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January, Monday 1. 1883. At home vary cold duering the day. thus the year comes in like a Lion it is an old Saying--as the days lengthens, the cold Strengthens

Tuesday 2. Broke the ground for a well in the Barn Seller Aaron hauled out some manure on the Bottom farm

January, Sunday 7. 1883. Visited South Bountiful Sunday School with my assistant John Keniston attended meeting in the fater noon there were light Sualls of Snow duering the day

Monday 8. Went to the City with the Bishop and council. called at the Tithing office and arranged to apply $292.00 Due me in labour tithing to my credit on Stock and produce tithing purchased a Stove Shandalier and lamps for meeting house

January, Tuesday 9. 1883. Aaron Went to the City with a load of hay (2500 lbs) on Wm Streeper act $17.50 I Spent most of the day attending the beef cattle and choreing around Bro Corbage of East Bountiful Died yestterday

Wednesday 10. Masured up a grist and took it to the Farmington the weather is fine duering the day but cold nights Bro Corbages funeral took place to day Loned of J. Parish $125.00 to night Start _____

January, Thursday 11. 1883. Loned of J Ford Senor $100.00 he visited with me most of the day Aaron Went to city with a load of hay on Streepers Act 2300 lb $16.10

Friday 12. Aaron hauled manure paid to Sanuel Rigley $6.00 for diging and wateing well Mike Set up the Barn doore

January, Saturday 13. 1883. Aaron went to City with a load of hay for Streeper 2630 lbs $18.40 I and Nathan hauled manure on the Bottom farm

Sunday 14. Went to Kays ward with J Kenisten to attend a Sunday School Review at 9 and 11 oclok had a good time Presidents Smith and Call were in attendence

January, Monday 15. 1883. Aaron hauled ice for Streeper I repaired the pump that had got out of order in the Barn Seller. Sold Same hay to James Miller

Tuesday 16. Resieved of Daniel Wood $27.96 on grade Ballence due $11.93 paid to J Parish $105.25 the amount Due on loan Garret to a load of hay

January, Wednesday 17. 1883. there was a light fall of Snow this morning wind from the North west Aaron went and got the grist from the mill I Spent most of the day attending to the Stock James Miller came and got a load of hay. the Teachers paid me a visit

Thursday 18. Vary cold last night lights Squalls of snow this morning

January, Friday 19. 1883. This is the coldest day of the Season. the themometor is 20 Degrees below zero in the open air travel is almost suspended. Closed doors is the order of the day

Saturday 20. Decline in temperature themometor only 10 above zero visited some of the Sick and infurm Boath pumps are froze up

January, Sunday 21. 1883. Myself and Bro J Keniston visited the Sunday School at Farmington coudy with a light Snow or frost falling but few wer in attendence the themometor at zero

Monday 22. took up the pump in the barn Seller and repaired the ingury resieved from freezing

January, Tuesday 23. 1883. took up the house pump and thawed the ice out of it which was quite a task

Wednesday 24. hauled out manure on the Bottom farm the weather is more mild

January, Thursday 25. 1883. Had a fine Daughter Born this morning at 25 minutes past 12 oclok. weighed 14 lbs hauled manure in the fore noon and gravel on road leading to the Switch in the after noon

Friday 26. attended the monthly Priesthood meeting at Farmington

January, Saturday 27. 1883. Spent the day in choreing a round Attended a Sctockholders meeting pertaining to the Store in the evening

Sunday 28. Attended meeting Patriarchs John Smith & Rolley was in attendence and occupied the time

January, Monday 29. 1883. Rained most of the day. Steady So that But little was done out of doores

Tuesday 30. Rained and Snowed last night and most of the forenoon and Steady all the afternoon let O Kilbourn have a load of hay. per T Spancer

January, Wednesday 31. 1883. took the grate our of the fire place and put in a gane more Securely Rained Some in the fore noon

February, Thursday 1. Aaron went to city with a load of hay on Streepers contract Snowed all day with a Strong East wind from 1 PM Blessed the Babe under the Name of Amelia Ford Porter ___________________

February, Friday 2. 1883. vary cold this morning a little milder at 11 AM partially clear has now the appearence of more Snow 4 PM fine snow or frost is falling 6 PM

Saturday 3. vary cold a gane this morning. a heavy frost fell last night Rail Road Robers caught five in number. the leader is Severly if not fatally wounded & they are now in the City Jail Micha Gerns to 10 1/2 Bushels wheat

February, Sunday 4. 1883. Attended meeting Elders L M Grant and Alfred Burmingham were in attendence as Missionaries took a Mare of Herbert Bartlet to feede at $1.50 per Week

Monday 5. Went East Bountiful resieved of Henry Gariot $12.25 on hay 1.25 yet Due

February, Tuesday 6. 1883 lifted my note of $250.00 from Thomas Steade with interest of ten per cent amounting to $25.00 Dollars the weather is Still vary cold and frosty

Wednesday 7. loded up a lode of hay for the City

February, Thursday 8. 1883. Aaron went to the City with the hay on Streepers Act the weather is vary cold but clear

Friday 9. hauled manure on to the Bottom farm Brothers J Ford and O Kilbourn visited me as teachers of the High priest quorum

February, Saturday 10. 1883. hauled manure on to the Bottom farm weather Still cold Wm R Smith 1 cow

Sunday 11. Visited the South District Sunday School at Farmington acomponied by my assistant John Keniston Returned and joined a Surprise party at Mother Cherries in honor of her seventy cecond Birth day

February, Monday 12. 1883. Went to Farmington With the Richards - and others of the Bord of directers of Centerville Coop Store - ta_gine Bonds _____ E T Clark who had met with an accident a few days Since S__ing ____ ____ ____ by the ___ _____ _____ being in the Districts G__ of Weber Canyon

Tuesday 13. harnesed up the young Bay ___ and as S D___ Drives a round too E T Clark to15 Bushels of wheat per S Porter on rent South wind 5 30 Weather moderating

February, Wednesday 14. 1883. hauled manure in the fore noon loded up a load of hay for the City Streepers Act Met with the Board of Directors of the Store and organised

Thursday 15. Aaron went to the City with the hay 2600 lbs I attended to the Stock a ______ __________ bottom farm ______ _______ Ditch attended the Theological class in the evening

February, Friday 16. 1883. Clear and cold this morning Loned of J Adams $35.00 Paid J J Harris $39.50 in full of all demands There is now a teriable flood on the Ohio river 67 ft above low water mark

Saturday 17. Aaron and family went to Ogden on a visit I Sowed Some timothy Seed on the meadow

February, Sunday 18. 1883. Visited West Bountiful Sunday School and attended the meeting in the after noon pleasent but cool

Monday 19. Henry East to 13 B and 20 lbs of wheat

February, Tuesday 20. 1883. Sowed Grass Seede among the Lucern on the Bottom farm Aaron returned on the vening train Bener Evens died this morning

Wednesday 21. hauled out manure in the fore moon attended the funeral of Bener Evens and was called upon to Speak But was vary mutch imbarest

February, Thursday 22. 1883. hauled manure and Sowed Grass Seede on the pasture on the Bottom

Friday 23. Attended Prist hood meeting at Farmington Aaron hauled gravel and put a round his house

February, Saturday 24. 1883. Aaron & Nathan hauled manure on to Bottom farm I put Boxes to gather for drean Bros Sanford assisted me

Sunday 25. Attended meeting and Spoke a few minutes visited and administered to Sister Chudy & Grace Barber The later Died at 6 PM

February, Monday 26. 1883. took on other animel of Herbert Bartlet to feede Aaron hauled manure hauled out Boxes for drean Aaron hauled manure

Tuesday 27. Put down Boxes in drean Aaron hauled manure took hay out of Stack and put in barn Henry Cleveland to $5.00 and 90 lbs flour on Temple

February, Wednesday 28. 1883. Loned of J Ford $150.00 Attended a Directors meeting of the County Bord of Farmington lifted my Note of $100.00 given to Daniel Wood with interest Wm Evens to a load of hay

March, Thursday 1. Attended fast meeting a goodly number were present Aaron spent the day in oiling harnes

March, Friday 2. 1883. Sowed grass seede on the pasture below Aaron finished oiling the harness

Saturday 3. Went to the City Loned at the Deseret Bank $785.00

March, Sunday 4. 1883. Attended a Sunday School revue at East Bountiful Superintendents George Godard and Willis from Salt Lake City were in attendence I also attended the Ward meeting in the evening and occupied the time

Monday 5. Brought home the new Seeder from Wm Streepers cost $75.00 weather is plesant

March, Tuesday 6. 1883. hauled Brush for drean weather Still fine

Wednesday 7. finished hauling Brush for Drean

March, Thursday 8. 1883. Craped up the manure in the corell weather Still warm the frost is mostly out of the ground Attended the Theological class at 7 PM

Friday 9. The weather is clear and pleasent people are beginning to put in grain

March, Saturday 10. 1883. Atteded the quartily Confernce of the Stake held at Bountiful Elders Joseph F Smith & Wilford Woodruff of the first Presidency and Twelve apostels were in attendence there was a large attendence in the afternoon

Sunday 11. Conference continued a vary large attendence Duering the day mutch good council and instruction was given

March, Monday 12. 1883. Plowing Seeding and Dressing wheat was the business of the day weather vary fine met with the Directors of the Centerville Ecleziescical Ward corpiration

Tuesday 13. 439 lbs of Barley of Jos Cherry Chauncey Porter came out from Porterville on Business

March, Wednesday 14. 1883. Bought of Hurbert Bartlet one Brown mare with cripled feete - for $25.00 Aaron Went to city after seed Barley got 14 sacks I Sowed Barley and Tinothy on potatoe ground

Thursday 15. Sowed and harrowed in wheat Went to city one the evening train Stayed over night at E Stevesons

March, Friday 16. 1883. Went out to West Jorden Ward with N Scears to See the Baler I sold to him as it was out of order I soon asertained the cause and pointed out the defect which he had not discovered returned to the city and Stoped a gain with Bro E Stevenson

Saturday 17. Took the morning train for home Sowed Some Lucern on the Bottom farm Henry Rampton to 1140 lbs of hay $7.45 per T Harris

March, Sunday 18. 1883. Took this mornings train with my assistant Bro Kenisyston to visit the Sunday School of Sumit and South Weber we were Joined by Bro J Elison at Kaysville met with the Sumit School in the fore noon and the south Weber in the after noon & fully organised the same

Monday 19. Went to the city with Chauncey Porter and Signed with him at the Bank for $275 Dollars at ten per cent the Boys run the ceder & roller

March, Tuesday 20. 1883. Sowed some clver Seed in the after noon Aaron put in grain for Jos Cherry Loned of J Adams 28 Dollar for Mikel gerns on act

Wednesday 21. Aaron continued to put in grain for Jos Cherry Nathan harrowed I plowed orchard and put Brush In Drean

March, Thursday 22. 1883. plowed in North field Rooled the ground Sowed to Timothy put Brush in Drean attended theological class adjournd Sinee die

Friday 23. Aaron and Nathan run the plows in north field I put Brush in drean the weathe is warm and pleasent looks Some like Storm this evening

March, Saturday 24. 1883. Sowed and harrowed in barley run three teams in the afternoon

Sunday 25. My Self and assistants Visited the South Hooper Sunday School by the morning train attended morning meeting which laped on to the Sunday School President Smith and Call were with

March, Monday 26. 1883. finished putting in Barley put hay in drean preparetory for the dirt put in some early potatoes and peas in the after noon

Tuesday 27. I Run the Sulkey & hand plow filled in drean with dirt

March, Wednesday 28. 1883. Run the plows finished up drean Aaron took a grist to mill for chop feede in the afternoon

Thursday 29. Rained last night too weet to plow Set out Some Shade trees on the Streete and in the Doore yard

March, Friday 30. 1883. Attended the mthly priesthood meeting at farmington rained stedy all night

Saturday 31. it is vary stormy this morning

April, Sunday 1. 1883. My self and assistants went to Farmington to visit the North District Sunday School learned that the school was adjourned on account of the young mens Conference We attended the Conference Joseph F Smith of the first Presidency was in attendence

Monday 2. Henry Robersts leaves on this mornings train on a Mission to the Southern States Aaron Went to City with hay for Streeper Brought up the hakmer harrow Bought of Luice

April, Tuesday 3. Aaron spent the day in helping put up wire around the grave yard I helped set out Shade trees onthe meeting houselot Nathan run the plow

Wednesday 4. Run two plows most of the day tried the hackmo harrow in the after noon asertained the amount of ground takenby the Riogrand Railrode Co - 19 sections & 30 ft

April, Thursday 5. 1883. Went S L City to attend the preliminary meeting preparitory for Conference the asembly hall was occupied in the forenoon and larg tabernicle in the afternoon it was quite unconfortable as the air was cold

2143 2943

188 1283

2331 3

Friday 6. Conference open at 10 AM in the assembly hall Elder Woodruff was the first Speaker followed by Elder Jacob Gates the first Presidency and most of the twelve were in the Stand the afternoon Servises ware in the Larg Tabernicle Elder ___________

April, Saturday 7. 1883. Conference continued a report from the different associations were red and excepted Eder F D Richards was the first Speaker followed by Albert Carington. 2 PM a financial report of the tempels was red and approved Eders Moses Thacher and George Teasdel oucuped remaining time wheat 2331 lbs

Sunday 8. Conference closed at 4 PM having had mutch good instruction given which was in deede inspiering to all Who partook of the good Spirit

April, Monday 9. 1883. William Ford Walter Rounday Farther Ford and John paid us a visit and spent most of the day George Marsh the right man for D R G R R came to settle with me for the right of way through my farm.

Tuesday 10. I and Mr Marsh could not a gree on the amount due for the right of way We selected Wm R Smith and Anson Call to arbitrators - to meet on Friday the 13th next Aaron harrowed ___ took a load of wheat ____ _____ _____

April, Wednesday 11. 1883. Aaron harrowed with the Akma harrow Nathan is unwell so that he is not abel to work I cut through the grate to let the water off my land as it was dranching the wheat as the Box ___ the grade was too high

Thursday 12. Sold my beef cattle to Wood &Sons for ____ per pound loded up a load of hay for Streepers ontract Willis goodrich got Some hay Mykel Gerns to____ lbs

April, Friday 13. 1883. it is snowing this morning Setld with George Marh for the right of way throug my farm harrowed in the after noon Aaron run the ceder

Saturday 14. Aaron Went City with a load of hay for Streeper I run the Akmy harrow and ceder Nathan had a chill Anson Call servis of Bull to one cow

April, Sunday 15. 1883. Visited the South Bountiful Sunday School to meete Supt Godard and Willis who were making a special visit to the school had a good time attended the afternoon meeting President Smith and Council were inattendence

Monday 16. Went to City with the Beef cattle 7 head they came to $ 380.00 Drew a check of 390.00 on the Denver & Rogrand R R company for right of way A Call to one cow

April, Tuesday 17. 1883. harrowed in oats Aaron run the Braking plow Charley Tingey drove the team in the after noon

Wednesday 18. continued Braking I run the harrow Charley Tingey drove the Baraking team all day

April, Thursday 19. 1883. Continued Braking Charley Tingey drove the team Joseph Cherry came with his teams and Broke in the afternoon

Friday 20. Brake withe Boath teams duering the day cold and windy the Denver & Riogrand Co are aproaching with the track laying

April, Saturday 21. 1883. Aaron and Joseph Cherry are Braking they will finish this evening I went down and met the track layers and Showed them where to put in cattle gards and Boxes to be lowered boys finished Braking

Sunday 22. Commensed Stnowing early this morning Still snowing with strong wind far from the north west

April, Monday 23. 1883. Aaron went to City with a load of hay for Streeper 2260 lbs there were light squals of Snow deuring the day paid to Moss & Co $14.00 in full for Lumber Mekeal Gerns to a gag of hay paid to J Parish $1.75 in full on School bill to date

Tuesday 24. the East wind blew a heavy gale last night and is still Blowing this 11 AM out doore work is suspended.

April, Wednesday 25. 1883. The East wind abated last night followed by a heavy rain. Some what clear this morning. Paid my taxes for 1882 also Aarons total $85.30 Aaron harrowed on Sod for oats I made a watering trough for Stock pump

Thursday 26. the Boys Rooled and harrowed the Sod ground I finished the water Box

April, Friday 27. 1883. Rolled and harrowed in the forenoon I and Aaron attended the monthly Priesthood meeting at Farmington got 2 Deeds recorded one for the land got of President Smith the other for meeting house grounds

Saturday 28. the weather is quite mild this morning Aaron run the ceder on the Sod ground Nathan run the harrow he had a chill in the afternoon I sowed grass seed in the pasture

April, Sunday 29. 1883. Elders Godard and Willis were with us to day in the interest of the Sunday Schools the two Schools met in the meeting house as prieveously aranged we had an interesting time in songs resitations and instructions to the edifiycation of all parents and children they will be at Farmington next Sunday

Monday 30. Mevers Evens to a gag of hay. finished harrowing in oats Nathan had quite a heavy chill this afternoon Sold 800 lbs of hay to Smith of West Bountiful resieved payment

May, Tuesday 1. 1883. Coudy this morning appearence of Rain moved and put up wire fence on Railrode line this forenoon myself Aaron Sanford and his son Aaron set in to rain at 12 M Rained duering the afternoon Nathan had another Schake of the Ague

Wednesday 2. Went to City Borrowed $190.75 of E Stevenson at tene per cent lifted my Note at the Deseret Bank of nine hundred & thirty five Dollars Aaron worked at the wire fence in the afternoon

May, Thursday 3. 1883. worked at the wire fence on railrode line loded up a load of hay for City on Streepers contract

Friday 4. this a pleasent morning light frorst last night Went to Farmington got two deeds Recorded one for meetinghouse lot the other for the land got of Wm R Smith on the Bottoms

May, Saturday 5. 1883. My self and family attended a Primary consert held in Relus hall last night I and Sanfords two Boys dug holes and set in posts on the Railrode line Aaron went to city with a load of hay

Sunday 6. Went to Farmington with Rebecca George Chase and my assistant John Kenyston to attend a meeting of the three Sunday Schools as previously arranged for the visit of General Superintendents Goerge Godard and Wm Willis we had a good time

May, Monday 7. 1883. Aaron went to Ogden to put Rebeca & the Children on the train for Snake River on a visit to her folks I and the Boys set up wire fence Mane and Aaron helped

Tuesday 8. Continued puting up wire fence Main and Aaron helped us Aaron returned from Ogden

May, Wednesday 9. 1883. finished the wire fence E. Stevenson came up from the city to me to Singn a deed for the Sale of the Proppity I held in trust for him he stoped over night T Spackman and his Father call and staid over night

Thursday 10. E Stevenson returned on the morning train Chauncey and S Chipman came late this evening with 8 head of milk cows for Sale

May, Friday 11. 1883. finished plowing for corn Aaron plowed his lot I finished triming the willowy fence hauled in the willows Nathan plowed the potatoe ground Chauncey & Chipman went to city

Saturday 12. Planted potatoes got 6 Bushels of Machanoch of J Ford Chauncey & Chipman returned form city Also T Spakman

May, Sunday 13. 1883. Went to Kaysville with John Kenyston My assistant to attend a joint meeting of the three Sunday Schools of that ward Joined Supt George Godard and Willis from Salt Lake we had a good and interesting time. returned on the evening trarin

Monday 14. Spent the day in plowing and Shading in the garden Aaron plowed his lot Chauncey & Sanford went to City with a couple of their cows to Sell

May, Tuesday 15. 1883. Planted Sugar kane on Aarons lot Nathan harrowed the corn ground good growing weather to day put a tongue in the corn marker

Wednesday 16. Spent the day in laying off ground and planting Sugar kane and Squashes Nathan laid off corn ground Aaron put in garden truck on his lot Chauncey & Chipman went to city with 8 cows for sale

May, Thursday 17. 1883. O M Dewel by 29 lbs Seed corn $ hauled manure plowed and made garden O M Duel by 21 lbs corn total 50 lbs planted corn I run the marker

Friday 18. finished planting corn Brother Sanford helped in the afternoon Chauncey & Sanford Chipman returned form the City they made Sale of their cows

May, Saturday 19. 1883. Branded the young stock and took them up to the mountain 17 head in all 14 head for Sanford and one for yersley made brush fence on my pasture

Sunday 20. Attended the sessions of the East Bountiful Sunday School Superintendents Godard and Willis from the city were the Special visiters

May, Monday 21. 1883. Put in a dam and turned the water out of the old channel in to the pasture

Tuesday 22. two head of the young Stock came down from the mountain drove them back up the canyon cut and hauled some brush & Stakes to finish the hog pasture Got a Stoga pair of Boots from the Store

May, Wednesday 23. 1883. put in a Box at the crossing of the DRG tressell for watering pasture Nathan rolled the wheat ground Aaron was quite unwell put up more Brush fence on hog pasture

Thursday 24. finished hog pasture Nathan finished rolling the wheat

May, Friday 25. 1883. Attended Priesthood meeting at Farmington Aaron went to city with Emily to do some trading Chauncey returned from city sold his cows and lifted his note at the bank.

Saturday 26. N Cheney put 2 horses in pasture for a short time Sowed Clover & grass seed in the orchard this forenoon Nathan rolled the Barley and oats in North field

May, Sunday 27. 1883. Met with Superintendency Godard & Willis upstair visit to the West Bountiful Sunday School together with my assistants attended five meetings duering the day and evening

Monday 28. assisted in puting up safling on top of the meeting house so as to retald the Chimney blown down by last wind finished the chimney watered the Shade trees. Nathan rooled the

May, Tuesday 29. 1883. Went to City on the morning train Signed with Chauncey Porter at Zions Savings Bank for $550.00 at one per cent per month for one year interest to be paid quartily

Wednesday 30. Run some water furrows in pasture put in dams

May, Thursday 31. 1883. Boys hauled manure on to Botton farm I dressed up the ground in orchard The man fowler shot by Galifent died of his wound

June, Friday 1. hauled manure Aaron worked on Ditch.

June, Saturday 2. 1883. Went up to Mosses to see about getting some lumber Boys hauled manure hived Brother Woollies bees turned in the water on the Lucern on bottom farm took up and replaced a water Box

June, Sunday 3. My self & Brother Tryneston took the morning train for Kaysville to visit the Sunday Schools Visited two schools found them in good running order

June, Monday 4. 1883. Received of Wm Cleveland on pasturing $12.00 Boys hauled manure in the forenoon Aaron went teaching in the afternoon I and Nathan repaired dam

Tuesday 5. Boys hauled manure I attended watering replanted corn in the afternoon

June, Wednesday 6. 1883. Aaron went to city with a load of hay on Streepers contract E T Clark to 14 Bushels of wheat for S Porter on rent of land

Thursday 7. Attended fastmeeting Spent most of the day in making a hand gate Boys hauled manure

June, Friday 8. 1883. finished making and haging the gate Boys hauled manure Cool wind from the north-west

Saturday 9. Attended our quartily Conference which convened in the Centerville meeting house at 10 AM Elder Earington of the twelve was present on the stand with Elder Rowley from the city a statistical report of the Stake was red. the Bishops gave their reports Elders Rowley, Hayes & Carrington were the speakers

June, Sunday 10. 1883. Conference continued. Presidnt Taylor George Q Cannon Charles Penrose George Renols and Harris Edridge were on the Stand the Dedication prayer was offered up by George Q Cannon for our meeting house after which the meeeting was adjourned to the Bowery in front of the house which had ben prepared for the occasion

Monday 11. hauled manure and attended to watering Aaron & family came down on the evening train leaving them at Ogden on their return for a visit to her farther on Snake River

June, Tuesday 12. 1883.

The Boys hauled manure. I attended to watering Chauncey Porter came out from Porterville this evening in the interest of the Queen City Sewing machine

Wednesday 13. Still hauling & watering Bees swarmed but returned to the old hive looked like rain this evening

June, Thursday 14. 1883. Started to rain last night Sprinkled a little this morning Chauncey returned home with the Spring wagon we were fitting up upon the Sewing machine interest

Friday 15. hauling manure and watering had a light rain last night Sent by John Aanes for a can of casteroil.

June, Sunday 16. 1883. hauling manure howing on lot up at Aaron's dividing bees was the order of the day

Sunday 17. Attended the Ward meeting Elder Samuel Paris having returned from his mission in Georgia with his fellow labour Elinander who was Schot by a mob gave an ccount of the affair I visited the Sunday School in the afternoon

June, Monday 18. 1883. howed on Aarons lot hauled manure part of the day bees came out of one of the stands but went back settling up on several of the other stands

Tuesday 19. Divided two collinies of bees loded up a load of hay Nathan plowed for Summer following on the Bottom pasure

June, Wednesday 20. 1883. Aaron went to City with the tray got some lumber for bee Stands Nathan plowed I plowed potatoese

Thursday 21. My self & Aaron plowed and howed potatoes Nathan finished plowing

June, Friday 22. 1883. Set Nathan to cutting Lucern attended to watering barley assisted Aaron in fixing up the wagon for rock hauling

Saturday 23. watered the garden and orchard Boys hauled rock for shed.

June, Sunday 24. 1883. Attended Seventies meeting in the forenoon and visited the North District Sunday School review in the afternoon attended circul meeting in the evening.

Monday 25. Resieved $12.00 of Wm. Cleveland on pasture bill Went to Salt Lake City with Chauncey, loned $165 Dollars of Bishop Wiley at ten percent

June, Tuesday 26. 1883. Rebecca took an excursion train on a visit to here Uncels in Cash Valley Cut and hauled Lucern

Wednesday 27. continued cutting a hauling Lucern the weather is vary warm and Sweltery Charles Tingey came to help for a few days Will Miller raked for me

June, Thursday 28. 1883.

Charley Tingey and William Miller helped in the hauling of Lucern William Miller went with Some Stock and drove them back up the canyon

Friday 29. Cut Lucern in the fore noon and went to Farmington and attended Priesthood meeting in the after noon Charles and Will Still helped in the Lucern

June, Saturday 30. 1883. Cutting and puting up and hauling Lucern was the order of the day. Charley Tingey & Wm Miller helping

July, Sunday 1. My self and assistant John Treniston visited Kaysville Sunday Schools visited the North East District in the afternoon

July, Monday 2. 1883. I Resumed Cuting and hauling Lucern Charley & William still helping

Tuesday 3. Cutting and hauling Charley and William helping

July, Wednesday 4. 1883. Aall hands except my self spent the day as a holliday being the nations Birth day Ester Rainda_ came from Tan__rah on visit to her folks

Thursday 5. Attended fast meeting took Ester ______ her folks ____ were with her

July, Friday 6. 1883. Went to the city Boys hauled Lucern Contracted for a Self Binder on conditions that it done its work Satisfactorly

Saturday 7. Cut Lucern on home farm finished cutting Lucern

July, Sunday 8. 1883. Attended ________________________

Monday 9. Repaired up the mower _____________ commensed cutting grass Showery Duering the day its ___ caught the Lucern attended a ____ meeting in the evening three Trustees Elected

July, Tuesday 10. 1883. tow wet to haul Lucern cut grass This is my Birth day 63 years has passed away since the light of this world dawned up on me May my Birth into the lite of Heaven be renewed this day and continue to increase hence foarth is my prayer

Wednesday 11. hauled Lucern cut grass in the afternoon Aaron was called home as Rebeca was taken Sick

July, Thursday 12. 1883. finished hauling Lucern commensed hauling hay cut in the afternoon vary warm

Friday 13. The Self Binder came upon the freight this morning with an expert to set it up I assisted in putting it togather Boys hauled hay did not finish setting up the Binder

July, Saturday 14. 1883. resumed seting up the Binder finished at 12:00 N Boys hauled hay cut grass in the after noon

Sunday 15. Visited East Bountiful Sunday School in the morning and Centerville School in the afternoon Reseived of John Smith $6.00 on pasturing

July, Monday 16. 1883. Mr Johnson came up with an expert to start the Self Binder I went and saw the Buck eye run at Tiffins Started the Dering in my heavy oats 6 ft high the Buck eye game Path had a hard strugle

Tuesday 17. Went to City with A R Porter to sign with him for some money he wanted to make a lone Bought a 2nd hand Buggy of Hardy Bro

July, Wednesday 18. 1883. Assisted Bro Woolley to start the Self Binder Started mower Boys hauled hay Delivered 2 loads of Tithing hay to B P Cheney 3850 lbs

Thursday 19. hauled hay and cut grass

July, Friday 20. 1883. cut grass in the forenoon put on the self rake in the afternoon Boys hauled hay

Saturday 21. Aaron went to city with a load of hay for Scears I cut Barley with the self rake

July, Sunday 22. 1883. Visited the South District Sunday School in South Bountiful Ward called the hot Springs District Brother Treniston was with me We called a meeting of the parents in the after noon there was a general turnout

Monday 23. Aaron went to Farmington to qualify as a trustee of our District School I cut Barley in the fore noon put a wire oo top of Brush fence on south side of pasture the cows having broke through

July, Tuesday 24. 1883. Attended the celebration of the 24th in Centerville and took part in the exorsises of the day as oriter. Speaches Songs and toasts was in the order of the days exorsisis dance for the children in the afternoon and at night for the adults

Wednesday 25. Cut Barley withe self Binder Boys showed up Aaron operated the Binder the day is quite Sultry

July, Thursday 26. 1883. Went to the City to get a settlement with the with the Denvir and Riogrand R R Componey on Bill for fence did not Succeede But was promised a Settlement on Saturday next

Friday 27. Aaron run the Self binder in the Barley Nathan & Charles hauled rock for corell wall took out some honey attended Priesthood meeting at Farmington

July, Saturday 28. 1883. Went to city with Bishop Cheney took my wool to Clawson at 17 cts per pound A Man was accidently shot Setled with the Railrode Comp Resieved 130 Dollars paid L Hardy $75 for the 2nd hand Bugy ingeged to have it repaired.

Sunday 29. visited South Bountiful Sunday school with my assistants also attended the ward meeting in the afternoon

July, Monday 30. 1883.

Boys hauled sand I watered the garden Aaron hauled two loads of lime from the lime kilns

Tuesday 31. Nathan & Charley hauled Rock Aaron set up Barly in the fore noon run the Binder in the afternoon Hosler commensed to lay the corall wall Loned 2 dollars to

August, Wednesday 1. 1883. Aaron continued cutting wheat with the binder Charley wated on the mason Nathan set up Barly I finished cutting the Barley with the self rake

Thursday 2. Attended fast meeting Aaron run the binder cutting wheat Nathan shocked up Charley tended the mason I run the self rake Broke the arm of the real

August, Friday 3. 1883. put in a new arm to the real Aaron Run the Binder Nathan shocked wheat Charles tended the mason cows broke out off the pasture in to Nadans grain 7 of Clevelands 7 of Wm Evans 11 horises

Saturday 4. harvesting and tending on mason was the order of the day Brandons put another cow in pasture

August, Sunday 5. 1883. Visisted the North District Sunday School of Farmington. Notified the superintendents of the three schools that a meeting of all the superintendents of the Stake would meet in Farmington on the 12th inst for mutial benefit and to arrange for a Jewbilee of the schools if so deziered

Monday 6. this is Election day for county and Teritorial officers Aaron Cep tally of the votes cast as one of the Peopels party and was ill treated by T J Brandon. one of the Judges Brother Sanford came over from Porterville

August, Tuesday 7. 1883. Cut and bound oats with the Self Binder I cut with Self rake in the afternoon Nathan finished Schocking on the Bottom farm

Wednesday 8. Aaron run the Binder Nathan schocked up I set up some gate posts bound up some Timothey Nathan had a chill this after noon

August, Thursday 9. 1883. Cleared off a place to stack grain on bottom farm

Friday 10. Went City with Rebecca and Emily I and Rebecca got our liknesses taken at C R Savages Brought the Buggy home I was getting repaired Boys hauled and Staked Barley

August, Saturday 11. 1883. Boys hauled Barley in the forenoon I oiled the Bugy harness had a shower of rain at one pM which stoped the Barley hauling Bound up timothey for seed

Sunday 12. Attended the Sunday School Superintendents and teachers meeting at Farmington, as previously appointed in a Stake capasity for all the Superintendents to be held Simianually

August, Monday 13. 1883. Aaron finished cuting oats with the self binder there is some to be cut with the self rake I and the Boys hauled and stacked Barley in the Bottom farm

Tuesday 14. Aaron and one team is now on the thratcher as we exspect to take a share in it with J W Woolley Ford and Streeper I and the Boys hauled and stacked Barley

August, Wednesday 15. 1883. hauled and Stacked Barley duering the day Nothing further of note occurred

Thursday 16. hauling and Stacking Barley was the Business of the day Aaron is on the Thratcher for the season

August, Friday 17. 1883. finish stacking the Barley except the raking

Saturday 18. Boys hauled up the rakings I cleared off the ground for stacking Bare and oats from the North field

August, Sunday 19. 1883. Visited the West Bountiful Sunday School and attended meetings in the afternoon took Eliza up to her Farthers in the evening took a Ride with three of the children Zima Jesse & little Amelia.

Monday 20. Charley Porter and wife returned to Porterville I sent $38 Dollars to Chauncey by him hauled and stacked Barley

August, Tuesday 21. 1883. hauled and stacked Barley met with the committe on prograghm for the Sunday Schools Jubilee at Gorge Chases

Wednesday 22. Cut Lucern on Bottom farm Nathan and Charley hauled in loos Barley

August, Thursday 23. 1883. Cut Lucern in lower farm in the fore noon Willis Goodridge helped the Boys haul oats the wagon tire runn off the fore wheal the Sorel horse pitched over the manger and broke his home I spent most the afternoon repairing them up

Friday 24. Nathan runn the mower in cutting lucern Willis & Charley hauld oats I done theSet Emily went to City on the cars let her have 11 Dollars to pay for Likenesses at Savages

August, Saturday 25. 1883. Boys hauled oats I and Johney raked and Bunched Lucern in the forenoon Nathan cut Lucern in the afternoon I stacked oats Captain Birt was shot by a cursed Scoundrel this afternoon

Sunday 26. Attended meeting in Centerville attended high priest meeting in the evening at East Bountiful

August, Monday 27. 1883. Nathan started as a Normal Student to the University in Salt Lake City Charley & Pary Tingey hauled thithing Lucern delivered to T J Harris I cut Lucern in for noon

Tuesday 28. Charley and Pary hauled two loads of thithing hay to Harris this fore noon worked on the thratcher in the afternoon

August, Wednesday 29. 1883. Cleaned and repaired up the Bins preparitory for thratching The fan shaft Broke on the thratcher this fore noon, repaired the shaft But Broke the pully getting it on tellefoned to Ogden for a new one. Borrowed 25 Dollars at Store for Nancey clark

Thursday 30. No returns from ogden J W Woolley went up on the first train all hands are wating Returned with casting at 12 M Bunched up Lucern hauled one load form Bottom farm

August, Friday 31. 1883. Attended Priesthood meeting at Farmington Busy on the thratching machine

September, Saturday 1. Commensed thratching the grain in the after noon thratched the Barley and most of the oats on the homested farm Charley agreed _____ to work for one year for $1.30 with 3 month ____ over

September, Sunday 2. 1883. Attended meetings John Segenna and my self occupied the time in speaking to the assembly

Monday 3. Continued thratching finished the oats and Barley on the home Stead farm Barley 236 oats 604 Wheat 638 Barley on bottom farm 200 on Clarks 330 total 2012

September, Tuesday 4. 1883. finished the Wheat and commensed on the Barley

Wednesday 5. Laid a side the thratching and all hands attended the Sunday School Jubilee for all the Sunday school in the Stak there was a vary large turnout all went off quietly no accident occured

September, Thursday 6. 1883. Resumed the thratching finished at 3 pm

Totals Barley 766 B

" Wheat 638 "

" Oats 608 "

Sum total 2012

Friday 7. Aaron went to city with a load of barley I and Charley hauled the seed Timothy and a load of Lucerne in the forenoon fixed the wire fence in afternoon

September, Saturday 8. 1883. Attended the quartily Conference of the Stake at Farmington. President Woodruff of the Apostels was in attendence but of the people ware in attendence

Sunday 9. Conference continued President George Q Cannon and his Son Abraham was in attendence with Elder Woodruff they gave mutch good instructions Conference adjourned for three months

September, Monday 10. 1883. Went to city with Nathan conveyed him to the Academy and went to the Utah centerel office and succeeded in getting him passed on the cars at more favourable rates to and from school

Tuesday 11. Aaron Went to city with a load of Barley Charles Tingey hauled rock for corall wall Sent a grist to mill 14 Sacks

September, Wednesday 12. 1883. Aaron went to city with Barley I and Charley hauled Rock

Thursday 13. Aaron went to city with Barley myself & Charle hauled Rock in forenoon The wheat subble was set on fire by the Denver & Riogrand locomotives Burned up

September, Friday 14. 1883. Aaron went city with Barley I and Charley hauled rock in the forenoon got tire set on the hind wheals of the wagon

Saturday 15. Aaron and Sanford Chipman went to hunt the young stock on the mountain Nathan and Charley hauled Sand I repaired more of the burnt fence Met the Jubilee comitee at Gorge Chases setled up the Existing debt had 8 Dollars over

September, Sunday 16. 1883. At home attended meeting. Wm Wood from Salt Lake City occupied most of the time. Attended circle meeting at 7 pM Aaron & S Chipman returned with 10 of the young stock

Monday 17. Aaron went to city with Barley Sanford Chipman and wife started for home with Justin as he is now able to travel Malinda went with them on a visit to her cousins in Porterville

September, Tuesday 18. 1883. Aaron went to city with barley I and Charley hauled Rock

Wenesday 19. David Hosler came and resumed laying rock Charley tended on him I and Aaron went to city with Barley

September, Thursday 20. 1883. Aaron and Charley went to city with Barley

I repaired up the heg fence to keep the calves from getting through put out fire in Woods meadow set by the train

Friday 21. My self and Aaron went to city with the last of the Barly

September, Saturday 22. 1883. fire was Set a gane in the lower fiel by the Denver Engine Spent most of the day choring about home Hosler put his cow in the meadow with mine

Sunday 23. Attended meeting Elder Pary green Sessons from East Bountiful occupied part of the time I occupied most of the remainder attended circle meeting at 7 PM

September, Monday 24. 1883. The young stock broke through the Brush fence into Dan Wood field I spent the fore noon in repairing the fence

Tuesday 25. Cut some seed Lucern in the Botom farm Aaron was choring about home the Babe was quite sick with chills

September, Wednesday 26. 1883. Went to City in the Buggy taking Nathan down to his School got his milage ticket renewed for 10 days $4.40 I cashed my check of five hundred & seventy nine Dollars & 25 cts at Wells & Fargos Bank

Thursday 27. hauled down some posts to close the pasture fence cut Lucerne for seed repaired wire fence paid up Black Smith Bill to H Rampton in full $16.00

September, Friday 28. 1883. Settled up the Store bills of myself & Aaron in full $180.00 Also lifted my Note in the hand of Wm Streeper for $250.00 with the interest of $20.00 total $270.00

Saturday 29. Set some posts in extention of the pasture fence towards the lake Nathan & Charley striped kane

September, Sunday 30. 1883. Attended meeting Truman Lenord of Farmington and Bros Parkins and Page from South Bountiful occupied the time

October, Monday 1. Went to City with J W Woolley lifted our Note of $150.00 on self Binder I stoped & attended the Sunday chool union meeting in the evening

October, Tuesday 2. 1883. Returned home this afternoon with E T Clark had quite a shower of rain

Wednesday 3. Cut some kane and hauled to the mill for grinding

October, Thursday 4. 1883. attended fast meeting sent in 113 lbs of flour for fast offering Cut and hauled kane to the molases mill J Cook put 53 head of beef cattle in pasture.

Friday 5. continued cutting and hauling kane made a finish of it

October, Saturday 6. 1883. attended the general cimianual conference

Sunday 7. Conference continued closing at 4 pm had mutch good instructions given to a vary large attendence

October, Monday 8. 1883. Started fall plowing got 890 lbs of coal of Wm R Smith Aaron is unwell so as to not able to work

Tuesday 9. Aaron is some better this morning Charley run the Sulky plow Sowed some Timothy seed on meadow

October, Wednesday 10. 1883. Aaron unwell Charley run the ____ set some posts on pasture fence

Thursday 11. Cut _____ Lucern _______ Charley plowed

October, Friday 12. 1883. set posts in the forenoon rained in the afternoon

Saturday 13. Ar___ ___________ pard out the __ream has ___ ___ line on the __re ______ Stretched were in ____ Sister Holland died this morning at 3 AM

October, Sunday 14. 1883. attended meeting spoke a few minutes at the close

Monday 15 attended the funeral of Sister Holland. Spoke a short time on the state of the Soul after Death Brother Tree spoke also Elder C H Bliss of Salt Lake City he is travling in the interest of the Invention structure

October, Tuesday 16. 1883. Rained last night cloudy this morning Cook took 26 head of his beef cattle out of pasture at 12 M Dr to pasturing 53 head up to present date 11 1/2 days $42..66 27 head remains

Wednesday 17. Aaron got two of the yearlings that was out on the mountains one still out took a grist to mille got 2 Barels of molases from the molases mill learned of Bishop Hunters Death he died yesterday ________

October, Thursday 18. 1883. Dalrympal to a load of Straw took a load of straw to Brophet

Friday 19. attended Bishop Hunters funeral at 2 PM in the assembly hall there was a large attendence

October, Saturday 20. 1883. Dug potatoes Brother Sanford helped us put 22 Bushels in the seller Henry Cleveland put his cows in to pasture in the field.

Sunday 21. attended a Sunday School revew at East Bountiful. Supt Godard Morgan and Willis were in attendence had a vary good time

October, Monday 22. 1883. Dug potatoes 45 B hauled in squashes 510

Tuesday 23. continued diging potatoes dug 50 Bushels

October, Wednesday 24. 1883. finished diging the potatoes

Thursday 25. The Boys went to the city with potastoes and squashes for tithing 30 more squashes Due. Even Jones moved up from city. I went in the Buggey with Sister Nancy Signed with her at the Bank for _000

October, Friday 26. 1883. Commensed the theological class Rained all last night

Saturday 27. Contracted with Amos Barber for a horse for my Brother Sanford at 95 Dollars to be paid with in 4 months from date

October, Sunday 28. 1883. Attended meeting in the morning and Sunday School in the afternoon Thomas Whittaker resigned his position as assistant superintendent of the school

Monday 29. Went to city with the Women folks to trade for their winter clothing Arranged with Elizabeth Stevenson to board Nathan for $2.25 a week

October, Tuesday 30. 1883. Repaired the double tres on sulkey plow and set Charley to plowing

Wednesday 31. Aaron plowed with hand plow I turned over the seed Lucern

November, Thursday 1. 1883. Cook took the Ballence of his beef cattle Aaron and Charley are plowing got 2500 lbs coal

Friday 2. gave by note to Amos Barber for 95 Dollars due March first 1884

November, Saturday 3. 1883. Hosler took his cow away

Sunday 4. Attended meeting spoke a few minutes

November, Monday 5. 1883. Aaron and his wife went City Charley run the sulkey plow I went down on the Bottom to put up some wire fence found too mutch on the ground

Tuesday 6. Still plowing Aaron run the hand plow in the afternoon went to the Shopand run some Babbit meatle as bushing in the cutter wheal of the sulkey plow

November, Wednesday 7. 1883. Run the plows sent a grist to mill 10 sack looks very mutch like storm Resieved a note from Chauncey Porter letting me know how he was succeeding in selling the sewing machines

Thursday 8. Rained most of the knight and is now snowing vary fast in large flakes

November, Friday 9. 1883. Attended a meeting of the high Council at Farmington Boys killed a beef and a hog

Saturday 10. Cut up the Beef loned to J Parish 63 1/2 lbs four quarter let Charley Tingey have 118 lbs hind quarter on his work $10.62 Evens Jones 52 1/2 lbs

November, Sunday 11. 1883. Visited the South district Sunday School of Farmington with my assistant J Keniston James Beard now Superintendent Also the north district school of Centerville in the after noon J Cole to 5 lbs beef 40 cts Farther Mills Died this morning

Monday 12. Attended the funeral of Brother Thomas Mills at 2 Pm spoke at some length on the occasion Aaron went to city after lime

November, Tuesday 13. 1883. Aaron went to city with a load of hay 222 lbs Hosler resumed laying up corell wall a car load of coal came for me hauled coal & wated on mason

Wednesday 14. Aaron hauled coal finished onloding the car Charley tended the mason I cut up the pork engaged the rest of the hogs to Papworth (the Butcher at 8 cts per pound Hosler to 2900 lbs coal

November, Thursday 15. 1883. Went to the City with Rebeca and witnessed the Marage of my Daugter Emily Caroline to Hyrum Parish in the indument house by Daniel H Wells. had the privolige of following through and testifying to the sirimonies of the induments with Joel Parish and his wife Elizabeth

Friday 16. Run the sulkey plow Aaron hauled rock for the mason on the rock wall Charley wated on the Mason

November, Saturday 17. 1883. finished my wheel barow in the fore noon waited on the mason in the afternoon Aaron went teaching Nathan ran the sulkey plow Charley not able to work

Sunday 18. My self & Brother Feniston visited Kays Ward Sunday School made an appointment to visit South Hooper next Sunday

November, Monday 19. 1883. Aaron helped Woolley set the machine for thratching his Lucern in the afternoon hauled rock in the fore noon Charley ran the plow

Tuesday 20. Aaron helped Wooley thratch Charley also I waited on the mason they finished thratching Broke the machine

November, Wednesday 21. 1883. Snowed last night and this morning killed some of my hogs in the afternoon

Thursday 22. finished killing hogs took them to the city sold 5 out of six to Papworth at 8 cts per pound $51.40 Setled with Cook for pasturing $63.40. got N T an overcoat $4.00

November, Friday 23. 1883. attended high council meeting at farmington Charley plowed setled up my taxes $83 40/100

Saturday 24. Aaron went city with a load of hay 2125 lbs I remained at home. Learned of Apostel C C Stochs Death at his home in Barlak Stake. Charley plowed.

November, Sunday 25. 1883. My Self and assistants visited South Hooper Sunday School went up on the morning train got off at the Summit Station walked 2 miles to Bro Prieces Who took us by team to Hooper 4 miles returned on the evening train

Monday 26. Spent the day about home set Charley to plowing got some rope from store to tie up some of the cows Sold Richard Mills a cow for 50 Dollars

November, Tuesday 27. 1883. At home Charley used the sulky plow helped Aaron in the after noon

Wednesday 28. Aaron to city with hay 2375 lbs Charley ___ the cattle to the p__ss found the pump in Barn seler John Back at ____

November, Thursday 29. 1883. helped around_______ in the forenoon ect. this is thanksgiving dinner day at 4 oclok Clear and pleasent

Friday 30. attended Priesthood meeting at Farmington Aaron went to city with hogs for pork Charley run sulky plow

December, Saturday 1. 1883. froze hard last night Boys hauled up some straw for beding filled up the old Barn seller for the calves

Sunday 2. Attended the Centerville North District Sunday Shool review in the meeting hous Superintendents George Godard Willis & John Brogan were also in attendence also my two assistance

December, Monday 3. 1883. At home choring about the premises Resieved $50 Dollars from C Mills on cow 5 yet due vary foggy this afternoon

Tuesday 4. Run the sulkey plow in the afternoon Aaron not able to work afflicted with a bad cold

December, Wednesday 5. 1883. plowed all day turned over tow acres Aaron Stiil under the weather

Thursday 6. plowed in the morning attended fast meeting plowed in the afternoon Aaron and Hyrum Parrish loaded a load of hay

December, Friday 7. 1883. J.J Harris to five Bushels Tithing oats Aaron went City with the hay 2350 lbs Sister Barber Wife of David Barber Died at a bout 8 oclok this evening

Saturday 8. Attended Stake quartely Conference at Kaysville Joseph F Smith of the quorum of the twelve and Elder Charles Penrose Editorar of the Deseret News were in attendence and occupied the time - after the Bishops report - which was full of good instructions and admonitions

December, Sunday 9. 1883 Attended the funeral of Sister Barber at 10- 30 minutes AM Elder Henry Roberts Delivered a vary interesting discourse. tuching on the pre existant of man I spok a few minutes my self and Brother Roberts left at 1 PM for the conference arived in time for the afternoon service President Taylor Spoke

Monday 10. At home regulated the stalls for the Stock of milk cows and horses

December, Tuesday 11. 1883 At home nothing of note the usual choring about occupied the day

Wednesday 12. looking after the Stock occupied most of the day

December, Thursday 13. 1883. helped Aaron haul up a load of Lucern for his cows and attended to the Stock

Friday 14. helped Aaron load up a load of hay for the City

December, Saturday 15. 1883. Sent Charley with the hay to the City my Self and Aaron went down in the Buggy - he to collect some school tax from the DRG compt I to make Sale of Some beef did not Succeede

Sunday 16. My Self and Assistant John Ellison visit on the Bountiful Sunday School and attended the Ward meeting found the school doing well

December, Monday 17. 1883. At home choring around fixed up the Bees for winter JJ Harris to a Small load of hay to apply on School tax

Tuesday 18. Nothing of note occured more than the usual Choring about the premices attended Lecture Delivered by Arthur Stayner to the young men on Secret vices

December, Wednesday 19. 1883. Paid to John W Woolley $50.00 in full for his interest - thratching machine

Thursday 20. Got a horse Shod in contemplation of go on a visit to Porterville and spend Christmass with my Brothers. Went S L City paid $16 50/100 at Z C Savings Bank for Chauncey Porter on interest on money loned

December, Friday 21. 1883. Attended a meeting of the high Council at Farmington. the case of T J Brandon was called for investigation it being a case forwarded up from the Bishops Court. after a lengthy examination the decision was held under advisment, for two weeks when the council will a gane sit attended the Theoligical Class at 7 PM

Saturday 22. Rained most of the past night turning in to a snow Storm at 11 AM preventing my trip to Porterville as contemplated. Aaron went to City with a load of hay.

December, Sunday 23. 1883. Attended meeting in the morning and Sunday School in the afternoon and circle meeting in the evening also a Lecture delivered by Elder Henry Roberts

Monday 24. I and Rebeca Went to Porterville to pay a visit to my Brothers John and Lyman and Families with others of my Fathers house found them well in health Alma was laid up with a lame leg which had formerly been broke

December, Tuesday 25. 1883. Visited with Lyman and family most of the day Snowed some duering the day Went to James Cherries in the evening and Sayed over night

Wednesday 26. Went with Brother Lyman and wife up the creek to his residence there and paid his wife Sarah a visit returned to James Cherries for the night

December, Thursday 27. 1883. Visited Alma Porters and took dinner his wife was vary mutch afflicted with the tooth ache

Friday 28. Visited my Brother John and family duering the day Stayed over night Snowed agane

December, Saturday 29. 1883. Visited Thomas Rich and family took diner with them Lyman and wife accompanied us Brother Rich was quite feeble having ben ill in health for Some time.

Sunday 30. Attended Sunday School at 10 AM and meeting at 2 PM Spoke a while to the Audience

December, Monday 31. 1883. Returned home vary cold this morning and duering the day arived home found all well

Tues Jan 1st 1884 at home

Weds at home

Thur 3rd attended fastmeeting

Fri 4. Attended high council meeting at Farmington T J Brandons case was continued

Sat 5th Resieved of Wm Wright $202.20 on note he gave a new note for $500.00 paid to Store $104.20 34 of it cre to Aaron

Jan 5th paid to John Ford $50.00 Due on thratcher, and $2.40 for potatoes for seed

Jan 6 attended meeting in the frenoon and the young men conference at East Bountiful in the afternoon

7th at home repaired the pump in Barn Seller

8 Went with Eliza on a visit to Fathers spent most of the time visiting Bro France with the Bishop and council met in the evening with Bishop President Smith and a commity of three - J W Wooley John Ellison and Arther Staynor to make rconciliation between the two former and T J Brandon.

8 Snowed this morning


Feb 3rd Micha Gerns to 10 1/2 Bush of Wheat Also two Shotes $12.00

Mar 20th to $28 00

Jan 3rd David Hasler to two pigs. or Shotes $10.00

Feb 13th E T Clark to 15 Bushels of wheat on rent of land per S Porter

June 6th to 44 Bushels per S Porter leaving a ballence of 11 B

Mar 20 Due Sam Rigby on Drean $12.30 - Paid

Jos. Cherry Mar 20th to 2 days with team and Seeder $7 00 one half day hand & Ceder $1.25

Jos Cherry by Broking with him self and team 2 days



Charley Tingey

July 23 to $1.50

Aug 21 5.00

Sept 5 8.00

" 14 1.00

" 28 10.00

Nov 10th 118 lbs beef 10.62

" 29 to cash 20.50

" 1 pair Boots 4.00

" 30 1 pair overhalls 7.00

Dec 24th cash 1.00

Jan 7th 1884 to cash 1.50

" 10 to cash .50




hands on thratching

M Ward 1 1/2 day single 1 day team pd

J Cherry 1 day single 1 day team

J Barber 2 day single 1 day ush___

W Streeper Team 1 1/2 day

J Smith 2 1/2 days

W. Evans 1 1/2 days

L Dalrylmple 2 1/4 days paid

F Trec 3 1/4 + paid

T Walton 2 1/2

Perry Tingey 3 1/4

J Brandon 2 days paid

D Partrige 3/4 day paid

S Rich " "

J G Williams 3 1/4

Work done for J Woolley

2 hands 2 1/2 days

Service of Butter

Feb 20th W R Smith 1 case

" 23rd _______ 1

Apr 13 A Ca___ 1

J W Woolley 1 pd

May 4th Wm Cleveland 1 pd

" 8th Daniel Wood 1 pd

" 24 Jos Cherrie 1

" 15 Wm Cleveland 1 pd

" 19 " " 1 pd

June 3 O Kilbourn 1

" 6 A Call 1

" 9 Wm Cleveland 1 pd

" 15 Chester Call 1

" 18 J W Wooley 1

" " Thos Tingey 1

" 24 John Wright 1

" 29 Wm Cleveland 1 pd

July 2nd Wm Cleveland 1

" 30th Resieved of Richard Mills 91.00

Aug 22 David Barber 1


Sept 26 N Cheney 1

Nov 2nd A Call 2 cows

" 20 Daniel Wood 1

Ded 22nd Isreal Barlow 1

Cash Account Received Paid

June 4th of Wm Cleveland on pastur bill 12.00

Aug 10 12.00

Even Jones on Temple

Oct 26 Even Jones to 8 B potatoes $ 3.20

" 27th 105 lbs flour 2.57

Nov 1st 1 lb butter

" " 800 lbs coal 4.00

" 8th 35 lbs flour .85

Nov 10th 52 lbs beef 3.65

" 12 126 " flour 3.15

" 14 1500 lbs coal 2.90

" 26 116 lbs flour ____


Dec 25th 24 lbs flour .60

" " 1 gal molasses

Jan 11th 21 lbs flour .55





Oct 30th Even Jones to 19 1/4 lbs Molases

Nov 1 lb Butter

" 3 1 " "

" 6 1 " "

" 18 1 " "

" 24 1 " "

Dec 7th 1 " "

" 15 1 " "

Dec 25 1 gal molases .85

E Stevenson

Nov 12 to 15 squashes .75

" " " 3 lbs Butter 1.05

Dec 15 to cash 10.00

Jan 11 1884 " 10.00



Dec 11th

Dec 11 David Hosler to 17 B 44 lbs wheat 15.96

to pasturing cow from Sept 22nd to

Nov 3 42 days 2.00

Store order 20.00

Cook Dr

to Pasturing 53 head of cattle 11 days 42.60

to 27 head 15 days 27.00


Resieved payment 69.60


__ ________al__

1 _eep ____

1 __

1 red

1 red

1 _ite _une _____

1 " ______

1 red _______


4 heifers two tanish and two red

5 Steers all Branded N P on left hip

square crop _________

Swallow fish right ear

7 speckled yearling ______ of yearlings

T Tingeys pasture

Bill for 1882

from May 2nd to Oct 1st 2 cows 12.50

Mar 20th to 1600 hay 6.40

Aug 3rd to 3 1/2 B wheat 3.15


May 16 by 1 days Braking

Apr Charley Tingey to driving team 4 1/2 days 4.50

Cows in pasture

May 4th Wm Cleveland 8 head

May 6 Wm Evans 1 $2.00

June 11 N Cheney 2

" 20 S Porter 2

" " William Goodri__ 1

" " John Smith 2

" 22 Brandon 2

June 3 Caroline Haris 1

" Bro Wadops 1 1.50

July 9 _______ 1

" 23 J Leman 2

Aug 4th

" " Brandon 1

Sept1 Wm Evens 1

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