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A message from our Family President
Steve Porter

I am pleased to announce that the Descendants of Sanford Porter Organization will be holding a joint Family Reunion with the Ezra T. Clark Family Organization on

Saturday, June 17, 2017 from 10:00am - 1:30pm

at the Old Rock Chapel and Forbush Park on Main Street in Farmington, Utah.

The Porter-Clark Family Reunion will include multiple presentations on our shared history and fun for the kids. Lunch and ice-cream treats provided.

A walking tour of Clark Lane in Farmington may be enjoyed afterward.
Consideration is being given to a walking tour of Porter Lane in Centerville as well.

More details are forthcoming.

Addresses of Interest

Old Rock Chapel
250 N. Main Street, Farmington, Utah

Forbush Park
100 S. Main, Farmington, Utah

Porter Lane (aka 400 S.)
370 W. 400 S., Centerville, Utah

Clark Lane (aka State Street)
340 W. State Street, Farmington, Utah

April Harrison presents

"The Ancestor's of Nancy Warriner"

Sanford Porter Sr. Personal History
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Sanford's Centerville Home.
For more information

Donna G. Littleford Ramos Presents

Finding John Porter

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History of the Porterville Ward.

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