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_____ is living in Franklin Johnson Co Indianna

Sally Gosney Daughter of Daniel & Winniber Yelton is living in Cambel Co Do

Jesse son of Daniel & Winnifer Do is not Married lives in Cambel Co Do

William son of Daniel [bottom of page missing]

Uncle Philo. Richardson Died May 21st 1869 Aged 80 years & 9 Months.

Aunt Sally Richardson his Wife is still alive this 26th day of Jan. 1870 and is in the 78th year of her Age Born Dec 30th 1792-

[the next page is in pieces with some parts missing]

____ ____ ____ tender ____ Seen ___t rom___ and Surv__ the ____ soon __ed to that of ___ open ____ at 5 PM we arrived at the city of Cheyenne situated ___ small stream near ____ ___el with the south ___ it River. I am not f___ ____ to give a description ____ in hat__ ____ dusk ___ on ___ ____ 3 mil ___ places of wo___ __idney ___lesbury ___ places with __re servi__tings were __led in the armes of the kinght ____ passed the farms ___ Cheyenne 102 mil the ___om Sidny 37 mil

Mon 23 ___ 8 ___ came to Plat-City or ___ Pala___ ___ of the ___en ___ ___ got ___ ___ went [bottom of page missing] ha__ _ll over & ___er __ out had Bagage Checked __ the d___ the Iowa side of the River. took Breakfast at the St Charls House with several of the Elders as follows Joseph R___ Thomas Nailor Nathaiel f__ Bro Perry Moroni Pratt Bp Wolly Bro Simons & son Wm Kiter Angus Cannon others Whose names I do not remember Bro__ men Wm Wri__ Joseph ____ were ___ a ___ty r___ the Editor of the city herald of our arr___ ___ give sutch Notes as ___ pro__ for publication. Notes encouragably resieved. Omaha is located on the West Banks of the Misouri River & is a ___ing City. We took the Car for the depot 30 m past 3 PM crossed in the steem ferry left by rail at 5 passing council Bluffs - Atl__ __esiter arriving at Desmoins City at 12 oclck putup at the desmoin hotel.

Thurs Mar 25th took Brekfast (Brothers Perry & Pratt being with us) W_ ___ her___ of Bro. Jos Salla__ Prs ____ Small Branch ____ ___ found his residents had a varry warm reception. his ____nora. & three children constitue his present Family. Br George Beebe came in. one of the old Jacksonn Co. Brethren. I do not remember of seeing him since the saints were driven from that place he in quiered after Father to know if he was yet alive. he lives 15 miles out in the country. in the afternoon Bro Stevenson & Bro Ballinger went and saw the proprieter of the courthouse and obtained permission to hold meetings in on Sunday 28th inst Whi_ with Bro Moroni __lt had an interesting interview with a Merchant & ___ Gentleman answering their numeras questions with regard to our faith and practice We were solicted to call a gane We held meeting in the evening at the house of Mark G. Fifield - Brother in law to ourhost Bro Ballinger.

Friday 26th I withe Edward went with Bro Bebe to his residence some fifteen miles distance where he with Bro Clark had made an appointment for meeting in the evening in the school house of Poke City. there was a small congregation present and they were incumbered with a great amount of Prgudice.

Bro Beebe Family consists a wif and 5 children 4 & 4 girls. he has acquiered considerable welth his gratest lack is the Bread of life. yet feels a live in the in the cause of Christ (Dr Dickinson of Desmoine accompanied us to Bro Beebes he was in attendence on one of Bro Beebe Boys who was a flicted what he called the Pluralysis.

Sat 27th We returned to Bro Ballingers. on our arrival we learned that the reporter of Iow Daly State Register - the official paper of the State - wished an interview with Bro. Stevenson. for the perpose of intervewing him - as it is called. I with Bro Clark Bro Pary & Bro Pratt accompanied him. to the office where we were courtiusly resieved and conducted in to his privet room when the intervewing commenced btween him and Bro Stevenson which consisted of a short Synopsis of his life & travels together withe the rise and organization of the Church the intervewing was exstended to us all, individually on the point as to how many Wives we had. - he said he did not wish this for Publication, it was only for his privite infromation. on interogating me, I answered that I was a prctical Poligomist - that I practised what I taught.

Sun 28 filled our appointment in the courthouse had a gooly number in attendance good attention hat meeting at same place in the vening. at the close of which an Apostate by the Name of Buzard arrose to oppose we woul not suffer him untill the meeting was closed. When we left the room with the more respectfall portion of the congregation.

Mon 29th I with Bro Clark called upon Mr Frank - Porter - whoses Name and Adress I had obtained from the City Rejester with 3 others - Wm Charles & John We were resieved with mutch courtecy untill he assertained that we were Latterday Saints which I was free to disclose as the subject came to that point when a sudden change was visable upon the countinance of him self & wife after considerable conversation he manifested a disposition to hear no further so we left having obtained the Name and Address of his Father and Grandfarther his Father Name is Tyler - his Grandfather is John Born & raised in Winnum Massachusetts. -

Tues 30th We visited Brother Bllingers Sister Mrs Hatsome 3 miles out - we returned Wed Dec 2nd having held 2 meetings learning Mrs hall her sister & some others almost persuaded to go down in to the water I will here say that we resieved a chalange from P. H. Buzard an Apostate to meete him in public Disscussion which we treated with contempt as he is a fair specamin of those filthy Birds having turned like the sow that was washed to his walowing in the mire and has gon so far as to denounce the Atonement - as I am informed - he has for some time ben Advocating Spiritual ism. - Soon after our return from the visit - before mentioned - Bro Beebe came with his team to take us home with him. to hold a fast meeting at his house - as we had be fore arranged in be half of his Son Alvaro who was and had ben in a helpless condition for sometime having lost the use of his limbs We returned with him arriving late in the evening called the family together had a good little meeting Suggesting to them that we with them would hold a fast on the morrow for the special benifit of the afflicted to which all were agreed We did so - it being the usual day given unto the saints to fast - the first thursday in the month - And shurely the Lord was with us by the outporing of his spirit the gift of tongues was manifested by Elder Perry who gave the in terpretation which was varry encourageing We washed the afflicted & Annointed him with oil - & Administered unto him and I doubt not but the Lord will raise him up.

Fri 4th We parseled ourselves out to hold meetings in the Neighbourhoods around as there were many calls - I with Bro Madson went out to Sweede point some 14 miles in company with a Bro by the Name of Swain Anderson who had come down to Bro Beebes - his Mother having married Sister Beebes Father - Bro Beebe kindly furnished us with a Spann of horses and Buckboard. we put with Bro Swensons Brothers. held meeting in the school house in the evening having given out the appointment at the different schools as also an appointment at 11 oclk on Sunday in the Christen meeting house. at the close of the latter an ex minister of the Prysbeterian church arrose and asked the liberty to ask a question which was granted. he wished me to reconsile the fact that there were an equal number of males and feemales which if the Plurality systum was carrid out would leave us poor fellows here with out any to which I replied that the Gentleman was mutch mistaken - that sutch fact did not exist - acording to the statistics of as to the number of the sexes that in state of Pensylvania and alone there were 45 thousand more feemales than Males and other States in proportion he said it was the fact as to the Eastern States But not the western States continuing his complaint in reply I irged for myself & Edward to go again to sweede point to fill an appointment sent there by letter for this evening. left at 11 oclok arrived at Sweede Point at 3 pm learned that our letter had not been resieved we therefore gave out our appointment through the school teachers of the two schools. in consequence of the short notice & bad weather we had but few in attendence they listened with mutch attention had there ben ample notice we woul have had a ful house we put up with our former host Mr John Anderson through the kindness of Mr M Cotton the School Teacher - I was informed of one Judge Porter living in Ames Story county Iowa - to whom I wrote the following letter

Poke City Dec 10th 1869

Mr Porter

Dear Sir

Being earnestly solisited by my venerable Father Now in his 79th year to obtain all the information possiable as to those of his kindred, the knowllege of Whome he has ben destitute for many years. having ben a Pioneere to the westward from my earliest recolection. Now over forty years. And as I am on a tour to the Eastern States, feel to imbrace evry opportunity of so doing. - My Fathers Name is Sanford Porter Son of Nathan Porter Who was the son of Timothy Porter. I was born in the state of vermont Orange County Which is my Fathers native State. he gave me a list of names as far as he could remember having accidently learned your Name and Address (officially so) I have taken the liberty of Addressing these few lines to you - as it is not convenient for me to give you a passing call as I have arranged for my passage direct to N. Y. City. Therefore if you will be so kind as to give me the Name of your ansesters with ther Nativity - together with any identity you may discover between them and those I have mentioned - you will confer upon me an estesmable favour. An early answer will be vary gratefully resieved. Please Address to Nathan T. Porter. Box 100. care of James M. Ballinger Desmoins Iowa. With kind regard, I subscribe my self yours truly

N. T. Porter

We returned Fri morning to Bro bebes held meeting in in the evening it was our fare-well meeting for a season Administered a gane to his son Alvaro who was sloly recovering.

Sat 10 Bro Bebe took his teem and brought us on our way to Desmoin. we left our Blessing upon him and his house hold - the roads are vary muddy we held meeting in the evening at Bro Ballingers

Sun 11th held meeting at the same place 6 Elders being present most of whome addressed the meeting exorting the Saints to faithfulness &c

Mon 12th got 100 hand bills printed announcing a lecture to be delivered in the courthouse on tuesday vening by Elder Edward Stevenson & N T Porter Subject Utah Sivilly and Eccleasticly -

Tues 13th put up the Bills visited the Iwa State Register office was courtiously resieved & conducted through the various departments by the Local reporter had an intervew with the proprieter Mr Mills in the course of his remarks he observed that the Elders sent out by President Young were exciting considerable excitement through the States - that President young was considered vary sharp in opening his chappels to their misters of the different sects. for by so doing they would be obligated to return the compliment to his ministers he said that the 200 Elders sent out were making quite a stir through the states. We filled the appointment for the vening had a full house and good attention.

Wed 15th We Baptised George Sanders Bro Bebes son in law who came down the vening before for the perpose having become fully convinced Bro Stevenson officiated. I with Ezra visited or rather called upon Mr Charles C Porter he gave me his Geneoligy as far as he could trace, which I have noted. his Father and Grand Father were Born and raised in Pensylvania. -

Th 17th at 1-25 m pm I and Ezra left on the cars to visit his Uncle David Keeler Who he was informed lived at Rockford Floyed Co Iow we had but just started when we discoverted Bro Samuel Richards entering entering the front door of the car. we exclaim there is Bro Richards we arose went forward, and as he turned to take his seat Ezra slouped him on the shoulder he turned sudenly and to his surprise. he recognized. the smiling faces of two of his Brethren & fellow servents. we appreciated the meeting I assure you altho it was short as we had arranged to leave the line at Marengo 90 miles distance. we made a good use of the timin. in making in quieries about the saints at home as he was only three days out - on arriving at Meringo we took the stage for Blair City on the N Western 12 miles utup at the Hotel at 5 30 m AM. took the cars to Seder rappids 53 m took Breakfast and changed cars for Farley connecting with the Dubuque & Socily line Distance 120 m arrived 6 AM laid by for the 9 o clok train p.m. from thence to Charles City 160 m arrived Saturday Morning 7a. Stoped at the Ely house took Breakfas. and laving our hand trunks in charge of the Landlord we struk a cross the country on foot to Rockford 15 m there being no rail or stage convyance to that point as we neared Rockford we learned that Ezras uncle had left the country and gon to Pencylvania that one of his sons still remained on arriving we learned that he was a single Man & was staying with a Mr. Bebe a Tavern Keeper where we also put up we were interdused to him as he came in in the evening. we learned the particulars as to his Father &c -

Sun 19th droped a note to Edward. at 10 A M resumed our tramp back to Charles City arrived 3 P.M. at 630 we were on bord the cars agane Booked for Farley Junction where wearrived 3 A.M. Mon 20th here had to wait untill 10: oclok for the Seder Rappids train at 3 PM we arrived at Seder Rappid. took supper at a bording house near the station had an interesting conversation with the Proprietor and Several other Gentleman with regard to our Nation Sivally Morally - Religeously and Politically. all a greeing that demoralization was sweeping over the whole Body Pollitic. I asked why the ministers of Religeon did not proclaim against it and hold it as a matter of felowship in their Churches. Why congress did not make special enacments for its punishment. inaccordance with Gods Law. that it might be enforsed by very sivil officer throughout the Nation. and thus clense our social systum which is the vitality of the Nation - no one gave a reson - upon which I remarked - that my mind refered back to the Jewish Nation when it was on the eve of an awful desolution. they cought a Women in the vary act of adultry But in sted of enforsing the Law them Selves they brought the Women to our Savour. for him to pass Judgment upon her. as they did not feel safe in so doing. lest the Judgment they had to pass should fall upon their own head being gilty of the same things - which they evince by turning a way without casting the first Stone. It was eckowleged that it would well apply even to the chief rulars of our Nation - having gained the sentiment in favour of truth thus far I further remarked in sted of congress legislating against this unbounded evil. of prostitution. they give it protection under a licence. from. which they draw a large revinew for the support of the Nation thus - like the Prostitutes them selves - the nation is living on its vertue how long will our Nation Stand. look at the Sea on which the Ship of State is aflote - See the Political horison. See the two winds of Political power that have already brought up the powerful waves which come togather with an awful surge and as it were a river, of Blood has flown. and altho there is now a calm. we know not how soon a more terable one may arrise. I am told at our terst Presidential Election that one fatte shot on either sid would of set this State all in a blaze - answer that is so - it was then hanging as it were by a thread that a touch would of severed. Congress has made a specal enacment against a small portion of its citizens for having more than one living Wife at a time. making it a crinimal offence. Which institution is supported upheld Aand sustained by the Holy Bible. While living with or having intercorse with even one wife without marriage. is denounced from begining to the end and made punishable with death under Gods Law - Gentleman look at it and compair the two - the one by the law of God and identified with that People. But they were so completely captivated by the forse of truth that there was vary little if any reaction in their fellings towards us which they manifested by insisting upon us not to be in a hurry on the near approach of the train the whistle soon blew and we off agane on time soon at Blair town putup at our former hotel. took the morning stage to Morengo arriving at 10 AM Tus 21st dined at the hotel - took the evening train for Lockport we were now on our through tickits having got back onto the Main line. we arrived at Jolleett Weds morning at 5 AM. at 7-40m took the special passinger train to Lockport distance 4 miles arriving at B B Clarks in about 30 minutes found the all well. they had ben looking for us for several days. we were kindly resieved here I resieved two leters from home that were in wating for me. Baring dates of Nov 28 & Dec 6th with good news that all were well Ezra also resieved letters

Thur 23rd Answered my letters sent a slip that I cut from a Chicago paper. refering to one of my wifs Uncles the novelty of it indused me to send it home.

Fri 24h Resieved a note for Edward stating that he was still in Des moins had visited Bro Beebes a gane that Alvaro had ben taken wors. that they gathered around to see him die But he was then a little better. I fet to write and incourage them to hold on by faith with a recconsiliation of Spirit to the will of God, that paradventure he would yet raise him up unto life and health.

Sat 25th Wrote to Bro Lilbourn canton ___ the 1869th Christmass day was selebrated with usual display of candies toys and salutations

Sun 26th Took a carrige ride with B B Clark & his wife 15 miles out in to the country to pay Ezras Nephews a visit Carlos and Abaro his Brother Weslies sons - the former was living with his Fatherinlaw Mr More - Webster - the latter was soninlaw to Mr Wescot on whom we made a passing call we were interdused to Mr Webster & family and was kindly resieved. Carlos and wife were absent but soon returned. I could recognise the exspression of his Father in his countinants. I & Ezra tarried while B. B. & Wife returned We stayed untill tuesday morning 28th when we returned with Carlos in Mr Websters carriage leaving him favourbly impressed wtih truth of our doctrans. he wished us to send him a Book of Morman as we had none with us to spair. Ezra resieved a letter from home - all well

Weds 29th I resieved a letter from home also stating that my family were all well and the people generally in the Ward. one death had occured - Sister Miles - she was poorly when I left President Young had paid the Ward a visit held a vary interesting meeting as he always does

Thu 30th weather Clear and pleasent vary little snow Ezra was poorly yesterday but is better to day. we visited Mr Lorenzo T Sangers three miles out - had an interesting visit of three hours. he interdused us to his two Neices - one School teacher - Mariette - Farmer- they were cousin to Mary My Bro Johns wife also Eliza Rich. they made special inquierry about them & their mother - Sister Graves Who was their Fathers Sister - they gave me the names of their relitives & their whereabouts so far as they could remember Mr. Sangers took us through his Stock & Poltry yards Stabling &c he had 60 head of oxon he was stall feeding devided into 3 lots all put up in stalls vary conveniently arranged. they were fed with choped hay choped by a mashiene of one horse power mixt with corn meal - or small grain choped. they were fine cattle everageing about 1500 lbs to the head - Gross- he related his resent visit to Callifornia. that he called at Salt Lake City - had an interview with President Young - Who was vary glad to see him. as he redally recognised him. as being that same Sangers - that was instrumental in reskung Joseph Smith from the hands of Runals & others from Missouri who had kidnaped him he related to us the circumstances and particulars of the prosedure in the matter. that Runals held Joseph a Prisoner. & he ( Sangers) held Runnals a prisoner untill a writ of habouscorpus was isued &c we returned in the evening B B Clark having returned with his carriage

Fr 31st warm and pleasant - last day of 69 its pages now close what will the pages of 1870 tell to the surviving world - it is left to its last page to give the full answer - resieved a letter from home

Sat January 1st 1870 This Mornings Sun introduces the first day of the year Seventy of the Nineteen hundredth of the Christian Era. this begins the 7th numbers of tens. in the Ninteenth Centurys cattalogue - the 7th day is the Lords day - it is also the 70th ten of the Sixth Thousand year of the World. as the 10 following years are of the number of sevens which the Lord has Chosen as the winding up or finishing periods of his work - or set as types refering to the Lord in his Work - therefore should they be frought with grater manifestations of the Power of God - Even to surpass that in dys of old. in the down fall and compleete over throw of the Nations now exstant - it will only be in keeping with with those types & figures - as also with the plain decclamations of Ancient and Modern Prophets. And as its now the great Saturdy of the World and the last the eleventh our. Therefore the weeping time must be at hand when the great Bezom must be put in motion to sweep the Earth and prepare it for the Great Sabbath of his rest which will be glorious.

Sun 2nd Spent the day in reading writing &c in the evening attended a Methodist meeting. heard the Priest go over his notes.

Mon 3rd Started on a 16 mile trip to Dr Sangers near Franklin Station - we were not in time for the cars so we returned to try it a gane on the morrow - Wrote a letter to Wm R Smith in fulfilment of my promice on my leave from home

Tu 4th made good time for the cars for Jolliett from thence by the cross Line to frankfort Station 4 p m made our way a cross lots 3/4th of a mile to Dr Sangers residence. was kindly resieved & inderdused to his sister Lueza. Cousin to my SIster inlaw Mary Porter. (Who requested me to call & see her) She exspressed her self highly pleased that we had called. after inquierry about her cousins & Aunt &c after which the subject of plural Marage was Broched with open condemnation on their part. & Justification on ours. (they had ben members of the Church and are among the many that scattered off at the exspulsion of the Church from Nauvoo) they mad no attempt to bring up scriptural evidences of its disapproval or condemnation in the word of God that was any way conclusive. therefore their denunciation rested soly in the prejudece of their own minds - when told that it was not safe to rest the Scriptuers he replied he was willing to suffer the consequences. So myte it be. they are advocates of Spiritualism. She gave a long list of its manifestations in the gift of healing speaking toungs &c. that they profess no priesthood - taugh no organisation no particular Church all were left to act on their own indvidual bacis. &c &c She asked me my belief as to these manifestations I replied that I believed. and had ben for a long time looking for Simular manifstations. which would meet the feeling and wishes of the People for I had read years ago what Peter said that in the last dys, the Lord would send them strong delusion. that they might believe a lie that they all may be damed because they believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. Joseph declared the Ministry of Angels and the Prepartory Gospel. they believed it not. they are now believing this delusive Spirits &c &c. We tarried over night and till after dinner next day when we left being so lisited to stay longer but we felt that we could imploy the time to a better efect else where. we walked three miles to took the cars for blew iland 15 miles on arriving we met with James Chamberlin - for whome we had inquiered for the purpas of giving him a call. being formally acquaited withim & family in the valley. he had his teem with him and Soon took us to his and his Fathers residence where we were kindly resieved. - his Wife & Mother are members of the Church. he & his father are not. but I trust will be in due time.

Thu 6th at Mr Chamberlins - have given out for a meeting in the school house this evening

Fri 7th _____ last knights appointment. Spoke 2 hours good attention gave an other appointment for this evening. Wrote home

Sat 8th It being vary cold and stormy but few was out at the meeting we spoke to those present good attention still vary cold. Wrote to W H Felt Mass. gave an appointment for next evening

Sun 9th Spent the day in reading and riting filled the appointment for this evening at the School house. had mutch libery of speach.

Mo 10th returned to Lockport missed the morning train by which we were detained untill the evening accomidation train met with Edward & L Pratt on our arrival at B. B. Clark

Tus 11th Rainy went out in the evening with Edward and visited a family by the Name of Spenser That he & Bro Pratt had calleld on the day before Being introdused as Mr Porter She remarked that her Maden Name was Porter on inquierry I learned that she was a Nataive of the State of Main. also her Father and Grand Father were Born & raised in the New England States. their Christian Names ware Tyler

Wed 12th We started for the East a gane. arrived in Chicago in the evening putup at the hatch house

Fri 14th We changed our tickets for the Michagan Centrel Rode paid our Bill which was put on pretty high. - at 4 & 40 ____ we took the cars on our way East. arrived at Detroit 6 AM he we left the Main line takaking L Branee line som 70 m to a small town by the name of Pine Rum. here we Walked some 6 mi in to the country to visit Bro Stevensons Wifs Sister on arriving in the Neighobouhoode we gave out anappointment

Fri 21st Now on the top of the Teris in front of the Niagra Falls 5 minutes past 9 oclock AM - with E T Clark E Stevenson & Moroni Pratt Richards Rogers Eastholland

Bill of Goods

28 yds carpet 22.00

1 Bible 2.50

2 Looking Glasses 5.00

12 Rolls Wal paper 3.50

1 fancy pocket .25

1 Inda ruber ball .15

1 Harp .40

1 Trunk 10.00

1 Pistol 10.00

1 Clothe ringer 8.50

1 order for Extries 59.75

1 hat for Boye 1.50

3 pair shoes 3.25

1 Boiling apperatus 2.00


Directions to use the washing or Boiling apperatus

Wash the clothes slightly through one suds then fix for Boiling by putting the usual amount soap in the Boyler under the apperatus. packing the clothes clostly upon the top of the apparatus - having prieveously put in the water so as to cover the apperatus 1 + 1/2 inch under the serfice. Then make a quick fire and Boil about 30 minutes. take them out & suds & rence as usual.


Cattle on the range

Weber valley

one 2 year old red lined back heifere or white on the loins & Belly

one white & Brown yearling steere spekled

one lite Brindle yearling steere

one Deep red or light Brown yearling steere

one Red lined back yearling steere

one pale red yearling steere square crop with S_llow fork in left year

one Brindle cow

one Dun cow or lite Dunne

one pale red yearling steere end of tail white

one calf Red sides whitee Belley also on rump with Brockled face sent with sheep


Tu white lead oil terpintine drier and 5 lbs whiting 16.00

Do 1 paint brush 1.00

seanna .50

lamp black .25

1 lb Crone green .50

Apr 23 5 lbs whiting .25

Do Raw sea Anna .50

Do lamp Black .25

Do l lb crone green .50



Do l gal terpintine

Sanford Porter Sen r Married to Nancy Warrinner Jan 1st 1812 in Vershire Orange County Vermont

1870 Lyman Porter Jr

Oct 12

by 30 gal molasses 30.00

by mutton 3.





Due on settlemt to be paid in lumber 13.

S Porter

by 4 lbs Bean 1.12

by 100 lbs flour 3.00


total 4.12


Aaron Porter Resitation

In memory of

Malinda A Chipman

Born Oct 3rd 1814

Died Dec 17th 1870

Aged 56 years one month & 14 Days

L & S Porter

Kanab Cane Co via Rockville

William Yelton Son of John Died 1862 - his wife Polly Died 1862 in Putnam

County Maysvill Indianna

Their Children

John son of William was kilt at the close of the rebelion

Marryann is living in Illinois

Rebecca Talbert Died in Maysvill Putman Co Ind 1867

William lives in Indinaplis, Ind

Benjamine is living in Jackson Co Mo - Married

Perry lives in Jackson Co Mo not - Married

Thomas killed in the war

Sally lives in Jackson Co Mo not Married

Jesse Yelton son of Charles

his Children

Luiza Glenn is living in Boon Co KY

Juliann Shill lives in Kenton Co KY

Bily a Bachiilor lives in Arcansas

Glista Jones Died in Louis Co MO

Nancy Baby living in Louis Co MO

Francis She is not Married Keeps house for her Father

Joann Stowers Died in Louis Co MO

Charles Ann Carlile lives in Boon Co KY

George Ann Kendel Died in Arcansas in - 1868

John Yelton son of Charles and Amelia Yelton Born Aug 27/1770 Died Feb

2nd/1852 - their Son

Phillip Yelton son of John was Born Nov 2nd 1800 - Died

Feb 1st/1864

Esther Wife of Phillip Yelton was Born Dec 25th/1799

their Children

Harriet Yelton was Born Oct 26th/1826. Died oct 28th/1846

Mary Yelton was Born Aug 3/1828

Elizebeth Yelton was Sept 10th 1830

John J Yelton was Born Aug 30th/1832

Missouri Yelton was Born Nov 4th/1835

Amelia Jane Yelton was Born Apr 17th/1839

Phillip Yelton's Grand Children

Flora Yelton Daughter of John & Margret Yelton

Carrie Do Do

Albert Do Do

Rebecca Williams Daughter of John & Anna Keels Died 1868 in Taxes

Jesse Yelton the Son of John Yelton was Born May 11th 1805

Sally Yelton the wife of Jesse Yelton & Daughter of Phillip Hendrick was Born July 24th 1808

Fanny Yelton Daughter of Jesse &Sally Yelton was Born 22nd 1826

Anna Yelton Daughter of Jess & Sally Yelton was Born Feb 22nd 1829

Belinda Yelton Daughter of Jesse & Sally was Born Apr 24th 1831

Julianna Suffronia Do Do was born July 20th 1833

Phillip H Yelton son of Jesse & Sally was Born feb 8th1835

Mary Margaret Do Do was Born Mar 1st 1838

Lucy Bell Do was Born Feb 29th/1840

James Taylor Do was Born Dec 19th 1842

Katuriah Jane Do. Was Born Feb 7th 1845

John William Do was Born Dec 23rd 1846

Jesse Ugene Do was Born Dec 28th 1848

Jesse Yeltons Grand children

John Lewis son of Fanny Hopkins Born Jan 27th 1845

Isaac Lambert Do Do Born Apri 17th 1847

Anna Luisa Do Do Born Mar 10th 1849

Albert Hopkins Born Feb25/1851

Edwin Hopkins Born Feb 25th 1853

Sarah Jane Do Do Born Dec 26 1854

Jesse Do Do Born May 2nd 1856

Phillip Do Do Born Sept 9th 1858

Fanny Do Do Born Jan 21st 1862

Lucy Do Do Born July 9th 1864

William Taylorn Do Born Dec 11th 1867

Jesse Yeltons Grandchildren

Alonso Bird Son of Anna & John Bird

Amelia Do Do

Theodore Do Do

Arther Do

Lucy Ebba Do


In Missouria Caldwell Co. Hamilton Station

Cordelia Adilade Daughter of Belinda & Samuel Stroubee

Olive Florenia Do Do

Chales Truban Do

Na__ Bell Do Do

Jesse Yeltons Grandchildren

Leo Bird Son of William & Suffronia Bird

Ina Bird

Addie Do

Jennie Do Do

In Misouria Jackson Co. New Santepe

Jesse Son of Phillip & Mary Yelton

Sally Dughter of Do Do

Cambel Co Ky

Walter Wright Son of Mary and Joseph Wright Do

Joseph Wright Do

William Do

Warren Do

Marthy Do

Sally Do

Samuel Son of John & Anna Yelton is living in Taxes Collins Co McNelly

Elina wife Samuel Yelton Died 1862

Manerva Daughter of Samuel & Elina Yelton Died in 1862 Aged 20 years

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Jesse Yelton Son of Charles & Amelia Yelton is living in Walton Boon Co Kentucky

William Son of Charles & Amelia Yelton Died.

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Charles & Amelia Yelton Died 1868

Nancy Brown Daughter of Charles & Amelia Yelton Died


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Elizebeth Daughter of Daniel & Wennifred Yelton is living Cambel Co KY

Mary Gosney Daughter of Danil & Winnifred Yelton is living in Cambel Co KY

John Son of Daniel & Winnifred Yelton is living in Cambel Co Do

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On the 19th of November 1869 at 4 oclok I Nathan T Porter left my home in Centerville Davis County Utah Teritory. on a Mission to the Eastern States in componey with Edward Stevenson & Ezra T. Clark (there having ben about two hundred Missionaries called for the same Destinations.). We Joined 100 & 10 of our fellow labourers at Misota Station 16 miles distant, (on the Great Centeral Pacifick Railway) on the 20th at 2 oclok pm. I having tarried at farmington with E T Clark. Thus I agane bid adieu to Wives & Children houses and lands for the Gospels sake it being my fourth Mission abroad. We obtained thrugh tickets to. Newyork City. for 50 Dollars & 75 cts with the privolige of laying over by the way as long as we chose. this was was far below the usual rates. this Special rate was obtained through President Young from the Componies Agents. The cars soon arrived from the west and we were soon on bord. and off with the Ironhorse speede. Arrived at Morgancity Station 4 PM here I met with my Brother Lyman & to of my Nephews Joseph & Sanford Who were in wating to give me a passing good by. I sent by them a harty good by to my Father and the other Boys with their families. they lived in Porterville 5 miles from this point. from Uinta 15 mi We were off a gane in a few minute came to Echo Sta from uinta 35 mi the next wasatch at the head of Echo Canyon 60 mils nite passage

Sun Morning 21st arrived at Bridger Sta 100 & 10 miles - all well but some what dowsy from the effects of our new mode of Sleeping it being in a sitting position with few exceptions the next station of note is Brian 465 mil Weather fine - wind vary high next Bitter Creek Station 239 m next to Rollins Springs 316 m night passage. Next to Larrima 453 mi morning passage. Scenery the beutiful Plains of Larima. rendered more so by its smothe rooling Surface well coated with fine waving Buffalo grass While the Bluff hills & Elk Mountains rise on the North & South their with snowy summits - the latter posessing heavy bodies of timber upon their Base is near the summits Larrime is situated on Larrime River 7123 fteet above the level of the sea. At 10 m past 3 PM arrived at Sherman Station (- passing it Sanders 21 miles from Larrime -) from Uinta 528 mi, and 8235 above tide water. this is the highist point. the Great centeral highway between the Pacific & Atlantic ocean, leaving Sherman the grad desend to the rate of from 60 to 65 feet per mile passing through deepe cuts of hard granate Rock, and across gulches, through Scattering pines rendering the scene the most romantic & sublime. the scenery soon changed to that of an open plain below desending to the Platt River. at 5 PM we arrived at the city of Chyann cituated near its banks, or rather on a small streem near its confluence with that River I am not fully prepared to give a ful description of this noted city or its inhabitents as it was quite dark. I could see however that the houses were quite small & vary low. and had more the appearance of the chine than the American race. - it has ben noted as a resort for Blacklys and Despiradoes - 561 mi from Uinta. the next places of note is Sidney & Inlesburg these places with their serrondings were enveloped in the darkness of the knight as we past. the latter being 663 miles fr Ua

Mon 23rd at 8 A.M. arrived at Platt city or North Platt, 749 mil to go here several of the Elders were left having got off to get some refreshments & not returning in time - (they came on the next train) we passed Kerney - Grandisland - Columbus - Northbend and Freemont, arriving at Omaha Wednsday Morning 24th at 9 oclk A.M. 1030 miles. All well and weather pleasent. had our Baggage checked for the Depo on. for the Depo on the other side of the River. took Breakfast the St Charles Hotel. Omaha Situated on the West Bank of the Missouri River at 3 PM we crossed the River & took the cars for Dismoins City, accomponied by C Perry & Maroni Pratt arriving 12 M putup at the Demoin house

Thu 25th took Breakfast. Went out in serch of Bro Ballingers residence which we soon found. he was mutch pleased to see us. having be in antisipation of our Arrival. his wife Elora & three children sonstitute his family. Brother George Beebe soon came in - one of the old Jackson Co Brethren. I do not remember of seeing him since the Saints were driven from that place. he inquiered after Father to know if he was yet alive he lives 15 miles out in a town call Polk City. in the afternoon Bro Stevson & Ballinger saw the Profrecters of the court house, & obtained permission to hold meeting in it on the following Sunday. While I and Bro Pratt had an interesting conversation with a Merchant & several Gentleman. answering their various questions as to the People in utah. We were solicited to call a gane. We held meeting in the evening at the house of Mark G Tifield Bro Ballingers Brotherinlaw

Fri 26th I with Edward went with Bro Beebe to his residence where he with Bro Clark had made an appointment for meeting in the evening in the school house of that city. there were but a small congragation present they were incumbered with a great amount of prejudice. Bro Beebes family consist of a Wife & 5 children 4 boys & 4 Girls his Son Alvaro is afflicted with wahat is called Pluralysis

Sat 27th We returned to Bro Ballingers on our arrival we learned the Reporter of the Iowa State Register - the official State paper - wished an interview with Bro Stevenson for the perpose interviewing him - as it is called - I with Bro Clark Perry & Pratt accomponied him we were courteously resieved and conducted into his privit Room when the interviewing commenced between him & Bro Stevenson which concisted of a short Synopcis of his life travels also the rise & progress of the Church. The interviewing was exstended to us all individually on the point as to how many wives we had. (he said he did not wish this for publication it was only for his privite information. on interogating

me I replied that I was a practical Poligomist. that I practised what I preached

Sun 28th Filled our appointment in the courthouse had a goodly number in attendence held an evening meeting in the dance room at the close of which an Apostate by the Name of Buzard arrose to oppose we silenced him untill the meeting was closed. when we with the respectful portion of the congregation left

Mon 29th I with Bro Clark called upon Mr Frank Porter. Whose name and Adress I had obtain from the city rejister with 3 others Wm Charles and John. We were resieved with mutch courticy untill he learned that we were Latterdy Saints which I was free to disclose as the subject came to that point, a suden change was visable upon the countinance of him self & Wife after considerable conversation he manifested a disposition to hear no further. we then left I having obtained the Names & Addresses of his Father & Grandfather their christian Names were Tyler Born & raised in Winnum Massachusets

Tues 30th We visited Bro Ballingers sister Mrs Hall 3 miles out. - Returned on Wed Dec 1st haveing 2 meetings soon after our return Bro Beebe came with his team to take us home with him to hold a fastmeeting at his house. for the recovery of his Son Alvaro (before mentioned) we returned with him. called the family together & had a good little meeting

Thu 2nd all assembled in fasting and prayer it being the usual fast day observed in zion. the Spirit of the Lord was made manifest in toungs through Brother Perry who also gave the interpritation we annointed Bro Alvaro with oil & laid our hands upon him in the Name of Jesus praying the Lord to raise him up

Fri 3rd we parseled our selves out, to holds meeting in the Neybourhoods a round as there were many calls. I with Bro Madson went to Sweed point some 14 miles in companey with a Bro by the name of Swain Anderson Whose Mother Maried Sister Beebies Father - Bro Beebe cindly furnished us with a Spann of horses and Buckbord. on arriving at Sweed point we gave out an appointment for meeting at the Christian Church Su 11 morning - put up at Bro Swensons Brothers filled the appointment. held meeting in the Schoolhouse the same evening good attendence. announced the befor mentioned meeting.

Sun 6th filled the appointment a good hous & good attention 2 minsters present. at the close of my remarks one ex minister rose and wished me to recionsile the fact that the sexes are equel so that if you allow your selves to have 15 or 20 wives we poor fellows will be left with out any - to which I replied that the gentleman was mutch mistaken as to the equality of the sexes. for in Massachusets & Pensylvania there are from 45 to 70 thousand more feemales than Males. he replied that it was so in the Eastern States but not so in the western. Still continuing his Sircastic complaint. I replied that even in the western & midle States the excess was in favour of the feemale in numbers. and from my Personal observation duering my visit in this section of the country. I see scores of young men & young Women form the Age of 15 to 35 Still in a State of selibracy. I think there is no reason of complaint on the part of the Gentleman for the present lack of opportunities. I feel assuered that the Ladies woul readily except their hands. in honerable Marriage. therefore I would say unto the single men improve the present opportunity for it is your privolige if not your bounden duty to unite in honerable mariage. and thus furnish home & protection for those ladies who would gladly make you honerable Wives. & thus raise up good vartiuous families. and should there not be found enough to suply you all the facilities of travel are so grate that you can just step on board the cars & in a few hours they will land you in Pencylvania where you can get a full supply without in fringing on the rights of any one and they will call you Blessed. here followed a sumultanious cheering from the whole congregation and the meeting was closed without further interigations. we held meeting at a shoolhouse 2 miles out in the evening

Mon 7th we returned met the Brethren at Bro Beebes they had held several meetings & Baptised 4 We with them filled an appointment at the young school house 3 miles I spoke on the subject of the Book of Mormon

Tus 8th Returned to Dismoins city held meeting in the evening at Bro Ballingers.

Wed 9th I with Bro Stevenson & Madson return to Bro Beebes had a little exorsise by the way in knocking off some hickrenuts

Thur 10th I with Edward took a carriage ride for Seweede point agane, to fill an appointment sent by letter, for meeting in the evening filled the appointment good attention

Fri 11th Returned. held meeting in the evening it being our farewell meeting for a season

Sat 12th Bro Beebe took his teem and brought us on our way to Dismoins

Sun 13th held meeting at Bro Ballingers 6 Elders present

Mon 14th had 100 Bills printed announcing a Lecture to be held in the courthouse on Tuesday evening Subject of Utah Sivilly & Eccleasticly by E Stevenson & N. T. Porter

Tus 15th visited the Iowa State Rejister office was courtiously resieved & conducted through all the appartments - delvered the Lecture had a full house & good attention

Wed 16th Baptised George Sanders Bro Beebes soninlaw who came down the evening before for that perpose I with Ezra called on Charley C Porter. he gave me his Geneology as far as he could remember which I have noted he is a Native of Pencylvania

Thur 17th I with Ezra took the cars at 1-25 PM to visit his Uncle David Keeler who he was informed liveed in the Town of Kockford Floyd Co in the North of this State The train had but just started when we discovered Bro S W Richards entering the front doore of the car we exclaimed there is Bro Richards we arrose & met him (as he turned to seete him self) Ezra slaped him on his shoulder. the sudden surprise was a pleasent one well resiprocated by us I will assure you. We had arranged to leave the line at Moringo 90 miles distant therefore we made good use of the time in making inquiries as to matters & things in our Mountaing home. he having left only 3 days since We soon had to seperate as the Brakes man cried out Moringo. We took the stage across to the N Western line. thus by Rail and Stage we wended our way to the designated place put to our disappointment his Uncle had moved from the Country and returned to his old homestead in Pencylvania

Sun 19th We left on our return to Moringo to resume our eastern passage making a side trip of some 300 miles. we soon found our selves Back on the line arriving at Moringo Tus 21st 10 AM dined at the Hotel took the evening train for Lockport Iillinois we were now on our through tickets we arrived at Jolliet Wed Morn 5 AM at 7-40 took the special train for Lockport distance 4 miles arriving at B B Clarks in about 30 minutes found them all well they had ben looking for us for several days. here I resieved 2 letters from home that were in wating for me Baring Dates of Nov 28th & Dec 6th containing good news that all were well

Thur 23rd Answered my letters sent a slip that I cliped from a Chicago paper, refuring to one of my Wifes Uncles in Kentucky the Novelty of it in dused me to send it home

Fri 24th resieved a letter from Edwerd Stating the he was still in Desmoins. had visited Bro Beebes agane. that Alvaro had ben taken worse But that he was then a little better

Sat 25th wrote to Bro Kilbourn Canton Paencylvania. We spent christmass & New years in visiting Ezras Relitives and acquaintinces.

Sun 26th took a carriage ride with R B Clark & wife on a visit to Ezras Nephews Carlos & Alvaro - Sons of his Bro Wesley - the former is living with his his Fatherinlaw Mr Webster. The latter is son inlaw to Mr Westcot whome we gave a passing call - we were kindly resieved by Mr Webster & family with respect Carloss & Wife were absent but soon returned. we had a good visit

Tus 28th We returned with Carlos in Mr Websters Carriage - R B & Wife having the same tieming of our arrival - Era resieved a letter from home all well.

Wed 29th I resieved a letter from Baring Date of Dec 22nd informing me that my family were still well and the people Generally. there had ben one death - Sister Miles - President Young had visited the Ward & held a varry interesting meeting

Thu 30th Weather Clear vary little snow - visited Mr Lorenso Sangers he inter dused us to his tow Nieces - Marietta and the former is a schoolteacher their names are Parmer and cousins to my Brother Johns Wife. they mad special inquiry after their cousins and Aunt Graves &c they gave me the names of boath the living and the dead of their kindred so far as they could

Fri 31st Warm and pleasent resieved an other letter from home. all well.

Sat 1st 1870 This morning interduses the first day of the year seventy of the Nineteenth Century.

Sun 2nd spent the day in reading & writing. in the evening attended a Methodist meeting

Mon 3rd Wrote a letter to Wm R Smith in fulfilment of my promice

Tues 4th took the cars on a visit to Dr Sanders16 miles Distance we were courteously resieved by the Doctor & interdused to his sister Luiza another cousin to my sisterinlaw Mary Porter who requested me to give her a call. She exspressed her self hily pleased that we had called. after inquiering about her cousins &c the subject of Plurial Mariage was with open condemnation on their part & with profound Justifycation on ours they made no attempt to Bring scriptueral evidences of its disaprovel their denuncuations resting soly on their prejudice When told that it was not safe to rest the scriptures he said he was willing to a bide the consequences - so mote it be says I; they are advocates of spiritualism. We Sayed over knight & till dinner the next day when we left for Blewisland is miles dist. To visit James Chamberling on arriving we accidently met with him at the Post office. he was gladly supprised to see us. hein form us that he lives 6 miles out. he took us in his wagon to his Fathers - with whome he was living. his wife & Mother are members of the church they were pleased to see us. & to learn how their connection were in the valley. Since she and James left &c We stayed here untill Mon 10th held 3 meetings in the choolhouse good attention. We returned to Lockfort where we met with Edward & Bro Pratt who were in wating for our return

Tues 11th vary rainy. Went with Edard and paid nevening visit to a family by the name of Spencer. the Womens Maden Name was Porter She gave me the Names and Nativity of her Ancestors &c. -

Wed 12th We all started for the East. Arrived at Chicago in the evning the Evning.

Th 14 Spent the day in transacting some little Business & visiting various parts of the City. went through the Tunnel under the Chicago River. there are three 3 passages. one for foot man and two for veheicals. passanger pass is 10 feet wide & 8 feet high. 811 ft in length. The vehecal passes is 1608 ft. the shipping passes over this tunnel and will enter the Chicago & Illinois Canal which is being cut deeper and wider for that perpose. We visited the water works. There is a tunnel excavated under the Lake exstending one mile from the shore through this the water is forsed by steam pumps one 500 & the other 600 horse power - into a tower to the higth of 125 ft the Tower being 189 ft high threengines, 1 500 horse power pumping capassity 12000000 gallons per day. - 2nd 300 horse power capassity 7,00,00,00. gal. a day third of 800 horse power - with a capacity of 18000000 gallons per day. there are 3 tanks in the city containing each 5000000 - gal. this suppiles the City for culinary & other perpasses exstinguishing fire &c. We called upon Dr J M Crockwell at his office 137 1/2 west Madison St in connection with John Dallin took supper with him. he was glad to see us and haile us us as Brethern & fellow servants about 8 oclok the fire Bell gave the alarm of fire & soon it was announsed that it was in the a joining Block. we all went out to witness the scene many engines were on the ground and ware playing on the fire that was located about the middle of the Block in a plaining establishment by a narrow alley after a few hours it was exstinguished Loss about 40,000 Dollars. We returd to our logings late in the evening feeling some what weary.

Fri 15th We changed our ticket for the Mishigan Centeral. took the cars at 4 P.M. Arriving at Detroit Saturday morning at 5 AM took Breakfast at the Centeral Railrode Hotel McGrane & Falvey Proprietors. here we took the Milwaukea line to visit Edwards wifes Sister by the Name of Williams, passing through Pontiac Hawley and Flint to Pine run, here we left our hand trunks with the station keeper and walked 6 miles to Mr Williamses Residence. on arriving in the Neighbourhood, we gave out an appointment for a meeting at 11 AM on the morow at the schoolhouse. having called on the Methodist Deacon and obtained permission he supposing us to be me thodocks Ministers. he was a little confused when we told him to the contrary. yet he stuck to his promisis. We found Mr Williams & Wife to be absent on a visit, leaving their only Daughter in charge with two Boarders and a young Women of her acquaintance. we were courtiualy resieved though with usual prejudice so universal on our being kown as Mormons. We filled the appointment had a goodly number out good attention at the class a Mr Willber of the Methodice church arose Stating that he new all about Jo smith and the Mormon years a go at Kirkland, that Smith was killed by his own clan - he went on to falcifying our remarks, he was confronted by a Justice of the peace by the

ame of Cace, Who arose and refuted him in falesfying our Statements. - the Methodice prayer meeting was waved for us to hold another meeting in the evening - not withstanding his remonstrance. they filled the house to its capacity & this messinger of satan came also with a few aiders for the perpose of Braking up the meeting at near the close of which he made his dash. Stating that he (or rather) we will have nomore of your foul trach, from that stand this was the signal. followed by the rabel in yels & stamping of feet when we found that order could not be restored we dismised our selves & with drew as the Battle had now become general between them and the ordaly citizens. which resulted in this Mr Wilber fleeing leving his wife & child behind - feeling that their Safety was more secure than his own. the feelings of the non professors was in tence at the outrage they appointed a meeting for us the next evening.

Mondy18th they sent to this Wilber for the keys of the house (he being one of the trustees had secured all the keys) he refused to give them up but in being informed that the Doors would be forsed. he gave up the keys. thus we had a good ordly meeting. not a dog to move his toung. We were strongly solicited by the Justice Mr Case David Case & his Brother Henry and others to stay. Henry had formaly belonged to the Church but now was numbered among the Baptist, he said he would open their Church for us if we would come up to Chesening the place of his residence.

Tue 18th We returned. called at Pontiac put up at the Hodges house cept by the Widow Hodges she was formaly acquainted with Edwards Father & the family

We 19th Bro Stevenson went out with Bro L M Pratt to his Fathers residence some 3 miles distance While I with E. F. Clark continued on to 12 mi to Royal oak visited Bishop Hoglands Brother in law by the name of Quick had a vary cool reseption

Thu 20th met Edward and Pratt at the Station and continued on to Detroit. took the 7 oclk train for Niagra falls crossing the Detroit River in to Canada as it was a knight train we had no view of her Magesties Dominion Arrived at the Falls 5 AM put up at the Hotel after Breakfast ingaged for a Cabman to take us to the most promiant points of interest in viewing the great Niagras - renowned Catteract - which we found to be the most romantick & Sublime. our first view was from Goat Island. then from the tower overlooking the desending torant with a sheete of water said to be 20 fteet thick - went on to three sister Islands connected by foot Bridges plucked little relics of sprigs &c returned down crossed the suspension Bridge 1200 feet in length high from the surfice as the water which is deepe went up on the Canida side where had a neerer and more open view as we assended on to the terris of a fine Building, standing near the Bank but a few rods below the great precipice we had our Photographs taken in a groope on the Bank partly fronting the great fall of waters. we returned having procuered many Specimine views of the grand Scenery. at 1/2 past 200 PM we took the cars for Buffalo arrived at 4 Do __ putup at the National Hotel. had a well furnished salon for our accomodation I surched the City Register. got the Names and Addresses of several Porters as follows - Samuel - William - Frank C Porter Wm J - Charles H - Chauncey Cyrus K - Rev George P - Eliza U - Steven B - Sherwood - James L - Walter & Charles P - (I visited Cyrus and Walter. we could not trace any definite relation ship although they were from the same section of Country as that of my fathers. Cyrus said the tradition was with his Father that there were 4 Brothers that first Emigrated to America. Informed him that the same saying to my Father. so we concluded that we were distantly Related - on visiting Walter. I learned that he was a Native of Hartford Connetticut -. Also his Father Steven Porter. and lived in the same Neighborhood. with my Grandfather. as he informed me that he was acquainted with on Nathan Porter - that was blind - that he with other little Boys used to play tricks on the old Gentleman by streching a rope across the path occasionly to trip him; that after a little refection he would fell a little concience smitten for being to rude - he said there was no relation ship that they new of he is about 67 years of Age. his residence is 145 South Division.

Sat 22nd I with Bro Clark came to the conclusion to take the Cars for Holland & Wails it being the old resident place of Uncle Abner Currier. Bro Stevenson and Pratt had desid to go on to Newyork City but ear they got on board the cars Edward came to a suden conclusion to stay with us so Bro Pratt went on a lone taking Bro Stevensons carpet sack. which occured through the hasty as the cars were in motion We were to start in a bout 30 minute I saw an Elderly Gentleman come into the station room, upon which the impression struck me that he could give me some information as to my kindred I went immediately to him and shre enough I was not mistaken, he said he was well acquainted with Abner Currier. not intimately of late but that the family were still living on Creek botton near Holland We were soon on bord the cars in componey with this Gentleman who lived 12 miles on the way, at a little town called Arrora. here we took the stage for Cousin Chauncy Courrier Who we learned from the driver lived on the road 3 miles this side of Holland. on coming with in a mile I was cited to residence by the way. With the information that it was that of Uncle Philo Richardsons & that he was dead but Aunt Sally was still a live resided in one of the Rooms. it being late in vening we passed on When seemed to me as tho the Spirits of my Dead kindred were huvering around me with harty wellcome. & so powerful was the effect upon me. that with all the restraint I could muster could not hold from giving vent to my feelings in a profusion of tears on arriving at cousins We found them absent, as we learned from his wifes sister inlaw who was in charge of the house - to Whome I introdused my self as Chauncies Cousin she resieved us varry courteously informing me that he would soon be at home as they were only out for the evening. She soon provided supper for us. about 9 oclock Cousins came. they had learned of my arrival from the stage driver, but new not what cousin it could be. I now had the long desiered privolige of striking hands with one of my Fathers kindred. beyond those of his own Family Curcle Who (in the minds of those of his Fathers hous) has long since ben Buried or lost in the Desert of the Rocky Mountains. thus I seeme to them almost as one risen from the Dead, The rest of the evening was spent in earnest inquieries after others of our kindred. I was in formed that Uncle Abner and Aunt Sally Currier togather with five of their children were dead. as follows Hylas Joseph, Ruth Lusinda & Harriet also Uncle Philo Richardson But that his wife Aunt Sally was yet living and was on their old homestead (as I had already learned) he informed me the rest of his Brothers and sisters had scattered of into diferent parts, & that him selfe and family were the only ones remaining in this section of the Country

Sun 23rd rained most of the day so that we spent the day in doors. inquiering and conversing with Cousins on the principels of our Religion which was vary interesting

Mon 24th Cousin took us in his cariage down to visit Aunt Sally. we passed however & went on to Wales Sending in word to Aunt. that one of her Nephews. a son of her Brother Sanford had come, & would call on her in the afterknoon. this was considered policy, So as to prevent to sudden a shock, on her nervous cystom. by so unexspected visitor. we called on our return, And with out wating for aninterduction as I came in to her presence, I put foarth my hand exclaiming is this my Fathers Sister. it was met with her feeble grasp in a harty responce in the affermative. my Joy was now increased in the privalige of beholding one of the nearest relations of all my kindred a side from my own Brothers and Sisters. our inquieries were exchanged with mutch interest I will assure you. Well says she you seeme to me like one risen form the dead I had long since Burried Sanford & his family in my mind. no more to see or hear from him in this life and there is your mother if I could only see her I never had a sister that I thought more of I feel as though I could clasp her in my armes. yes say I Aunt, she was as good a Women as ever lived. and you will have your dezire ear long. - I made a short stay promising that I would call on her, on the morow or next day when we would have a good sit down. - We returned having left an appointment at Wiles for meeting in the Evening which we filled. in an empty store house, the prejudice being to strong to admit us to the meeting house. we were however more favouralby looked upon after the meeting than before (we had also visited the town of Holland. driving directly there on our leave from Aunts. and it was through the manifest interest which Cousin Chauncey took in our bhalf that we were so soon before the Bublick as ministers of the Church of Jessus christ of Latterday Saints - and altho his Wife Soon became so sowered in her feelings that our society becom disagreeable to her. So that Brothers Stevenson & E Clark with drew and putup at the Bublickhouse in Holland. yet I feel to prey God to Bless Cusin Chauncy. in manifesting unto him the truth of the message we have born him. And inabel him to come forward and imbrace the Gospel. that he may place him self in his true position in his family as the supreem head. all the members being subject there unto. -

Tus 25th filled the appointment at the latter place. held in the Baptist meeting house a good number out. made an other appointment for the next evening. I returned with Cousin

We 26th I fulfilled my promice to Aunt paid her a visit and talked over past associations of kindred relations. and events with us since the long period or our seperation. for She in formed me that our first meeting occured when I was but a child. Showing me the chamber where I with my older Brothers & sisters lodged when Father & Mother were moving (I think she said) to Utica. we took dinner. after which we renued the conversation, in giving the naratives of her past life she ovserved that she had suffered mutch trouble of mind in consequence of one her having no children. she said that Satan or some adversary. had influenced her to believe that in consequence of this she would be lost (cousin told me that she had ben a little deranged by spels which now was to my mind explained Now says I Aunt let me give you a comforting word on that point. The Lord said unto his prophet. Say unto the Barren Women & to her that didst not bare Thus Saitheth the Lord more shall be the chidren of the desolate than of the married Wife Saith the Lord, you will have all the children your heart dezires I have many things pertaining to the gospel that I would like to impart unto you. But as yo are Som what feeble in Body. I will for bare. lest your mind should be over taxt. Therefore let it suffise for the present. for me to say unto you Aunt, that the gospel is now restored in its fulness. in which is made manifest the great plan of redemption partaining to the living and the dead. therefore be not troubled. for there are those of your Brother Sanfords house that will look after your salvation. after some further conversation I returned to Cousins promising Aunt that I would call, agane before leaving. Atended our evening meeting

Thu 27th Spent the day & evening with Cousinss at home Reding writing and talking

Fri 28th visited Colonel Johnathan Colby. who was formaly accquainted with Father in the Early settlement of this Country. I had a good Social visit. he mentioned the circumstance of Fathers cutting his foot by accident when clearing off his farm. After Supper (I bid them a due promising that if convinient. I would call a gane. I went on to Holland assisted Ezra & Edward in filling the appointment for meetining in Baptist Church in the evening At the close we sepperated having made arrangements to meet on the morrow when we would go over and fill the appointment we had sent (by special request over on to hunters Creek 4 miles distance.

Sat 29th We met in holland and then took the road for Mr Stepeers Who had in vited us over we passed near my Fathers old farm I defered going on to it untill we should return we arrived at Mr Sidney Steepers at 1 pm took dinner found him to be a Deist in principle. His aunt. (Who made her self known to us (at our meeting in holland as a member of our Church) lived near by But was absent. She returned in the Evening. and was glad to resieve us and administer to our wants as to food and lodgings. her name is Sally Steeper. her Maiden name was Bump she lived with Aunt Susannah Courrier when a Girl

Sun 30th quite well Weather moderate but little Snow which has ben the case in all our travels thus far. it has ben an unusual ofen Winter in all the states through which we have passed. At 10 oclok AM we attended the Baptist servis in the church. & gave out our appointmemnt for meeting in the Schoolhouse at 2 P.M. we interdused our selves to the Minister. and inquiered to know if we could have the privolige of the church for the evening or some evening during the week he said they were now having a protracted meeting so that the church would be occupied. when the our of our appointment arrived we found the house well filled with an attentive audiance. we gave an other appointment at 1/2 past 6 in the evening. Just before the hour had arrived we were informed that the Church had ben obtained for the servis; as the School house would not contain the people. this was good news to us. and we soon found our selves seated in the pulpit of the commodiace house well filled with attentive hearers. at the close of the meeting resieved an invitation to preach in a neigbouring school house 2 miles distance. we sent the appointment for the morrow evening.

Mon 31st Ezra & Edward took a horse & Shay & went to holland to get a mail of letters which we learned had come to the post office. I tarried & spending the time writing & conversing on the principels of the Gospel &c they returned with several letters, my mail however was blank we filled the appoint ment in the evening house well filled we had great liberly of Spirit and power of testimony. we were in vited home with, a Mr Richard Rogers, Non professer, found him a liberal out spoken man and one of the first settlers & had taken an active part in favour of the many Elders that that have preached in this vacinity some 30 or 40 years a go. Names as follows - Elders Kimble A W Babbit Jacobs A L Squairs Nickerson Stratton Hicks Clark P P Pratt David Patten & Bosley they Baptised a goodly number who have long since left for Zion we have ben cited to may of their old home steads with the house & Barns still standing. we gave an other appointment at the former schoolhouse for meeting next evening.

Tus Feb 1st returned to sister sleepers. filled the apointment in the evening house crouded. spoke on the Subject of the Book of Mormon

Wed 2nd We are now making ready to go to a town south of holland some 3 miles - called Protection - to fill an appointment sent to that place in compliance with earnest request of some of the citizens, sent to us a few days since we exspect the carriag soon to arrive for our convyance thither. We are in good spirits Ezra is exhibiting the white flag at half mast, as yet unobserved by the many it betokens the failing condition of his pants.

Thur 3rd We were taken in the cariage before mintioned by sister Lepers Son to the top of the hill near Holland he returned with our thank while we walked the remainder of the way exspecting to meet a Person with a large Span of Blacks, for our further conveyance to the place of appointment, as previouly arranged after wating some 2 ours, without seeing or hearing of any team We went on a foot, a pedler finally came a long & offered one of us a ride we desided that Bro Stevenson should be the favoured one. I with Ezra ploded a long way. feeling consoled in having. a fore runner that would prepare the way before us. on arriving we learned that the appointment had ben given out, but the arrangements for our conveyanve was so mixt that it resulted in a failure. . at the our of meeting the house was well filled and we were listened to with good attention. at the close of the meeting an exspression was taken in favour of a meeting the next evening which was announced; We were provided for at the Tavern and were well entertained by the Landlord Mr Tanner

Fri 4th Filled the appoint ment for last evening house filled to overflowing So that some could not get in. there was marked attention paid by the intier congragation. We made another appointment for this evening at the house supposed to seat 400. we also sent an appoint ment to a little Town called strikersville. having be repeatedly solicited to do so to be announced for saturdy evening

Sat 6th our last nights meeting was attended with equal cucess with the former persons being in attindance from 6 to 8 miles Distant. some of them wished us to come in to their Neighbourhoods. We announced a meeting for the next Tuesday in the Neighbouring Schoolhouse 2 miles distant and 1 one for Wedns evening a gane in this place. at 9 oclok AM we left for Strikerville took the road leading by Fathers old home Stead. I was directed to call on Mr James Kimble Who lived near the place - for further information as to the presise location of the farm and Buildings we call on him found him a nobel Jenerous Man he is on the old farm of Ebid Dake he said Fathers farm was 3/4 of a mile to the South on the road we had come this difered from that pointed out by others. he said that Mr E Tarington brought the farm and was succeded by his son Who is now living on the place he said he woudl make inquiery so that if I would call a gane he would give me the precise location we took dinner with after a good cocial chat a bout Utah & its People. we continued on to Mr Richard Rogers, where we put up at our previous visit (as beforementioned here we met the young man with his horse & Shay. Who was to take us the rest of the way to Strikersville yet 4 miles we made a good Mormon load. the road was so bare that we had to get out and walk in many places. on arriving we learned that our appointment had not ben given out through a misunderstanding between the party inviting us and the party sending the invitation. originating in the person of a Mr Richardson it being to late to give out the appoint in time for sufficient notice and feeling a cool reseption we informed the Gentleman that we would return to hunters Creeke. the circumstance was sutch that he felt obligated to send his teem & take us the most of the way to Sister Sleepers where we concluded to stop & hold meeting on the morrow we were conveyed over arrived about sun set we were observed as we came in to the neighbourhood. soon after supper we were informed that some of the people were gathering at the Schoolhouse in antisipation of a meeting. we were soon in attendence and address the few that gathered on the principels of the gospel. we gave out to speak at 11 oclok on the morrow

Su 6th We filled the appoinment & attended a Universalist meeting in the evening. the Minister not being abel to attend, - the meeting was transfered into our hands. this was just as it should of ben. as there had many come from a distant to here us - not knowing of the universalists appointment. the house was filled.

Mon 7th We bid farewell to the People of Hunters Creek & came over to Cousins having ben absent for several days. we were resived more favourbly than at the first Brothers Stevenson & Clark being wellcome as well as my self. this was a cause of Sattisfaction to me, and what, I, earnestly desired. I do not think that Cousins are beoming converted to the principels of our faith altogather. But they have the consolation to learn, that their Cousin & his friends from Utah are no disgrace to them; in the minds of their friends and Neighbours. & the People round about.

Tus 8th Still at Cousins, Bro Edward & Ezra had just left to fill our appoint ment at Halls Schoolhouse. I am stopping to pay Aunt Sally another visit. and exspect to meet them in protection to morrow evening and assist in filling our appointment for that place

Wed 9th I visited Aunt found her in pretty good healh. Spent the most of the day her and Mr Orsborn and Wife. - Who are taking care of Aunt and are inposession of the homestead to which they fall heir at her Death. I gave Aunt Fathers address requeting her to write. I left her the only way to be saved for her to peruse at her leisure and thus bid her a final farewell to meet in the next Better World - returned to Cousins in the evening. having sent a letter to the post by Ezra & Edward to my family in answer to one resieved on the 5th inst.

I spent this fore knoon at cousins left at 11 oclok stoped at Holand to dinner with Dr Orsborn duering which the Mail came in with a letter for me direct from hom Dated Feb 1st stating thall were well with the exception of colds and that little Nathan had the mumps I went on to protection met with Edw & Ezra we filled the appointment for the evening I occupied the time treating upon the subject of the Book of Mormon having the Best of attention.

Thu 10th We now Bid adieu to this part, and returning we took the Stage at Holland for the terminus of the Railroad at Arora for Buffalo called at Cousins got or hand trunks Biding them farewell prehaps to meet no more in this life. We arrived in Buffalo at 2 PM to a wait for the 4 oclok train on the Lake Shore Road I having in view to go in to Catharsbugus Co Church for my three Cousins Phillip Sanford and Parmer. the Sons Uncle Phineas we tickited to Allegora 20 miles. duering our passage Edward Concluded to seperate from us and go to his Brothers in cincinnati. thus we seperated I and Ezra stoped at the beforementioned place to make inquierry after my Cousins. exspecting to take the stage inland to Cattaraugus Co 15 miles distant But finding there would be no coach untill 2 oclok the next day we concluded to go around by rail. we stayed over knight at the Hotel. to take the morning train

Fri 11th took the 7 oclok train for Dunkerk. here we took the Erie line to Cattaraugus Station it being in the vacinity where it was supposed my cousins must of lived. But on arriving I could no trace of them having made inquiry of the oldest settlers of 50 years standing I found one Aaron Porter Son of Nathan Porter who was the son of John Porter Native of Connetticut. from his complaction visage & features I have no doubt that he is a branch of my Fathers Progeniters. we returned back to Perysburge 10 miles near the line betwen Cattaraugus & Chautauque Counties. made inquiery of the oldest Citizens of this place also without obtaining any trace or knowledge of there ever being being in the country. we then returned still further to a little village called Smiths Mills with the same results we were directed to an old setler by the name of Rodney B Smith. We recognised him passing from his residence to the Store. we hailed him. made known our Business of inquiery he in vited us in to the Store where further inquiries we found the old gentleman vary talkitive & soon the conversation turned to maters of religion. he directed his theory of God to the several Gentleman that had gathered around to listen to my inquiries. he said that God was an imaterial Being or substance. I remarked that I differed with the old Gentleman on that point the consequence was we were soon in gaged which drew the attention of all present the materiality of God was shown so plain from his own Basis that he soon fled from the onset. I immedatly recieved solicitations to stop and speak in Publick. (as yet they new not who we were nor from whence we came) I replied that if they would furnish us with food & lodgings we would stop that we were ministers of the Gospel from Utah, and would furnish them a true statement of that People Morally Socially and Religeously. they excepted the offer. and we were immediatly interdused to the Landlord as his guest. it was now after 5 in the evening. the news was spread through the village & at 7 oclok we found ourselves in a comfortable Schoolhouse before a respectable congragation. we ministered unto them facts as to the Laterday saints in Utah tuching on some points of their religeous faith. at the close a vote was taken in favour of hearing further. so we gave out for meetings Saturdy & Sundy evenings.

Sat 12th By invitation we called upon Mr Fredrick Burch Who is a sort of Spiritual Deaist we spent the time talking & writing.

Sun 13th filled the appointment for last evening Spoke on the Resurrection of the Dead. Good attintion We loged a gane at Mr Burches Spent the day writing & conversing principly with Mr Burch on his Spiritualism I wrote a letter to my family in answer to one resieved on the 9th inst Baring Date Feb 1st Stating that all wer well with the exception of colds and that my little son Nathan had the mumps but was getting along well We filled our evening appointment attended by a full house. of attentive listners. I spoke in answer to the question - what shall we do to be saved Ezra Bore a strong testimoney and concluded the meeting. of 2 1/2 ours long

Mon 14th We left to resume our surch for my Cousins. But was to late for the morning train. So I walked to a little villige called Forestville 3 miles distant to make inquiry there leaving Ezra to come on the evening train with our Bagage I called on an old resident by the name of Johnston. But without cuccess he was vary affiable untill he learned that I was from Utah and a representive of that People. he arose sudenly. and made for the hall doore saying that he wanted no investigation whatever. which ended my stay and I was off. my next call was upon an old Resident by the Name of Judy Mixture. I found him well mixt with good Sense & humane principles also his family. So that the Name Utah and its People did not sour on him so but what he could invite me to partake of his kind hospitality in a good rich Supper, with a Mormon Blessing on it. exstending their invitation to call a gane at any time I could make it convenient. I met Ezra on the arrival of the 6 oclock train on arriving at Dunkirk we took the Streete cars for Fredonia a village 3 miles out to visit or call upon several Families of Porters of that place arriving late we put up at the Hotell

Tus 15th We called upon Mr John Porter learned of his Geneology which gave evidence of his being a distant relative. But nothing conclusive. We then visited Mr William Porter learned by tracing his Ancesters they were Natives of Hartford Conneticut. we then called upon two Porters by the Name of Irad learnd that their Father was Brother to Mr Walter Porter Whome I called upon in Buffalo. We returned to Dunkirk took the cars for Panesville arrived late in the evening put up at the Stockwell House as there was no conveyance to Sharedon - where I perposed going it being the Town of my Cousin Nathans old residance having given up the Serch for the others. -

Wed 16th (here I called upon Mr Lucian A Porter a Merchant, learned that his ansesters were Natives Connetticut. But no conneting link with those in our knowledge. he said he had a list of his Progenitors some distant back at his residence which he would furnish me at an other time. (I learned from Wm Porter of Fredonia, that a Mr Porter of Boston was getting up a history of the Porters - he put me in the way to get his ddress. through a Dr Porter of Mishigan. Who I have Addressd upon the matter) We concluded to Sharadon by way of Kirtland & thus see the first Temple Built by our People. on our way we called upon one of Moris Phelps Brothers he & his wife were absent. his 2 Dautghters resieved kindly & gave us a good dinner with the honey in the comb. we arrived in Kirtland at 4 P. M. passed by the Temple to Mr Metcalf where we found Bro Simons from the valley We putup with him. we learned that Eward had called here But had left 4 days since. we made many inquiries as to the Temple & the private Residences of Joseph Hyrum Father Smith and Brighams with others of the first Elders of the church. they were pointed out to us. we were now in the one ocupied by President Hyrum Smith President Josephs Standing Some 30 rods North of the Temple Bro Hyrums is not quite as far on the South of the Temple - Martin Harris came in in the evening with Whome we had a lengthy & Somewhat interesting conversation upon Mormonism & the Book off Mormon. I asked him what about his testimoney in the that Book he replied that it was Just as it is stated. that he saw the Angel and had hefted the plates. he went on giving the particulars with regard to his taking some of the engravings to Mr Anthony of New York City. he gave a quotation or two from that portion of the translation that was stolen from him. Speaking of Mulock one of the sons of Zedekiah who was led on to this continent from Whom Zarahemla was a desendant &c he professes to have revolations from time to time and is a great Definer of scripture claiming to have the Spirit by which it was given. &c &c Increase Vanducien also came in. and began to display his gifts as soon as Martin retiered. he said he had ben sent here he new not for wat perpose - intimating that the spirit had sent him - he commenced by denouncing Brigham as a prophet seere & Revelator. & that he was not the legitimate leader of the church. asserting that there were no proofs to the contrary. Says I there is not, prehaps to your mind, assersions are me wind unless founded on facts. now let me ask a question that we may come to a stand point What is evidence of a legitimate successor, of Joseph Smith # is it not the continuation of the work he left unfinished # this is a deffinite conclusion. What was the Work Submitted to him # it was to lay the foundation of a great work, in organising the church & kingdon of God agane on the Earth. and sending foarth the everlasting gospel to all People unto the gatheling out the honest in heart from all Nation. to the places God Should appoint. he organised the Church sent foarth ministers appointed a place of the Gathering and as the People were driven. from the place of gathering by their Enemies he appointed an other that the gathering might continue. in fulfilment of the Great command - com out of her my People. he finnally fell sealing his testimoney with his Blood. Now among the many claimants to to the SuccessorShip of Joseph. Where is the man, Who has ben directing the energies of the People to the prossecution of the work, the answer is apparent. Judging them by their works, and not their words. President Young does not make high Claimes But his Works Bares reckord. under his direction has the Gospel ben sent to the Nations and the gathering ben continued by thousands year by year. he now became excited saying that my argument was external arguments founded on external evidences, Yes says I James says Show me our faith without works and I will show you my faith by my works." agane by their works shall they be judged" many has been crying Lord Lord, doing nothing while President Young has ben carrying on the work, he finally said Brigham was well enough as a king to the People. but there must be a Prophet, claiming that he was call to be a Prophet to the President as Samuel was to said at the close of his preamble he ecknoledge him self to be the man that Published the Induments But pled eresponcibility stath an influence come uppon him so that he was not realy concious of what he was doing. I redally conceeded that the same influance was still his guide.

Fri 18th We called upon Mr Bond Who had charge of the Temple. he gave us admittance in to the Temple Showing us through its apartments from Bacement to Atic we found it vary mutch Mared and mutilated with pencils and jacknives by the multides that have visited it. on the first floore there is a pulpit at the East & West end of the Room with three Stands in each - one above the other. the senter one in the west Pulpit was pointed out to be the one that Joseph and his council occupied. I left my Name in pencil on the leaf of this Stand. - from the enterence of the outer Doore. there is a flite of Stairs - to the right & left assending to the upper floore. on going from the landing into the main room we passed through 3 narrow rooms exstending across the entire Building with Black Boards on each wall. Dessegnated as chool Rooms. in the main Room there is a stand at the East end. with 4 posts near the center of the room some 15 feet a part acting as supports to the seeling a bove at the same time furnishing conveniences for haging curtings at rightangles which doubtless constructed for indument Rooms. I picked up a piece from a Window casing that lay on the floore from which I manufactured a pen Stock with which I am now inditing these Notes. I esteem it vary higly as a relic

Sat 19th I posted a letter to my Bro John - Morgan Co. UT Tr I Also addressed a letter to Mr Porter of Anarbor Michigan as follows

Dr. C. W. Porter.

Dear Sir

having ben informed by Mr Wm Porter of Fredonia. that you are in possesion of the Address of a Mr Porter of Boston Mass Who is getting up a history of the the Porters, I therefore write to ask if you will be so kind as to favour me with his address. as I antisipate visiting that City. and feeling a deepe interest in the matter (as I am one of that Name) will be happy to call upon one of our Name Sakes who is thus engaged in so laudable an undertaking - I am Nathan T Porter son of Sanford Porter Who is the son of Nathan Porter Who was the son of Nathan Porter Natives of vermont & Connetticut - if it will not be to mutch trouble please give me the Names & Nativity of your ansesters. Please answer if possiable by return of post - Address N T Porter Cirtland Geauga Co ohio

Yours with kind regards

N. T. Porter

At 10 oclock AM we left for Sharadon 9 miles Distance when when with in 4 miles of the village I made inquiery after Cousin Nathan I was told that if I would call at the next house - near by I could get evry information as they were old setlers. I did so and learned that Cousin Nathan had moved to Illinois some years ago and had since gon to Callifornia. But his sister - Cousin Betcy) was living in Panesville but a short time since Also that their Neghbour Mr Thwing Married. another sister of his But she was Dead - we were cited to the house - to which we soon repaird. after making my self known as a relative. we were made wellcome. and thus entered in to full details of kindred relations We stoped till over Sunday he is living with his oldest Son Erwin Who is Married & has 3 children his wifes maden Name is Hine has ben in ill health for some time. Cousin Thuing is an excentrick quick tempered specimen of humanity. vary scepticle as to rewards and punishments any further than this life. Professing to believe that there is no existance beyond the Grave

Mon 21st We left on our return to Panesville by way of the Sharidon & Menter Road with the view of calling upon Morris Phelps Brothers as before mentioned. we arrived at his Bro Elexandrs 11 AM having to meet a North west wind the most severe of the Season. we were kindly resieved We visited his Brother Orrins Family was kindly dly resieved and entertained by his Bereft Widow with whome Ezra was formaly acquainted in caldwell Co Mo. She was also acquainted with my Sister Malinda. her Maidon Name was Lyon She said she had now in her posession a letter written by my Brother Warrinner to her husband on Business with regard to some land

Tus 22nd It is more moderate & pleasent I Addressed the following letter to my Relitives supposed to be in Corrinth Orange Co Vermont

Curtland Ohio Feb 22nd 1870

To Harrison & Charles Molby or Steven Russ,

Dear Relatives

I drop these few lines as a note of inquierry. hoping it will reach some of you. I am Nathan T Porter son of Sanford Porter Who was the son of Nathan my Grand Father. my Mothers maden Name was Nancy Warrinner. I am on a short Tour through the States, and wish to learn the whereabouts of my kindred that I may imbrace the opportunity of paying a passing visit to as many as time will permit and thus see the living & through them hear from those that have fallen assleep in Death So that I may have the pleasure of returning the desiered information to my Father. Who is now near his Eightieth year My Mother has Gone to rest in the Paradice of God - and so has my oldest Brother Chauncey Warrinner Porter. My only guide to your address is from Father - to your homestead in Orang Co Corrinth - State of Vermont (the place of my Berth I will now wait for an answer before saying further lest it should be in vain after the elaps of so many years let me say to the one who may by chance resieve this little scroll. Please favour me with an immediate answer - And oblige yours most truly

Nathan T Porter

PS Address to Panesville P.O Lake Co ohio

Wed 23rd We continued our trip called a gane at Ira Phelps he was a gane absent his wife however was at home. and resieved us kindly we took dinner with a gane, after which we passed on to Panesville. made inquerry after cousin Betey Jaques we were Sited to her residence But on ariving were in formed that She had Sold and gone west. - that if I would call on the next Neighbour Mr Crane could give me her Address I did so and was informed that she was Residing in Shampeighm Co, Ill. I learned that my Second Cousin Unis Harrison was residing on the opposite Block. We called upon her found her living in a rented Room by her Self - having Seperated from her husband and 3 children several years since. She seemed pleased to see me as a relative And Minister of the Gospel and made us as comfortable as her humble circumstances would admit. we stoped with her until the next day. She insisted on our stopping longer But circumstances seemed to render it necessary for us to pass on

Th 24th We took the evening train for Cleveland - here I had a Second cousin by the Name of Tifield Cousin Jaques Daughter But as I had not the address to her residence - We stayed at the Hotel

Fr 25th We took the 8 oclock train Callidonia Marion Co to visit Ezras Cousins in that place some 63 miles We arrived at 12 M. and was made well come to their hospitallity. found them to be good old Methodists

Sat 26th We spent the Day in visiting his relatives.

Sun 27th Attended the Methodist Church listened to the remarks of their Aged Minister Who namifested mutch real. But not according to knowledge. An appointment was announced for us in the evening. we attended at the our of appointment, found the house well filled. they favourd us with singing the meeting lasted some 2 1/2 ours, with vary good attention

Mon 28th resumed the visiting with the intention of leaving on the morrow. While I was ingaged - in the evening - Writing home one of Bro Clarks Cousins came in with a request from the Temperence Bord. for me to attend their meeting. alredy assembled in the Methodist Church and Address them on the subject of temperence. I laid down the pen incomplance with the invitation and was soon in attendance. after some preliminary arrangements by the Bord and a Short reading by a Mr Bentley, I was interdused as Revernd Mr Porter I ddressed the Audience on the word of Wisdom under the head of temperence showing that not only was the excessive use of ardent spirits destructive to the human Systom phisically & mentally. but that of hot drinks in the shape of tea & coffe. tho not so powerful in its immedate effect, was vary injurious to the health and longevity of the human Family & at the close of the meeting, We were solicited to hold a meeting on the morrow evening in forming us that the Universalist Church was at our service the appointment was announced and so we were Booked to stay annother day

Tues Mar 1st Spent the day in visiting Ezras Cousin Burrett Clark. I wrote a letter to my Family - in the evening filled the appointment before mentioned. Ezra spoke on Utah and its People as they are I followed treating mostly on the principals of the Gospel.

We 2nd At Ezras Cousin. Charles Nelson Clarks. Who is quite poorly with a severe cold.

Th 3rd We took the cars for Cincinnati passed Marion Springfield and Daton Arriving at Glendale 6 PM here we stoped and called on Joseph Stevenson hoping to get some letters as we had ordered our Mail to his Address. Also to meet with Edward if he had not left. We found no Mail for us. But learned that Edward had not yet left for home But had left that Morning for Cincinnati We were resieved vary kindly

Fr 4th Cloudy with mist of rain. Joseph went with us to the Post office But no letters We took a walk through the Gled around the fine residences - & through the parks found a slipry Elm tree cutup into cordwood posessing a fine quality of Bark. we avaled our selves of this opportunity of procuering a lot to take with us home to use in case of sickness

Sat 5th We with Joseph took the 7 oclok train for Cincinnati we met with Edward on our arrival at the Depo. Who was gladly Disapoint on seeing us so unexspectedly as he had given up our coming supposing we had gone some other way We called upon Edwards sisterinlaw Henry stevensons Widow where he was stoping. we then went to the Lemmon House where we met with Elders J B Wallice Bishop S Woolly & Thacher here we made arrangements to meet in Chicago on the 16th inst to purchase tickets through to Utah. under special rates I with Ezra crossed over the ohio on the suspension Bridge to Covington to take the 1 oclok train for Butler Cambel County KY to visit my Wifes Relations in that section by the Name of Yelton on our way in the cars I inquiered of a gentleman, if he was acquainted in the vacinity of Butler. he said he was some little I asked if there was any persons by the Name of Yelton in Butler & vercinity. he replied that there were a bout a thousand. well then said I, I think, I hall be likely to strike some of them. We soon arrived and was conducted a cross the Lickien River in a skift accompanied by a young Man who gave us directions to follow up the creek called Spring Creek - at the mouth of which we had just landed that the first house we would come to was a Yelton & the next and so on for six miles to where Jesse the old gentleman lives - Who is my wifes Uncle. we passed the first house as it was a little off the road. & called at the second which we learned to be Richard Yelton my wifes Mothers 2nd cousin his wife said she was well acquainted with - my wifes Mother when a girl. she wished a rememberence to her he is on a bed of affliction & has ben far over a year -- we wound our way on up the creek following its bed over the Rocks came to a Steem Mill up to the left on the hill stands the stone house where Father Cherry lived on the farm he Bought of Uncle Jesse (as he since informed me) we called in to the mill made further inquierry. A Boy came with a sack of corn on a horse. Ezra felt to see if there was a stone in one end. for a balance. found that ciance had made its way here in these hills as well as in the New England states. unto the dividing of grain to ballance a gainst grain. What an age of progression -- We learned that a John Yelton within a mile but little way from the direct Road to Jesses on leaving the Mill a Man overtook us I asked if he could site me to John Yelton's - what says he; long John # well says I cannot say as to that he however gave us direction to long Johns - on arriving we found the application vary appropriate as he stands 6 feet & a half in his Boots. I introdused my self as a relitive by Marage. we stoped over knight being vary kindly treated. he is the son of Phillip Yelton his wifes Maden name is Gosney. they gave me their Family liknesses. they are cousins.

Sun 6th he sadled up three horses two for us & one for him self which was our conveyance to Uncel Jesses. on arriving he interdused me as a relitive. which soon explained. on being informed that I was the husband of Aaron Cherrys oldest Dugter they seemed; pleased to have the pleasure of hailing me as such. and learn of the rest of the family &c in the afterknoon John took me to one side and asked if we would preach in the church Mondy knight as Aunt wished to have us preach as there had ben no ministers of the Mormons in this section. I told him we would gladly do, so the arrangement was soon made.

Mo 7th Stayed at Uncels. spent the day mostly in making out a list of the relitives. which occupies pages - filled the appointment - in the schoolhouse as the church could not be obtained. the house was full not withstanding it was vary getting about, they paid the most profound attention. we left another appointment for next evening

Tus 8th Spent a portion of the day in writing up my Journel. the rest in talking & taking further notes of relivites - Uncel has 4 children at home single - Lucy Bell Aged 30 Fatura Jane Aged 25 John W Aged 24. Jesse Eugene Aged 22 years. filled the appointment for the evening the house was well filed mostly of the young class who listned with good attention.

Wed 9th We returned to Glendale being furnished a couple of horses for our conveyance to Mossville Station 4 miles Acompoined by cousin John W Yelton. we stoped in Cincinnati took dinner with Henry Stevensons Widow 34 Bar St where we agane met with Edward

Thu 10th left for chicago on the 3 - oclok train. arrived Thursday morning at 7 AM took Breckfast at the Wrights House - Ezra was quite unwell so that he could not eat having a severe headache he took the 10 oclok train for his Brothers B. B. Clark in Lockport I and Edward tarried to attend to some Business. we met Brothers G B Wallace Bishop Samuel Woolley and Thatcher at the Allen House Bro Woolley had resieved a telegragm from home sating that his Eldest son was dead he with Bro Thatcher took the 10 oclok train on a hasty return home, with sorrowful heart: I ordersed Some entries for the champion reeper & Mower we took logings at the Allen House

Sat 12th Edward & Bro Wallas left on the 10 oclok train for Demoin Iowa I accompanied them 38 miles to Jolliett here I took the cars to Lockfort where I met with Ezra found him mutch better. here I found a letter from my Family one from T J Brandon & one form my Nephew Joseph Porter. with the usual good news news that all were well

Sun 13th Spent the day in anwer letters writing up my Journal &c

Mo 14th We were Solicited to give a lecture on the principels of our faith, Socially Morally & Religiously. to which we readally complied. Provided a sutiable Room should be furnished us this was soon arranged for. and the following Notice was put into the hands of Mr. Packson (Who tendered us the invitation) to put up as playcards for Publick Notice as follows


Elders N. T. Porter & E. T. Clark Missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints, - Late from Utah - Will deliver a Publick Discourse touching upon the principels of their faith Socially Morally & Religeously in the Lyndal & Lulds Hall Tuesday evening

Tus 15th The weather has changed to a vary severe snow storme with a with a strong drifting wind. the prospect is vary unfavourable for our meeting this evening especially for the Ladies.

Wed 16th our meeting came off with full more in attendence than we antisipated as the weather continued varry severe most of the Business Men of the town were in attendence had vary good attention. it was antisipated - had the weather ben favourable - that the Hall would of ben filled to excess - we are now arranging to leave for Chicago on the 8 oclok train to morrow morning. where we will stop untill Friday morning. and then leave for Dismoins City with the understanding. that we will leave there with Edward Bro Wallace & others on the 22nd it now bids fair for fine wether a gane. At 3 p.m. Mr Cisson gave us an invitation to take a Sleigh ride with him to the Penitenchurary. which we excepted, and soon found our Selves among the Spirits in Prison - as visitors & not Ministers they were all vary Busily in gaged in various implyements they were in number about thirteen hundred. we had a pleasant Ride and interesting visit.

Th 17th We left for Chicago with the view of stopping untill Friday night when we would take the 11 oclok train for Desmoins where we would fall in with Bro Edward & Wallace. We arrived Safe at the Allen House found Brother Nailor who had just arrive from Hamilton Ohio, also Bro M Thacher.

Fr 18th We spent yesterday afterknoon and this day in making a few little perchases. Brothers Farr and Daniel Carter arrived. I resieved a letter from Cousin Chauncey Courrier in answer to mine to him asking him to send me the address of his Neice living in Chicago Cousins Josephs Daughter. he informed me that her husbands name is Heman H Haaff A Lawyer by profession he did not know the st or number of his Address Also that Cousin Abner lives at Lodi Station about 40 miles west of Chicago - his sister Cousin Marilles Address is Charles L Pitts Eustise St Boston Cousin Erdix Currier is living in the Town of Horton Bremer Co Iowa We with the Brethren left on the 11 oclok train as before mentioned arriving at Desmoins at 5 pm the rest of the Brethren continued on to Omaha we found the Saints here all well met with Brothers Evens & Merdek E Stevenson & G B Wallace were out to Bro Beebes.

Su 20th met with the Brethren and sisters in their Branch meeting Bro Ballinger Presiding had a vary good meeting in the evening met & ordained James Williams to the office of Priest. Bro Stevenson & Walace came soon after. I and Bro Evens Lodged at Mr. Fifields partial believer in the work but not fully his wife believes but has not obeyed

Mo 21st all well think of starting on to morrow

Tues 22nd We have set to start on the 3 oclok train tomorrow morning. the sisters are preparing us some vituals to take with us

Wed 23rd We left according to arrgement having had a good meeting with the Brethren Who came in Duering the evening. We arrived at the St Charles house. in omaha 12 M found a few of the Elders at the Hotel, as follows Thomas Nailor Wm Steurit Daniel D Me, Carter Aaaron, Thatcher Aaaron Far - & T Ricks we fell in with the following on the cars George D Grant Henry Lee with his Brother & family Dimie Huntington and Wife & Wm Bringhurst. Arrivals continued Duering the afterknoon - Harris Whitney Bishop Rolly & Sisterinlaw Miron Groo & Wm Neal.

Th 24th Arrivals continue. John Stoker Jesse Perkins & Groosbeck - Bro Bringherst Being connected with Bro Berton in making special arrangements with Rail Rode compony at redused rates for the Returning Missionaries - suceeded in getting us tickits on those rates from this point to ogden - being 31 Dollars each and as there were now over the requisite number specified in the arrangement it was deemed wisdom to take passage on the 6 oclok train for this evening and thus save further exspences at the Hotels, and so defer waiting. for others to arrive We therefore took our departure on the 24th in stead of the 25th as preveously arranged. 35 Missionaries and 12 Emigrant Brethren from Alebamma, in all 47. We had a good & prosperous trip a cross the plains to our Mountain home. with the exception of 15 hours Detintion on Desending the Grade from Sherman in consequence of one of the Engines that helped us up from Shianne being Detached - and going down in advance Running in to a hand Car compleetly demolishing the car and throwing the Engine off the track. this however was considered fortuniate for us, as the train would doubtless met with the same accident had it ben in advance in stead. We arrived at Ogden on the evening of the 28th and before the close of the 29th the most if not all found themselves once more at their homes serrounded with their families and friends I found my Family all well. For which I tender thanks and Grattitude to my Father in Heaven.

April 6th attended our 80th Anual Conference held in the New tabernickel Salt Lake City, after which I resumed my labours in a temperal capaccity, cultivating the Soil Thus providing for my family, the neccessaries of life. untill the following January 1871 when I a gane took my departure in compony with Brother Stevenson on a Misionary tour through our Southern Settlements to the extream South teaching & incourageing the Brethren & Sisters to be faithful in performance of evry known duty. we returned in time to attend the 82nd Simianual Conference by the 6th of April of this same year 1871 found our families all well and in good Spirits. A more full account of our travels containing a brief description of the towns villages with the number of Inhabitance &c is written in my pocket Journal from which I thought to make an abridgment but defer for want of time and space. Therefore Suffise it to say that I a gane applied the most of my time and attentsion tilling the ground and attending to maters at home labouring in connection with my Brethren in Stiring up the Saints from Sabath to Sabath unto faithfulness in keeping the Commandments of the Lord.

Thus the time passed a way untill the following Spring of 1872 when at the General Conference I in connection with others was called to a home Mission and subsequently before the close of the conference I in connection with Elder E Stevenson were called to take our departure on a Mission to the United States being appointed and setapart on the 28th inst I went to immediately arranging my affares to this end and on the 10th of June I a gane bid my family a due and with valiece in hand set my face east ward on my fifth Mission a broad. I joined Elder Stevenson at Ogden City Also Elders C C Rich and son (Joseph) who were fellow Missionaries with us. We obtained our tickets on Missionary rates which is half the usual fare The Eastern bound train arrived at 7-30m AM. having secured our seats we felt that all was arranged and in a few minutes we were on the wing as it were leaving at 8 oclok We found our old acquaintence Wm O Clark Wife and Son on bord had a good time talking over past incidences his wife (Julia) and Bro Stevenson had several set toes on Political & relgious matters in cluding Womens rights upon which the former was vary tenetious. claiming all the rights of man hood with out any conssion She said she had only obeyed her Husband once, and felt that she done rong as by so doing she missed the train. This is the growing spirit of the Age And thus the words of the prophets are being fulfilled which says Children are your oppressors & women rule over you. There are now many ammong the Nations of the Earth who are and have ben under this opression because of pride & licenciousness, so that Man is saying to his fellow to multiply children is oppression a burden I am unwill to bare. and that of a wife is too mutch for many. so they will shun the path of honerable Marage and take that which leads to criminal connections. While many who feign to be more circumspect by honerable Marage, commit them selves to Rapine & Murder by destroying their Children throug infanteside; & being untrue to eachother. Surely the Earth is defiled under the Inhabitance thereof and will soon be prepared for the Burning. But to return. We continued our way with accident or harm arriving at Omaha Wednesday 10th 7 PM took transfer tickets a cross the new Iron bridge to Council Bluffs on the East bank of the river Brothers Rich with their ladies (who came down with them) took the Chicago & Rockiel train at 4 PM while we tarried to compleete our arrangement for a through ticket on the Burlington & Indianapolice line to New York which we succeeded in doing by telegraphing to Professor Morse - General Agent. we imbarked a gane thursday morning 7 AM passing through the southern portion of the state of Iowa arriving at Autumwa a town where the line crosses the line called the Desmoins Valley Road. having obtained a lay over ticket we got off for the perpose of visiting the few remaining Brethren of Desmoins & vacinity for a few days. as there was no connection we had to wait untill two oclok next morning thus wating some 10 hours having arrived at 4-40m PM Tuesday Morning - left on time arrived at Demoins 7-30m. called upon Bro Daiel Rees found him in poor healh but in tolerable good spirits as to Mormonism Family all well took Breakfast - after which took a strole in to the City called at the Iowa Registers Office learned that it had changed hands since our former visit in 70 Mills & Co propierters passed in called on Mr. Fifield and family. (his wife being a member for the Church) they seemed pleased to see us (having got acquainted on our former visit after a good social chat & some refreshments we returned to D Reess after supper we were visited by two Backsliders & Apostatisers by the Name of Reese (no connection of our host however) we inquiered after their faith as latterday saints (they being introdused as Brethren) they replied that it was first rate - are you in fellowship with all the doctrains of the Church, all but Polygamy was the reply, a short dscussion insued which ended in the rending of the last sail they could raise on their frail bark.

Sat 15th Set out for Bro Beebes met him in town with a drove of hogs having his teem with him so so we made arrangements to accompany him home we went on however some two miles to Bro Buzzards there to a wait his return and the arrival of Bro & Sister Rees who had arranged to overtake us there, & thus prosied with us. We we were resieved kindly by Sister Buzzard (he being in the field plowing his corn he soon came in to his dinner seemed pleased to see us Bro Beebe & Bro and Sister Rees came up. having taken dinner we proseded on with them & were welcomed by Sister Beebe & the rest of the family. (we called at Bro & sister Davisees & took supper found them well we left an appointment for meeting Sunday afterknoon at 5 PM in the school house nearby.

Sun 16th Spent the time at Bro beebes till 2 PM we then setout with Bros Rees & Beebes to fill our appointment on our arrival we found a goodly number assembled. Elder Stevenson occupied most of the time with good attention by the hearrers we took an exspression of the meeting as to holding an other meeting resulting in favour so we set the next Tuesday at 5 PM at the same place we stayed over knight with Bro & Sister Davis.

Monday returned to Bro Beebes passed the rest of the Day in conversing on various subjects.

Tu 18th took a mornings walk in to the shady woods near by and in a secluded place bowed in humble prayer to our Father & God returning unto him thanks & grattetude for the Blessings of the past. and asking for a continuation of his holy Spirit to be with & around about us to guide and direct in all things wheather we should go & what we Should say & his protection to be continued unto us & our Wives & Children at home &c in the after knoon we returned to fill our appointment Bro Beebe & Daughter accompaning us. (Bro Davis having sent up his teem for our conveyance after arriving at Bro Davises we paid a Mr Lane a visit in fulfilment a promice we made him at our prieveous meeting Bro Beebe accompanied us we had a good social chat on the principels of our faith took supper with him an then repared to the meeting but a few rods from his house quite a number turned out & occupied most of the time on the first principels of the Gospel with marked attention Bro Stevenson followed for a short time We gave out an other appointment for the coming Sabath at 11 AM and 4 PM at the same place. Weather vary warm and sweltry The thermometor 97 in the shade, & 133 in the sun vary oppressive to us.

Wed 19th still warm, wind in the south, at a high Breeze, which is quite refreshing. The season has ben vary wet & cold till a few days since Wheat looks well Corn is vary late so that many are almost disparing of a crop. The Polittical Element is lik unto a pot of hot water just between a simer & a Boil, which is indicated by a constant uprising of little white bubbels from the bottom. The Polittical Breeze now blowing is kindling up the old half distinguished firebrands of the late War. The End is not yet. Elder Stevenson is gone with Bro Beebe to Desmoins City; while I am engaged in conversing & writing up my Journal.

Th 20th Elder Stevenson returned last evening no mail from home we setin & transferred Bro Davises Bees

Fri 21st Went to Bro Beebes & transfered some of his Bees commensed writing a letter to my Family.

Sat 22nd I went to Desmoins City (in compony with Bro Beebe) in hopes of a letter from home; on arriving at the Post office I was some what disappointed in finding none for me I obtained one for Bro Stevenson at Bro Reeses on my return I stoped at Bro Davises, as we had arranged to meet there & stop till after our meeting But as it was showery Duering the Day he did not leave Bro Beebes.

Sun 23rd Well & in good spirits; after I had made ready for the meeting a Mr Erwin Called in, with whome I had quite a lengthy convrsation lasting untill the hour of meeting Bro Stevenson not having arrived I repared to the Schoolhouse so asto be on hand to commence the meeting Should he not come in time I however; soon had his aid. We had a good Spirited meeting. and altho there were But few in attendance we had mutch liberty of speach. which took good effect. at the close of the meeting we were invited to Mr. Lains (before mentioned) to take dinner, we excepted his kindness. At 3 oclok PM we attended their Sundy School took part by opening the school at the request of the Superentendent. at the close of which (after a few minutes of intermission) we commensed our afterknoon meeting which was well attended

Mon 24th We returned to Bro Beebes. I finished my whomeward letter. we visited a Mr Harter with whome Bro Stevenson had contracted for one hindred stands of Beese resieving 10 stands down the Ballance to be resieved in the fall in time for shipping.

Tus 25th Posted my letter and assisted E S in transfering his Beese &c

Wed 26th gathered some Bluegrass seede to take with me when I should return home. we were informed in the evening by Brother Beebe that he had met with a gentleman of his acquaintance who exspressed a wish to hear us Preach and that he told him he could have the privolige if he would secure a room & give out the appointment. he said he would have it given out then for the following evening in the Shool house. & that he had vouched that we would fill the appointment, we replied that he was safe in doing so, that we should be on hand. thus the way was being opened for us to preach once more in Polk City.

Thu 27th All well we learned this morning that the appointment was given out last evening for to knight by Mr Sulivin (Christain Minister requesting a general turnout This is truly worthy of Reccord that a professed Christian Minister has manifested a Christian Spirit towards Latterday Saintt Elders. so mutch so, as to announce an appointment for them with favour We took Bro Beebes horses and Buck board drove down to Bro Davises (where we had left our washing) puton some clean clothes returned in the evening in time for the appointment the house was well filled five Ministers being present, all paid good attention as Edward set forth the first principles of the Gospel, several of the Ministers assenting to its truth quietly remarking - that is truth.

Fri 28th We transfered the remainder of Brother Beebes Beese I spent a portion of the time writing my Journal and learning - home agane on the Peano - for a musement and to recreate the mind I will here insert the Blessing Bestowed upon my head as I was set a part for this Mission -

A lessing pronounced by Elder W Woodruff in connection with Elders Orson Pratt Franklin D Richards Brigham Young jr Albert Carington D H Wells and Joseph F Smith. Given at the Historians office April 28th 1872: Brother Porter In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by vertue of the holy Priesthood, we lay our hands upon your head; and Set you apart to this mission whereunto you have ben called by the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday day Saints, to go forth to the United States to Continue warning this Nation. Lift up your voice unto them declare unto them, the words of life; Warn them of their Sins and transgressions Show forth the word of God to them, and those things which they stand in need of, that your garments may be Clear of their blood and they be left without excuse in the day of Gods visitation and Judgments on their heads We ask God our heavenly father to pour out his Spirit upon you, that he will bless you on your Journey, and that whatever circumstances you may be plased in, the way may be opened before you and that the same power which has protected the Elders of Isreal for the last forty two years - since the organisation of this Church and Kingdom shall go with you, be round about you, and sustain you. you Shall be blessed on your Journey, boath going and returning, and you Shall return again in peace and safety. Realize the responcibility which is resting upon you. A call is made upon you as a messinger of Salvation to preach the words of life to the Children of men. We say to you call upon the Lord in mighty prayer; obtain his Spirit that it may be a living monitor to teach you day by day, the cours to persue, to warn you of danger in your path, and to give you the victory over your enimies, and over evry evil that may present itself before you; and enable you to do your duty before the Lord. We seal these blessings upon you, and all others your heart can desire in righteousness, in the name of Jesus our Redeemer; Amen

Sat 29th quite well. the atmosphere is cloudy with appearence of Rain We attended a political Lecture last knight on monetary matters, and the ineqality of capital and labour. it was so lengthy and uninteresting to us, that we took several trips to the land of nod and was glad when the last sheet of his manuscript was turned over. We went down to Bro Davises with a view of attending the Duncards two days meeting then in session on arriving at Mr. Davises we were interdused to a Mr an insurance Agent who had called & was staying for dinner. (he had on a prieveous occasion manifested his vindictiveness against Polygamy) and as before, the subject was brought up. but with different efect. for his prejudice was so removed that he invited us to ride with him (in his carrage) to the duncard meeting which we excepted continuing the conversation on our arrival he invited us vary strong to call & see him at his residence in Desmoins City. We seeted our selves on a temperary seat in front of the pen borded up at the sides & ends covered with canvass in which was assembled the members and officers of the society (they having provided seats for those not of their faith on the out Side (they were located in a butiful Butternut grove of young trees we only arrived in time to witnes the closing of the afterknoon servise and the seting forth the program for the evening. which was a lunsh for out siders examination of members - The Lords Supper - washing of feet and administering of bread & wine we tarried untill all was performed with the exception of the Bread & wine they manifested mutch zeal but (in many instances) not according to knowledge

Su 30th it rained duering the foreknoon so that we did not attend the remainder of their servasis at 3 PM we a gane attended Sunday School at the Schoolhouse & as before held meeting soon after its close the word having ben given out to that efect. We agane had the privolige (by request of the teacher) of asking questions to the school We had a good meeting and at the close gave out an appointment to hold meeting in what is called the deeds Schoolhouse some two miles distant. on Wednesday evening following - Returned to Bro Beebes

Mo July 1st Spent the day in assisting Bro Stevenson in transfering Bees &c

Tus 2nd Spent a portion of the time Reading in the evening I resieved a letter from my family Baring date of June 18th and stating that all were well at home. which I was grateful to hear

Wed 3rd I answered the above letter in the afterknoon assisted in transfering more of Bro Beebes bees - in the evening he took his teem and conveyed us to the place of our appointment - before mentioned a gooly number came to hear and paid good attention while I set forth some of the first principels of the Gospel and bore testimony of its restoration by the Angel through Joseph Smith - the spirit resested upon me in mutch power even unto prophecy; and to God be the glory for ever & ever.

Th 4th 5 oclok AM Bro Stevenson resieved a note from the committy of arrangements (for the selebration of this memoribal day) in Polk City - to attend their selebration and act as Chaplain by offering Preyer at the opening of the servises The invitation was excepted and at 9 oclok the the Prosession started from the Publick Square (to the a jasent woods where suitable preperations had ben made for the occasion.) consisting of the Sunday School Schollars followed by a number of citizens in their wagons. We were sited to our position at the left of the flag in the front rank; the attention of the assembly was called by the martial Band (consisting of one fifer, tow Snare & one Bass Drum) Singing Prayer was then offered after which followed the reading of the declaration of Indpendence Speech by the reverend Mr. Suliven and dissmissal for dinner ended the foreknoon program We were invited to Dine with a Mr Parmenter which we excepted and partook of his earthly bounties spread upon the green grass in the shady woods. (on exstending his invitation he informed me that his wifes Madon Name was Porter) my inqueries soon followed our introduction with regard to her Relatives & their Nativity. she said her parents lived in Onda Co New York where she was raised that her fathers Christian Name was John that he was dead - was Born in connetticut. She was vary reserve upon the subject and professed to know nothing of her Relatives further than her Fathers family and that hey were scattered she new not where. I learned that The afterwards said to me of her Neighbours that that Mormon Elder tried to scrape relation Ship. But she new I was no relative of hers, - for if I was I would not of ben a Mormon So mutch for prejudice. After knoon services consisted of songs toasts & speaches I and Bro Stevenson partisipating So I suppose it will be called by some the Mormon and Christian Selebration. as there is two parties here arrising between Christians and other denominations so that they will not prey to God in the same Church nor selebrate the day of their Indpendance on the same ground.

Fri 5th transferred some more bees for Bro beebe - gathered more grass seed &c

Sat 6th I accompanied Bro beebe to a Mr Cantseller and assisted in driving some hogs home which he had purchased this gave me a little more than usual exorsise as now & then one would take for the woods reversing its cours from that we wished them to go

Sun 7th at half past 10 A.M., we attend the Christian servis in the schoolhouse listened to a couple of discourses delivered by the Reverendises Mrs. Elison & Miller. The text was the word - love - from John 4th ch this was devided into four heads first - L - for love - O - for obedience v for victory. & e for Eternity we had now for the first time the privrivlege of listening to the superfine deffinition of the English Authography (so far) Now I think if the Gentliman Devines do not stand back & let their better half opperate on the word; it is because they dread the shades of the back ground in their profession. At 3 PM we held meeting the in the same place Bro Stevenson took up the subject of the Book of Mormon had a good hearing gave out another appointment for the following tuesday evening - same place also one on wednesday evening at the Leeds schoolhouse (before mentioned

Mo 8th We visited Bro Davises spent a portion of the time in writing my Journel.

Tues 9th it has rained during the latter part of the nigt and this fore knoon So that the crops in this section are well supplied with morsture but it is to late to save the wheat. We now leave for Polk City the crage is waiting. and I am now off Arrived safe at Bro Beebes was interdused to Mrs. Roggers & Dughter (sister Beebes cousin) I had a vary agreeable Setdown with them on the principels of the Gospel. After Supper we repaired to fill our appointment, the first bell having rang I Spoke continuing the Subject of the Book of Mormon. at the close of the meeting we had applications for the Book to read

Wed 10th this is a memorable to day to me as it numbers to me; fifty-two years since I was Born into this World and was truly pronounced a living soul. one half century has papassed a way; Since I first dwelt in mortal calay. A quarter more may come & go Ear I leave this World below. Mr. Lane sent his teem & took us down to his house (from Bro Beebes 4 miles) we divided his bees for him he took us to our appointment in the evening on arriving we met a Political Lecturer who had announced his lecture for the same evening, we consulted the matter & gave way apointing meeting for the following Sunday at the same Schoolhouse at 10 AM

Th 11th We rode with Bro Davis and wife down to their nighoborring farm Spent most of the day with them & their tenant Mr. Westfall. in 1

Fri 12th we returned to Bro Beebes calling at Mr Marts & Wilsons resseved a letter from hone stating that all were well

Sat 13th spent most of the time in writing answered my home letter

Sun 14th Bro beebe took us in his carage to our appointment and returned with us in time for the one in Polk City at 3 PM we had a little disterbence in our foreknoon meeting by a disreputable fellow by the name of But resieving no incouragement from any person he soon complied with the request to be silent. We gave out an appointment for 2 meetings at the Davis schoolhouse the following Sunday at 10 AM & 4 PM the afterknoon meeting at the city was well attended - spoke on the Resurection & Millennium Reign gave the Book of Mormon to the christian Minister (Mr Fellison for himself & Mr. Sulliven to read.

Mo 16th saw Mr. Sulliven and soliciled him to pay us a social visit at Bro Beebes on the morrow at a suitable time which he accepted we spoke to Bro Beebes & arranged for 4 PM

Tu 17th Sent for Mr Fellison & Lady to acompaney Mr Sulliven and partisipate in the visit. it not being convenient for them. it was defered till the Morrow at the same hour. We assisted Bro Beebe in over hauling his bees spending the after part of the day in Reading and writing &c went down to Bro Davises in the evening.

Wed 18th went to Mr Lanes examined his bees that we had seperated set them right returned to Bro Davises changed our clothes and returned to Polk City to meet our gest at Bro Beebes as before mentioned arrived in good time Mr Fellison and Lady came in good time But Mr Sulliven having some business out in the country did not return in time We had a vary interesting time with the latter in conversing upon the principels of our faith. to which they raised no objections except Polygamy, which as yet they could not feel to indorse yet they would not say it was not of God. We attended their preyer meeting in the evening Mr Sulliven being in attendence exspressed a regret that he was so detained as to not be able to meet us as arranged. Said he was mutch pleased to meet us on the present occasion, wished us to take full liberties in their meeting and feel our Selves at home. We did so to come entent, occupiing a considerable of the time exorting them not only to hold fast the truth they had already resieved but to resieve and imbrace evry additional truth which should be presented. near the close of the meeting Mr Sulliven arose & said; as for his part, he was ready & willing to resieve & imbrace more light even at this late our. I was called upon to close the meeting.

Thu 18th all well Bro Beebe took us in his carage some 7 miles to a Mr. Cass to assist him in transfering some bees for him as he was sick and not able to attend to it himself

Fri 19th The weather is now cool and pleasent I resieved a letter from home day before yesterday All were well at home for which I fell thankful I Mailed an answer yesterday morning and this morning have one ready for the Mail addressed to the home Missionaries of Davis County addressed to A. C. Call - we anticipate going to Bro Davises this evening with the view of of going with him to Des moines City tomorrow if all is well PM we started for Bro Davises called a little off the way to visit the women Preacher (Mrs Miller) in as we had promised to give her a call we found her busy in her domestic afairs h aving just sitdown to refresh the Mortal with a little Bread & tea and some slised cucumbers (by invitation) we joined in partaking of the latter being with us the first of the season. after the little respast we were seated under the humbel porch in front of the doore and was soon engaged in pleasent conversation with her upon the principels of the Gospel. when sudenly there appeared before us a little Girl (from her werthy Neighbour over the way) saying her Mar wished Mrs Miller to come over immediately. we antisipated the the object of the message and that a jealous eye had directed it. as she expressed to hear further we promised to call a gane on the following monday evening at 6 o clok as her husband would be in from his labour at that time. we continued on to Bro Davises making an other short call at Mr Marts.

Sat 20th it rained the geater part of last night, and this morning up to 8 o clok the weather having cleared up we accompanied Bro Davis & daughter (Henryetta) to Desmoins as antisipated called at Bro Daniel Reeses & took dinner after which we were treated (by Bro Davis) to a free ticket, to the Great circus Show at 2 PM, the performence did not come up to the ful antisipations of the Audience (which was vary large.) we returned in the evening encountering a shower of rain

Sun 21st We filled the appointment at 10 AM felt well in speaking to those present. took dinner at Mr Lanes attended the sunday school occupied a good portion of the time in asking & answering questions commensed our afterknoon meeting immediately after its had a vary good hearing. returned to Polk City with Bro Beebe & folks in the evening after Supper we attended a Sunday School Concert in the Congragational Church composed of the Methodist Congragational & Christian schools. this was the first meeting of the kind and was some what surprising to us. as they had been so mutch at variance. We had started for the Christian Church antisipating meeting as usual But on seeing no lights in either Christian or Methodist we wist not what was up But on inquiering of a little boy (who was holding a teem in front of the Methodist Church) we were told that all had Gone to the Congragational church so we repaired there (as it was the People & not the Church; that we were after. we found the house crouded to excess; we were recognized by the usheror - or doore keeper - who conducted us to a reserved seat near the stand. We soon learned the Nature of the meeting from the remarks of the Congragational Minister already ingaged in setting forth the benefits that would be realised by a social union in their Sunday Schools altho they might differ in som points of doctrain &c be remarked that they had not any prayraphins prepared for the present occasion & proposed that the Ministeres present & those interested should make sutch remarks as they should think approprate on the occasion The Methodist Minister Mr Derphe mad a short easay. Mr and Mrs Fellison was then called not being present a voice was soon heard from the congregation calling for Mr Stevenson. is Mr Stevenson present (was asked by the speaker at the desk) upon which he appeared at the stand occupying some 30 minutes in vary appropriate remarks which was favouratle Resieved by the congragation.

Mon 22nd Rained duering the past night night and this morning & still cloudy this M we have spent most of the day in writing. in the evening we visited Mrs Miller in connection with her husband & three grown up sons. after supper She invited us to accompany her & her husband. a cross to their neighbour Mr Harringtons as they had requested that we should come and spend the rest of the evening with them as Mrs Harington was sick and wished to hear us talk, We readily excepted the invitation and stepping over were interdused & conducted in to a vary nice parlor. where we enjoyed a vary a greeable & lengthy conversation with them; on the gospel pertaining to things past present and to come. and thus we sowed the good seed in the hearts of a few more which (if they do not cast it out.) will take root and grow untill it will bring fourth fruit meat for repentance.

Tus 23rd the clouds are clearing a way so that the face of the sky indicates fair weather a gane. Bro Stevenson has just written his third letter to A. H. Paul of Farmer City Illinois (Who wrote to President stating he was Presiding over som 50 member in that place & that they were beset by enimies so that they dirst not be known as latter day saints. (we were requested to visit them) the second letter was returned to us stating that Mr Paul had gone to Cofferdsville Indiana. so he has now written to that address as we desire to obtain further information in the matter before visiting the place. Visited Mr Rogers & family of the Congragational Church in fulfilment of our promice, had a good talk upon the principels of our faith took dinner with them. in the evening we visited. Minisiters Felllison had a good social set down with them untill a late our. Closly investigating the Priesthood & ordinances of the Church of Christ. it differed so mutch from their Christian organisation and platform. or disiplin of gospel requierements, that it was a little amusing to see the efforts made to reconsile the discripences. only to result in the most profound exposure by a simple refference to plain quotations of scripture. all passed off pleasently we were solicited to call a gane. I took the adress of the Rev Mr Summer Bell Pastor of Bible - Chapple Cincinnati.

Wed 24th All well. we exspect to leave for Bro Davises on the morrow to resume our journey for the East Wrote a letter to my son Aaron B this evening visited a family by the Name of Miller Brother Inlaw to Dr Clinton.

Th 25th there was a heavy rain duering the latter part of last night and this morning up to 9 AM visited Elder Sulliven the Christian Minister - and had a short conversation with him. assisted Edward & Bro Beebe in deviding some of their Bees wrote up my journal &c

Fri 26th 7 AM We are now preparing to leave for Bro Davises on our way East as we did not get off yesterday. - We Bid farewll to Bro Beebes family at 2 PM and was conveyed by him to Bro Davises where we took the parting hand with with thanks for his many kindnesses. found all well at Bro Davises.

Sat 27th all well. changed our close packed up our close. went over to bid Mr lanes good by returned & a wated for a teem to come a long - at 1/2 past 10 we met with a Mr Woodward who gave us a passage & thus we bid our friends here a due & was a gane on the way. we interdused our selves to our new friend as Mormon Ministers. he looked with some little suspision at first But as the conversation progressed he became more sociable and more interested. & upon our arrival at Desmoins refused pay for our conveyance we tendered him our thanks & Blessing & went on our way rejoising to Bro Reeses found them well in the evening we visited Sister Fifield & family he was absent pedling washing-machines we took supper with them & returned late in the evening to Bro Reeses.

Sun 28th felt some what lone some as we had no appointments out for meeting being the first Sunday since we arrived in their country. (I reseived a letter from my family last evening stating that they were all well) I wrote an answer this morning After dinner we took a walk down town called upon Mr McHenery Prossecuting Attourney had a lengthy & interesting conversation with him & lady. went on to sister Fifields Bro Stevenson called. by the way to make inquiry after a Miss Hattie Whelock (or rather Cranny who is her real Father) Whelock is her step Father. her Mother having left her Father when she was small. he lives in cash valley Utah But wrote to us inquire after his Daughter. Bro Stevenson succeded in finding her & had a short conversation on the principels of our faith &c. I found Mr Fifield at home

Mon 29th Sayed all night at Mr fifields. We returned to Bro Reeses called at A few store and Bought me a Black Alpacky coat at $3-25cts I feel mutch relieved from my thick heavy coat - the weather is now most oppressively hot I have put up my things and dinner is over so that we shall soon be ready for the valley train which leaves at 5 PM. left at 5 PM stoped at Tela a small town. Sayed over night with an old acquaintence of Bro Stevens by the of Welch we were kindly entertained. visited with them until 11 AM next day when continued on to oskaloosa 19 miles. here stoped. called on some Backsliding Brethren by the Name of Williams Pillips & Griffeth. found them with out the light of the holy spirit and thus with out dezernment. to distinguish between truth and error we tried to a wake them up to a sense of their Situation. with but little effect. We resumed our journey 9 PM and arrived at Burting to Wednesday Morning at 5 AM Stoped off a gane to visit our old hom Stead - in Lee Co - also Montroes and Nauvoo 30 miles down the Missisespia River. We took the cars on the Keokuk line by way F T Madison & Montrose after crossing skink River we passed in sight of the resting place of my Sister Sarah on our right there are now may tombstones to mark the sacred spot. passed Ft Madison. getting off at a station 6 miles below. making the rest of the way on foot as our cours led a cross the country some 6 miles to the right a mile and a half brought us to the Widow Rights (once a member of the church) she has remained since the driving of the saints and has almost forgotton that she ever was in the church (Edward was acquainted with the family in early times) after spending a few hour with her making may inquiries we footed it on taking our course for the place of our old homes. paying but little or no attention to rods trusting to old land marks & our former knowledge of the country. But we soon found that the elaps of 27 years duering our absence had wrought wonderful changes. So that we were under the necessity of applying to guides. and thus confess that we were strangers in our own land. The whole face of the country having becone changed. the vacant lands on the bottoms being all fensed up and the Bluffs that were thinly covered withe the slurdy oak is now dencely covered with a young forest of trees which has taken their place. We proseded on looking with supprise at the change of appearence of boath hill and dale. for some two ours - which brought us to where I first made the attempt to provide for my self (and a future companion) by opening a farm of some 40 Acres - and Building a small cottage. no trace of which was now to be seen the farm only remains on which other Buildings are erected. A little farther; on a high point close to our right was the grave of my Brother to which we proseeded passing up through the thick cluster of small trees untill we came to the top where we readily distinguished the sacred spot by the Rude tombstone of Fathers Ensigns Grave with his name chisled on its face upon close sehershing we discovered two smaller stones at a propper distance to the north & on the center of the little wswell of ground so well selected these were just visable above the surface. the position of these stones satisfied us that they were placed there to marke his resting place right in the line of thes stones stands tow small oaks proseeding from the same root one measures 27 inches in circumference the other 18 at the base thus they stand near the head on his grave under the shadow of these we bowed in humble preyer and supplication Preying in behalf of boath the living and the dead. dedicating our selves and this spot of ground unto the Lord - that we might live to finish our work on the earth and that these our Brethrens remains should continue to rest undisturbed untill the Resurection Morn. We desended the hill to the spot where my Brother Warrinners house stood we saw nothing but the stump of the oak tree which within a few yards from the house but on making inquiries we were sited to one of the foundation logs still remaining but rotten & sunk in to the ground as not to be notised by the passer by. We went on to Fathers farm and after one or two mistake and a little inquirey we assertained the presise spot where his house stood for as before here was one of the bottom logs almost intierly buried up from the wash of the hill which is now covered by a dnce forest. We stayed over night the Widow Reed who with her now Deceast husband, was our near Neighbour - she has since ben Married but her late husband has left her, so she has resumed her former name. (she is the widow of Mirach Reed - and gives her addres as Phebe Reed is living a little north east of what was called the Jack Grove on the sand perariee She has atteched her self to the Josephites organisation we made many inquiries after persons & things of the past

Th Aug 1st We visited Montrose & Nauvoo there is but little imreovement in the latter place we took dinner Mr Sipes Oen Son of Dr Ones - he is acting Pilot on the Rappids. we visited Abreham Newbarrys Residence he being absent we had a short but pleasent visit with his wife & son at 4 PM we crossed to the Nauvoo landing Accomponed boy a Strang by the Name of R E Bovard. - A pashinger on the Steamer Muskustine which was laying in wating for her Barges now in tow up the rappids As we passed down Water St we came to the Stone house Sidney Ridgeon used to occupy now occupied by a Deaf man (he said he could not hear any than a Stone) next is the house of Hyram Smiths with his small Brick office on the opposite side of the Street next to the River we saw no one stiring a bout the premises. next we came to Joseph's Brick Store the Bacementt is unoccupied except for a lumber or work shop the upper Room is used by the Josephites for holding meeting. a short distance from this is the remaining walls of the Nauvoo house a portion haveing ben convereted in to a building occupied by Emma as a tarven stand erected on the west portion of the original foundation we called in & had a short intervew with her & her carnel husband Mr Bideman in answer to our rap at the Doore she appeared with her arm in a Sling which she soon explained by informing us that he had fallen down stairs a short time since & had the missfortune to brake to brake her arm. She looked cure wore & showed evidences of hard toils. and is evidently Chief cook & dish washer. I could not but reflect and say Oh Emma how art thou fallen. We called and & had a passing word with Eliexander who is living in the old Mantion house went on up to the temple Block which we found to be a garden of vines ladened with grapes not one stone of the temple being left visable above the serface of the ground we however saw a portion of its walls which had ben taken & converted into a saloon & whiskey Store Standing on the South west corner of the Block on Mulholland St on the ajoining Block on the north is a new catholick Church 50 by 40 ft with a steeple 150 ft high which stands vary prominent to the eye of the passerby a way in the distance we observed several of the most prominent private dweelings of our people President Youngs & Heber C Himbels were the most noticable to us the latters is unoccupied & we saw no person stiring a bout the formers all the Buildings on the flat from the foot of the hill to the River has disapeared and is now one fast field of Corn a Death like stillness seemes to rest upon this our once loved & thriving City it appears that the few remaining dweeling are mourning in sack cloth for the loss of their inhabitance and are are fast fading a way. We felt a lonesome & soliterry feeling resting upon us as we kroseded from a high eminence (the day beore) on the western Bluffs where we took a birds eye view of the city & land round about which was a matter of remark by us as we proseeded. I said to Bro stevenson that were it not for the akziety I had to visit Nauvoo & my old home I hould consult my present feelings & retire without proseeding any further.. our anksiety prevail and we proseed on. and we can now bare testimoney that a great change has takene place temperly & spiritually since there has ben no living saints in the land. as we returned to the landing the steamer Muskatine came a long as we antisipated, having ben watching her movements with a design to imbark with our new friend and thus make our return to Burlingto by water which we did and was sonewhat benifited by the change as we had 6 or 8 ours rest in good comfortable berths, we landed 4 AM Fri 2nd We went to the residence of Mr Acres - who had invited us to call on hin as we returned - we having called at his office on our first arrival. and thus we renewed a short acquaintence we had with hin as we landed in Gibraltar in 1853 he was about to Emigrate to America and so called upon us for information as to the country which he says he found as we represented we were interdused to his family consisting of a wife & three Daugters. has others married At 9 PM we a gane took the cars & continued our journey east ward.

Fri 2nd at 4. AM we arrived at Farmer City. here we stoped to see A H Paul or some one that could give us further information as to the Subject of his letter - as before mentioned. We soon found his residence and on calling learn from his wife that he was a bout home & would be in in a few minutes. and that he had not ben absent as represented. in the letter returned to us. we really saw that all was not right he soon came in. up which we informed him that a letter had ben written to President Young by one A H Paul and that it was placed in our hands with instructions to call & learn further as to its contents. he said he supposed he was the man that wrote the letter. on further inquiry as to his membership and those represented in his note; we learned that they to gather with himself; had neaver ben members of the church, & new nothing of its principels having neaver heard or read any of our publications. and that the organisation represended was organised for the perpose of dibating sirtin questons including Religion. and they had desided that the Mormons were the most devoted of all others, having manifested it by induering so mutch hardships and spoil. &c. we gave him to understand that we were now here & if they wished to learn of our doctrains we were ready to in struct them & all others who wish hear he said it was of no use now they had broken up & droped the matter. &c We redally comprehended him. and his motives in the first place. it was to obtain assistance in the shape of funds from the church; so as to better their condition under a pretence of membership or adhearents to the faith. But in the last place it was to get red of us without expossing him self if possiable. But in boath he came far short. he had tried to divert us from calling to see him. by having our letter returned to us stating that Mr A H Paul had moved to Croffordsville Indiana some 4 or 5 weak since where as his wife informed us just pruveous to his coming in that he had not ben absent from home at all and upon our remaking to him that he did not stop long in Crofferds Ville. he was not a little confused. but hesitatingly said I was there last week he be came more ancioust to dispence with further investigation. his wife having ben wating Breakfas & hearing the conversation came in & looking him in the face with a countinence indicutive of a fit of madness aided him in getting relieved of his visiters. as we soon arrose with our hats in hand. and ansered that we must go to the tarven & order Breakfast asking him to direct us to a good house he steped with us to the doore. and sited us to a publek house on the next street. with out making the least apolagy for not inviting us to take Breakfast with him. thus showing him self void of selfrespect. We went on our way rejoising that we had done all that was requiered of us At 12 oclok M we were a gane on board the cars and speeding on our way passed through Crofferds Ville nd several smaller towns arriving in Cincinnati 11 PM and was kindly resieved by Edwards Sisterinlaw Elizebeth Stevenson on Barr St betwen Lyn and Bay Miller St - No 124

Su 4th Attended the Methodist Church in the fore knoon and the Christians in the evening Wrote a letter to my family and one to Bro Rees in Desmoins instructing him to forward our Mail to Glendale

Mon 5th Went out to Glendale 15 miles to Bro Stevensons Bro, Josephs we found them quite well. and seemed pleased to Wellcome us a gane to their a boade which we felt to appreciate

Tus 6th we spent the time in writing & resting our selves

Wed 7th Still well and feel some what rested & refreshed by the regaining our sleep which we were deprived of during our passage. as it fell to our lot to be on the night trains

Thur 8th We are now anciously wating for the forwarding of our Mail spent a couple of hours in exorsising our Selves in an amusement called Cro-chaing.

Fri 9th We were at the Postoffice late last night & a gane early this morning but a lass no letters, the weather is warm and dry there has ben no rain for the last two weeks. 9 PM at the office a gane but no mail for us

Sat 10th took leave for cincinnati call at the P O office a gane but still no mail took the cars & in a few minuets we were a gane in the noted city called at Bro Stevensons Sisterinlaws & changed our cloths having left our washing with her we then set out to find the Residence of my wifes Aunt Mrs sean Pelt took a coach & was soon conveyed near the place at what is called Walnut hill as we got off the coach at what is called Kays Corner on inquiring we were sited to Mr Vanfelts son who was driving a cart on his way to their Residence he was soon hailed & we took passage with him a short distence to the desiered place his mother was sitting in the doore who met us as we advanced from the gate antisipating us having ben exspecting us for some time being informed by letter that I was on my way east and would give them a call. we I interdused my self & Brother Stevenson & then was interdused by her to the rest of the family her husband two sons & one daughter were absent at their imploiments after dining and having a little interchange of inquiries, we steept out for to post a letter and while at the grosery store on the corner where we first made inquiry - we were informed that an accident had but jest happened in which Mr Vanfelts Son who was woring with him a a building had fallen & was hirt badly we returned & found his mother dressing his wounds which was found not to be serious. this caused quite a sensation in the family for short time. when all were quiet a gane we set up to a late our conversing upon the subjects of our people and their religion &c

Su. 11th We resumed our conversations and explanations of the faith and practices of the Latterday Saints and now at 5 PM the conversation is still going on pleasently after a little refreshing & short walk out on the hill over look the Ohio River & quite an extent of country on the Kentucky Side also the town of Covinton the upper portion of cincinnati & the suspention Bridge connecting the two

Mon 12th we left to pay my wifes Rellitives a short visit once more in Cambel Co Kentucky we took the coch with cousin Emily down to centeral Avenew on her way to her dressmaking establishment. taking leave of her we crossed the Suspension Bridge in to covington on arriving at the station we learned that there would be no train out untill 2-30 PM we passed off the time looking a round the town visited the Iron works where a great deal of Rail Road iron is manufactured &c soon we were on the cars & off a gane one hour & 10 minutes brought us to Demossville Station 3 & 1/2 miles from Uncle Jesse Yeltons here we took boat passage a gane crossed Licken in the same dugout & by the same person who returned me across from my prieveous visit which he mentioned as we passed over by a little inquiry we were inabled to follow the same rout I prieveously came which was nearer by some distance. on arriving I was redally recgnised as being the identical Mormon Cousin of Utah who paid then a visit some 2 years since and as before made me well come making ready inquiries after the well fare of kindred & friends I learned that a few Deaths had occured since my former visit Mother Cherries uncle Jesse & her sister Rebeeca Williams in Texas - he is Married a gane - John Gosney Aged 78 is now vary low with the Dropsey at his old residence on plumb creek he is parshally deranged we visited him he said he new my wife Rebecca when a babe she had the hooping cough & he milked Ma__ss milk for her to drink as medison

Tus 13th visited John Yelton & family and renewed former acquaintance stoped over night returned to Uncle Jessies next morning having given out an appointment to hold meeting this Wednesday evening at the chool house we had a very good & interesting time in conversing with them on the principels of our faith & left them feeling well a heavy rain fell last night.

Wed 14th filled the appoint last night had a crwded house & good attention. with solicitations for more meetings, which we defered for a time as we had Brought no change of clothes over with us. So we returned to Cincinnati & walking 4 miles back to De Morsville. not being in time for the morning train we had to wait untill 6 pm, got in to the city 10 PM Stayed at Bro Stevensons sister inlaws over night

Th,, Morn 15th we took the cars for his Bro Josephs at Glendale where we found Several leters a wating for us I had seven in all 4 from home & 3 from a broad one from Elizeth Matthes - formaly Gregg - whom I have not seen for 30 years She was then a girl of 14 or 15 years. now She Mother of Several children She Says she is still a Latterday Saint & that her parents died in the faith My letters from home stated thate all was well

Fr 16th Spent the day in answering letters &c

Sat 17th returned to cincinnati call up on several parties who were mesrchents had several hours conversation on the principels of our faith they exspressed them corrected and instructed as to their ideas of our faith we took diminer with them, with a request that we should call a gane stayed at Aunt Vanpelts

Su 18th visited washington park withe the intintion of holding meeting there if it was favourable to do so we learned that it was not so we declined on our return we called upon the Reverend Mr Summer Bell Minister of Bible Chapple to test his liberality in letting us have the use of his chapple to hold a few meetings in he resieved us courteously but esceused him self in not granting us our wishes as he would like to do Said there were circumstances connected with Chapple which was not propper to explain that prevented his letting us have it. he offered us the pulpit for that evenning. which we declined as we would have no opportunity to announce it to the publick so as to accomidate our friends & may others who has exspressed a wish to hear.

Mon 19th We left to pay my wifes Relatives an other visit, as we had promised on conditions we did not go farther East - and as we were released by letter from President Young to return or continue our labours as we should be prompted by the Spirit. to do. one ours ride on the cars and two on foot bought us a gane to Uncle Jessies all we but some what tiered we met Uncle on our way and through him left an appointment at what is called the Shugar Grove Schoolhouse for us to fill on Saturday at 11 AM as we returned. he also gave out an appointment for us to hold meeting in the schoolhouse at Grantstick at 2 PM & Early candle light Tuesday evening

Tus 20th filled the appointments leaving one for Wednsday at candle light

Wed 21st visited & took dinner with John Gasney living near to uncle Jesses filled the evening appointment. having through uncle given out two appointments on flower Creek to be held in the christian church on the morrow at 2 PM and evening - cousin Jane made us a present of a Box of collars & neck tie a piece for which she has our thanks & Blissing

Thu 22 - we setout on foot for flower creek, visited the farm and stone house where my Wifes Grand Father John Yelton lived & died also Grand Mother went to their graves. & coppied the incriptions on the head stones whi were brokin down & laying on their graves the house amd farm is occupied by a family of rank Episkipalians. on the farm adjoining is a man & wife by the Name of Lewis of the same profession as geasy & dirty as a couple of hermits the day was exstreamly hot after 6 miles travel we arrived at the before mentioned creek 12 M took dinner at Ferdnand Taylors Son his Father is my wifes Great Cousin we having his address went on to his house where I interdused my Self and Elder Stevenson and was resieved kindly we learned that an appointments had ben announced for two meeting but that few had ben notified we filled the appointments but few were present at the first the evening meeting was well attended with good effect in removing prejudice we announced to hold meeting in the Town of Butler but a short distance down on the Licking river

Fri 23rd Visited Butler to see if our appointment was duly given out & what the prospects were for an Audence we were directed a Mr Hanson a Blacksmith & non professor of any religeon we called at his house he not being in we made our selves & Buisness known to his wife & some of her Lady friends present. She threw Polygamy at us with a scowl on her continants indicating as tho she had just swallowed a heavy dose of wormwood we retiered to seek her husband whome we found in his shop he informed us that the appointment was out after a short conversation & several interductions to his patrons as they came in he left his apron saying he would go over to his house & see after some dinner for us I says to Edward its a dull show for dinner. There he soon returned & informed us he has provided for us at the tarven he took us over & soon we were seated at the table in company with 3 infidels & 2 ladies after some carving of beef all pished in with out thanks or serimoney, being said. We had the impressinon that Butler was a hard place which we now found to correct no one dared to invite us in to their house. we wished to change our clothes as our shirts were vary mutch soiled on asking for a suitable place we were offered a room over a dry goods store. but we declined to except of the insult or jeneraus offer if so it can be called. And returned to cousins Taylors where we were made wellcome and had ben erged to stay & not go to Butler untill after dinner lest we should not get any cousin said we should have our name in the pot if we would Stay but we concluded to reskik We filled the appointment with the power & demonstration of the holy Spirit resting upon us so that the Audience both those who were in and those without were astonished as we appealed to the Bible in support of the doctrain and principels of our faith. they seemed to be more accessable next morning as we came in to take the cars for Demossville 4 miles on our way to Sugar Grove appointment they were not so distant but what they could come up & ask questions for information one said they might say what they were a mind but they could not refute what we had preached Said he wanted to hear more We filled the appointment at the grove had a ful house to whome we bore a faithful and Strong testimoney of the Gospel & its restoration with all its gifts & Blessings at the close of the meeting a lady bore testimoney Saying that we had preached the Gospel as it was in christ Jesus. and taking us by the hand says God Bless you on your way. We returned to Demssville & took the 6 oclok train & arrived in Cincinnati at a late hour Stayed over night at Edwards Sisterinlaws.

Sun 25th Went to Uncle Vanpelts to learn whether or no a an appointment had ben given out for us to hold meeting at any time duering the day or evening as it was understood that be fore we left that an appointment would be announsed if a suitable place could be obtained Aunts cousin Henry Mc Shaney said he would seeke for a room for us - he failed to get a suitable place so we were relieved from holding meeting. we were invited and attended Cousins David Vanpelts Wedding in the evening he was married to Miss Elizebethe Porter - I suppose a distant Rellative of mine her Fathers Name was William & lived in the N E part of ohio he died when she was in infantcy I sought further information from his Mother who is living with her second husband. She could give me no clue to his ansesters She Said he had two Brothers Ruben & Hesekiah. I was informed that it was their choice that I should officiate in the Solumisation but we did not return as soon as was antisipated. the had engaged a Methodist minister So we sat as witnesses on the occasion which suited me quite as well

Mon 26th We spent most of the Day in arranging for the sale of our tickets for N Y City & in perching of others for our return home went out to Edwards Bro in Glendal found 2 letters to my address one from my wife Rebeca A Porter the other from my Brotherinlaw T J Brandon Boath having in good news that all were well. in the former however was a statement that pride and vanity was on the increace & that the school of the Prophets was discontinued because of coruption. this caused a feeling of Sorrow to come over me even unto the sheding of tears least there should be no restraint intill the anger of the Lord Should be kindled and his rath poured out upon Zion because she is defiled and her Daughters walk with high heads & stiff necks making a tinkling with their feet & minsing as they go

Tues 27th Spent most of the time in writing answered my wifes letter weather vary warm and sultry

Wed 28th Returned to cincinnatti a heavy rain fell duering the fore knoon took dinner at Cousin Jones 228 Longworth St after knoon went to the Post office Ratce a letter Wm C Stanes New york inquiering as to what what he could do to assist us in getting Ministerial tickets took the street car & returned Uncle Vanpelts Walnut hills

Th 29th Rained all the foreknoon got our washing from the Laundry $129 cts for 10 peases took walk out in the after noon

Fri 30th spent the day in looking around to see where we could Sell our tickets to the best advantage visited the waterworks

Sat Aug 31st visited Eden & Lincoln Park at 2 PM took the cars for Glendale here resieved a letter form my family stating that all were well at home

Sun Sept 1st Spent the day in writing answered my letter and brought up my journel

Mon 2nd Return to Cincinnati accompanied by Bro Stevensons Brother Exchanged our tickets in part pay for those returning us to Omaha went up to Walnut hill gathered up our things and biding uncels folks adue returned to Cousins Jones 329th Longworth St we bade them adue & left for the Depo at 7 PM we were moving at the rate of 42 miles per our passed throuth Sawern Burge Indianappolice & Lafyett arriving in Chicago 7AM

Morning 3rd Spent the remainder of the day in visiting the Burnt district of that devoted City it was wnderful to See the extent of the devastation and the marvelous preservation of one Block with fine frame dweeling serrounded with its ornings of trees which remain uncetip by the devowering eliment which made a clean sweep around for miles. we took Breakfast dinner and Supper at a dining Salone at 25cts per meal had our schoes & Bagage taken to the Rockiland depo & our trunks checked to Desmoins. At 10 PM we were a gane on the wing of Locamotive Speade under the spell of intermittant knapping duering the remainder of the knight. a heavy rain fell duering the early morning we arrived at Desmoins at 4 PM Wed 4th called upon Bro Reese found him and family afflicted with the chills and feever

Th 5th we felt refreshesed by a good knights rest We visited the Iowa State fare we met with Bro Davis & Bro & sister Beebe duering the day & accomponied them home in the evening. There were good Specimens of Hogs Honed cattle and horses on exibition the Agracultueral products were not so good. There was on exhibition in a side show a Women with whiskers & beard 25 years of Age a Caucassion Woman & a deminative Woman 35 inches high weight 36 lbs Aged 30 years But the most remarkable was a cow & Bull the former has an udder on the left side of the backbone near the hip in the shape of a beefs quarter with a leg hanging down near to the ground a tit protrudes out near the Back giving some two quarts of milk per day she gives a fine mess of milk from her natueral Bag below as other cows The Bull has a well formed udder & tits giving a good suply of Milk daly - his testicles consealed in the center - their Progney is a calf with one eye in its fore head

Geneology of My Kindred taken 1870

Uncle Philo Richardson Born in in the state of vermont. Aug 21st 1789 Died May 21st 1869 in the Town of Wales Erie Co. State of Newyork

Aunt Sally his Wife - Born Dec 30th 1792 is now living on the old home Stead in the Town of Wales Erie Co State of Newyork. and is in the 78th year of her Age

Uncle Abner Currier. Born Mar 3rd 1783 Died May 15th 1859 on his old residence in the Town of holland Erie Co State of NY Aged 76 years & 19 d

Aunt Susanna his Wife. Born May 5th 1786 in the Stae of vermont Died Aug 8th 1850 in the Town of Holland State of NY

Their Children

Hylas Currier Born Oct 26th 1809 in the town of Holand Erie Co NY. Died May 25th 1843 in fairfield Kane Co Illinois

Susanna Born March 4th 1811 is now living in Lockport Niagra Co NY

Abner - Born Jan 15th 1813 in the Town of Holland lives at lods Station 40 miles west of Chicago

Joseph Born November 24th 1814 in the Town of holland Do Do Died Oct 7th 1868 in the City of Buffalo

Ruth Born Mar 12th 1817. Died Oct 14th 1817

Nathan Porter Born Aug 4th 1818 is living at Lockport Niagra Co NY

Esdix Tinny Born May 22nd 1820 is living in the Town of Horton Bremer Co Iowa

Lusinda Born Oct 25th 1822 Died Aug 11th 1824

Chauncey Goodrich Currier Born May 4th 1825 is living on the old home stead in the Town of Holland Do. Do

Marilla Lusinda. Born March 12th 1827 is living in Boston Mass

Harriet Alcemena Born Aug 28th 1830 Died Sept 1st 1853 in the Town of Holland Do Do

Marilla Lusinda. Born March 12th 1827 is living in Boston Mass

Harriet Aleemena Born Aug 28th 1830 Died Sept 1st 1853 in the town of Holland Do Do

Merilles Lucindas Address is Charles L. Pitts 36 Eustics St Boston

Uncle Nathan Porters Family

Uncle Nathan Died in fairfield Trumble Co Ohio 1849

his Wife Aunt Tabitha Died Jan 1864 in Panesville Ohio

Their Children

Betey Married Henry Jaques Deceast she is living in Tolons Champeign Co Illinois

Tabatha Mar d Aaron Stebings Dett she is in Decory Columba Co Wisconcin

Abigal Mar d Robbert Humes lives in Council Grove Moris Co Kancas

Mary Maried Dexter Knight is living in toledo ohio

Nathan Married Casandra Kent Deceast he living in Napa California near Sanfrancisco

Phylura Married John Thwing, she Died Mar 5th 1869 Aged 69 years Buried in Panesville Oh - he is living on his old home stead with his son in the Town of Sharidon oh.

Uncles Grand Children

Unis Twing Daughter - Eldest - is living in the Town of Panesville - a Grass Widow

Erwin Married Electy Hine is living on his Fathers homestead as before mentioned they have 3 children

Willis Leman and Edward Edwin Twing died Oct 5th 1861 in the War

Julia Died Mar 1863 Aged 25 not Married

Rollen Died 1863 Aged 31

Jered is living in Geauga Co oh

Mary Married Dexter Knight is living in Toledo oh

Sons of Cousins Betey Jaques

Porter & George living in the town of Berton, Sharidon town ship oh


N. T. Porters Pocket Journal Jan 19th 1871

A Missionary Tour in Southern Utah

Jan 19th 1871 I agane took took my valiece in hand - biding adieu to my family for a short time To take a missionary tour through the Southern Settlemts of Utah and thus visit the Saints in that portion of the Teritory in componey with my fellow Missionary Elder E Stevenson who furnished our convyeince - Spann of Mules & Carriage I took the 9 AM train arrived in John Browns he not being at home we put up with Br J M Ballinger. held no meeting the meeting house being engaged by the Cushman troope for the Evening being at leasure we attended the consert consisting of songs & resitations &c

Sat 21st continued on to Provo arriving at 11 oclok put up with Pres Smoot attended the School of the Prophets at 1 oclok PM (Provo is situated on Provo River is divided in to 4 Wards contains 4000 inhabitance) on Entering the city we saw that the U S troops formaly located on the Bench a distance out were now quartered in the City. occupying an entire Block which they had inclosed by a high board fense. - to see their sentinals on duty with others in squads a round - looked as tho our long seperation from the out side World was now becoming rather mixt and that the snares & gins of our Enimies were being ushred in to our vary thorifares well Bated for the carless & unsus specting O Lord thy People Bless arm them with Righteousness - hear us We prey -

Sun 22nd visited the sunday School H W Allen Supr 400 Schollars inrold we Spoke to the Schollars a Schort time attended meeting at 11 occupied most of the time - went on to Spring ville - having sent an appointment for the evening. (Springville is situated on hoble creeke noted for its numerous springs. is divided in 4 wards contains 2000 inhabitance) putup with the Bishop. Wm P Bringherst was kindly entertained. filled the appointment for the evening in their fine commodous meeting house being well filled from flour to galery. vary good attention

Mon 23rd attinded the Dedication of the first Ward School House. Charles D Evens offered the Dedecation preyer. we occupied a short time. Speaking to the Audiance took Dinner with Bro Steven C Terry sent a tellegram to Spanish Fork announcing another for the Evening made a passing call upon Bro & sister Hall visited and Administered to Father Parish Who was quite sick. returned to the Bishops harnessed up & left for Spanish Fork arrived in good time put up at Bishop Thurbers he being absent on a Mission to N States. (Spanish Fork City is Situated on Spanish Fork River is devided into 4 Districts with Benjamine city attached containing in all 1,600 inhabitance) we called upon his council Bro Wilkins learned that our Dispach had ben resieved and a meeting announced. though some what unfavorable as there was a Seventies party. which had occupied the afterknoon and would continue Duering the Evening. We had yet a large audiance not withstanding after meeting took Supper with Bro Wilkin after which We visited the party stop a Shorttime returned to the Bishops - wrote to the Editor of the Deseret News retiered at 1 A.M

Mon 24th Snowing took Breakfast with. Bro called upon Bro G Myers our old fellow missionary of 52 & partook of his hospitality in the Shape of a glass of new wine from the grape of his own raising - from which he had manufactered 100 gallons. after gathering quite a quantity for the market. We left at 11 oclok with a view to hold meeting at Summit in the evening having ben informed that there would be a circus at Pason wher we contemplated holding meeting (Pason city is situated on Peticher creek is divided in 4 Districts with Pond Town & Springville attched - 3 miles to the East and Test - contains in all 2700 inhabitance) But on arriving at the latter place we were informed that it was defered. So we concluded to stop. being solicited to do so by the Bishop. Bro John B Fairbanks (& others.) With whome we put up. word was immediately sent out announcing a meeting - (in passing through Pond Town we were hailed by Bro & Sister Derfy - our old acquaintance - who in cisted upon us to stop and hold meeting in that place. we promised to try & make it so as to give them a call as we returned -) - we spent aportion of the afterknon with Bro Dickson took supper & repaired to the meeting house well filled - had a vary good time all seemed mutch interested There is a Cooperation herd inorgerated here with a farm attached of a bout 1000 Acres to which a derry is to be connected.

Wdn 25th Cloudy but warm. Started on our wey at 9-30 m leaving a dispach to be sent to Mona & Nephi announcing - in the former at 2 PM in the latter place at 7 PM We passed through Summit 6 miles from Pason at 1/2 past 10 (The Town of summit oto Santaquin is situated on summit creek contains about 600 inhabitance) - passed Stuarts Ranch 8 miles from Santaquin & 4 from Mona on arriving at this place we were in formed on inquiry that our Dispach had not ben resieved - the opperator being absent The President Bro. Kay resieved us kindly. sent word round from house to house that there would meeting at 2 oclok a goodly number were soon in attendence not with standing the short notice. they exspressed them selves well paid for their attendance (Mona is situated in Juab valley Juab Co on Spring creek numbers 55 families) We left for Nephi at 5 to fill the appointment at 7 (Nephi City is situated on sal Creek Juab Co. contains 2000 inhabitance there is 60 marriageable girls) arrived at the meeting house just as they were singing the last hymn. the house was well filled & we were soon before the Audience who listened with close attention. we were wellcomed by the Bishop Jacob G Biglar) who made ample provision for us - we took supper & loggings with Bro. John Vickers.

Th 26th took Breakfast with the Bishop. called upon Bro Samuel Pitchforth President of Levan 11 miles on on our way. he sent a Dispach announcing that we would be with them there at 7 in the Evening We left at 20 minits to 3 arrived at Levan in due time (Levan is situated Chicking Creek Juab Co contains some 40 families) Putup with Bro. talked som good talk the assembled saints who exspressed them selves well entertained Wrote a few lines to my family

Fri 27 left for Round Valley having sent an appointment a head by tellegraghm arrived at the Mail Station on the Severe 1 PM Postscripted my letter & gave it in charge of the carrier. the appearence of a Storm is aproching from the west crosed the Severe Bridg passed a coopperative sheep herd of 1000 head arrived at Cipeo Round vally 5 PM (Cipio is situated in round valley Millard Co contains 600 inhabitance. 1 cooporative Store) putup with Bishop Steven Johnson who in us the Dispach had ben resieved and a meeting announced after supper we repared to the meeting the House was well filld with an attentive congregation of good faithful saints

Sat 20th cloudy storming on the hills around took Beakfast with Bro Thomas Warsdon Bro T Phillips any moldts acquaintance & fellow travling Elder in the Reading Conference called in to see us We left at half past 10 AM for Seder Springs or Holdem as it is now called. (Holden is situated at Seder Springs 10 miles North of Filmore consisting of som 40 families) the Road takes up through what is called Parleys Pass through a low Range of Mountains after gaining the summit. a romantic land scape presents its self to view a low plain is spread out in the distance below while to the right & left the evergreen seaders & pitch pines dots a succession of low hills & intervening plats a long desent of a bout 8 miles Brought us to nice little Town of Holden where we arrved 2 PM. the Presidenct being absent we called upon his Brother David R Stevens President of the Teachers. Who made pervisions for us. and gave out Notice for a meeting in the evening he has a fine Brick house in in cours of completion we visited Sister Teeples her Maden name is Colby I informed her that I was a mong her rellatives in Erie Co NY last winter and had some of their Geneologes in my Journal at home. She exspressed great ankziety to get then I promised send them by post if she did not call for them soon

Fri 29 Snow being last night to the depth of 3 inches. We left half past 8 AM

arrived in the city of Filmore 11 AM (The City of Filmore is the captial of the Territory, Situated on Chalk creek Millard Co contains 900 inhabitance The state ___________ than is over the ______ are what other ____ the attention of Mr prander ______ fish neer ______ neat pr____ Filmore is noted for its ____ crations. & fine quality of fruit) we were late for the fore knoon service it being partly over Brother Stevenson occupied the last half our. The President Bro Thomas Collister made provision for us at Bro Benjamine Robison where we were well entertained. an appointment was announced for us in the evening. We attended the Sunday School in the afterknoon. numbering 250 Schollars with a libary of 75 volums Bro Plat D Lyman Superintendent. We _____ to the School to hold _______ incouraging them in their Faith Evening house well filled Edward took the stand. I followed thus we occupied 2 1/2 hours having the intire attentions of the congregations, many exspreesed themselves mutch ______

Mo 30th Clear & pleasant. we visited several old friends and Acquaintances I met with Bro Beasdon in whose care I was _________ so sick in P That I was mutch __pties ___ see ____ I neaver shall forget his kindness in my affliction. we visited Bro. Chandler Holdbrook - Bro to Gredy Holbrook of Bountiful partook of delicious appels took a look at his lime stone Barn - the most substancial I have seen in any of the settlements he has also a vary fine Dwelling house & splendid orcherd - visited Bro Alfred Lampson called in to Bro G Huntsman. had a short inter view with Sister Balinda Pratt - Parley's wife also Sister Orson Pratt spent a few minutes with Pres Collister. returned to Bro Robinsons took dinner at 2 PM left for Corn creeke Settlement caled canarsh13 miles (Canarsh is situated on corn Creek Filmore Co Numbers 600 inhabitance) passed Medow Creek Setlement - Rods very bad - arrived 5 1/2 called upon the Bishop Bro C King he gave out word for meeting at 7 oclok. The house was well filled for so short a notice We spoke 2 1/2 ours yet it seemed short to the Audience as several exspressed themselves.

Tus 31st - left for Cove creek Ranch Fort - Ira M Hinkleys Resident - arrived 2 PM tarried over knight. Wrote a fewlines to my Family sent them by Bro John Steward who came in on the coach on his way from Kanab to Salt - Lake City. he said all were well at Kanab. Bro Ira M Hickley is the only resident in this place with his Family 17 in number he keeps a Mail station and Tellgraph office occupies a stone fort of cut masonry 100 ft sqr 10 ft high also a large frame barn within a few rods of the fort, 60 ft long & 45 ft wide with sheet on each side.

Wed Feb 1st - Snowed duering the knight & for part of the day We left 7 AM for Bever City 27 miles arrived at 3 P M put up with Bishop John Murdock who is the Presiding Bishop of the city & County. (Bever City is situated on Bever River - Bever Co - contains 1000 inhabitance is divided into 2 wards There is a fine Woollen factory in operation 12000 lbs of wool was worked up last season.) The Female relief society have a good meeting house erected & finished on a lot which is all paid for. I and Bro Merdock were Boys together in Jackson County Missouri. We held meeting in the evening having sent an appointment ahead by tellegraph. we had a vary good meeting.

Th 2nd attended fast meeting Clear & pleasent. we held meeting in the evening the house was crouded to over flowing we also attended the Female relief Society meeting at 2 PM spoke a short time to the sisters incouraging them in their work of benevolance to the poor & aid to the advancement of the kingdom of God. - we met with several old acquaintances. took dinner with Daniel Tayler - & supper with Bro Talbert from the Reading Conference Eng

Fri 3rd we left at 10 AM for Red Creek Settlement 30 miles with the intention of holding meeting in the Evening but on arriving we learned that Bro Elias Smith - the Bishop was gone to Parowan that it was exspected that the President & party were exspected there to hold meeting. on his return to Salt Lake - and that a greate many were going from this place to attend as it is only five miles distant. (Parawon is situated on Center Creek Iron Co, is divided into 2 Wards. contains 1500 Inhabitance there is one woollen Factory operation.) we came to the ready conclusion to be there also after getting some refreshment for our selves and term. - We had learened by Tellegraphm at Beever that the President was on his way. The Bishop however soon returned giving information that there would be no meeting there as the President would not arrive untill the next day at 11 oclok many however had already gone so that we dispenced intierly with our meeting Bro Wilford Woodruff Jr. arrived here with his family on his way from the mudy to Salt Lake City - the settlement there being Broke up. we put up at the Bishops

Sat 4th We left for Parawan we soon arrived met the President & party at Bp Wm H Dames Brekfasting had a short sitdown with them while their Animals were being made ready for starting they left at 12 oclok M. We stoped to attend the Shool of the Prophets at 2 PM also the foreknoon meeting on the morrow.

Sun 5th weather mild. we put up with Bro McGregor. had a good time at the School of the Prophets enjoyed a good time in speaking to the Saints this foreknoon. met with several old acquaintance - Sister Fish - Sister - Newman Palina Lyman & others - Bro Wm H Dame is Presiding Bishop. We left at 2 PM Posted a letter home passed through Summit Creek settlement 5 miles also Johnsons fort 12 mi (The Town of summit is situated on the sunmmit between Parowan & Ceder City Contains 12 familes) Arrived in Seder City 6 oclok (Ceder City is situated on Ceder Creek Iron Co contains some 600 inhabitance) put up with Bishop Lunt who was mutch afflicted with the sore eyes at 7 repared to the meeting house and resumed our labours in speaking to the People. had a vary good meeting we were invited to stop & take a part in the Dedication of a plat of ground for a New meeting house We excepted - on the morrow with the announcement that we would hold meeting the following evening

Mon 6th vary pleasent we met with the Brethen and sisters on the Publick square 11 AM Edward offered up the Dedacatory prayer after which Bishop Henry Lunt Broke the ground. flowed by his first councillor Samuel Leigh - Edward Stevenson - my self The Presidentes of the Female relief Society Sister & others. took dinner with Bro H Dunkin. his Father is living with him 91 years of age supt with Bro Leigh repaired to the meting Bro S took the lead in speaking folowed by George C Lambert & my Self. house well filled.

Tues 7th took Breakfast with Daniel Roote. I having ben formily acquainted with his wife Ann Holland. She was glad to see me - and learn of the wellfare of her folks in Centerville. We left at 10 AM for Kanarra 13 miles past Hamlin fort 6 miles. (Kanarah is situated on the Rim of the Great Bason in Cane Co. contains 30 families) arrived at Kanarah 3 PM called upon L. W. Roundy acting Bishop. he with several others here were old Neghbours in Centerville including my Brotherinlaw Wm Ford. we held meeting with them at 7 oclok had a good interesting time. they have a stone Basement of a meeting erected on a vary pritty site - also a co operative sheepe herd in successful opperation. also 1 gristmill & a stem sawmill.

Wed 8th took breakfast with Wm F then resuming our Journey, we began to descend down the hole as the Great Basin into our Dixieland which soon began to Desend down the slope of the Great Bason into our Dixie land. which soon began to present its Romantick scenery of Perimids of perpendicular Rocks. & plataus of table lands one rising above the other in the distance. the road desending down what is called ash creek by means of a lone dug way Brought us to Bell view consisting of a few families including Jacob Gates & Johnson a patriarch in the church (Belview is situated on ash creek 6 miles down the slope contains But a few families) we called upon the former & partook of his hospitaltiy in shape of a glass of wine and some pize (15 miles) at 5 PM we arrived. at Leads 9 miles. (Leads is situated on a small crek 12 miles from Bell vew contains 8 or 10 families) here we stoped for the knigt held meeting here I met with Wittier I Earl my old Mission ary companion in 1842 also Bro Harris - from the Houtly settlement Jawa. Bro Levi H Hancok. We lodged with Angels - by Name - Hancok.

Th 9th I took Breakfast with Bro Harrises son who Married Nancy Aldredge Daughter of Wm Aldredge she was Born in camp as we were on our way up to Zion in 1831 and was Named by my Mother after her self. She is now the Mother of several children some are grown up to man hood - her younger sister is married to her Husband's Brother and is living on a joining lot with whome we took supper at half pas 10 we left for St George passed through Harris-Burge 3 miles Harrisburghe is situated 3 miles Below in Washington Co contains some 20 families - on to Washington where we dezigned to hold meeting in the evening (Washington City is situated 9 m from the latter place. contains som 500 inhabitance) But on calling upon the Bishop Bro Woodruff Freeman we were informed that their house was engaged by a show party. We took dinner with him. & passed on through Midletoon arrived at St George 5 PM. (The City of St George is situated 3 miles N of the Virgin River. is watered by numerous springs is bounded on the west by high table land on the north by clifts of read sand stone - with a nice decent to the bergin on the south is divided into 4 wards and contains 900 Inhabitance organized into a stake of Zion - with President high council Presiding Bishop - &c -is in Washington County) saw James Crayen who was at work at the Court house a vary fine Building in cours of completion passed on to the Publick Square where the walls of a most splendid stone Bulding of cut masonry presented its self with several workman proceeuting the work we were informed that it was the New Tabincle - which we had heard spoken of in the outer settlements We called upon the Presiding Bishop Bro Daniel McCarthy - our former acquaintance in the ministry - he resieved us us kindly - made provision for us - with Bro Tymm Who has charge of the Tything Department. I felt dezirous - as we were Church Propety that the Bishops would be able to use us to some advancement to the work of righteousness in incouraging the saints to Battle on to victory. attended a lecture Delivered by Br Lamuel L Adams on the unchangableness of God Delivered in the St George Hall. Appointments was announced for us to hold meetings on Friday Saturday & Sunday Evenings.

Fri 10th we spent the Day in visiting old acquaintances took dinner with John Oakley and supper with Sister Church - She accompaned us to the meeting in the 3rd ward chool house as before announced the house was well filled considering the universal sickness now prevailing in shape of Measels. here we met with Bro Empy also the Bishop of the ward - Walter Granger returned to our lodgings. found a letter in wating from home stating that all were well

Sat 11 visited Bro Samuel Hodges vineyard and partook of his Deliceous wines he took us through his Grapery & orchard - showed us. the various varieties of Grape Apples Peach apricots Figs Almonds Plumbs &c Took dinner with P B Lewis. attended the High Council. went up on to the high Table Rock on the North of the City took a birds eye view of the City and and surroundings including the bergin on the south & the Clarry on the West with the Clarry settlement on its Banks to the NW after offering a tribute of Preyer in be half of Israel we Desended to the house of Bro James Cragun with whone we had promised to sup. after which we repared to the 1st Ward school house wher we had a goometing. returned to our lodgings

Sun 12th visited visited the 1st & 3rd Wards Sundy schools attended the fore & afterkoon meetings we occupied most of the time at Boath meetings Brigham Young jr was present at the former and was exspected to speak at the latter. but not feeling vary well he was not in attendance. all seemed to feel well. we had a crouded Audience in the 4th ward school house in the evening. Returned agane to our lodgings - mail behind time

Mo 13th Breakfasted with J D Mc arther visited Bro Brinkershoff took a little respast of Bread & wine with Bro Xf slagowski a Native of Poland - Born in a Catholick Nunery. Mail arrived - no letter from home. we leave this afterknoon for Washington on our way to Kanab from which we exspect to return by way of St George to the Clarrie Pine valley Diamond valley to Ceder City &c. left 3 PM arriving at washington 5 PM put up with Bp W Freeman had a vary interesting meeting

Tue 14th Report has Just arrived here of the shooting of Alma Miller son of Henry Miller - by Atha ______ in a dispute over a calf - in spring Valley Nevada. the corps is exspected in St George to day left at 1/2 past 10 arrived at Harrisburge 12 M (Harrisburge is situated on Cottonwood Creek Washing Co contains som 300 inhabitance) took some refreshment with Bro orson Adams President in the shape of Bread & wine passed through Leads & arrived at Tokervill 4 PM (Tokervill is situated on Ash Creek Kane County - contains 300 inhabitance with several food commoduous Brick Buildings) stoped with Bishop Thomas Willis - word was sent out for meeting at 7 oclok. Posted a letter to my family - had a vary good meeting met with N Tinney. - Martin Slack - Levi Savay and Bro Brayner the blind man Who crossed the sea with me in the Enoch Train in 56 he is now a manufacturer of wines

Wed 15th left at 10 AM called at Bro Brayner and tasted his wines by tasting a small sampe presented us - passed on crossed the vergin at the mouth of assended what is called Hericane hill. this hill or Mountain is scirted with clifts of Molten Rocks Burnt to a sinder of which the whole country noted. came over to Gools Ranch 2 miles from thence to scheepe troughs 10 miles here is a cooperative sheep herd of 2500 hed. paying 49 per sent per anum from thence to short creek 1 m. arrived 2 PM here is the cain & Washington Co cattle herd - George Brinkerhoff & 3 others are herdsmen we stoped with them for the knight - partaking of their hospitality in the shape of a good dish of Bred & milk

Th 16 left 7 AM arrived at Winger Castle or pipe spring 12 M took Dinner with Bishop Winger left at half past 1 PM arriving at Kanab 6 oclok. found all well here I met with my Brothers Sanford & Lyman with Whom I am coopperating in making improvements in this place in accordaence with previous instructions from Present Young - there being a meeting for the Evening we attended & occupied the time in speaking to the Brethrne & Sisters as we were led. took supper with the Bishop - Bro Levi Steward. Lodged in the tent of my Nephew Edward Stevenson Jr -

Fri 17th Spent the day visiting viewing the city lots & some of the farming lands - held meeting in the evening

Sat 18th helped the Boys set som pickets - & wether board Lymans house took dinner with Bro Ed Pew began a letter for home - suped with C Buntin

Sun 19 held meeting in the fore knoon at 2 PM left on our return trip for home having an appointment at Winsor Castle for the evening. we took a number of letters for the host at Tokerville - Arrived at Winsor 6 PM held meeting it being the first in this place 6 families comprises the inhabitance put up with Bp A P Winsor this is the point where a fort was to be erected the foundation is now dug out but the work is abandoned for the present a herd is located here & buildings for dary purposes is to be erected

Mo 20 we resumed our way saw some teems oncoming a short distance a head to our left on the old road as we got near opposite a boy on horse came across to us - with letters for us from home - it was John A Young moving to Kanab we sent our thanks and passed on reading our letters which brought good news that all were well. we soon met a young Man on horseback going from vergin City to Kanab I handed to him my letter instructing him to hand it my Brother Lyman as it contained news from his family with information that they were well & doing well. We continued on rejoising arrived at Short Creek herd houses 3 PM where we are now stoping untill tomorrow morning. on the sumptious fare furnished by Bros George Brinkerhoof and Charles Ingerham in the shape of Bread Milk & cream we have met with nothing more pallitable this is the only place of acomodation this side of vergen City - 30 miles -

Tus 21st Started on - high wind - saw a companey of several wagons in camp to our left on the direct Road to Kanab. - a little faurther on, we met one of the companey Bro Isreal Hoit looking for some of their animals he said they were Going from the Mudy & were going to Long vally we arrived at sheepe troughs watered. on little further we bated arriving in Vergin City 5 PM (Virgin City is situated on the Banks of Hot Stream in Cane Co contains some 800 Inhabitance) put up with Bishop John Parker. held meeting all seemed to enjoy it well.

Wen 22nd left for Rockvill 9 miles - passed through Duncins retreat 3 miles also Grafton 7 mils arrive 2 PM stoped with the Bishop Charles N Smith a meeting was announced for the evining a party for the children was in operation which we visited found them so numerous we asked as to their number we were informed by the Suday shool Teacher that he had inrolled 150 Schoollars - out of 30 families. - the party was ajourned untill the close of the meeting after which it was resumed - the weather turned stormy yet there was a good house we had good liberty & all seemed to feel mutch interested we found some old acquaintances - Bro J C Hall - Ed Dusett Zemira Draper & Allen Stout

Th 23rd Snow fell 4 inches duering the knight Cleared off - we left for Harrisberghe passing back Down the Vergin through the Towns mentioned leaving the River crossed to Toker, here we stoped took dinner with Bro Aail posted our Mail from Kanab went on passed Leads arrived at 6 PM put up with Bro Orson R Adams President this place & Leads is under the drection of Bishop Willis of Tokervill - we had meeting somewhat stromey apearences - Snowing a little

Fr 24th left 11 AM passed through Washington arrived in St George 4 PM resieved a letter from home all well - took supper with Bro George Woodard lodged with our former host Bro Pymm. answered my homes letters &c

Sat 25th attended the High Priests meeting occupied mash of the time betwen us at 5 PM left for the Clarra settlement in companey with M Ensign to hold meeting in the Evening met the Bishop Bro Edw Bunker put up with Bro Ensign had a good meeting met with Bro George Levett - was seronaded by the Brass Band at our lodgings as token of respect- we tendered our thanks and they retiered

Sun 26th Vary pleasent returned to St George in time for meeting it was announced that Bro Stevensen would occupy the time duering the foreknoon Servis and I in the afterknoon - & for the evening - Bro Stevenson would speak in the 3rd Ward School house & I in the 4th - by the blessings of the Holy Spirit we were inebled to fill the appoints to the Edification of the Saints we Lodged with Bro hanes

Mo 27th we are now making ready to leave this afterknom on our return for home having changed our prograghm from going by the way of pine Valley in consequent of deepe snows lately fallen in that section visited Sister Amelia Larson - formaly Weight - and husband Who has been afflicted for some time Administered unto him for his restoration unto helth We called upon President Snow as we were a bout leaving found him still afflicted with the Rhumitism. had a good social visit at his request we Administered to him & resieved his Blessing in return & thus went our way rejoiceing - put up for the kning with Bishop Freemen at Washington & attended a Lecture given by Elder H Eyering on the history of Germany which was quite interesting

Tus 28th Weather fine & pleasent we soon leave for Tokerville to hold meeting in the evening Arrived at 3 PM called at the Bishops learned that he was absent and that most of the Brethren ware out on a prospecting tour at Thuris Burge - taking up clasms on a Lead that was dis covered running directly through the Town it was rather discouraging for meeting as the Measels was also still prevailing so that the sisters were all engaged in looking after the sick - A few of the Brethren assembled however we had a sitting chat between Bros Stevenson & J Nebicar for 3/4 of an our. then 3/4 of an our in an Address to all present - by the former Brother Stevenson

Wed Mar 1st We left for Harmoney facing a strong North Wind overtook several Families from the Mudy on their way to the Northern settlements on arriving at Harmone we called on the Bishop Bro Wildon D Pace who gave out for meeting at 7 oclok after supper I called on sister Brayner. a former acquaintance held meeting good attendance

Th 2nd continued on a vary strong wind still prevaling passed Kanarah to our left arrived at Ceder City 1 PM put out our teem at the Bishops - he being Still afflicted with sore eyes - Repaird to the fast meeting. Bro Stevenson occupied a short time the close. an appointment was given out for us in the evening Dined with Bro Leigh Supt with Bro Roote. had a general turnout & a vary good nmeeting - found Bro Lunt mutch afflicted with his eyes - it was reported that he had intierly lost his sight. we were glad to find that it was not so bad

Fr 3rd Wind fallen we Administered to Bro Lunt and continued on to Parowan put up with Pres Dame - he had resieved our tellegraph for meeting in the evening - visited Palina Lyman Supt with Bro Mc Gregory - filled the appointment for the Evening a good turnout notwith standing mutch sickness was prevaling in the shape of colds

Sat 4th left for Bever City passed Caltigona arrived 5 PM put up at Bishop I Merdocks as before found all well except colds.

Su 5th looks some like storm we are stoping & will attend meetings duering the day. We attended the foreknoon meeting I occupied the most of the time had good Liberty - Attended Sunday School at 2 PM also Evening meeting Bro S occupied the most of the time good attention

Mo 6th looks more plesent we resumed our journey at 10 AM arrived at Cove ranch Fort 5 PM was resieved kindly by our former host Bro Ira M. Hinckley - Wind strong from the South looks like a storme is a proching

Su 7th Thundered & snowed duering the latter part of the knight Still snowing with Strong North wind. thus the storme king is raging. but we are secure within the walls of the strong stone fort of Cove Ranch 9 AM it is liteing up a little. - Storm has a bated. Started on for Madow Creek settlement 1/2 past 10 AM snow melting some squally - Roads sloppy passed ots corne Creek settlement mostly evackuated. a few Joseph ites still remain - Arrived at Medow Creek 6 PM (The town of Meadow is situated on Meadow) put up our teem at the Bishop Bro Wm H Stark Lodged with Bro Samuel Benit we held no meeting at the Chool house was occupied by the Schollars in an exibition

Wed 8th resumed our way arrived at Filmore 12 M fed our teem took dinner with Sister Webb E S resieved 2 letters from home all well streets mudy We passed on to Ceder Springs - Town of Holden held meeting put up with the Bishop R Stevens

Th 9th left 8 AM Roads still mudy clled at Sipeo Round Valley took dinner with Bro Warden with whom we took Breakfast as we passed down. 2 PM passed on to the severe Bridge put up with Bro George S Williams Brotherinlaw to Thomas Tidwell - Who resides at the Chicking Creek Dams - We to told him that if he would call his family together we would hold meeting with them. So after supper he called his family to gather with severals others that were stopping for the knight we Spoke for about an our and a half with mutch freedom after which we Blessed sixt of his children or 4 of his & 2 of his Sisterinlaws who is a Widow

Fr 10th We arose at 5 AM harnessed up & left for Bro Tidwells at the Dams before mentioned 10 miles incountering a light snow storme - Stope fed our teem took Breakfast & a gane started on our way arrived at Nephi 2 PM took dinner with Bro Samuel Pitchforth continued on to Mona 6 miles put with Bishop Kay who gave notice for meeting the house was well filled within 2 ours notice we had a very interesting meeting.

Sat 11 cloudy looks like storm. started early so as to reach the School of the Prophets at Pason Roads mudy Arrived 1 PM took Dinner with Bishop Fair Banks & repaird to the school house well filled Bro stevenson & my self occupied most of the time after school we hiched up & went on to Band Town called on the Pishop Robert H Davis son inlaw to my old acquaintance Rowyal Derfee with whome we took supper after which we repared to the schoolhouse to fill the appointment already given out having sent word from Pason the house was well filled all seemed to be well entertained as many exspressed them selves at the close of the meeting

Sunday Morning the 12th warm and pleasent after Breakfast we left for Springville to attend their foreknoon meeting & son to Provo in the evening. we arrived at Steven C Rerries 10 AM put up our teem & was redy for the meting in due time. Meeting house well filled the time was occupied by E Stevenson myself and Armenius Miller - from Provo. at 5 PM invited to attend meeting in Provo as before mentioned put up with Bro attended the Ward meeting spoke to some length

Mo 12 continued on called at Battlecrek took Dinner with Bro J M Ballinger - passed on to American Fork stoped & attended the School of the Prophets at 2 PM ocupied a portion of the time in speeking to the school we continued on to willow creek settlement put up with Bishop Stuart who announst a meeting at 7 oclok a goodly number wer in attendance not with standing the inclemency of the weather we felt mutch liberty in speaking

Tus 13th left 9 AM and arrived at Bishop Millers in Mill creek ward 12 M took dinner with his family thus excepting his kind invitation (as we met him on the way passed an arrived at E Stevensons in Salt City 1/2 past 2 PM found all well. I took the train and arrived at my residence at 5 PM all well This ended my 6th traveing Mission in the ministry


in the Spring of 1787 a Convention was called to recommend Such alterations and additions to the Articles of Confederation as might be deened necessary - to this convention was sent the most most eminent Statesmen of each State. And to this we owe our Federal Constitution; early in the Session of the convention it was decided, - that the constitution was to bind the whole people, and not to be a mear State compact; that the people of the united States - were to be one nation and not an aggregation of Sovereign States. This - Honerable judges) Sets foarth the fact, that each State, is a member of this great family of States; consolidated into one body. To Say that one of these members has a right to Seperate its self from the body of States; is to Say that my arm has a right to leave the rest of the members in my body

Constitution - (laws of Utah page 13

We the People of the United Sates, in order to form a more perfect union, do ordain and establish this constitution of the United States of America.

Section 10

No State Shall without the consent of Congress, lay any duty of tonnage, keepe troopes, or Ships-of war in times peace; enter into any agreement or compact with another State, or with a foreign power, or engage in war &c

Inaugural address of Abraham Lincoln. - Thomas Kettell, history of the Rebellion page 60 This Country with its institutions, belongs to the People who inhabit it. Whenever they Shall grow weary of the existing Goverment, they can exorsise their constitutional right of amending; or their revolutionary right to dismember, or overthrow it. &c

Now the above harmonises with the Sayings of a righteous King who ruled a powerful Nation on this continant over two thousand years ago. See Book of Mormon page 207 - 4th verse . . Words of King Mosiah "Now it is not common that the vice of the people deziereth any thing. contrary to that which is right; but it is common for the lesser part of the people to desire that which is not right: Therefore this shall ye observe, and make it your law; to do your business by the vice of the people. And if the time comes that the voice of the people doeth chose iniquaty, then is the time that the judgments of God will come upon you yea then is the time he will visit you with great distruction even as he hath hitherto; visited this land.

Thus we see, that the majority has the sovern power; & holds the right to prescribe rules; and make laws, for the observence of all. and inforce the Same, upon any part or portion of the minority who Should be disposed to withdraw their allegience from them.

Honerable Judges Where did the individual State; find the right and privolige to enter in to the union of States. and thus form a part of the union;, Did it find that right, outside of the instrument drawn up for that perposs. Called the Constitution

The answer echoes no, no, it did not. That instrument gave her the right &

privolege to come in; by subscribing to the rules regulations and conditions there in set foarth.

Half of her constitutional rights partaining to the union is there in declared.

Where is the section declaring her right to Seceede or withdraw form the Union, at any time or under any circumstances; What ever. it cannot be claimed on constitutional ground on earth or in Heaven it must be assumed. The first instance on record; occured in Heaven resulting in the overthrow and punishment of all who Sustained the assumpsion.

Will my friends on the other Side: profeit by this example; and no longer Sustain a measure so notorious for the evils it brings upon thoes who take part there in. - in the instant above mentioned., they were dismembered from the Goverment of God. having forfeited all right to government. and are to this day, wandering too and fro in the Earth, on their chosen Mission to destroy. not only the union of our Nation, but the union of the Church & Kingdom of our God on the Earth.

Secssion - is rebellion in the true Sense of the word. -

What then is the right of a State; in case of her constitutional rights being trampled upon. by any other State or States in the union.

It is her right to importune - or memoralise the President & Congress of the United States, for redress, and maintainence of those rights.

Should this - the highest of all tribunals on this earth to which; She has the right of appeal - fail to heede her cry. - Still She would not be justified in the Sight of God (who is the author of this government) in rising up in volation of the vary laws, in which her rights were in vested.

She can go no farther than to appeal to the God of Heaven.

See - Book of Doctrain and Covenants - page 282 & 3

"And agane I Say unto you those who have ben scattered by their enemies; it is my will, that they Should continue to importune for redress; and redemption, by the hands of those who are plased as rulers, and are in authority over you, according to the laws and constitution of the people which I have suffered to be established, and Should be maintained for the rights & protection of all flesh; . . . and for this purpose I have established the constitution of this land, by the hands of wise men whom I raised up unto this vary purpose; and redeemed the land by the Shedding of blood: . . . let them importune at the feet of the judge and if the judge heed them not; let them importune at the feet of the Governer; and if the Governor heed them not, let them importune at the feet of the President; and if the president heed them not; then will the Lord arise and come foarth out of his hiding place, and in his fury vex the nation and in his hot displeasure, in his time, will cutoff those wicked unfaithful, and unjust Stewards, and appoint them their portion among hypocrites, and unbelievers even in outer darkness where there is weeping & wailing &c.

Here - honerable judges - is the legitemate course pointed out for any State or community who may feel agrieved under oppression; or the with holding of any constitutional right. by any portion of their fellow citizens, or even the government its self (or rather the Administrators) and Should be conseded at once by my friends on the on the other Side; coming as it does from the highist authority in the universe. To which evry knee shall bow, and evry toung confess.

had I the toung of an Angel, I could not make it more plain, more deffinite, or more conclucive.

Would the people of South Carolina, under a due sense of these facts, and the course from which they came ever, lifted a gun; or un Sheasth a Sword to Strike the first blow and thus become the agressors; they could not of ben indused to do so. they would of wated untill their enemies came upon them as was the case with the Latterday Saints in the States of Masouri and Illinois. having appealed to the civil authorities for protection. And then; in sted of meeting them with a confederate flag they would of met them with the Star spangel banner of liberty; under which their constitutional rights Still remained. The laws & constituion Should of ben their watch word. - in sted of this they disclaimed all allegience to the laws & constitution of the united States. here Honerable judges - is the sticking point. here is where secession will drive any State or community they must abandon the laws & constitution; which the God of Heaven says Should be mintained. can they be justified in doing so; because some of the administrators may be at fault; Shurely not. the Lord tells us plainly that he is the Author of the laws & constitution of the United States. that the faimers of it were instruments in his hands, to depart from them is to depart from Heavens laws: which cannot be done without condemnation.

feeling that the facts alredy Submited are So clear & conclucive in establishing the fact beyond doubt - that a State has not the right to Seceede from the body of States: - that sutch an act can only be assumed; is apperent.

I redaly Submit the flour; to the remaining Speakers

Form of Government

Honerable judges

I will proseede to site your minds to a few notes from Authors of sound judgment: Setting foarth the superiority of the free institution of our Government; - over that of her Natueral rescourses - 1st here what the Father of our Country has to say. last words of Washington, "The unity of Government which constitutes you one people, is now dear to you, it is justly so; for it is a main pillar in the edifice of your real independence; the Support of your tranquillity at home, - your peace a broad your prosperity; of that vary liberty you so highly prise.


The American Conflict:

See - page 18 -

The Great West of to-day owes its unequaled growth and progress, its population, productiveness; and welth primerly; to the framers of the Federal constitution by which, its development was rendered possiable;

page 22nd - - -

Eighty years had not passed Since the acknowledgment of our independence; when the returns of the eighth Decennial Census afforded us the means of measuring our countries growth and physical progress; - Duering those eighty years, the erea of our country had ben expanded, by successive peceful acquisions; from eight hundred thousand, to about three millions of square miles . . . its population had increased from three to more than thirty millions.


Honerabl judges

let me site you to an instant, where our form of Government has ben adopted by an other people and the result of their not surporting that form

Micheals Geography

page 184 - -

"in 1821 the Mexicans threw off the Spanish yoke, and established a Republican Government, of late years various revolutions have occured and the prosperity of the country has materally declined.


Bought in Nauvoo near the Temple Block Aug 1st/1872

92 lbs flour to ______ per green ________________

Day Book

Mon 29th left Desmoines at 5 PM stoped for the night at Pella. with an old acquaintence of Bro Stevensons by the name of Welch. we were kindly resieved visited with them untill 11 AM next morning

Tus 30th resumed our way 19 mi to Oskaloosa here we stoped and called on some of our back sliding Brethren by the nane of Williams Phillips & Grifferth. found the Bewilderd in the darkness of sin & unbelief of the truth

[typist's note - there seems to be something missing here]

the then ___________ Bottoms were now fenced up & the Bluffs that were thinly spersed with the sturdy oak is now dencely covered with a young growth of timber which has taken their place as we prseeded on we first designated the place where I first attempted to make a beginning in life by opening a farm of some 40 acres a little farther on and we succeeded in finding the Grave of my Brother Justin Theadore on that high point so often brought to mind since the fatal occurence of his Death The rude tomb stones of Farther Ensigns grave with his name chisled on its face served as a guide to my Brothers. upon close serching we discovered two cobel stones jest visible at a propper distance East & west with a couple of twin oak saplins standing neare the head, on his grave one measured 27 inch in circomfirence the other 18 inches at the Bace. under the shadow of these we bowed in humble Preyer dediccating our selves and the ashees of these our kindred & Brothers in Christ to God our Father in Heaven that we might live to finish our work while they should continue in rest unmolested untill its resurection Morn At the foot of this hill is the foundation logs (of the house that was left there) in its last state of decay. We went on further to where Fathers house stood on the side of the Bluff after serching we found the lower bottom log of his house almost intierly buried by the washing of the side hill which is covered with a thick groth of timber Night now coming on we made our way to Mirack Reeds Widow who we learned lived out on the sand pararia north east of the Jack Grove we arrived quite late lights all out. we rapped on the doree when she asked who was there A friend was the reply. after giving my name she opened the doore or rather her son did where upon we made our selves known after a good deal of talk & a late supper we retiered to rest our weary limbs She has one daugter still living with her aged 15 years her oldest Maryette & one son are dead the other two boys are married She is a Joseph ite & vary zealous & altho in error in some things is honest - She married a Josephite Preacher but they are now sepperated She give her name as Phebe Reed.

Th Aug 1st Went to Montrose took dinner with Mr Sipeo Owens (Bro to Alven Stuards wife) had a good talk on mormonism at the table in the presence of his sister inlaw from St Louis She said we were the first Mormons She ever saw and that she was astonished on hearing us debate scripture as she thought we had nothing to do with them that we had a bible of our own &c She listined with interest We next _________ brother Tewburry & wife with whome we were formally acquainted he not being at home we had a short & agreeable visit his wife & Son her maiden was Eliza Duty at 5 PM we hierd a fisherman to take us a cross to Nauvoo a _____ accompanying us by the name of R E Bouard - formaly a News paper writer as we landed we passed down the river saw the stone house Sidny Ridgdon lived in __________________________ Store in which was a vindictive Joseph ite working on a skift a part of the Nauvoo house wall is taken down with which a dwelling or tarven stand is erected on a portion of the remaining wall in which Emma is now living with her Mr Bideman we called in and spent a few minutes with her she had her arm Broken a few days since by a fall down stairs so that she was carriing it in a sling she was tolerable sociable the evidences of hard toil was stamped on her Brow and plain appearl. her Son Elexander is living in the old Mantion house we gave him a passing call. went up to the temple Block which is now cover with grape vines with the

[typist's note - there seems to be something out of order here]

below - on which we took passage for Burlington. on our return at 8 PM arrived at 4 AM

Fri 2nd Called upon Mr Acres (whom we we visited on our first arrival) from whome we resieved a note when we were down to the states 2 years last winter we first saw him in Gibralter in 53 while on our mission there. we were kindly entertained by him self and family consisting of a wife & 3 daughters at home - a son & 2 daughters married - At 9 PM we took the cars on our way to Farmer city and Cincinnati - changing at Gales Burge & Peoria Arrived at Farmer City Sat Morning 3 AM we soon made inquiries for A H Paul - as before mentioned we soon found his place of residonce call to inquire as to the matter where off he had written to President B Young -

Sat Aug 31st 11 AM sitting on an iron stool resting by the walk in the Lincol Park Cincinnati Edward is by my side taking a nodding snoze At 8 AM we were in Eden Park - inserkling the Great Reservoy now under construction Cincinnati Water Works After the Cornish principle - Cylinder 100 inc 15 ft Stroke Capacity one Million gal per hour Total Exspense is $366-334

Sat Aug 31st visitid Eden & Lincoln Parks at 2-30 PM took the cars for Glendall here I resieved a letter from my family stating that all were well

Sun Sept 1st spent the Day writing in answer to my letter & bringing up my Journal

Mo 2nd Returned to cincinnati accompanied by Bro Stevensons Bro exchanged our tickets in part pay for those returning us to Omaha went up to walnut hill gathered up our things, and biding Uncels folks a due returned by cousin Jones 229 Longworth St Biding them farewell we left for the depo & soon found our selves seated in the cars west ward bound and a little after 7 oclok was moving at the rate of 24 miles an our passed through Lawrens Burge Indianapolice & Lafyett arriving in Chicago 7 AM next morning Spent the remainder of the day in visiting the Burned district of this devoted city it was wonderfull to see the extent of the devistation & the marvelous preservation of one Block with a fine frame building serrounde with its ornings of gree trees which remaines uncatch by the devouring eliment which made a clean sweep all around it for miles. We mad a small perchase of a trunk cach & each ____ a pair of shoes took breakfast & dinner & supper at a dining Saloon at 25cts per meal had our selves & Bagage taken to Rockisland Depo & our trunks taken to Desmoins. at 1 PM we were a gane on the wing of locamotive speed under the spell of intermittant sleeps duering the remainder of the night a heavy rain fell duering the early morning of this Wednesday the 4th

[typist's note - there seems to be something out of order here]

to Bro Beebes found them all well except Bro Beebe he is afflicted in his jaws by having some teeth eccracted

Sat Bro S took some of the family to Ba__unies Show at Demoines as Bro Beebe wasnt well I tiaried spending some of the time in writing

Sun 8th attend the Christian Church heard more groning than one would exspect in an amputation Room duering a sergical opperations

Mon 9th assisted Edward in over hauling some of his Bees

Tus 10th Bro Beebe was restless duering the night being harried by Evil influences being weak in body & mind At 10 AM We left for Desmoins to resume our way for home called at Bro. Davis & took Dinner Bro Davis being gone with

[typist's note - there seems to be something out of order here]

he was arranging to proseed with ______ Utah bing detained for want of means he _______ to Start for the 6 PM train We took the 1130 AM

Fri 13th took breakfast at Julesberg dined at Cheyine Supt at Larime

Sat 14 Breakfasted at Green River Station all well except a consumptive man who seemes to be fast failing we have had the privolige of reacioing the Mountain Scenery with the antelope ciota Pararia Days &c

Subscriptions to the 1st District Sundy Shool of Centerville

W R Smith 10.00

N T Porter $10.00

N Cheney 5.00

T Whittaker 1.00

Margret Randal 2.00

Stray found Bull

on one white 2 year old steer 7.00

Subscriptions to the

J Ford 10.00

T Scofield 2.00

G Chase 10.00

Jos France 10.00









Rebecca Vanfelt

Fulton Avenue No 65

Fulton Cincinnati


Nov 22nd 1872

Recived of Nathan T. Porter in full of all demands the Sum of 368.60

Thomas Phillips


his Father was Born in Hopkin Town Rhode island as also his Mother as also his Grandfather Timothy Porter

receipt for Bread

take one gal water

a single handful of hops

Boil the same to get the strength of the hops (tied in a cloth)

Peal & quarter say a Dozen

Sanford Porter Seignr Son of Nathan Porter who was the Son of Timothy Porter his _____________ was Susanna West Daughter of Thomas West & Susanna Colgrove - of Wails England his Mothers first Husbands Name was Nathan Tanner - Deceased. She hand 4 Bro & 2 Sisters. Jonathan, Samuel, Thomas & Joseph - Abigal & Amy.

He was Born in the state of Massachusets in Town of Brimfield in the year 1790 March 7

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