held at Farmington in the meeting house as the Weather was stormy so it could not be held in the grove Elders Teasdel George Q Cannon and his son John Q was in attendence

September, Sunday 7. 1884. Conference continued the Bishops finished their reports President George Q Cannon occupied the rest of the forenoon Afternoon Sacrement was administered the Authorities were presented Elder George Teasdale Spoke also Elder John Q Cannon a quiet peacible Spirit prevaded the assembly

Monday 8. Went to the City to taking Nathan to his school got 60 Sacks from the Salt Lake Brewery got a half ton of coal from the depo frequent showers duering the day

September, Tuesday 9. 1884. Still Showery 10 head of yearlings cows down form the mountain and Yersleys two year old heifer Willard whealed out manure from the horse stable

Wednesday 10. Prophet to 126 lbs flour Went to mill cut corn in the afternoon Willard helped J L Cherry haul corn

September, Thursday 11. 1884. Righted up the wheat and oats Shocks so that the grain could dry ready for thratching Worked at putting up bins in Aarons Grainry in the after noon Henry Roberts returned from his mission in the Southern States

Friday 12.

September, Saturday 13. 1884. got old ned from Barbers hauled two lodes of barley for Barber to the Brewery I attended the funeral of Sister Sharlote Chase at the Hospitle Salt Lake City

Sunday 14. Attended meeting in Centerville B H Roberts occupied the time vary interestingly

September, Monday 15. 1884. Aaron Went to Porterville Wilford helped J Woolley thratch I worked at Aarons Bins

Tuesday 16. finished the bins and platform of Aarons Grainery Wilford worked on the machine for Woolley

September, Wednesday 17. 1884. Cleaned out my granerys Wilford worked on the machine finished thratching

Thursday 18. Went to the city after Some Tacks for Barley called at the Brewery got only 48 deatts Let the machine for thratching Aaron returned from Porterville

September, Friday 19. 1884. Commensed thratching the oats and finished them

Saturday 20. thratched out the wheat that was stacked with the oats on the home farm Set and thratched out Aarons oats and some of his wheat.

September, Sunday 21. 1884. Attended meeting at the Centerville meeting house Elder Samuel Parish who had just returned from his mission in the Southern States occupied most of the time he was followed by the home missionaries & Elders Ashby and Barlow

Monday 22. finished thratching Aarons grain in the forenoon commensed to thratch my wheat on the bottom farm Barber returned ned home

September, Tuesday 23. 1884. thratched Barley did not quite finish

Wednesday 24. finished thratching total 2425 Bushels in cluding Aarons grain Went City in the after noon to see if I could get a fining mill Did not bye any

September, Thursday 25. 1884. put up some wire on the pasture fence

Friday 26. Rained last night and this fore noon

September, Saturday 27. 1884. Aaron went to the Brewry with a load of his barley I and the Boys plowed and scraped in dirt banking up the water ditch a long the pasture fence

Sunday 28. Visited the Summit and South Weber Sunday Schools. the latter failed to meet on Account of the Young Mens and Ladies Conference

September, Monday 29. 1884. Aaron James Cherry and Wm Barber took the remainder of his barly to the Brewry

Tuesday 30. Aaron and Wilford took 2 loads of my Barley to the Brewry which was docked 10 cents on the hundred

October, Wednesday 1. 1884. I went to the city and contracted the Ballence of my Barley to Fisher & Frised who are putting a large Brewry near the Jorden

Thursday 2. Attended fast meeting

October, Friday 3. 1884. Attended a meeting of the high Council in held in vestry of the East Bountiful meeting house in the forenoon and a trial bifore the Council in the after noon between the families of Israel Barlows Deces in the division of their land

Saturday 4. Attended the cimianual conference of the church commencing this morning at 10 AM Being the fifty fourth Stayed over night at Joseph Morises.

October, Sunday 4. 1884. Conference convened a gane at 10 AM mutch good in struction was given duering the day the twelve Aposlels ware all in attendence with two exceptions Joseph F Smith & John Henry Smith

Monday 6. Conference continues the usual business of the conference was attended to President Taylor occupied the after noon with marked attention he Spoke on the Priest hood in the God head S S Union meeting in the evening

October, Tuesday 7. 1884. Conference closed at 12 m President Taylor occupiing most of the time vary interestingly to all thus anothere refreshing time closed and friends parted with congratulations.

Wednesday 8. Aaron cut and hauled his kane to the mill Wilford helping him I visited William Wright to get some means that he owes me but did not Succeed

October, Thursday 9. 1884. Started the Sulkey plow for fall plowing moved Aarons Sorels colts out of the field he ______ them in the open fields north

Friday 10. Wilford ran the Sulkey plow Aaron got ______ colts to Brake them to the harness I cut in seed Lucern in the after noon

October, Saturday 11. 1884. Wilford continued plowing Aaron & Nathan handled his corels colts in the fore noon cut Lucern in the afternoon I cut willows for to make a dam to throw the waters out on to the Deseret Enrty of land on after Bottoms

Sunday 12. My self and Brother Kenyston visited the hot Spring Sabath School Attended circle meeting in the evening

October, Monday 13. 1884. Went to the City with Nathan to his school got the Buggy axels stratned they being Sprung cost $3.00 Saw the D R G superintendent about putting up a fence on their line through my field Aamos Barber Died last night

Tuesday 14. Attended the funeral of Brother Amos Barber Aged 20 years Elder B H Roberts preached the Sermon

October, Wednesday 15. 1884. Went with three teams to the City with Barley for Brewery took a milch cow to C R Savage for $45.00 received $25.00 Resieved 2 letters one from the House hold Sewing Mchine Co & one from the Helpmate Co.

Thursday 16. Sent three lodes more of Barley to the Brewery

October, Friday 17. 1884. Went to the City with 2 load of Barley changed one load with Phillop Gerns for Seede Remitted $20.00 to the Helpmate conmpaney on sewing machine Sent a letter to the House Hold Co.

Saturday 18. Aaron went to Farmington to look after some of the Stock from the mountains Wille and Nathan hauled Lucern I put a new tongue in the Sukey plow

October, Sunday 19. 1884. Edw Stevenson and wife came on a visit Bro Keniston went to Kayville to join Bro Ellison in visiting the Northe East Sunday School

Monday 20. Wille wento the city with a load of hay for Joseph Vosler

October, Tuesday 21. 1884. Wille run the Sulkey plow turned the Stock down in to the Lower field

Wednesday 22. Went to City Loned of Edw Stevenson $500.00 at ten per cent per Anum Paid him interest in full on former Lone of $190.75 up to Nov 2. lifted my Note of $40.00 at grant Odel & Co for mower - leaving 40 Dollars more to be paid on Nov 1st 1885 Resieved 51 Dollars in full on note from ________________

October, Thursday 23. 1884. Wilford run the Sulkey plow I commenced to Brake my Bay 3 year old filly by harnessing his up and driving a bout the place Wm Streeper to 9 + 1/4 Bushels of wheat on thratching Act

Friday 24. hauled manure Johny hurded the cows of the Lucern while the dew was on hauled sand for Rock wall

October, Saturday 25. 1884. John Cole to 60 lbs of wheat Wilford & Nathan hauled Lucern in

Sunday 26. visited the South Bountiful Sunday School with Bro Kenyston

October, Monday 27. 1884. Wilford run the Sulkey plow. Husler came to lay the rock wall on the South Side of the corell killed two of the hogs

Tuesday 28. took the pork to market Sold at 7 1/2 cts per pound Willford spred manure

October, Wednesday 29. 1884. I run the Sulkey plow Wilford hauled in squashes in the fore noon spred manure in the afternoon

Thursday 30. Run the Sulkey plow Wilford hauled fsquashes took a grist to mill and fetched one from the mill

October, Friday 31. 1884. Attended Priesthood meeting at Farmington held a Superintendents meeting of the Sunday School of the Stake Setled up with Wilford for his work of four months which amounted to $105.00

November, Saturday 1. Wilford Porter started for home in Orderville this morning paid him up t in full for his work which amounted to 105 Dollars

November, Sunday 2. 1884. Visited the hooperville and Summit Sabath Schools with my assistants

Monday 3. Run the Sulkey plow in the afternoon

November, Tuesday 4. 1884. Went to Porterville after ten head of sheep of my own & 33 head of my Sisters Nancy Clark out of Samuel Fawcetts herd

Wednesday 5. Went from Porterville to the sheep herd the herds men refused to let me have the Sheep untill they got a letter from Fawsett which they said was at the post office they sent to the office but got no letter we had to Stop over night

November, Thursday 6. 1884. went up a gane from Porter ville to the herd helped make a pen to hold the sheepe in cut out the sheepe 88 head in all 10 for me & 33 for Sister Nancey and 45 for Marion Porter

Friday 7. Returned home with the sheepe lost one on the way home N Cheney was to take them on shares

November, Saturday 8. 1884. Delivered to N Cheney 86 head 9 in my own account 77 head on Nancy Clarks and Marion Porters Act leaving the one lost to dvided in its value between the parties I killed one of my 10

Sunday 9. Myself & Assistants attended a reunion of the three Sabath Schools of Kaysville which occupied the whole day there was a general attendence of the Parents as well as the children we had a good time

November, Monday 10. 1884. Plowed in the fore noon thratched my timothy and Lucern seed in the afternoon with thratching machine

Tuesday 11. Aaron worked on the rode with his team I set Johney to plowing with the Sulkey plow he handled it well.

November, Wednesday 12. 1884. Went the City with Aarons pork and one for my self Seal them to May on 30 days time my hog came to $12.88 cts Aaron and his wife came in the Buggy

Thursday 13. Bought three suits of close one for my self and for Nathan and one for Johney at $40.50 wholesale

November, Friday 14. 1884. Went to city to see Baskin and the D R G Co Baskin about repare his fence from my entry on to a strait line

Saturday 15. Paid Charley Tingey and his Father in full of all demands up to date gave Aaron $35.00 credit at the store being his portion from Wm Wright

November, Sunday 16. 1884. Visited the Summit and South Weber Sabath Schools with my assistants. found the latter in an unfavourable condition being destitute of the necessary helps. So that the chool only cnvened occasionally

Monday 17. David Hosler to 1 B of wheat made and hung a gate to the corell Aaron went teaching

November, Tuesday 18. 1884. Aaron harnessed up one of his colt I assisted him in the fore noon Run the Sulkey plow in the afternoon

Wednesday 19. Run the Sulkey plo plow Aaron hauled manure Even Jones to 6 Bushels of potatoes

November, Thursday 20. 1884. Run the Sulkey plow Eliza & Rebecca went up to Bro Fords on a visit with the small children the others were at School so had dinner a lone

Friday 21. Still plowing with the Sulkey plow the Bull gored one of the Shotes so that I killed it for meat

November, Saturday 22. 1884. Plowed duering the day weather Still plasent

Sunday 23. Visited West Bountiful Sunday in the forenoon and Centervill School in the after noon with Bro Kyneston & Bro Ellison

November, Monday 24. 1844. continued the plowing Aaron hauled manure working one of his colts I worked the other on the plow Resieved a note from F Gunnel claiming the light wagon I got of Batt - as church propety

Tuesday 25. continued the plowing Aaron run the walking plow A small Child of Bro Days of East Bountiful was run over by a team and wagon and instantly killed

November, Wednesday 26. 1884. continued the plowing with Boath teams Answered the letter I got from F Gunnel with regard to the light wagon

Thursday 27. finished plowing in the north field Aaron went to Porterville after a couple of horses and Nathans colt

November, Friday 28. 1884. Attended the monthly Priesthood meeting at Farmington Nathan run the plow Devided the Stake into 2 Sabath School districts appointing a meeting of the Superintendents in each

Saturday 29. Nathan run the plow I made some posts and put up some poles around the straw stack

November, Sunday 30. 1884. my self and Assistants visited East Bountiful Sunday School in the morning and North Centerville School in the after noon

December, Monday 1. Run the Sulkey plow attended the first mthly Superintendents meeting of the South district held at East Bountiful at 6 PM

December, Tuesday 2. 1884. David Hosler to 21 Bushels & 28 lbs of wheat in full payment for laying up Stone walls around the corell Wm Cleveland to 3 1/2 B of wheat in full payment for work in thratching

Wednesday 3. finished the fall plowing Aaron is making arrangements to on a visit to Snake River to see the country with a view of taking up land if he likes it

December, Thursday 4. 1884. Aaron and James Lovell left for Snake River at 12 M I took some poles down to fence the Straw stack

Friday 5. put more fence around the Straw Stack

December, Saturday 6. 1884. Went to Kaysville to attend the quartily conference with my wife Rebecca Stayed over night with Bro & Sister Ellison Elders Franklin D Richards and John W Taylor of the twelve were in attendence the Bishops reports occupied the most of the time Bro Taylor spoke in the afternoon

Sunday 7. conference continued Elder Penrose was added to the ministering visitors he spoke at some length in the forenoon Elders F D Richards occupied the afternoon conference closed mutch good council and instruction haven ben given

December, Monday 8. 1884. hauled some replased poles and posts from the cross fence in meadow up to Aarons for kindling wood visited Father Blasdale who had ben dangerously ill he was some better resting easy quite an east wind is blowing 2 PM

Tuesday 9. calm and clear this morning repaired up the stalls

December, Wednesday 10. 1884. Went to the City with some provisions for Nathan call on Some of the Butchers interesing to deel them some Beef cattle but did not Succeede

Thursday 11. Spent the day in righting up the Straw and hay Stacks from the effects of the East wind of tusday night

December, Friday 12. 1884. the East wind comnensed blowing a gane last night and continued all day to day Nathan came home in the evening

Saturday 13. Spent the day in replacing the hay and straw on to the Stacks comnensed snowing this afternoon

December, Sunday 14. 1884. Attended the North Dist Sunday School of Centerville held in the meeting house in the fore noon and a joint meeting of the two schools in the after noon Superintendent George Godard from the City was with us and gave an interesting account of his late mission to England

Monday 15. Righted up the Strawstack on the Bottom farm Strong wind from the South

December, Tuesday 16. 1884. Went to the City took down some provisions to Nathan Resieved $20.00 from S R Savage in full payment on cow A Butcher said he would come to my place on the morow morning & look at my beef cattle

Wednesday 17. Rained most of last night Still raining no Butchers came as exspected Sit with the high councel at 10 AM & at 2 PM in vistry of the meeting house

December, Thursday 18. 1884. Still Rainy with a Strong South wind had an other reckning with Wm Weight found some omisions in our former reckning Resieved payment by credit at Store of $118.95 --$400.00 yet Due

Friday 19. Attended a picknek of the North Dist Sunday School in the forenoon Childrens dance at 2 pm & Dance for adults in the evening J Ford to $2.50 in cash & dance tickets

December, Saturday 20. 1884 Spent most of the day in choring a round the premises Still cloudy with South wind

Sunday 21. Snowed last night and Still snowing this morning wind in north west Went to Farmington and attended a review of the Sunday School proper my assistant John Ellison was in attendence Bro Kenyston returned __________

December, Monday 22. 1884. Spent the day in doing chores and clearing Snow of from the Straw stack

Tuesday 23. made Some posts and put more fence a long the Straw Stack on the Bottom farm

December, Wednesday 24. 1884. Went to the city with the team after coal for my self and Even Jones got 1 ton having an order for one more Resieved payment on post office order $20.00

Thursday 25. This is Christmass day had pigeons in a pie for dinner Emily Hiram and Aarons family were invited and assisted in getting them out Aaron arrived home from Snake River but to late to have a finger in the pie

December, Friday 26. 1884. Attended the mothly Priesthood meeting at Farmington meeting house was appointed to confer with Aarthur Staynor on the Sugar question paid H Wilson $20.00 on my taxes

Saturday 27. Stormed most of the day attended the primary meeting of the Children paid Nancy Clark $20.00 on rent of land

December, Sunday 28. 1884. Attended meeting in Centerville went to East Bountiful in the afternoon assisted in ministering to Sister Jones who lay night unto death

Monday 29. Stormed all the forenoon Spent most of the time doing chores Sister Jones Died

December, Tuesday 30. 1884. Killed a Beef cow and put up some oats for to take down to the City on tithing

Wednesday 31. Went to the City with my tithing oats 63 Bush Brought a ton of coal home for Even Jones David Hosler to 13 lbs of beef 90 cts




Servis of Bull


Jan 8 N Cherry 1

Mar 2 A Call 1

Apri 10 Wm Cleveland 1

" 11 A Call 1

" 18 Is Barlow 1

May 15 Isreal Barlow 1

17 Wm Cleveland 1

" 26 A Call 1

" 30 A Call 1

July 7 Kent 1

" 8th O M Dewel 1

" 11 Wm Barber 1

" 25 Wm Cleveland 1

" 27 John Weight 2

" 28 J J Cherry 1

Aug 5th Wm Barber 1

" 12 Page 1

Aug 23 J Wait 1

Henry George 1 pd

Barlow 1 pd

Nov 26 T J Brandon 2

Jan 1885 Thomas Wadops 1



Jan 24 Due the tithing office 66 B 24 lbs wheat from Porter & Son

April 11th 1884 Tithing office to 25 1/2 Bush of wheat per Bishop cheney

April 14 Tithing office to 15 Bushels of wheat per Bishop cheney

July 26 70 lbs flour per Sister Ore

quotations of Scripture

the inherent law for a Son

John 5 ch 19 + 20 ver

" 8 ch 38 + 39 ver



Feb 1st Bro East to 440 lbs seed wheat

" 25th to600 " " "



Feb 27th Elizebeth St____ to 5 B potatoes 2.00

Mar 8 to 1500 lbs Lucern 7.50

" 22 " 1800 " Lucern 10.00

Apr 12 " 1670 " Lucern 10.00

" 23 2700 " " 18.90

May 6th to 4 1/2 B potato 1.00

from Book Act 21.80


By 28 weeks Board at 2.25 cts per week 63.00



Jan 1st 1885 Attended fast meeting

" 2nd choring a round the premises most of the day

" 3rd Repaired the barn door

Sund 4th visited the north District Sabath School of Farmington with my assistants

Mo 5 Repaired the hay track my tithing oats brought up a ton of coal for Even Jones

Tus 6th loded up a load of hay for to take to the City on Streepers Act

Wed 7 went to the city with the hay 2335 lbs called at U C R office & got the half fare tickets renewed for myself and Assistants

Thur 8th helped Aaron haul some straw for beding his animals went to Kaysville on the evening meeting of the Sunday schools of that district

Fri 9th returned home on the morning train Aaron went to the City with the hay 2425 lbs

" 10th Rained all day repaired the sulkey doubletrees on plow

" 11th I and Bro Kenyston visited the North Sunday Shool of Farmington a gane to set apart an assistant Supt and teachers Snowed and rained most of the day

Mon 12 at home J J Cherry got ballence of tole due on thratching

Tus 13 Bro Ford & Maryann paid us a visit

Wed 14 Aaron took his horses home to keepe met with the Directors at Store ____________________

Cash Account-January.

Date. Charley Tingey Received. Paid.

25 to cash 1.00

16 " .50

Mr 7th cash .50

" 20 to store order 10.00

Apr 5th cash 2.00

" 22 two gal molases 1.80

May 5 to cash 1.00

" 8 to cash 3.00

Jun 6 " " 5.00

" 18 " 13 B wheat 11.70

" 27 cash 10.00

July 23 " " 1.50

" " Store order 5.00

Due Charley Tingey for on settlement 52.70

to Tingey on his Book Act 41.80

52 53.00

Book Act 64.62



Cash Account-January.

Date. Wille Porter Received. Paid.

July 12th by store order 4.00

" 24 " cash 12.00

" 31 " cash for Bine 1.00

Aug 9th to Store order 3.00

" 29 " cash

Sept 9 to " on dontion 1.00

" 27 " cash per Aaron 10.00










Cash Account-February.

Date. Even Jones $Received.cts $Paid.cts

Mar 12th to 105 lbs flour 2.65

" 15 by order 16.20

Apr 7 " " 10.22

" " to 127 lbs flour 3.17

" 24 by order 5.00

from Book Act 21.46

May 21 to 112 lbs flour 2.80

" " " 2 gal molases 1.50

" " by order 4.00

June 11 by one Salt 3.00

" to 19 lbs molases 1.20

" " 1 1/2 B potatoes .30

" 21 38 lbs flour .90

" 26 116 " " 2.88

" by 3 days work 4.50

July 10th to 35 lbs flour .87

" " by order 3.70

" 15 " 125 lbs flour 3.12

Aug 1st Even W by 5 days work 4.50

to cash loned 1.00

" 1st to store order 3.50

Aug 4th to 57 lbs flour 1.36

" " by tithing order 5.00

" 8 " 127 lbs flour 3.15

" 18 by 200 lbs coal .50

" 22 to 58 lbs flour 1.45

" " " 25 lbs graham .50

" " " by Tith order 7.50

Aug 26 7 lbs molasses .50

Sep 2 to Store order 2.00

" 16 110 lbs flour 2.25

" " by 14 days work 7.00

" to store order 2.75

" 29 by tithing order 5.00

" 30 to hauling coal 2.00

Oct 1 115 lbs flour 2.87

" 2 36 " Bran .36

" 16 to 52 " flour 1.25

Dec 3 " 139 lbs flour 3.47


Cash Account-March.

Date. Cows in pasture Received. Paid.

May 25 Wm Cleveland 8 hed

" 26 N Cheney 1

" 28 H Cleveland

June 20 M Brandon 2

" 23 J W Wooley 4

" " David Barber 2

" 30 Wadops 1

July 15 Fred Walton 2

" 24 Sister Evens 1

out of pasture

Aug 19th Wm Cleveland 8 head

" 21 Brandon 2 "

" 23 J Woolley 4

" 22 Wadops 1

" 24 F Walton 1

" 30 H Cleveland 1

Sept 1st N Cheney 1


Cash Account-April.

Date. Received. Paid.

RoLe by diching for Drean $30.00

to cash and Store order 10.00

The ballence to be paid on his Emigration




Aug 1st to Charley Tingey on Settlment 52.70

" to cash 20.00

Ballnce Due 32.70

Aug 28 to cash 5.00

Sept 16 " cash 1.00

" 20 " store order per his Father 9.75


Aug 1st Due T Tingey on settlement from his Book account 41.80

he remitted 20.00

leaving a balance 21.80

Due Charley 16.95





Cash Account-May.

Date. Received. Paid.

Aug 21st prophet to 46 lbs flour $1.40

Thithing Even Jones

Oct 20th to 8 Bush tithing wheat 30 squashes

Nov 19th to 6 B. potatoes

" 27th to 12 B wheat



Cash Account-June.

Date. In account with Wm Wright Received. Paid.


June 27th to eighty acres of land $1200.00

July 24 by 150.00

Sept 2nd by 550.00

" " " interest 9.00


Jan 5th by 202.50

" " " interest 80.00

Oct 5th by 118.95

" " interest 35.90

921.45 1314.90


Cash Account-July.

Jan 1885

Thur 15 at home Snowed a little last night cold air this morning

Fri 16 met with the high council in the vestry at Farmington

Sat 17 Snowed lightly duering the day paid School with tax last month put Shoes on bob sleds

Sun 18 Arthur Stayner came from the city on the morning train to confer with me further on a proposition to work up Sugar Kane in to Sugar on Shares. attended the Ward meeting in the forenoon & the circle in the evening.

Mon 19th Snowed last night it is now 18 inches deep Still Snowing

Tues 20th John & Joseph Ford with their Wives paid us a visit

Wed 21 sent some provisions to Nathan by Fred Walton President Smith and his wife Mille, paid us a visit _____________

Thur 22 got the runners fixed on to the running gears of my spring wagon. took a Hay Ride with Rebecca J J Cherry & wife to East South & West Bountiful

Fri 23 Attended high Council meeting at Farmington

Sat Looked up the names of Some of my Ancesters assisted by my sister Nancy Clark colected some 80 names

Sun 24 Attended meeting in the fore knoon. resumed the looking up of names

Mon 25th Continued the work of geneoligy



Cash Account-August

Oct 22nd Loned ofEdward Stevenson $500.00 interest calculated first [3 lines unreadable]

Bank act 563.00 in childrens interest

Also state at ______ of 40.00 on various ___

Jan 27th 1885

John Ford to 18 Bushels of wheat on toll for thratching



Cash Account-September.

Jan 2 resieved of G Stevenson on ________ 190.00

Jan 6th ____________________ 19.00


Jan 7th 1885 went to city with load of hay for Streeper 2335 lbs



Cash Account-October

Tithing hay

July 11 to J J Harris 3795 lbs

July 3rd 4 lods Lucern hay to Bishops barn

Donation from teachers & Superintendent of the Sunday Schools to Bro Willis

South Bountiful 14.00

Hot Springs 5.00

West Bountiful 4.00

East Bountiful 8.00

Centerville 5.00


Kaysvile 1.35




Cash Account-November

Stock on Mountain

2 white yerling Steer

1 " " heifer

1 pale red ronish Steer

1 darkish rone heifer

1 reside white back heifer

1 deep red white tail heifer

1 pale red Steer

1 small pale red steer

1 lite Brindle Jursey heifer

1 pale red & white 2 yer heifer

1 deep red 2 yer heifer

1 spekled side " " steer

1 pale red " " heifer

1 pale red " " steer

Aarons stock

1 red yearling steer

1 rone " heifer

1 whie " steer

1 deep red 2 year steer

1 red white flank steer

1speckld heifer of yearsley

July 19 Whittaker to 2320 lbs of hay on A B P Act



Cash Account-December.

A B Porter in act

July 23 to Capner 133 lbs wheat

Aug 4 " " 132 1/2 "

Cash Account-December

Date. James Rose Received. Paid.

Mrch 15th to store order 6.00

Apr 7 to cash 2.00

" " " store order 6.00

" 9th store order 5.25

" " by ditching 39.25

Dec 5 by ditching on line fence

between me and Woolley 17.50

to store order ___.__ 10.00

56.75 29.25


ballense due 27.50



Bills Receivable.

Cewing machine Co

Date. Name. Dolls.Cts

May 26 to cash 50.00

June 12 " " 220.00

" 18 " " 22.00

July 11 to Wiler on interest on note 8.50

" 15 to cash 60.00

" 17 " " on freight 5.00

" 20 " horses carage 25.00

" 23 " cash 25.00

Aug 23 on interest at ZCMI bank 20.65

Sept 8 to ZCMI Saving Bank on

Chaunceys Note to Soudll 10.00

" 15 to freight on helpmate 6.10

Dec 3 Due H Rampton $5.00 to paid at Store in wheat



Bills Payable.

Cewing Machine Co

Date. Name. Dolls.Cts.

June 3 by sale of 6 cows 330.00

May 20 " " 2 " 105.00

" 20 " " 1 " 50.00

Aug 23 " " of washers 32.75

Bills Receivable.


Aug 24 due hands on thratcher days B wheat

" " Luther Dalrymple 4 1/4 9 1/4 pd

" " Fred Trie 4 1/2 9 1/2 pd

" Rose 4 1/4 9 1/4 pd

" his Boy 4 1/4 8 1/2 pd

" David Barber 4 1/4 8 1/2 pd

" Fred Walton 3 1/4 6 1/2 pd

" his Boy 4 1/4 8 1/2 pd

" H Cleveland 3 1/4 6 1/2 pd

" Wm Cleveland self & team 1 1/2 pd

" Lorenzo Scofield " 1/2 pd

(by Wm Barber


Dec 23

Due on Tithing

Barley & Wheat 29 B wheat

On oats 63 B (paid


Bills Payable.

Jan 27th 1885

Settled up my thithing of for 1884 - was credited to 1900 lbs of wheat

On Barley thithing which is to be paid by order from the Bishop

[signed] J E Woolley by Zuni Isle of Wight Co Va

C E Sawtell Ogden City


Bills Receivable.

Total of Barley 537

Total of Wheat 1063

Oats 825

Sum total 2225

Charles Barley 347

Deduct 230

by tole 117



over weight ______


______ ___


60 cts per Bushel $____

Due $61.60




Cash Account-August.


J J Haris

Aug 10 B tithing oats

20 29 _________

21 500 B


Cash Account-September.

hurred _____

Aug 29 ___________

J J Cherry

John Cherry



total on thratcher

From Porter to Ford 17 B Barley

From Ford to Barber 18 1/2 B Wheat

From Wm Barber to Porter $4 +12cts

From Ford to Porter 2 B Lucern seed


500 12 ft long

ten inch wide

700 ft 16 long

4 160

N T Porters Book

4 moths 15 Dol $60

4 " 20 80

2 " 50 100





7 50

82 50








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